tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Busy Time of Year

A Busy Time of Year


How is it that Christmas can be so busy? Work, shopping, cards, and all those obligatory things that seem to pop up. We have both been very busy and although we have made time for one another, it has been stolen moments here and there.

You come over after work, exhausted. You have been working like crazy and been getting little sleep lately. You can’t wait for Christmas to be over but you know that I love the Christmas season. It is one of the few things that we don’t have in common. You think that if you come over, you can rest a little while, squeeze a little time in with me and work on my computer after I go to work. Seems like a good plan anyway.

You come into the house quietly, knowing that I will be asleep. You unwind a little bit and come into the bedroom to take a shower in the master bathroom. As you switch on the light in the bathroom, you see me peacefully sleeping in the bed. You can see that I have on a silky nightie that must be new as it peaks out from the top of the blankets. It looks like it is black with spaghetti straps, lace on top and shows off my nice deep cleavage.

You get into the shower and enjoy the feel of the warm water. It relaxes you and then you are reminded that I am just steps away from you, lying in my nice big bed. Your cock starts to harden as you think about my reaction as you climb into bed next to me. Your body close to me does something amazing. I become instantly wet and desire you even if I have just woken up. Your cock starts to harden as you think about it.

You are surprised that I am still asleep when you get out of the shower. You would have thought that the sound of the water would have woken me. You turn on the light next to my bed and see that a partially empty wine glass is next to the bed. That might explain why I am not awake yet. Not being a big drinker, just a little bit knocks me out.

You walk over next to me and take your nice hard cock and slide it across my lips. I twitch but smile as if I know that your cock head was tracing my lips in my sleep. You lean in and do it again. I reach up as I jump and my hand finds your cock. My eyes are still closed, but I instinctively grab your nice hard cock and start to stroke it. You continue to move your hips so your cock moves across my lips, until they part. You slowly slide your cock head into my mouth and hear me purr. At that moment, my eyes open and I look up at you.

You smile at me and say Hello beautiful, watching as I slowly and deliberately slide your cock in my mouth. You see a smile spread across my face although I don’t remove my mouth in the slightest bit. It is so warm and wet and inviting. I feel it harden even more so in my mouth and purr in response. I lean up and get a better angle in order to slide it further down my throat.

You arch your back and moan as I do so. How I love to hear you moan and see you enjoy it when I suck your cock. I wake up even more so and begin to give you a sloppy, hungry blow job. The more into it I get, you begin to smell wet pussy fill the room. You enjoy how wet it gets me to have your cock in my mouth. I massage your balls and practically beg you with my expression to cum. I want it right in my mouth. I run my tongue right around the head of your cock just as I feel it start to throb.

You fill my mouth with your nice hot cum. Hearing me purr and moan as you do so. I don’t allow a single drop to escape as I feel your cock squirt in my mouth and throb. Your balls bucking as they empty and your entire body tenses up as you release the sexual tension. I lean back and smile at you. “Hi there, honey, how was work?” I say as if you just walked in the door. You laugh at me and lean down to brush my hair out of my face. Looking right into my blue eyes I see your kindness and your longing for me. That look on your face makes me so wet. “Would you like to climb in bed?” I ask you.

You smile and come around the bed to climb in behind me. You notice that I sit up and take a drink from the wine glass. “What were you up to tonight?” You ask me. I just send you an evil grin. As you climb into the bed, you put your arms around me and pull me close to you. When you do so, you feel something under the covers between us. You stop and reach down to find what it might be. You pull out one of my favorite toys and hand it to me. I put it onto the night stand. You pull me close to you and whisper in my ear “I see you have been up to a lot tonight, honey. Care to tell me about it?”

I snuggle up into your arms and you feel me melt. I press my ass against you and you feel one of my nipples harden under your hand. “I met someone at the store tonight” I tell you. You tell me to continue wondering what I might mean. “I was shopping tonight and I was approached by a very pretty woman. Her name is Carmen. She commented on my outfit and we started talking. One thing led to another, and she came here for drinks.” I reach for the wine glass and take another sip.

You pull me close again and breathe in my ear as I continue. “It got late and she was a little too tipsy to drive home. So, she is asleep in the other room.” I feel your cock harden against my body as I finish the brief story. It had little details, but you imagine what might have occurred while you were working. Your hands start to roam across my body and you know that I was talking to her about you. You know me well enough. My body responds to your touch immediately.

“Your new friend want to play at all or is it not that type of situation?” You ask me. We are both very respectful of one another and while you know what my desire is, you are always careful to ask.

“She thought that was so hot and is dying to be invited in.” You hear a voice from the hallway say. It is soft and sweet with a slight accent. You look toward the door to see a very pretty dark haired woman standing there. “Is she invited already?” She says impatiently as she slowly takes one more step toward the bed. You notice that she has on an exact replica of the new nightie I have on. Hers is white while mine is black. The white fabric against her dark skin is dramatic. You find that you want to see the two nighties next to one another and then smile knowing that we bought them together today. You reach down and slide your fingers across my pussy feeling it soaked and throbbing. I reach my hand out toward her as an invite and she practically bounds over the two of us, putting you in the middle.

She pulls back the blanket and exposes us both to the room. We both look at her as she longingly looks down at your nice hard cock. She starts to descend to your hardness and just before she reaches your cock with her mouth, she stops. She comes up, climbs on top of you and leans over to kiss me. You are right there watching our tongues search one another’s mouths and somehow know this is not the first time we have done this. “You are so right, mommy” she says “That cock is still hard and after I watched him cum right in your mouth.” You smile at me, knowing what I might have told Carmen before you got here. “May I suck it?” She says to me as she gently massages my breast.

“Please do” we both say at the same time and then laugh as she climbs off of you and puts your cock in her mouth. What a busy night I must’ve had, you think and somehow, the rush of the holidays doesn’t seem like a bad thing after all. The plans of the morning have changed and this exhaustion is going to be well worth it. You lean back and enjoy the feel of her mouth on your cock. It is different than me but it feels wonderful. When you turn to look at me and see me enjoying the view just as much, you know that we are in for a fun morning.

“I missed you” I say. “I was telling Carmen what a great lover you are and she really wanted to try it. I knew you wouldn’t mind.” You lean over and kiss me and I enjoy the passion that is exchanged between us. I lean back and smile at you as I watch my new friend, slide your cock in and out of her mouth. What a sexy site it is. I have many other plans for us this morning, and this cock sucking is only the beginning. The best part is -- they are on Carmen's list also.

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