tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Burnt Summer Day

A Burnt Summer Day

byRodrigo Santeria©

This story was edited by Angel Love

KU is in Lawrence, Kansas. I kept an apartment there last summer. August is always hot, but my air conditioner couldn't keep up, and the water at the pool was gross. At 1:00 p.m. we sought refuge at a movie. In the short drive, the air conditioner was pointless and we arrived grumpy and sweaty. Brandon got the tickets while I went in.

Inside, I got goose bumps. The employees gawked. I felt stupid covering up at the pool, but in the theater lobby, flip-flops, a thong bikini, and an oversized white tank felt indecent, and it was cold. Even Brandon ogled. I'm tall with light brown hair a little longer than shoulder length, which I wore up. I've green eyes, and an "alluring" crooked smile. I'm trying to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman, so I'm in good shape.

Upon sitting, I dozed. With so much heat, sleeping wasn't synonymous with rest. I awoke to Brandon's fingertips sliding up and down my thigh. I placed my hand in his lap, clutching at the material covering his stiffening cock. Glancing around inspired me, and I grabbled with the fabric on the leg of his swimming suit, until his beautiful cock stood proudly above his balls. He raised his hips, groaning slightly. I love giving head, and the possibility of getting caught increases the thrill.

As I leaned over the armrest, I could just barely run the tip of my tongue against the underside of his head. I mercilessly licked, this most sensitive spot, and he lifted up enough to push his pulsing head into my soft lips. This was arousing, and built the passion quickly, but our mutual desire was to bury his throbbing dick deep in my throat, which usually spurred his eruption.

As I teased, he undid the strings on my top and then pulled it out from under my tank. I moved in front of him crouching down to suck his balls as we stared into each other's eyes. He was getting close. A clear bead of pre-cum grew and then slowly slid down his veined shaft. I moaned as I caught it with the tip of my tongue guiding it up until I slid what I could inside my mouth.

Normally, I can get him deep, but he was so hard, and so turned on, when I tried pulling down on his dick, his head flared ejaculating his cum so prodigiously I pulled back catching a residual spurt on my chin. The scent and taste make me horny as hell and I made sure he saw me wipe it into my mouth before I came up to kiss him.

Brandon's not like other guys and he knows I get even hornier sharing his cum in our kiss.

It was my turn. I anticipated his oral worship. I stood; he slid my bikini bottom down my legs and began nuzzling my pussy. It was less than I needed and more than I could take. I pushed him back in his seat. Another glance at the empty theater, then I propped myself on the row in front of us, placing my feet on his armrests and then spreading wider to the chairs on either side of him.

He grinned like the devil as I lowered my shoulders onto the backs of the row in front of him. It was uncomfortable and I spread my arms out to the sides to hold on. He pushed up my tank exposing all of me to the flicker of reflected light. His hands were hot, placing them on my thighs, while he planted a heavy kiss on my tingling clit.

I bucked and hissed; "lick my cunt!" much louder than I intended.

His tongue snaked inside me then ran the length of my slit. He grazed my clit with his lower teeth, while he fingered me, and pressed a knuckle against my ass, making it slick and wet.

He teases me like this and it's conflicting. It seems really dirty, but it multiplies the intensity of my orgasm. Mostly he'll finger my pussy and massage my asshole, sometimes he fingers both holes, once I let him lick me and it left me with a rolling orgasm that lasted minutes after I forced him from between my legs.

I sensed his ambivalence, "Oh fucking do it! Lick my asshole! Stick your whole fucking tongue up my ass!" I shouted, relishing in the impropriety.

My arms burned with fatigue, as waves of heat shot through me. Brandon had his way, and I couldn't deny the pleasure as he tasted both holes while I remained sprawled in the theater. As I shook I realized that there were shadows in the projector window. "Holy shit!" it made me even hornier. "Brandon you've got to fuck me now! They can see us from the projector room." He glanced back.

I was now sitting on the backs of the seats. I needed his dick. I wanted him inside me so badly. Brandon stood up and placed my feet on the armrests again. I wrapped my arms around his neck lifting me up so he could penetrate me. He kissed me. Our juices mingled. He pulled back with a burning look. Cupping my ass his fingertips nestled in the cleft of my cheeks.

"Yes! Your tongue, your fingers, your cock, fill me," I begged.

I held him tight as he thoroughly penetrated me. I was locked onto him when I saw the light from the lobby as the door opened. He shook biting down on my lip and I knew he was cumming before I was ready.

The man came down the aisle with the flashlight, stopping within five feet of us. The people in the projector room were plainly visible. I wanted to cum again so badly. I played my last card. "Brandon, I want you to fuck me in the ass."

He smiled wearily and replied, "Suck my dick and we'll see."

I slid off of his semi erect cock and felt his fingers slip out as well. My tank fell down covering me, breaking the spell, and the attendant stated, "You have to leave."

Brandon pulled off my top stating to the attendant, "Are you kidding? She wants to do anal! Look how fucking hot she is!"

I began to squat down in front of Brandon running my tongue over his balls. He pulled me up with a look to include the attendant. Completely naked with one foot on the floor, I seductively propped my other leg onto the back of the seats and began jacking Brandon with one hand while I supported myself on the armrest with the other and sucked the tip of his dick. He was getting hard quickly and I envisioned him fucking me in the ass from behind while I played with my empty pussy for the entertainment of our guest.

While this thought danced in my head I was jolted back to reality when the attendant began rubbing and squeezing my cheeks. Two sets of hands, and I exploded going all of the way down on Brandon. I could feel him jerk in my throat, but he was nearly dry. I continued to spasm and shake while the attendant paused from his dexterous pursuit to emancipate his prick. It was such a rush.

I encouraged him, "Fuck me in the ass with your hard cock, and dildo my empty cunt with your flashlight, while my limp dick boyfriend watches." I shocked myself and expected to be thoroughly ravaged, but urgent voices and more attendants quickly gathered my stuff and lead us to the exit beyond the screen.

Four guys stared at me in the small hallway between the screen and the back door. Brandon covered himself. I spread my legs apart, running my hands up my body while they apprehensively examined me in the beam of the flashlight. In another moment they were gone and I was standing by the car in my tank and flip-flops, clutching my bikini. The sun beat down.

Brandon looked at me as we waited for the heat to escape the car, "Limp dick, huh?"

* If you feel ripped off by this ending, tough luck. It's a tribute to the first girl who showed me how great sex is. She relayed this story to me about a month after dumping me. I am not Brandon. Yes, I believe it really happened. Yes, they really did get kicked out of the theater. Yes, I embellished a little, but not much. So, if you feel ripped off, think how I felt.

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