A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06


"Let me suck yours for you Lexie," Adriana whispered, tugging at her sister's t-shirt, wanting desperately to ask for more, to bury her tongue in her sister's pussy and slide her fingers into her hole, but still taking things step by step ... working closer all the time to her ultimate goal.

Alexis allowed Adriana to pull her t-shirt from over her head and then release the clasp of her bra behind her back. Adriana pushed her back onto the bed and Alexis succumbed, allowing her to move over her and caress and suck on her breasts, her pussy now on fire, burning with a desire that she found difficult to reconcile, this being another woman and her sister at that.

As Adriana sucked on her sister's nipple, she allowed her hand to gently run over Alexis' stomach, caressing the skin and enjoying the contact, sliding lower, towards the waistband of the shorts that she was wearing. Alexis felt the movement towards the centre of her desire and held still, waiting for the moment when her sister slid her hand beneath her shorts, wondering whether she was really up to allowing it. She ran her fingers through Adriana's hair, twirling it between her fingers as her nipple was caught and pulled, drawing sighs of pleasure.

Adriana slid her hand under the shorts, inching agonizingly slowly further towards her goal, finding the elastic of the panties and working beneath it, touching the first of her sister's pubes ... further and further.

Alexis found herself parting her leg's slightly, wanting it, desiring the touch on her pussy that was promised in the movement that her sister was taking. She gasped as finally, Adriana's finger found the beginning of the parting of her lips, but traveled no further, her shorts providing a restriction that wasn't going to be avoided without their being undone. Alexis watched as her sister withdrew her hand and brought her finger to her lips to suck on it.

"Do it, Adie, take my pants off and touch me, I want to feel you touch me," she said, pushing herself, determined to break out of her comfort zone and fully appreciate the experience.

Adriana's hands trembled as she worked to undo her sister's shorts, hardly believing that she was actually being asked to do this, that she may even get to taste her hot sister's nectar. She could smell Alexis' excitement as she removed her shorts and could see the wet crotch of her midnight blue cotton panties. Her hands moved back up from her sister's feet, which had just been disentangled from her shorts so that she could repeat the movement with her panties. Her eyes were glued to each inch of skin that was revealed by the descent of the panties and when she saw the beginning of Alexis' pubes she felt sure she could almost cum without even touching herself. She slid the panties all the way down her sister's smooth legs and then moved her hands slowly back up along them, caressing the skin and parting the legs as she went, revealing the glistening wet slit of her neatly trimmed pussy.

Despite the desire to drive her tongue deep between her sister's lips, Adriana moved past her target and lay atop of her sister, their breasts crushed together as she kissed again the lovely lips that only minutes before she'd been allowed to savour for the very first time. Her thigh slipped between Alexis' legs and she drove it against her pussy, Alexis reacting by rubbing and grinding herself against, her, the fire burning between her legs needing satisfaction.

Adriana decided that it was time that she made her way back down her sister's body and enjoyed her writhing and gasping movements as she worked her lips and tongue down over Alexis' torso, touching, licking, kissing and biting.

Alexis held perfectly still as at last, her little sister paused with her head between her legs, her tongue poised to taste her and give her her very first oral experience with another woman. The touch when it came was electric, a flick at her clit that sent spikes of pleasure through her innermost core before a longer, harder contact was established as Adriana worked her tongue up and down her totally soaked pussy. Alexis was so wet that she could feel her juices sliding between her arse cheeks as Adriana licked and lapped and teased all around her enlivened pussy. The touch was wondrous to her. Like the kiss, there was something different about the way that her sister used her tongue compared to the boys that had done this for her previously. Somehow it seemed more loving and intimate, less forceful and urgent. She ran her fingers through Adriana's hair as Adriana's tongue continued to pleasure her.

Alexis whimpered as she felt her orgasm begin to build deep within her. She could feel the rush building in her loins, seemingly coming from the very core of her being. She grasped Adriana's hair, pulling her into her pussy as the trembling began. She gasped and yelped as it flooded up towards the surface of her consciousness, ending with a pulsating rush in her pussy, her lips flexing and convulsing with her orgasm. As she recovered, Adriana climbed her way back up her sister's body so that she could see the pleasured look on her face. Alexis reached up with a hand and cupped the back of Adriana's head, pulling her down towards her to kiss her sister, whispering her thanks for having made it such a pleasant experience and promising that one day soon, she would be brave enough to taste pussy herself and return the favour.

Steve sat at his computer, erection in hand, watching as hornylady worked over her pussy with her hand, rubbing her panties and pushing them inside her hole.

Monstercock4fun}I want to see u stick a toy in ur pussy.

hornylady}Sure, hang on


hornylady}will this 1 do?

Steve nearly fell of his chair. It had only been the night before that he and Julie had borrowed one of his mother's toys for one of their internet performance and he was sure that the toy that hornylady was now holding up was exactly the same. He thought back to the fact that one of the other toys they had found had looked like one of the ones that hornylady had been using and was a little freaked out.

Surely there was no way that his mother could be the older woman that had been entertaining him and had even allowed him to butt fuck?! Shit, maybe that was what the whole deal with the sheet was, he suddenly thought to himself. He knew that only he and his mother were home, but had thought that his mother had gone to bed.

There was only one thing for him to do. He had to know. Because the thought didn't in fact turn him off at all. It had quite the opposite affect. He thought back to the original video and to her panties and all the things that he'd seen done. If his mother had indeed fucked him, he realised that life could only get better. Maybe she was only worried about what he would have thought if he'd known that his mother wanted him.

He wanked his now incredibly stiff cock as he watched the toy disappear in and out of her hole.

Monstercock4fun}Stick it in ur arse 4 me.

hornylady}k sweety

Monstercock4fun}on ur hands n knees


He watched as she readjusted her position so that he could see her on all fours working the toy in and out of her arse as her fingers worked over her pussy lips. Steve sent a number of encouraging messages to her and then told her that he had to quickly grab some moisturiser and would be back in a sec, but not to stop pleasing herself.

Steve slipped quietly from his room and made his way down the hall to his parent's room. He carefully turned the handle, determined not to make any noise and alert his mother that he was wandering the hall naked, with a massive erection, because he fully expected that he'd find her asleep on her bed. But as he inched the door ajar he caught his breath. There was his mother, on her hands and knees, head looking towards the webcam, with her toy stuck in her arse and the fingers of one hand slipping in and out of her pussy.

Steve watched, stunned, not sure what to do. Did he let her know? Could he just walk in and fuck his mother now that he knew that it was really her? These thoughts raced through his mind in an instant as he quickly decided that he should simply close the door and return to his room. He sat quietly before the computer screen, now watching what he knew to be his mother's anus as the toy slid in and out in her quest for orgasm and to please him.

He absently stroked his cock, still rock hard as he found himself wondering what bizarre fate had brought his mother to find him on the internet in the first place, let alone what had brought her to watch him masturbate and then fuck him! Shit, she had even set that up, he was realising as his thoughts continued their wild ride of discovery.

hornylady}cum for me, I want to see u spurt


Steve applied moisturiser over his cock and wanked himself, sliding his hand up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock as his mother plunged her toy in and out of her bottom.

"Shit!" Steve suddenly realised, his own mother had even watched him fuck his sister!" The thought was too much for him and he unleashed a stream of cum into the air as his cock pulsed and sent it spurting to land on his stomach.

What the hell was he going to do now? His mother obviously didn't have too much of a problem with fucking him, but what would it be like when they both knew that he knew. Steve needed to think about this and find a way to deal with it. What was he going to tell Julie?

"I have a confession to make," Olivia said to her sister as they sat sipping coffee at Mary's house.

"Oh?" Mary simply queried, surprised by the sudden seriousness of the expression on her sister's face.

"Yeah, you know how we watched Steve as he masturbated on the web cam for us?"

"God, how could I forget that?" Mary responded as her loins began to react to the memory of the size of his incredible organ.

"Well, I've seen it in the flesh," Olivia said succinctly, clapping her mouth shut, looking for any sign of a negative reaction on her sister's face.

"Oh my God, what did you do? Perve on him through the door or something?" Mary asked, her insides now on a course of no return to arousal central. She was leaning forward in her chair, feeling the pressure of the wooden seat against her pussy, aware of just how her body was reacting and eager to hear more from her sister.

"You're not freaked?"

"Why would I be freaked, I've fucked you haven't I? And we both watched him get his rocks off for us, so although I am a little surprised you had the guts, it only seems natural to me to want to see such a wonder."

"Well, it was a little more devious than just perving through a crack in the door ..."

"Did you mount a camera in his room? That would be impressive ..." Mary interrupted.

"No, more devious still. Ok, here's what happened." Olivia launched into the story of how she had set her son up to meet her at a motel room, disguised her voice and hung a sheet to separate the two of them so that she could suck and fuck her son's gigantic cock. Mary hung on every word, her hands between her legs, pushed up against herself as she moved her hips slightly as she listened, stirring her arousal further. Eventually, Olivia finished telling the story.

"Holy crap! That's so amazing. You're an absolute fucking legend Liv!" Mary said. "Man, just listening to that got me ready to rip my clothes off and fuck something. But why did you chose to tell me?"

"Because the other day I was thinking that there might be some chance that you'd like to share my experience and have a turn at wrapping your body around his meat."

"Are you serious?" Mary asked quietly, almost disbelieving that such a wonderful proposal had been put before her.

"Yes, I am. The idea of having sex with my sister and my son does indescribably naughty things to me. I know it makes me a freak, but obviously that's because I am."

"Well, if you're a freak, then I must be as well, because the thought of having that cock in my pussy and your baldness spread over my face has soaked my panties right through! How would you make it work?"

"Well, Steve doesn't know who hornylady is, but she's suggested to him that he might like to experience two older women at the same time. He seemed to think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world and has agreed to meet up based on my description of you."

"Oh wow, I can't believe that it's actually true!" Mary whispered in awe.

"There's only one little hitch," Olivia said to her sister.

"Oh? What could that be?" Mary queried.

"Well Steve is a bit of a dirty little bugger and has this thing for shaved pussies and anal sex. He was a bit hesitant about the whole deal, so I told him that you were shaved and liked anal sex as well. Apparently mine is the only butt he's managed to get his meat into and he was excited about trying to get his cock into another one."

"God, well at least you didn't tell him that I had my clit pierced or anything!" laughed Mary," but I don't know how I am going to get that massive cock in my arse, its friggin' huge! And I've never shaved either remember! What will I tell John? He's asked me a bunch of times, but I've always said no. He might be suspicious."

"I doubt that!" laughed Olivia. "If he's anything like Dave, he'll be so stunned when he sees it that he won't even think to ask what changed your mind, he'll be too busy trying to eat it. And as to the anal thing, well, we'll just get him to take it slow .. stretch you a bit at a time. Get John's cock in there, that will get you on the way."

"Well, I tell you what, if you shave my pussy for me I'll get John in my arse and start preparing for the massive assault."

"Deal," Olivia replied. "Want me to shave you right now?"

"Sure, there's no time like the present, I always say," Mary laughed. The two sisters stood and made their way to the bathroom, via the kitchen where they dropped their coffee mugs in the sink. Once there, Mary gathered the things that her sister was going to need to shave her pubic hair off before removing her clothes and laying down on a towel of the floor of the bathroom.

Olivia stood over her sister, admiring the naked form spread out below her. She knelt down alongside her and leaned in to share a kiss with her, one hand snaking out to caress Mary's breast, pulling and tugging at the nipple.

"I'm going to enjoy this," Olivia said to her sister as she broke their kiss.

First Olivia used a pair of scissors to trim down Mary's neat hairs until they were as close to stubble as she could make them. Then she applied shaving cream to her sister's mound, completely oblivious to the fact that the two women's daughters had completed a similar ritual in the same spot not that long ago.

Dipping the razor in the bowl of warm water that she had prepared, Olivia then ran it down her sister's mound, stripping away the hairs and shaving cream to leave a nice trail of bare skin. She diligently applied the razor until not even a single hair was left on Mary's mound before setting about the more delicate operation of shaving on and around her labia. Mary squirmed at Olivia's first touch on her pussy, but quickly stilled when Olivia warned her that she risked being cut if she couldn't contain herself.

Mary stilled and Olivia continued her work until she asked Mary to get onto her hands and knees so that she could clean up the last of the hairs a little easier. Once she had done so, Olivia used a warm, wet flannel to wipe her sister's pussy clean of the last of the wayward hairs.

Mary stood and turned to the mirror so that she could see the result of her sister's work.

"Like it?" Olivia asked her.

"I'm not sure. I can't say I've ever really been a massive fan of the little girl look, but it is kind of neat."

"Well it looks hot to me, come to the bedroom so I can eat it," Olivia said lustily.

"Well, when you put it like that I'd be absolutely mad to refuse," Mary laughed.

Moments later, Olivia had her naked sister laid out on the bed as she knelt between her legs on the floor. She lowered her face to her pussy and ran her tongue over the newly denuded skin of her mound, slowly running circles lower and lower and closer and closer to the centre of her pleasure. Just as she was about to brush her tongue over Mary's clit, Olivia dropped further to run her tongue over each bald labia before splitting them apart with her fingers so that she could lap at the juices that were now freely flowing from Mary's vagina.

Mary sighed in pleasure; her hands moving to her breasts to squeeze and massage them as her sister dipped her tongue within her pussy before working slowly up her slit to run circles around it. She squealed with delight at the contact that sent spikes of pleasure from her spine through to her gut. Olivia honed in on the nub of pleasure and worked it over and over and over as Mary writhed and squealed and squirmed beneath her. She reached up with her hands and took Mary's in hers holding them at her side as she used only her tongue to touch Mary's pussy.

She felt Mary buck her hips and thrash as her orgasm washed through her body. She smiled happily as she then watched the pulsating convulsions of the sister's pleasure.

"Oh wow, thanks Liv, that was wonderful," Mary said to her sister as she lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, bliss flooding her body.

"Anytime for you Mary," Olivia said. She was about to climb up beside her sister on the bed, but noticed the time on the clock beside the bed.

"Oh crap, I've gotta go Mary, everyone will be expecting me at home."

"Oh, ok, I guess I'll just have to return the favour and do you next time huh?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. And I'll let you know about getting to feel the monster in you slick new pussy."

"Oh God yes!" Mary sighed, thinking about what that would be like.

Julie fished around in her mother's cupboard. She was at home alone and was a little bored. She thought about messing around on the internet, but decided that today she couldn't' be bothered dealing with the same old requests. Besides, she felt like having her pussy invaded and as no-one was home, which meant that she could try out one of her Mum's toys discretely without being caught.

She pulled out a nice looking mid-sized vibrator and put the box with the rest of them back in the cupboard. She turned the vibrator on to check that it was working only to find that there was no reaction. Damn. She pulled the box back out and started fishing around with all the toys until she knew which batteries would work and which wouldn't. She decided that she'd do her mother a favour and throw out all the dead ones.

When she returned to her parent's room from throwing the batteries out in the kitchen bin, she pulled her panties off from under her skirt and lay down on her mother's bed. Now that she had been through the whole box of toys thoroughly in order to establish which ones worked, she had decided that she'd treat herself to a wider range of experimentation and try them all out, starting with the small ones and getting bigger as she went.

Julie picked up a slim little blue vibrator first and turned it on before holding it against the entrance to her pussy, enjoying the sensation of vibration against her lips, working it in small circles as she excited herself. When she thought that she was wet enough, she pulled her pussy lips apart with her other hand and slid the vibrator inside herself until she was only just holding the base outside of her lips. She moved it in and out and around, experimenting with what worked as she gently stroked her clit with her left hand.

She looked at the toys still arrayed on the bed beside her and spied a red one that was a bit thicker and longer. She withdrew the blue one, bringing it to her mouth so that she could suck it clean before placing it on the opposite side of her body to those that she was yet to use. Then she picked up the red vibrator and applied that to her pussy as she had the blue one.

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