tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Bus Ride (Redeaux)

A Bus Ride (Redeaux)


Frank entered the bus with several other people, making sure he kept moving and kept his head down. It was a maneuver he had mastered, a survival technique that saved him from being tossed out on his ass. The secret was to climb onto the bus in a way to prevent the driver from seeing or smelling much of him. Tonight went well as he wedged himself between two large women and shuffled past without attracting a second glance, from the driver at least.

He drew plenty of stares as he moved down the long aisle to the back of the bus, weaving past people as they settled themselves into their seats. Frank knew why people stared, he wondered what it was that disgusted the people the most. His lice infested hair, spiked up through a woolen hat he wore year round, sun, rain or snow. Though it had been well over a week since he washed his hair, the hat covered most of it, so Frank didn't think that was his worst attribute.

His clothing didn't fit and was covered in grease, mud, vomit and blood, but his large jacket covered most of the clothes. The jacket was badly wrinkled and had a heavy dumpster aroma about it, but it was fairly new. He had stolen it just last week, so he figured it must still be in style.

Frank's face was greasy and the stubble of his beard showed streaks of gray, along with the traces of food, wine and vomit scattered over it. A scar ran from the corner of his lip to his mid cheek, a scar he got when he passed out trying to chug an entire bottle of malt liquor.

Though he still had most of his teeth, several of those had gone black and one was chipped. His gums bled some and an infection in them gave off a metallic, yet rotten stench. He carried a rag and kept the oozing drool that formed at the corners of his mouth wiped up, except when a belch brought back a bit of wine that leaked down his chin.

Of course, now that he was safely past the driver, he also had an erection that poked his loose fitting pants up like a teepee. No longer able to afford women, bus rides had become Frank's chief source of sexual release. Just watching the women react to him as he slid past them, lightly brushing against them, belching and coughing as he moved, turned him on. Occasionally he was lucky enough to find a situation that let him "innocently" brush his hard cock against someone as he passed.

He drew stares and violent reactions as people were repulsed by his smell and appearance but he knew if he kept moving toward the seats in the back, it wouldn't become a problem. For Frank, this seemingly humiliating experience was simply foreplay and by the time he reached his seat at the very back of the bus, he was fully aroused.

He belched as he slid into his seat, a noise that always emptied the seats around him, giving him a nice view toward the front of the bus. Scanning the passengers, he picked a particular woman and simply stared at her, drinking in every nuance of her appearance and manner. While he watched her, he reached to his pants, unzipped his zipper and freed his throbbing cock. The holes in his pockets allowed him access to his cock without taking it out, but once on the bus, he preferred the wonderful freedom of hanging his dick in the air.

Watching the woman, he began to stroke his cock slowly; initially careful to disguise what he was doing. After several minutes of intense staring, Frank got the woman's attention, at first it was a quick glance as the woman's eyes locked on Frank's, but then glanced away, but his continued stare drew her gaze.

Now that he could see her watching him, repeatedly glancing at him and then away, Frank got a bit more demonstrative as he flogged his cock. He let his head and shoulders sway back and forth in unison with the rhythm his fist made over the shaft and head of his cock. His moans were real as he felt his balls slowly rising and the waves of pleasure begin to course over him, moving quickly to the sheer delight of his rod.

Frank timed his strokes on his cock, delaying his orgasm until he was sure the woman knew exactly what he was doing. Once he sensed revulsion in her reactions, he let himself come, spraying over the back of the seat in front of him. He relaxed, watching the brownish white liquid slowly run down the embossed metal seatback and drip onto the floor.

Seeing the woman, now fully disgusted, begin to point him out to other passengers and hearing the clamor begin to rise, he slipped his cock back into his pants. Frank carefully moved his feet to the aisle, avoiding the puddle on the floor and prepared for a quick departure. Hearing the brakes squeak, he moved swiftly to the side doors, gave his observer one last satisfied smile and climbed off the bus moving quickly down the sidewalk.

After he went a ways her found an ashcan near the entrance to a building, where he discovered a nice size cigarette butt and rescued it from the white sand. Finding a recently discarded butt that still burned, he lit his cigarette and took a long drag. He slowly exhaled, fixing his gaze on an attractive woman and thinking about his bus ride.

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