A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06


Steve was mesmerised. There they were, his sister's breasts, perfect in every way. He tentatively reached out his hands to cup the two delightful orbs. His hands were more than filled and he marvelled at how they could be so soft and yet so firm at the same time. The nipples were like little nuggets in his palms. He squeezed the two breasts, one in each hand, then pushed them together, playing with them and exploring the reactions he could get from his sister as he manipulated them. He pulled on her nipples and Julie squealed a little. He looked up, thinking that he had hurt her, but she had her eyes closed and was licking her lip. He pulled harder and he saw a smile cross her face. He pulled even harder and she lost her balance.

Julie found herself sitting over her brother after he had pulled her off balance by her nipples. She couldn't help but notice that his erection was trapped beneath her skirt.

"God," she thought, "If I didn't have panties on it would be against my pussy!" Her tits were now level with Steve's face and as she looked on, Julie saw his tongue snake out and caress her nipple. A shock seemed to travel through her body. Her brother had just licked her tit ... and she'd liked it"

Emboldened by not being told off, Steve opened his mouth and took his sister's erect nipple into his mouth, sucking it deep to the back of his mouth, trying to get as much of her breast in as possible. Julie was moaning and reached down between her legs to wrap her fingers back around her brother's shaft. He started to moan too and it was obvious that he was having fun.

Julie suddenly withdrew from her brother's lap.

"Wank for me," she said simply.

"Hey?" Steve said, still somewhat lost as to how this had all started.

"You heard me, stroke your cock for me, I want to see your cum."

"Um, I dunno about that I think we've already done more than we should have Sis" Steve said, starting to think about what was going on.

"Oh come on, if I leave I know you're just going to finish."

"What's in it for me?" Steve suddenly asked, a sparkle in his eye."

"I won't tell Mum about your wanking in my panties and ... you might get to suck on my tits another time." Steve had a sparkle in his eye now.

"I'll wank for you if I can cum on your tits," he said. Julie looked pensive at the thought. She hadn't considered it taking a turn in this direction, but quickly decided that this would be fine with her.

"Ok," she replied and knelt before her brother, passing him the panties that he'd been using earlier.

Steve took his sister's panties in his hand and wrapped them about his cock again which felt close to exploding already. Eh worked the panties up and down the shaft, loving the feeling of the material against himself. Julie took her breasts in her hand and manipulated them in front of her brother as he stroked himself. She tweaked her nipples and offered her breasts to him as a landing spot for his sperm.

Steve continued to stroke himself as he neared his orgasm, aimed his cock at his sister's cleavage. He came. He spurted a stream of cum first on her right breast and then on her left. Then, cheekily, he lifted his cock and a small squirt hit his sister on the cheek.

"You shit!" she said to him, wiping it off her cheek and onto the pair of panties that he had just used to wipe cum from his cock. "Well, thanks," she added as she stood, grabbing her sweater and bra in addition to the panties and moving to the door to his room. She looked back at him, sitting with his slowly relaxing cock dangling off the edge of the bed, his cum running down her tits.

"I just might have to let you do this again sometime." As she left him, she used one hand to rub his cum into her left breast so that' she knew he'd see it. She laughed as again his jaw dropped before running quickly to her room to clean up and dress again before their parents came home.

Steve sifted through the hamper again. He was thinking about what had happened the day before, when he had cum all over his sister's breasts. He knew his sister had been turned on; there was no way that she would have let him do it otherwise. And if she had been turned on, surely she must have left the evidence of it in the panties that she was wearing. And that was what he was searching for.

Success! He pulled out the pair of pale blue cotton panties that he knew hadn't been in the hamper the day before and stuffed them quickly into his pocket as he made his way back to his room. Once safe inside, he pulled out his video camera so that he could watch the footage he had managed to get one more time. As he watched it, he sniffed his sister's panties and freed his cock, which was rapidly expanding to its full size.

He thought back to his sister sitting between his legs, her tits out and her mouth so teasingly close to the tip of his cock as she'd stroked him up and down. He thought about when he'd seen her blow her boyfriend Gavin and groaned as he brought himself even closer to climax. He sniffed the panties again before wrapping them around his cock and rubbing them up and down, getting himself off, unleashing his cum into her panties.

Julie came home horny. She'd spent the afternoon with Gavin, but they'd not been able to get away from their friends to manage any intimacy and Julie had had to settle for teasing Gavin mercilessly, touching him and rubbing her breasts up against him when no one was looking. Of course it had turned her on as well, but she'd not managed to satisfy herself.

She called out as she entered the house to check if anyone was home. Steve answered her from the living room and she went in to say hello. She noted that he looked her over as she entered the room and felt herself getting excited as she slid up next to him on the couch, deciding that he could do with some teasing too. Steve wasn't quite sure how to take this. It was one thing to cum on your sister's tits in the heat of the moment, when you'd been caught with your pants down. He didn't even have a problem with perving on her sucking off her boyfriend. But to come out in the middle of the day have her rubbing his leg while her breasts were pushed up against his side was almost more than he thought reasonable.

"Julie, I don't think its right ... what we did yesterday, we shouldn't do it again." Julie looked at him, startled.

"What? I thought that you enjoyed yourself?" she asked him.

"I did, but you're my sister and it isn't right."

"Is that why you're sitting here with a massive boner?" she asked him, her hand seizing his cock through his jeans.

"Look, it doesn't matter if it feels good or I liked it or anything, its just not right."

"Well, I look at it like this," Julie answered, "I don't' want to marry you, I don't want to have your children, but you have the biggest and best cock I have ever seen in my life and until I find someone that compares, I'll be buggered if I am going to let it out of my grasp."

"Well, I get a say in this too and I don't think that it's going to happen again."

"You don't think? You're not even sure?" Julie teased him, slipping her finger into her mouth and sucked on it, "what if I said I wanted to give you a head job?"

Steve stopped in the middle of standing up. Julie giggled. "Well that sure got your attention.

"You'd do that? You'd suck me off?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, I surely want to get a chance to suck that monster! As long as you're prepared to return the favour of course."


"Its simple. I suck you until you cum and you lick me into orgasmic bliss in return."

"Oh," Steve replied. He'd never licked a girl's pussy before and was concerned that his little sister would laugh if he weren't very good at it. He decided to admit the truth to her. "I've never done it, I only have an idea of what to do from books and magazines ... but I'm willing to give it a try, ... " he suggested tentatively.

"Well, no one's ever done it for me so we can learn together," Julie suggested.

"Ok, cool. Where do you want to do it?"

"My room," Julie replied, standing to make her way to her room. Steve followed her, his cock straining desperately against his jeans.

When they got to Julie's room, she told him to undress and lay down on her bed. Steve hurried to comply, intent on getting this to happen before he woke from whatever dream he was in to find out it wasn't real, or to find that his sister had changed her mind.

Julie looked at the massive cock lying up against her brother's belly and climbed onto the bed to get between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and then lowered her face to lick the tip of it. It twitched in her hand at the contact and she smiled before running her tongue down one side and then up the other. Steve moaned in appreciation as his sister's tongue commenced pleasuring his cock. He looked down across his belly to see Julie open her mouth as wide as she could and take the head of his cock in it. She sucked hungrily at the head of it and Steve was amazed at the pleasure that it sent coursing through his body.

Julie lowered her mouth further in an attempt to take as much of it as she could. Her mouth was totally full of cock and she still had ample room to wrap her hand around the base of it. As she did this she pumped it and found her brother starting to thrust at her as she sucked on him, thrusting his cock against the back of her throat. She gagged a bit and released him for a moment, running her hand up over the head and back down again, lubricated with her saliva.

"God, I still can't believe how big your cock is Steve," she said to him. "There sure as hell no way anyone would ever get all of this in their mouth, but I'm sure you don't mind that do you?"

Steve indicated that with how good it felt to have her sucking on it, he'd take whatever he could get and sure as hell wouldn't complain. Julie resumed sucking on his cock, taking her time to swirl her tongue around the head, to lick the underside and to bob up and down on it as he thrust at her.

Julie let her saliva run down his shaft as she sucked him until her hand was sliding up and down it in counter point to the motion of her mouth on his head. Steve was groaning and moaning and thrusting at her before he held still and exploded into his sister's mouth.

Julie was taken by surprise by the amount of cum that was unleashed into her mouth and as it splashed against the back of her throat, she gagged and cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin. The next spurt hit her on the forehead as she pulled her mouth off the cock and a third hit her chin and dripped back over her hand and Steve's cock.

"Far out, what a mess," laughed Julie as Steve asked if she was ok. "I didn't expect so much, or it to be so forceful in my mouth," she told him. "Let me go clean up and then you can lick my pussy. She ran off to the bathroom and laughed at the image there, thinking what her mother would say if she saw her drenched in her brother's cum. She quickly cleaned up and headed back to her room.

As she came in the door, Julie was pulling her jeans down, her panties going with them at the same time.

She threw herself down on the bed and spread her legs as her brother's eyes tracked the progress of her pussy across the room. He looked on in wonder as the mysteries of his sister's genitals were displayed before him. He ran a finger down her slit, wetting it with her juices before bringing it to his lips to taste.

"Do you like it?" Julie asked him when she saw what he was doing.

"Its not horrible," he replied, smiling as he lowered himself down on the bed to access her pussy with her tongue.

As he did so, Julie ran a finger between her lips and then tasted herself, shocking Steve, who watched, mesmerised, as her wet finger disappeared between her wonderful lips.

"Hmm, all I can taste is your cum," she said to him, "I'll have to try it another time."

Steve simply looked on in wonder until Julie reminded him that he was supposed to be pleasuring her. He ran his tongue over her pussy and as he did so, Julie told him what felt good and what didn't. He pushed his tongue inside her hole and wiggled it around and licked every single part of her pussy until it was dripping wet from her pleasure and excitement.

Julie reached down with her hands and pulled her lips apart, totally opening herself up to her brother. "Lick me here," she said, indicating her clit. "Lick all around it and over it for me."

Steve obeyed, letting his tongue concentrate its movements on the little nub of pleasure that she had shown him. Soon Julie started moaning and squealing, writhing beneath him as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh God, harder. Harder. There, yes, yes, more, right there, Oh God YES!" Julie cried out as she was swamped by her orgasm. She pushed Steve's head away as he tried to keep licking her. She collapsed, spent upon the bed and thanked her brother, telling him that it was the best thing she'd ever had done. That she might just have to get Gavin to do that for her next time. Or dump him if he refused. As Steve was leaving, Julie asked him to pass her panties and wait. Steve picked them up off of the floor and flipped them to her.

Julie stood up and pulled on the white cotton panties. She pulled them higher and higher, until she was giving Steve an excellent view of a camel toe, her panties were so tight against her pussy. Then she wiggled around and moved them until they were wedged between her pussy lips. Steve's cock was getting hard again as he watched his sister play with her panties. Then she reached down to her pussy with her finger and pushed them into her wet pussy.

Steve grasped his cock and started to pump it with his fist. Julie smiled as she watched and then pulled the panties off again. Steve wasn't sure what was happening and then Julie threw them to him.

"There you go bro, no need to go through the hamper now, you can enjoy them. You can play with yourself, but don't cum in them, I might be back for another taste tonight. And with that she pulled a clean pair out of her drawer and put them on along with her jeans. She ushered her brother out of her room and sat down to write in her diary.

After dinner, as they were stacking the dishwasher, Julie asked her mum, "Mum, does Daddy have a big dick?"

Olivia dropped the plate she was holding and it shattered on the kitchen floor. "What the hell?" she muttered as she turned to her daughter.

"I just wondered, I accidentally walked in on Steve in the shower and saw him and it looked really big. I wondered whether Dad had a big one too, or if its just because I haven't seen one before?"

Olivia had seen Julie with her boyfriend and had assumed that they were already having sex from the way that they behaved together and even if they weren't, she doubted very much that she'd never seen a penis before. But regardless of that, she wasn't going to go along with this line of questioning!

"Well, for a start there is no way that I am going to answer that, because you have no need to know what size your father is and secondly, you should know better than to walk in on your brother!

Julie attempted to wheedle more information out of her mother, but was unsuccessful. They both went to bed in the end, thinking about the conversation. Julie was still wondering, as she had been since she'd sucked off her brother that afternoon, how big her father's cock was, and Olivia was wondering just how big her son was that it had driven Julie to ask her.

When she went to bed that night, she found that her musings had made her very horny and she rolled her husband Dave over and started sucking on his cock. It was indeed very large and she never tired of pleasing him orally and loved nothing more than to have it stretching her pussy lips wide. She was happy just sucking on him for now and Dave certainly wasn't complaining as she applied her well-practised skills on his cock. Dave groaned in appreciation as she sucked him all the way to an orgasm and swallowed his cum.

"Mmm, thanks sweetie, I don't know what brought that on, but you can do it anytime you like."

Olivia laughed, "I don't know what brought it on either, I just had a sudden craving to suck you off. I guess I haven't done that for awhile, huh?"

"Yeah, it has been awhile, maybe I should return the favour?"

"Its ok, right now I just feel like sleeping, but you never know ... maybe in the morning ..." And with that they kissed and dozed off to sleep.

Julie lay in her bed thinking about the fun that she'd had with Steve that afternoon. She was feeling horny again and decided that she should have a bit of fun. She glanced over at her clock. 1am. Everyone should be well asleep by now she thought, climbing out of her bed and making her way down the hall to her brother's room. She slipped in and pushed the door until it almost latched closed and then made her way over to his bed. She was in luck; he was sleeping on his back. As carefully as she could, she pulled his quilt up to expose his legs and boxers, trying desperately not to wake him. He moved in his sleep and moaned a bit, but he didn't wake up. Now, for the fun bit, she thought to herself. She undid the button on the fly of his boxers and delicately pulled out his soft cock. Leaning over him, supporting herself on the bed, she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. Steve moaned in his sleep and his cock started to fill out to its full size. Julie held it in her mouth as it grew until it felt like her jaw was going to seize up.

At this point, Steve did wake up, feeling horny and with the most pleasurable sensation below his waist. He peered down to see what was going on and in his sleep addled state, slowly came to realise that his sister had snuck into his room to suck on his cock! He didn't say anything, but just lay back on the bed and enjoyed it.

Julie bobbed her head up and down, slobbering all over it, feeling Steve thrusting at her as he had done that afternoon. She wrapped one hand around his balls and the other around the shaft of his cock as she continued to work him to an orgasm. When he came, she took his sperm in her mouth and swallowed it all.

Standing up again, she walked to the head of the bed and simply said, "Goodnight Steve."

"Mmm, it sure is," he said, as she walked out of his room in the direction of her bedroom. Steve lay back down to sleep watching and admiring the retreating form of his sister, totally amazed at what she had just done. Who would have thought she was such a little slut, even if she had been blowing her boyfriend.

Steve was in the shower, washing shampoo from his hair and heard the door to the bathroom open. He was just about to call out and ask Julie if she couldn't get enough and needed to drink some more of his cum when his mother called out to him, "Sorry Steve, I thought Julie was in here, I just need the hamper."

"Oh, ok, Mum," Steve said back, glad that he hadn't gaffed. "God, how close was that?" he thought to himself as he opened his eyes again to see the door closing behind him.

Olivia walked out of the bathroom in disbelief. Julie was right; her son's cock was huge. He hadn't been erect or anything but if he grew in the same proportion her husband did when he was erect, he would probably be at least an inch bigger. She didn't know what amazed her more, the fact that she'd deliberately gone in there to have a look, or the fact that it had turned out to be so massive.

All Olivia could think about for the rest of the day was how big she thought it might get by the time it was fully erect. She found herself plotting ways that she might be able to find out, which shocked her even more than her daring in entering the bathroom. She told herself that it wasn't right to be thinking about her son in this manner and that she should just get over it.

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