A Box, a Woman and Time Ch. 02


"What... do you think you are doing?" Her biting tone swiftly brings you back to the reality of your situation. Her narrowed eyes glare into yours.

"I was testing you. Goddesses are always compliant. It enhances their splendor and makes us even more enamored of them. Now, Suhaylah, turn around."

When she turns and bends over the table, you almost swoon. Her ass is perfect: round and full and tight. With shaking hands you wrap the coarse cloth around her slender wrists and begin to tie them to the legs on the far side of the table. You are directly behind her, pushing up against her lovely bottom as you bend to the task. Your forehead begins to sweat from the effort of holding back but you manage to finish binding her so that she will remain bent over the table with her arms spread apart.

Now it is time to tie her legs so that you will be fully safe. You kneel down. She has spread her legs but not far enough apart so you grab one ankle and pull it closer towards the table leg where you quickly tie it in place, then repeat your actions until she is fully restrained. You breathe a sigh of relief that you are safe but know better than to try to fool yourself into thinking that your motives were based purely on self-preservation. From this angle she looks even more incredibly luscious than before. You run your hands along the silkiness of her inner thighs and then up over the curves of her ass. Mmm. You lean in and put your nose between her legs, breathing in deeply her salty, sexy smell. You lick her gently, barely touching her pussy with the tip of your tongue, holding back for a moment before you taste her fully.

"What is that? What are you doing? Why aren't you comparing me to the Goddesses yet?"

"I am comparing you, Suhaylah darling. I must see if you taste of nectar as the Goddesses' do."

Now you run your tongue up and down over her very wet lips, spreading her cheeks with your hands to get better access. She is getting wetter by the moment. Perhaps her mind doesn't realize yet what you're doing but her body is responding nicely. You push your tongue deep inside her pussy and she reacts by moaning and moving her hips, pushing back against your mouth. You flick her clit with your tongue and she jerks, startled, so you give it more attention, at first just licking, then sucking on it for several minutes, making her release a torrent of juice as she cums.

She groans as she finishes and leans on the table to rest. Now you plan to enjoy more of that far too tempting body.

Still on your knees, you slide your hands up, and then back down her smooth back to the silky skin on her cheeks. Pulling them apart you see her star winking up at you. It is darker than the surrounding flesh, almost black like her nipples, and you are fascinated by it.

It looks inviting so you decide to explore it with your tongue. Her reaction is strong – she cries out in shock. You lick harder, pushing your tongue into her ass, thankful for the coarse fabric binding her legs because she is pulling hard against her fetters.

"Calm down, Suhaylah. This will not hurt you."

"I'm not in pain. That is not... what you're doing... is not... surely the Gods don't do this!" Then she cries out again, "Oooohhhh!" as you begin to fuck her ass with your tongue, pressing as far into her tight canal as you can. Her musky ass is delicious. After several minutes of enjoying it with your tongue you give her hole a gentle kiss.

Standing up, you admire the view of her voluptuous body, bent over the table with her arms and legs spread wide and bound, her plump ass shiny from your saliva and her pussy wet from her juices.

You run a finger between her legs, between her lips and into her moist pussy before you pump it in and out a couple of times. Her knees begin to bend. Then you pull your now wet finger out and rim her tight hole. Around and around you go, feeling the puckered flesh with your fingertip until you finally push inside, working it in to your knuckle. It is incredibly tight and warm. You know your finger must feel large but she isn't complaining. She's breathing heavily and has her head turned, watching you from the corner of her eye. Her lips are parted and you see her move her tongue out to lick them. You pump her ass with your finger, watching how the skin grabs your digit and tries to hold it in. You want to put your aching dick in there so badly that it hurts... but not before you have her ready for you.

You pull your finger all the way out and run it down her crack slowly, back between her lips and along her wet cunt. Back and forth as she moans and rocks her hips. Then you thrust two fingers inside, fucking her cunt, making her cream even more but you pull out before she can cum again. Slowly you run your fingertips up to her asshole. You have to push hard to get both of your sopping fingers inside her at once but it is worth the effort.

She groans and moans; at first trying to pull away again but the cloth has her bound too tight to escape. Then she begins slowly pushing back against your fingers, letting them further and further into her tight hole. As she rides your fingers, you reach around with your other hand to grab one of her tits, squeezing it hard between your fingers. It is so round and firm that your fingers almost slide off so you squeeze her nipple instead. She cries out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Your cock is pushing hard against the cheek of her ass. It takes an effort for you to pull it free of your tights before you maneuver it between her legs. Pushing against her lips, you feel her wetness smear across the top of your cock as you hump her, still finger fucking her ass and squeezing her breast and nipple.

Finally you can wait no longer. You know you can't last much longer without cumming and you have something more in mind than dry humping her pussy. You pull your two fingers from her ass and it makes a sucking sound as they pop free.

With both hands you spread her cheeks wide apart and place the tip of your cock against her asshole. As you push your hips forward it slowly begins to move inside, not even an inch at a time. Using one hand on your cock to hold it steady, you push further and further into her unbelievably tight hole. She groans steadily as you push but you are mesmerized with watching your cock slowly disappear into her ass and barely register the sound. Achingly slowly you enter until at last your cock is fully embedded in her sultry ass.

You have never been inside anything this hot and tight. Grabbing her hips you begin pulling yourself into her, pulling her onto you. In and out, slowly at first, watching your cock lengthen and shorten as it moves, you begin to find an easy rhythm. Every sensation in your body is centered on the feel of your cock sliding in and out of her snug ass.

You speed up, pushing faster and harder until your balls slap against her at the end of every stroke. She pushes against you with the same rhythm, any thoughts of escape long gone as she relishes the feeling of you filling her. Ferociously you fuck, pressing flesh roughly against each other. The intensity of riding her threatens to overwhelm you but you're strong, even as Suhaylah's warm flesh heats up the entire length of your cock. But when she begins to cum she clenches her muscles, making the fit even snugger and you know that you are about to cum as well. With your hands still latched onto the soft flesh of her hips, you explode into her smooth, warm ass, draining your balls deep inside of her.

It takes several minutes for the two of you to recover. You both collapse on the table, exhausted and drained from your sexual exertions. Finally your strength returns and you stand to admire her once more. Her sweat-sheened body glistens irresistibly so you slide your hands up and down her body, across her breasts, along her sides, returning again to feel the cheeks of her sweet ass. "Oh Baby. You really are incredible."

"Am I... as beautiful as a Goddess?" She asks you, turning her head to watch you with her dark, shining eyes.

"More beautiful, Suhaylah, more beautiful than any Goddess I have even known. You were not meant to be a witch and live in this cold cave. You should share your beauty and use it to please mortal men and Gods alike."

"I am pleasing to you, truly?"

"Give me but a moment to recover and I will show you again how much!"

A sound intrudes, the hooves of many horses approaching. Hurriedly you pull up your tights and go to the mouth of the cave. Riding towards you is Betta, followed by those same large quarrelsome dirty men you remember from the castle.

"Oh master, how happy I am to see you unharmed. I began to fear for you and brought your men hence to assist you if you needed..." her eyes break from your face and widen as she takes in Suhaylah, splayed, bound and bent over the table, your cum dripping from her ass and sliding slowly down her inner thigh.

"Why must it always be another?! Am I never to be the one who..."

You are back at your kitchen table, watching the box reseal and stunned once more by the swiftness of your return. Your mind can't cope with the instant change in scene and you sit, trying to find reality. For a little while you stare into space remembering Suhaylah... Betta... Anne...Betty. You blow a kiss to the box before you pick it up and return it to the closet. Just as you are mounting the stairs for a shower you hear the sound of your wife's car pulling up into the driveway.

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