A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 13


He responded limply to the guidance of his lover's hands, spreading his legs when Paddy urged him to and lifting his knees so that the man could lick him slowly and seductively between his cheeks, tonguing the yielding wetness of his abused hole. It took next to nothing to open him and leave him vulnerable to that searching tongue.

"Aaahhhhhh!" he exhaled in a shuddering voice, still sore from the vigorous fucking he had received earlier in the day. "Aaaahhhh... that's... that's..... oh god! Don't stop!"

Paddy sucked a finger and eased it into him, gently working it in and out of his rectum until he was moving in response to the intrusion, urging his hips back and forth, riding that pulsing digit in his tenderised arse. Hot breath wrapped around his balls and then soft, wet lips. He rose up off the mattress on his elbows and heels, rocking backwards and forwards more eagerly.

"Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Oh god! That's.... incredible!"

"You 'are' beautiful," Paddy said with his mouth full. "You taste so good, baby."

He knelt up between Rayne's slender legs, stroking one hand down the inside of his lover's smooth, pale thigh. The finger eased out of him and he spread Rayne a little wider, ignoring the youngster's whimpers of objection, reaching over him and into the drawer of a bedside cabinet for some lubrication. Slowly he poured it onto his nodding cock then murmured; "Hold out your hands, baby."

Rayne sprawled under him but did as he was told, receiving a light drizzle of water-based lubricant in return for his compliance.

"Rub it in, honey. Get me nice and slick," Paddy urged him, pouring a little into his own cupped palm and setting the bottle aside to rub his hands together enthusiastically.

It felt slick and clingy over his palms and fingers. As Rayne stroked slippery hands up and down the length of his mate's massive love muscle Paddy groaned quietly and eased the glistening digits of one hand back between his lover's buttocks, pressing them into his body more firmly this time. Rayne arched his back again, planting his heels in the mattress, well apart as he began to hump Paddy's thrusting hand instinctively. He cried out wordless encouragement as those four long, powerful probes pushed deeper and found his prostate, circling and massaging his internal g-spot with a deftness of touch that almost had him weeping with desire.

"Ohhhhh... Jesus!" he whimpered, thrashing loosely on the bed as Paddy interfered with him and he stroked his hands eagerly up and down the thick shaft protruding upward from his lover's clean-shaven groin. He could only just get his hands around Paddy's cock but he worked it enthusiastically, feeling the silken heat pulsating under his caressing touch. The glossy head leaked a little stream of viscous, cream-coloured pre-cum onto his bare belly and Rayne trailed his fingers through it then curled them around his own young cock, stroking his aching boner and milking it excitedly with one hand.

"Is my little baby ready to fuck?" Paddy crooned at him, pumping all four fingers of his right hand deep into his lover's anus.

Rayne squirmed eagerly on them, humping himself up and down on the teasing intrusion between his cheeks. He began to push Paddy's huge prick down between his legs and the older man now slowly pulled his fingers from Rayne's hole and wrapped the sticky, wet probes around his thighs, lifting his firm arse and parting his legs nice and wide.

"You want me to go in this way or do you wanna ride on it the first time?" he asked a little breathlessly.

"Will you stop if I ask you to?" Rayne panted, his green eyes widening slightly at the sudden realisation that this was it. Paddy was going in and he wanted it to happen, with every nerve and fibre of his being. Tonight he was going to fuck that big tool. The bare thought of it almost made him cum right then.

"I'll do whatever you beg me to," Paddy McNamara promised with a hungry smile. "So long as I get to fill you up and take you to heaven."

"So long as you don't send me to heaven for real!" Rayne laughed nervously, letting the soles of his bare feet rest against Paddy's bulky pectorals. "I reckon they'd send me back!"

"No taste!" the Irishman grinned. "You ready for me now?"

He nodded, his breath suddenly coming in shorter, faster bursts than previously.

"I'm ready. Do it!"

"Nice and slow, okay?" P J murmured, positioning the head of his leaking sex against his young lover's well-stretched ring. "I don't wanna hurt you. Let me know if I'm hurting you, okay?"

"Just put it in me!" Rayne pleaded huskily, wriggling against him eagerly. "I need to feel you inside me. I've been thinking about this for days! I can't think of anything else!"

Briefly, Paddy shook his head, a look of slight incredulity on his face, but he said nothing. His hands felt hot and sticky on Rayne's arse cheeks as he cupped and parted them, holding the boy steady as he leaned forward, putting some weight behind the long, glistening shaft that rested between them. Rayne closed his eyes and moaned quietly under his breath, concentrating on the sensation of Paddy's pulsing cock head resting against his sore ring. The moan rose to a little yip of astonishment as his partner began to push and the fat, circumcised head of his enormous cock popped into Rayne's arsehole with surprisingly little resistance.

"Mmmmmmmnnnnnn..." he groaned, clenching his teeth fiercely as he felt the long shaft behind it start to pulse in his rectum. He was still very tender and winced away painfully, shaking his head. Tears rose unbidden to his eyes. Damn Aldo and Barclay! They had done too vigorous a job this afternoon. It hurt already and Paddy had barely begun to pump it into him.

"More lube?" his lover asked a little anxiously.

"Yeah..." He nodded his head at once, panting a little at the tendrils of fire that licked around his rear entrance. At once Paddy had the bottle in his hand and he sighed at the cool, pleasing flood of slippery wetness that flowed down his stretched crack and into his hole. It did the trick beautifully. At once he felt the difference; the big fuck pole in his sensitive passage began to pulse more smoothly in and out of him, getting a little deeper with every thrust. From time to time Paddy stopped and applied more of the gel then resumed his steady, rhythmic penetration. The Irishman had a look of supreme concentration on his handsome face as he crouched over his naked lover on the bed, working his massive cock in and out of the boy, his pale eyes flickering back and forth from Rayne's face to his arsehole, never resting or becoming complacent.

Rayne had opened his eyes again and was watching his mate now as the bigger man thrust into him deeper and harder, his breathing also coming more rapidly as he got further and further inside. Rayne's heels slid over his shoulders as he leaned into his task and the boy bent his knees, spreading his thighs wider apart to accommodate his lover's muscular bulk between his legs. He wormed lazily into the soft sheets, damp now beneath his sweat-soaked back, wriggling on the bed as Paddy fucked that vast cock deeper into his anus. It was like there had been an unspoken contract between them, they were helping one another to get that huge tool into him. Rayne leaned back and rocked his hips to and fro, wriggling his anus down onto Paddy's cock, moving in time with his lover's steady thrusts. He had never made out with a man quite like this before. Generally they did not give a fuck if they ripped him apart in their urgency to get into his arse, so long as they got to shoot their load into him.

"Okay?" the older man mouthed from time to time, looking with a little smile, and Rayne just nodded, lips parted, panting softly as he was impaled. It felt more than just okay though. It was unbelievable. That gigantic ramrod was filling him up slowly, surging into the soft, warm places deep inside him, stretching and stimulating him internally until he could hardly breathe. He thought he could feel Paddy's cock head pulsing somewhere beneath his ribs. It was a frightening thought, and an arousing one.

"I don't think I can take much more," he huffed, and his voice sounded as high and frightened as a girl's to his critical ears. Every movement inside him threatened to tip him over the brink. He did not dare to touch himself for fear that he would explode before Paddy McNamara was ready for him to cum. He wanted to feel Paddy climaxing inside him as he came.

"Nearly there, baby," his lover panted, kneeling up so that he could bend right over Rayne on the bed, urging his length down more firmly into the young man's slender body.

Rayne let out a little, involuntary yelp that turned into a sharp cry of pain and pleasure as he felt that unending pressure coming down on him, pushing deeper still. Each outward breath was another short, anguished groan of combined need and disbelief. Paddy's hands were gripping the back of his knees, using his body for leverage as he began to buck harder, sawing his throbbing prick in and out of that raw, red hole. He was panting too now, his face glistening with perspiration as his hips rocked back and forth between Rayne's legs. His young mate was shaking so hard that he could barely get coherent speech out of his mouth.

"Nearly there, baby!" Paddy gasped again. "Just another inch! It's almost in you, sweet thing."

He was thicker down at the base than up beneath the fat, purple head of his sex. Rayne Wilde began to kick and thrash under him as he felt it stretch him further. He wanted to beg for more lubrication but he could not force the words out. Paddy held on tight to his slim legs, running his greasy hands slowly up to the boy's ankles. He pushed Rayne's knees right back to his shoulders so that he could straddle his young lover's exposed backside and ram that enormous erection all the way down into him. Rayne fell Paddy's balls bump against his arse and knew it was completely berthed inside him even before the Irishman triumphantly sighed; "Oh yes! That's it, baby! That feels so good!"

His lean body quivered violently as the head of his lover's powerful hard-on touched what he could only describe as a second g-spot, deeper in his colon than his tingling prostate. It felt as if he was being branded internally. Rayne gripped the bedsheets and began to rock his arse furiously backwards and forwards, rotating his hips, trying to escape the unbearable itch within him.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh..... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" he gasped desperately. "Please!"

Paddy was pulsing rhythmically inside him now. He let go of one of Rayne's legs and reached for the lube, squirting another good load of cooling gel around the boy's hole as his young lover struggled to get his foot down on the mattress and writhe up and off that massive intrusion before he went insane. His mate seemed unfazed by this. Paddy adapted to the new position, rolling Rayne firmly onto his side and pushing the captive leg higher so that he could straddle Rayne's free thigh, pulsing more eagerly now between his partner's cheeks.

"Ggnnnnnnnnnuuuuhhhhhhhh!" Rayne shook his head furiously.

At once, Paddy stopped thrusting and leaned back. He pulled out about seven inches and Rayne sagged onto the sheets feeling as if he had been deflated. The boy caught his breath at the third attempt and closed his eyes for a moment. All that he could hear at first was his own rapid, frightened panting and the almost incessant drumming of his heart.

"Did I hurt you?" Paddy asked him solicitously, stroking his left buttock as Rayne lay beneath him, legs loosely splayed, arms thrown out to his sides, his stiff cock still leaking precum onto his naked belly. Dark hair clung in sweat-soaked strands to his lightly sun-gilt face and beads of perspiration glittered on the bridge of his upturned nose and his chin, where the skin was tanned a darker shade of gold now. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Rayne."

"Mmmmhhhhh.... I'll be okay..." the boy exhaled weakly. "I just.... It was just... too much!"

"We can take it a little slower," Paddy reassured him, still caressing him encouragingly. "Just until you get used to how big it feels inside you. Don't be scared, a lot of boys get this way the first time they ride it. I won't tear you, Rayne. I promise. Just relax and go with it, don't fight the way it makes you feel."

Dark lashes unveiled the boy's huge, liquid green eyes like a pair of fluttering, black-lace fans. His pupils were fully dilated and he still shuddered periodically. That must have felt good around Paddy's cock because the big man smiled and moaned a little every time he did it.

"You okay now?" he asked at last.

His sexy young lover nodded bravely, chewing on his lips as Paddy spread him again and began to pulse slowly. He did not hold onto Rayne this time though, allowing the boy to find his own position and only once Rayne's legs were hooked around his midriff did he bend over, taking his weight on his elbows and forearms as he began to pump a little harder. His breath was hot and quick on Rayne's bare chest, moving up to his neck as he drove himself deeper. He stopped to lube his cock more frequently now and it went in much easier this time. Soon the boy's small, hot hands were clawing at his shoulders and back, pulling him closer as eleven, then thirteen, then fourteen inches ploughed urgently into his tight young arse.

Rayne squirmed and cried out under him as the last inch and a quarter was forced up his clenching, quivering passage and deep into his gut. Paddy pushed it in deep and held it there as the boy wriggled on his erect cock. This time Rayne took his advice, he did not try to fight the orgasmic rush of pleasure emanating from his loins. Short, sharp nails dug into Paddy's back as the boy threw his head back and began to cry out savagely. He thrashed as if he was being electrocuted and the cries rose in their intensity. Before long his whole body was vibrating with energy. Paddy groaned, long and low in the back of his throat as the younger man's rectum tightened around him, gripping hard. He was not released until Rayne's cum splashed hot and wet against his belly and chest. The boy was throwing his head from side to side, eyes closed and lips curling back from his small white teeth.

"Aaahhhhh Jesus!" he screamed as he lashed back and forth in the throes of unbearable ecstasy. "Fucking hell! Fucking, fucking hell... make it stop!"

Paddy leaned back and watched him squirting with a grin on his face, then, when the boy's muscles relaxed enough to allow movement inside him, he leaned forward and began to thrust with renewed urgency. Rayne's pale green eyes started open again immediately, a look of absolute shock and astonishment on his flushed, perspiration drenched face.

"No!" he protested huskily. "Oh God! Oh my god! Please..."

"You can take it, baby," Paddy McNamara grunted, slamming into him harder and faster as he sprawled on the bed, still limp and unresisting, in the aftermath of his violent climax. "Good boy! My baby boy! Oh I want you!"

Rayne's heart was thudding painfully as he felt his cock respond again to that furious hammering in his sore, loose arsehole. He was spread wide and fucked with a savagery that brought tears to his eyes and felt so fucking good that he thought he was going to die. Several times he drifted close to the edges of sanity and awareness as Paddy drilled him on the bed. At one point, the big man pulled back about halfway, then lifted his legs until they were extended upward, perfectly straight at a right angle from his body. Slowly Paddy eased both his legs down to the right so that his anus rotated on the seven inches still buried inside him, then wriggled down behind him and snuggled against his back. It felt good to lie with his legs together. His hips were aching from being forced astride his lover for so long. Now Paddy spooned up against him and began to hump deeper into his raw chute from behind. Strong arms curled around him, holding him close as he was fucked enthusiastically. One hand slid down to his cock and began to stroke between his legs, teasing and pulling on his erection.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna pump you full of my cum any minute now," Paddy groaned in his ear as he fisted Rayne's cock faster. "You're such a good fuck! A good tight little fuck! I wanna feel you cumming again on my big fuck pole when I fill your sexy ass with my hot cream!"

The boy reached down at once and began to rub his throbbing balls, helping the Irishman to wank him to orgasm. Eagerly, Paddy rolled him forward onto his belly and knelt over Rayne, towing him to his knees on the bed as he buggered the naked youth quickly and eagerly from behind. Rayne could feel that vast tumescence surging a good seven inches in and out of him every time his lover thrust. It felt so good, filling him up and punching that deep internal hotspot that he did not have to touch his erect prick in order to reach orgasm. Each pulse drove a strangled, involuntary groan from his lips. Within a handful of strokes of Paddy's long, thick cock, he was burying his face in the sweat-damp sheets to muffle his screams of pleasure.

"Oh yeah!" Paddy exclaimed each time it went in. "Oh yeah!"

As the cold fire raced through his nerves and pulsed into his scrotum, Rayne's balls contracted fiercely and he spurted hard all over his chest and on the crumpled bedclothes. Simultaneously, Paddy McNamara rammed his long, meaty bone in hard, one last time, forcing it up his young lover until his hairless nuts were wedged in Rayne's crack. He held it there for several moments, one hand on the nape of his lover's neck, pressing him down into the sheets, the other curled around his dribbling cock as a long, shuddering groan of release escaped his throat. They both cried out as a flood of sticky wet heat filled Rayne's gut, washing over the sensitive sweet-spot way inside him and wringing a few last droplets of semen from his own twitching erection.

He realised then how much his legs were shaking and collapsed onto the bed, sobbing for breath. Paddy snuggled down on top of him, propped on his elbows so that he did not crush his young mate. His wilting penis was still sheathed in Rayne's gaping hole. Muscular, sweat-sticky arms curled around him as they settled into a more comfortable position on a drier patch of bedding, both lying on their left sides. Paddy kissed the back of his neck, licking the sweat from his skin and nuzzling his damp hair. Rayne's hands moved up involuntarily to lie over the older man's forearms, stroking his moist flesh as they spooned together more intimately, still breathing hard. He felt one of Paddy's hands creep up to cup his face and caress his neck and earlobe until he shivered with pleasure. The handsome Irish porn star kissed the other side of his face and sucked on the right earlobe gently. He did not speak and though Rayne desperately wanted to ask him if it had been good, he could not force the words out. It felt as if words would break the incredible spell holding them together.

For his own part it had been the most incredible experience; a mixture of terror and blind passion. He had never ever let himself trust another man the way he just did. This went way beyond the threesome he had enjoyed with the others this afternoon. Something very powerful had woken between P J McNamara and himself tonight and Rayne wanted to know if the older man had felt it too but did not dare to ask. If he was wrong and Paddy thought he was being foolish...

Rayne closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of his lover's hot, wet mouth, kissing his neck, sowing trickles of contentment through his body. As he was drifting off to sleep, thoroughly enervated by the experience, Paddy murmured in his ear; "Are you okay?"

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