tagLoving WivesA Brief and Dangerous Liaison Ch. 02

A Brief and Dangerous Liaison Ch. 02


Authors Note:

I hadn't planned writing a sequel for A Brief and Dangerous Liaison, but after a request or two I decided to put my mind to it. It should be noted that this story is not for the squeamish or fainthearted. It contains some violence as it follows the post confession punishment of an unfaithful mobster's wife. For those who haven't yet read the first story submitted 6/09/05, I would suggest you do so before reading this submission to gain an insight of the circumstances leading to Gracie's downfall from grace.


Eddie Torrelli sat tormented in his spacious elevated lounge, the large bay windows providing a perfect view of the tree lined street below. His shaking hand still held the open condom packet as he waited for his unfaithful wife to return from her morning run. As a head of a crime family, he demanded loyalty from all those around him, from his advisors, suppliers and from his soldiers down to his servants that looked after his house. But more especially, he expected loyalty from his beautiful wife Gracie.

He tried to imagine the young man she met at the hotel the night before laying between Gracie's lovely thighs, his cock penetrating her wonderfully tight pussy. He struggled with the thought of her arms around another man and the kissing that would have transpired. Eddie thought back to the man in an attempt to recall his name, John, no, it was Johno. He knew that Gracie would've been attracted to him, he was young, tall and good looking, just how she liked them. Looking down at the condom packet, Eddie visualised Gracie's face as Johno brought her to an easy orgasm, his anger building as he screwed up the small packet in his hand.

Eddie took other women regularly; just a few days ago he had had a romp in bed with a stunning young Puerto Rican girl nearly forty years his junior. The Viagra certainly eliminated the age gap, and he had left the girl stunned in bed from the physical onslaught of his prowess. As far as Eddie was concerned, the frequent bedding other women was part of his position as head of the family. It was common for his bodyguards or friends to procure attractive women for his use, sometimes more than one. It proved that he was the man and still a great lover, the fact that he'd a beautiful wife at home many years his younger and whom he loved dearly, was irrelevant. He felt no guilt, as everyone knows; man's sexual needs are different for a woman. It's just the way it is.

Suddenly, Eddie caught sight of Gracie running up the street towards their house, he took in her long legs as they carried her effortlessly off the footpath and up their long driveway. He watched as she ran along the side of the house to the back door where she would thoughtfully remove her sodden running shoes. Eddie walked through to the kitchen as Gracie entered the back door. She smiled at Eddie before opening the fridge, removing a jug of orange juice and taking a swig.

"Phew, that was a good run, knocked off another minute off my best time." she commented as she filled a tall glass and replaced the jug in the fridge.

It was only then she noticed the dark look on her husbands face, it was a look that stopped her dead.

"What's wrong Eddie?"

"Do you ever lie to me Gracie?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"No, never?"

"I was looking through your handbag looking for pain killers. Can you explain why I found this?"

Eddie placed the condom packet on the bench in front of her and smoothed it flat. Her heart stopped and her legs trembled under her weight as she realised that she'd been found out.

"It's a condom from the vending machine at the hotel last night isn't it?" Eddie continued. "You fucked that Johno I saw you with last night. Is that right Gracie, did you fuck him?"

He looked into her face and saw the guilt and the fear. "Don't lie to me Gracie."

"Yes." she whispered.

His face fell, "Why Gracie, why did you have to do that?"

She hesitated before answering, "I don't know Eddie, he was nice looking, I drunk too much red wine and you know what that does to me. And I was lonely because you were ignoring me."

His face twisted in rage, "Ignoring you, for fucks sake Gracie, I was upstairs doing business. It's that business that buys you everything you fucking want."

He raised his hand in anger and moved towards her, trapped in the corner of the kitchen bench Gracie had nowhere to escape. In all of the years of their marriage, Eddie had never once raised a hand to her, but she knew that now counted for nothing. Having witnessed him venting his violent rage on others, she knew what he was capable of and had every right to be scared.

She raised her hands to protect herself, "Please no Eddie; please not my face."

Eddie checked himself at the last moment and stepped away from her.

"I know I've done something terrible and I have to be punished, but please not where it can be seen." Gracie whispered.

For a long few seconds Eddie's eyes bored into his wife, she felt only despair as he always lived by the code, that if you commit the crime, you do the time. He only respected that victims took their punishment well, any pleading or attempts at negotiation only made the punishment worse.

"Okay Gracie, we'll do this another way. I want you to go down to that shop in Key St; you know the one that sells all those naughty things. I want you to buy a nice thick leather strap; then I want you to bring it home to me so that I can teach you a little respect and hopefully bring you to your senses. Will you do that for me Gracie?"

Gracie felt the weight of the world fall on her, for knew what was going to happen.

"Yes Eddie, I'll do that."

"Don't think about trying to run from me. You know that I'll find you, and then things will only be worse for you. Do you understand Gracie?"

She nodded, "I understand Eddie. I'll do as you ask."

He smiled almost warmly which only gave false hope, "That's good. Off you go and don't be long."

"I'll just take a quick shower before I go."

Eddie shook his head, "Sorry Gracie, you don't have time for that. Just go as you are."

A few minutes later, Gracie eased her Mercedes coupe out of the driveway and pointed it towards town. He mind was awash of her situation, she knew she couldn't run. Firstly she didn't have the financial means to disappear and then Eddie would find her. She discounted pleading for mercy as it would fall on deaf ears. The only option was to take her punishment the best she could. Her mind switched to the condom and how it got into her bag the night before. She thought back to when Johno knelt between her parted thighs, how she tore the condom packet open and carefully removed the contents. She visualised dropping the empty packet and realised that her open bag would have been underneath on the floor of the SUV. She cursed herself for being so stupid, if she'd thrown caution to the wind and decided to not use a condom, she wouldn't be going through this unimaginable nightmare.

She dawdled along under the speed limit until impatient drivers behind her vented their impatience and spirited her to a higher speed. Twenty minutes later, Gracie hit the city and expertly guided the Mercedes towards her destination. Key St was in the sleazier part of town, near the strip joints and massage parlours, the only reason Gracie knew her way around this part of town was due to the many fine small restaurants that also inhabited the area. She found the shop she was looking for and a park close by. At night it would be impossible due to the many attractions, however, at this time of the morning, the street was nearly deserted.

Gracie got out of the Mercedes and walked down the street feeling like a hooker dressed only in revealing shorts, jogging shoes and a sweat shirt. She pushed the door and found it locked, looking down she found a sign with the hours of business. Checking her watch, she had thirty minutes to wait before it opened. Gracie tried to look inside, but all of the external windows were blacked out. Returning to the car, she sat and waited with only the stereo and her fear to keep her company. Thirty minutes later to the minute, a tall dark male dressed in a black tee shirt and black leather pants let himself into the shop and flicked the closed sign to open.

Gracie sat in the car for a few seconds and then entered the dimly lit interior of the shop. Inside was a huge array of items, from videos and magazines to adult toys. Venturing deeper into the store, she found what she was looking for. On display racks stood a variety of leather whips and straps, beside them were canes, paddles and riding crops. Accessories such as restraints and handcuffs were close by. Gracie shuddered as she turned her attention to the leather straps, there were wide and thin, some split down the middle at the business end. She was confused and didn't know where to start. She was tempted to grab the first one and run when a voice close by startled her.

"Morning, can I help you?"

Gracie turned and looked into the friendly face of the man she'd seen earlier, she panicked briefly but then took a deep breath.

"Yes. My husband and I are thinking about getting into a little discipline if you know what I mean. Maybe you could point me in the right direction."

He returned a beaming smile, "Well, you've come to the right place for that. I can assure its all good fun."

Yeah right, Gracie thought to herself.

"What would you recommend for beginners?" she asked innocently.

That was a mistake, for the next five minutes she was bombarded with information about every implement on display. In the end and on the attendant's recommendation, Gracie decided on a wide leather strap. The thin handle widened out to a fine wide body of polished dark leather. The assistant explained that it spread the impact over a greater area and the noise it made on impact was quite astounding, just the thing for beginners. Gracie noticed that the rigid leather almost stood straight when held horizontally and shuddered involuntarily at the thought of the damage it might inflict.

"We've a room out the back if you'd like to try it out." he suggested running his eyes over her tan thighs. "I'm a dab hand with one of these."

Gracie managed to smile sweetly at the suggestion, "No thanks, I'd rather try it out with my husband."

"If you like it the other way, you can try it out on me. I'm not averse to taking a few whacks from a pretty lady."

Again Gracie declined while wondering what the hell was wrong with these people and the world they lived in. At the counter, she paid with cash and waited while her purchase was placed into a plain white bag. Minutes later, she was making the fateful return trip home. She made her mind up to tell Eddie nothing but the truth about the night before. If she lied now and he later caught her out, she'd only be in trouble again.

By the time Gracie had returned home, Eddie had got his anger under control and was more rational in his thinking. While he loved Gracie, he had to make an example of her. If it ever got out that his wife was some sort of slut, he would lose face and could adversely effect his position and authority. As much as he hated to hurt Gracie, he had to do this once and make it count. When Gracie entered the house, she found Eddie at the desk in his office, he looked up as she entered and stopped writing.

"Okay Gracie, what've you got for me?"

With a pounding heart she walked to the desk, took the strap out of the bag and placed it on the desk in front of him. Eddie picked it up and examined it, turning his chair sideways he flicked it through the air a few times; the whistling noise audible to both of them. He then turned back to her.

"You know I have to do this don't you? I can't let you get away with being unfaithful to me."

She nodded her head as the tears rolled down her face, "I know Eddie. I've done a very bad thing. Even though this will hurt, I know that you're letting me off lightly."

He nodded, "I've sent the servants away and we're alone."

"Thank you."

"Okay, let's get this over with. Take your clothes off."

Gracie stepped back from the desk and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. Kicking her shoes off, she peeled her socks off, her top and sports bra followed. Eddie watched as her shorts and panties slid down her thighs to the floor. Gracie stood still and let him look at her nude body. His eyes were drawn to the strip of dark hair above her pussy and the thick lips below. He struggled with the thought that a few hours previous, she'd let another man's cock slide into her pussy. Eddie stood and walked around the desk and stood close to her. He could smell her perfume and then the musky scent of a post exercise unwashed body. He looked into her eyes but she looked down to the floor.

"Where do you want me?" she asked.

"Over the desk."

Gracie stepped to the desk and carefully cleared a space to lean on. She then leaned over the desk and tried to get comfortable.

"Hang on." she said before walking to a chair and removing a cushion, placing it over the edge of the desk, she bent over it and placed herself in the desired position.

Eddie gazed at Gracie's buttocks as she stretched over the desk, her tan thighs running up to perfect white buttocks. Between her thighs, the thick lips of her pussy were plainly visible, they looked red and slightly swollen, was it from her morning run or from being fucked the night before, Eddie asked himself. In the end, it didn't really matter. He picked up the strap from the desk and stepped behind her. Placing the strap on her buttocks, he measured off the distance and got himself into the right position.

"I'm so sorry Eddie." Gracie whispered.

"You should have thought about the consequences before you let him fuck you."

After a couple of practice swings, Eddie raised the strap high and brought it hard down on Gracie buttocks, the crack of the leather echoing through the room. Eddie was intrigued as her perfect buttocks distorted under the heavy impact; he then stood and watched as the whiteness slowly turned to red. The lines of the edges of the leather became plainly evident on her smooth skin. Again he raised the strap and brought it crashing down. Gracie gasped as the pain seared through her. She clutched the edge of the desk as the third stroke lashed her. The pain was unbearable and Eddie watched as she slid downwards into a crouching position, her hands stoking her buttocks as if to rid her of her anguish. She waited for the pain to reach its peak, but there seemed no end to it.

C'mon Gracie, up you get, we've only just started."

Grace summoned the strength and lifted herself back over the desk, she was hurting badly but knew better than to ask him to stop. Eddie took in her damaged buttocks as he waited for her to get back in position.

"So Gracie, who's idea was it?"

"Mine Eddie. I propositioned him, it was all my fault."

"Where'd you do it?"

"In the car park in the front of his SUV." she replied thankful for the respite from the leather.

"So tell me about it. How'd it happen?"

"I only took my panties off and he took his jeans off."

"Did he have a big cock?"

She hesitated before answering after reminding herself to be truthful.


"Did you suck it?"


"Then what?"

He knelt in front of me and licked my pussy, then I put the condom on and then he fucked me."

Did he make you cum?"

Again she hesitated, "Yes, he made me cum."

"Then what?"

"He couldn't cum because of the condom, so I took it off and gave him a blowjob."

"Shit Gracie, did he cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, I swallowed it."

Eddies anger once again soared, "Do you remember kissing me last night Gracie? Are you telling me that the mouth I kissed last night had been full of another mans cum just hours before?"

Gracie silence only made things worse. Eddie raised his arm and thrashed the leather down hard across her buttocks, then again and again. The pain flared through Gracie and again she slid down into the crouching position, her hands gently stroking her tortured cheeks as she sobbed loudly. He left her for a few seconds and then asked her get back over the desk. Gracie slowly obeyed as Eddie surveyed his handy work.

It was only then that Eddie noticed a strange sensation below, looking down he eyed his erect cock straining against his trousers. He smiled in delight as it was the first time in five years that he'd managed an erection without the assistance of Viagra. He dropped the strap to the floor and undid his trousers, pushing them and his boxers down, he eyed his beloved cock. He pulled the foreskin back and marvelled at the firmness of the cock protruding horizontally in front of him; it was just like he was a young man again. He stroked it and lifted his eyes to Gracie's pussy. Raising his fingers to his mouth, he then dropped them to his cock and rubbed his saliva over the pink shiny head. Shuffling over to her, he slipped his cock between the top of her thighs, she jumped as he touched her and then thankfully realised it wasn't the strap. It took another second to realise that it was a hard cock seeking her pussy. Relieved, Gracie parted her thighs to help him and then pushed back as the head of his cock slipped into her. Un-aroused, the penetration took longer than normal, but soon Gracie accepted his full length. She ignored the pain of Eddie's navel slapping against her thrashed buttocks, for it was far better than the sting of the leather. Eddie placed his hands around Gracie's narrow waist to control his speed and depth of penetration, his eyes were however were focused on her red buttocks. He marvelled at the differing shades of red where the leather had landed. His skin could feel the heat generated by the punishment which seemed to excite him even more. He could feel an orgasm building but it was too soon for that. He quickly slid his cock from her pussy and rubbed the head over her buttocks. He could feel Gracie tense as his cock traced imaginary circles over each buttock. After the tempting orgasm had faded, Eddie slipped his cock back into her pussy and pushed it in to the hilt. For a few seconds he savoured her wet tightness and then began to move inside her. He placed his hands over her buttocks and felt the heat, and then without warning he had an uncontrollable orgasm. Gracie was equally surprised as she felt his warm cum lubricating the inside of her pussy; usually it was a wild ride before he managed to complete the deed.

For a short time, Eddie stood behind her as his cock began to wilt inside her, seconds later it dropped out and he stepped back to admire his handy work. His eyes feasted on her pussy as his cum oozed out her gapping hole and dripped downwards from her lips onto the insides of her thighs. Gracie waited a few seconds before standing and turning towards her husband. He noticed the tears in her eyes and then he remembered the reason she was bent over the desk, his resolution again hardened.

"Sorry Gracie, we haven't finished, back over the desk."

Her face fell, but she turned to her position over the desk without complaint. Eddie picked up the strap and stepped behind her, measuring off the distance, he brought the strap down again and again. He then changed the angle of attack sweeping the strap upwards from close to the floor catching Gracie where her thighs met her buttocks. He watched as Gracie hopped from one leg to the other as her hands eagerly rubbed her damaged posterior before bending over the desk for her next stroke. After a dozen more he stopped.

"Okay Gracie, that's enough. You can get up now."

Again she slipped down into the crouching position and sobbed.

Eddie felt no remorse, if he didn't love Gracie so much, he would've arranged for her to disappear for ever. He returned to his desk and sat down while ignoring her sobs. He felt almost euphoric at getting an unexpected erection and managing to cum with so much ease. Maybe, just maybe he may be able to rid himself of the Viagra. He would give anything to not have to do rely on the little blue pill ever again.

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