tagLoving WivesA Brother's Duty

A Brother's Duty

byPaul Yearwood©

Larry sat at home watching TV when his brother Tony called asking about coming over. Tony and his wife Diana had an important favor to ask.

“What is it, Tony?”

“It’s not something to ask over the phone.”

“When do you want to come over?”

“Now. If you say yes, we need you to start at once.”

Larry had not seen his brother or sister-in-law for many months. The few times they talked on the phone Tony sounded strange.

Tony and Diana arrived at Larry’s apartment in just under an hour. Larry saw his brother was quite ill as he walked in the door.

“My God, what’s wrong?’

Tony and Diana sat on the sofa. Tony’s six-foot build was haggard. His normal tan was faded and his hair was thinner and gray.

Diana’s slumped posture made her look shorter than her five feet and eight inches. Her normally straight shoulder length brown hair frizzled around her face. Her sparkling brown eyes were melancholy.

“Diana and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married five years ago. We finally went to a specialist three months ago to find out why we haven’t.

“The doctor discovered that I have testicular cancer.”

“Jesus” was all Larry could say.

“Treatment slowed the cancer down but it destroyed my sperm. The disease kicked back up and now I have to be castrated to stay alive. So far, there are no signs of spreading.”

“What can I do to help, Tony?”

Tony and Diana exchanged looks. She spoke.

“We still want children. It looks good for Tony after the surgery. But, he can’t be a father. We decided to ask you to help.”

“You want me to be the sperm donor?” asked Larry.


Larry thought it over. He knew how much his brother and sister-in-law wanted a family. It was strange but he would help.

“When do you want me to go to the doctor’s?”

Diana blushed a bit.

“Larry,” she said, “the bills for Tony make it impossible to have an A.I. procedure done. Especially, if it has to be done more than once. We have to do this the natural way.”

“You want me to sleep with your wife?” Larry asked his brother.

“I want you to sleep with me. I want you to impregnate me. I will come to you at the peak of my cycles,” Diana said

Larry looked at his brother.

“Do you really want this?”

“Yes, because I know that you will be there for Diana and her child if the surgery does not help.”

“I just don’t know, Tony.”

“Think it over. She’ll take me home and give you time to think about it. Diana will come back. If she sees the lights on, she will know the answer is yes. If not, she come back to me and nothing more will be said.”

The couple left. Larry decided he would do what his brother asked.

Diana returned to find Larry’s apartment lit up. She entered with a bag of clothing. They sat in the living room in silence.

“Di, this will be a bit awkward. I know Tony wants this but now that you are here, I feel like I’m betraying him.”

“I know, Larry. We both want this. He told me that if he could not be the father of the child, he wanted you.”

Larry showed Diana to the bedroom. He made room for her things so she would not have to bring a bag each visit.

They turned away and prepared for bed. The lights were turned off and they slid under the sheets.

They laid next to each other for a while, neither talking or touching. They rolled to face one another in the dark.

“This just doesn’t seem right, Di. You are a beautiful woman and very desirable. If you were any one else’s wife it would not bother me. But you belong to my brother.”

Diana took his hand and held it to her breast. She moved to him and kissed his lips.
“Oh dear and loyal Larry. It was Tony’s idea. I feel like a cheating woman. But he wants this.”

Diana rolled to where she was on top of her brother-in-law. She positioned herself to where her furred grotto rested on his staff. She felt it grow, pressing against her. Larry held both nipples, twisting and teasing. He felt the wetness of his brother’s wife ooze down and onto his manhood.

Diana raised herself then lowered her sex around his stiff member. She bounced, twisted, turned until Larry pushed up and emptied into her. It triggered in her a female equivalent.

Before Larry could soften, he rolled over on top of Diana. He lifted her legs on his shoulders. He worked up another full erection.

He's piston of a cock bored hard and fast into Diana. She wrapped her legs tight around her donor’s neck. He again poured his semen into Diana. She felt the hot fluid flush into her. It forced a scream out of her into Larry’s ear.

Larry and Diana were spent. He tried to get off her. She held him tight, not wanting to lose the feel of his body on hers. She did not mind that he fell asleep on top of her. His weight was sensuous to her. Diana slept beneath Larry.

Diana awoke to find him still between her legs and breasts. Larry was looking down upon her.

“What happened?” Diana asked.

“I think that we decided to make love before we changed our minds. Now that we did it once, we can make a baby with out guilt.”

The two separated to sleep the rest of the night.

Awkwardness returned the next morning. The morning rituals kept them in close company.
Larry and Diana drank coffee across the table. A feeling of betrayal returned. It took a while for their eyes to meet. They saw doubt in those eyes.

“Are we doing the right thing, Larry?”

“In some cultures, it was a brother’s duty to impregnate a sister-in-law if a man died childless. Sometimes, if the brother was not married, he took the widow for his own wife.”

Diana shed tears.

“But Tony isn’t dead.”

Their eyes held steady. Larry’s favorite blend of coffee tasted bitter this morning.

“Do you want to forget about this, Di?”

Diana took her cup to the sink. The window over the sink faced the playground in the courtyard. She watched the kids playing there. She saw the mothers talking while the kids played. She wondered if this would be her only chance to be a mother.

“I have to take Tony to the hospital for his surgery,” she said.

Diana went to finish dressing. She passed the kitchen going to the door.

“I left a key by the door if you want it, Di.”

Larry waited a few minutes after he heard the door shut. He noticed the key was gone when he left for his office.

Diana was not at the apartment when Larry returned that night. He took that as Diana changing her mind about the baby. He felt a bit of relief that the promise was nullified and sadness that his brother’s wish was unfulfilled. He did a few household chores and went to bed.

Larry lay in the bed wide-awake. The memory of Diana next to him, under him, stirred a physical memory. He rolled over on his side. He took several deep breaths trying to cleanse his mind. That did not work.

Larry did not change his bed linens. The scents of their sex acts remained to trigger his libido.
He reached out to where Diana was the night before. He held her pillow to his face. The smell of her hair lingered. His hand felt the mattress where she was. He moved his hand, remembering the feel of her body. He found the spot where her wetness had dried.

Larry curled up, with his face next to that spot. The aroma of his sister-in-law followed him to his dreams.

Diana spent the evening at a Denny’s just drinking coffee. Her thoughts kept returning to what the doctor said after the surgery. They got the testicular cancer. That was easily solved by simple castration. He just wished it were that easy to treat the other cancer.

“What other cancer?”

The oncologist saw Diana did not know of any other cancer.

“He didn’t tell you of the pancreatic cancer?”

Diana went home but it was empty to her. The life she had there was over. She could not stay. That was when she went to the Denny’s.

She opened her coin purse to pay for the coffee. She saw the key to Larry’s apartment. The house was a house of death. The thought of a lonely motel room depressed her further.

Diana’s next conscience thought was standing at Larry’s door using the key. It was dark so early that she thought Larry was not home. She went to the bedroom door; it was open. She heard the sound of a man snoring in peace and not in pain.

It had been months since Tony slept in peace. Now Diana knew why. What she did not know was why her husband withheld the entire truth from her.

Diana’s eyes adjusted to the ambient light from the window. She saw Larry curled strangely in the bed. He was breathing deeply with his face in an odd location of the bed.

Her curiosity took her to the bed. She bent to smell where Larry’s face was. She smiled. Tony repeatedly told her she flowed like Niagara Falls when aroused.

She stripped down and curled up behind Larry. Her face was in his hair. She curled her legs to where her lap was tight against his butt. Reaching over him, she pulled herself hard against his back, smashing her breasts between her and Larry.

Her hand drifted down to find Larry had a full erection. She sat up enough to feel his balls. A lump formed in her throat at the thought that she would never feel Tony’s again.

Her hand moved up the fleshy shaft. She found moisture on the tip. Diana wiped off a bit of the precum and tasted it. She milked more and tasted it. Diana developed a craving to fully consume a man. She teased Larry until he rolled onto his back. With his face between her thighs, she stretched down to take his cock into her mouth.

Diana propped herself with one arm in a way that she could manipulate her brother-in-law’s balls and her clit while taking him deep into her mouth. It did not take long for her to start dripping her own fluids onto Larry’s face.

Larry woke to a combination of stimuli. His dream state felt the growing fire in his loins. A weight pressed on him the full length of his torso. A salty moisture dripped on his face and into his mouth. This moisture had an aroma that he smelled only in one place. It was the tickling that brought him from dream to reality.

A small wet furry patch tickled his face and nose. He woke and instantly knew his brother’s wife returned to his bed. The woman he promised to impregnate. This was not the way to fulfill his promise. He pulled Diana’s hips down and shoved his face deep into her hot fountain.

The woman in heat felt her man waken. She removed her own hand so he could finish the job. She would have cried out in painful pleasure when he bit and chewed her clit. His cock in her mouth muffled her.

The assault on her womanhood started a chain reaction. She bit his cock and squeezed his balls. This triggered his eruption into her mouth. She sucked and squeezed to get every last bit of his cum.

She was hungry for him. Diana took every drop of his sexual food and swallowed it all. Nothing escaped her starved mouth and gullet. She kept sucking when the source dried because he was licking out her hole, drinking all that she produced.

She sat up straight. Her insides quaked three more times. She dismounted his face. They lay together then kissed, mixing the sex juices orally.

Diana held Larry’s head as it rested on her chest. She combed his hair with her fingers while thinking that she was lucky. Larry was there for her when she needed comfort the most. She knew that if he weren’t, she would have gone searching for a man, any man, with whom to spend the night. She hoped that Tony would understand that this night was one of lust and passion, seeking solace and companionship, not baby making.

Then it dawned on her that was what Tony wanted. Making a baby was not the important thing. He wanted her to have someone to turn to when she was alone. Some one not a stranger who might abuse her vulnerability. A caring person who would understand and protect her while in mourning.

The idea that her husband planned this all the time made her cry with joy and understanding. The bouncing of her chest woke Larry.

“What’s wrong, Di?”

“Nothing, Larry. It’s just been a long day.”

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