tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Call to the Office

A Call to the Office


I had just turned 18 and it was my last year in prep school. I had started later than most boys my age so I was just a bit older.

It was a very private exclusive boarding school, only boys which was a real pain. They didn't allow and nudie magazines or pornography. It was there though and we had to keep it well hidden for fear of expulsion. We all masturbated so fuck mags were a necessity. I had some great ones from Europe that I managed to sneak away from my father who traveled to Europe. I know he and mom looked at them and got all hot and then would fuck like mad. Anyway he had so many he would not miss a few.

I had been called into the health teacher's office that day and couldn't figure out what she might want me for. She was one the best looking women at the school. She was a bit on the plump side but very nice probably in her 40's. She dressed very conservatively which was school policy, very prudish!! However her dress could not conceal her very large breasts. She wore rather loose tops to hide just how big they were. Every now and then she would leave a button or two undone to give the guys just a peek at her cleavage.

I was headed for her private office wondering what she wanted with me.

"Please come in and have a seat young man", she said rather abruptly.

I knew I was in trouble for something. Heck, I was due to graduate in two weeks. I sure didn't need any problems.

"You know our policy here against any pornographic materials, don't you?" she asked.

On no, I thought. She must have done a random search and found my magazines. I knew I was in serious trouble now.

"Yes ma'am", I replied rather humbly.

" A Search of your dorm room was done and I discovered these porno magazines and I want to discuss them with you. I have done many searches and collected many such materials but none as great as these!" she said.

I could not belive my ears. She said they were great. I am sure she had seen many over the years. I might now be in so much trouble as I thought.

"I know Bobby that there are no girls here and that youg young men, especially those your age need some sexual release. It is the school policy against porn but not mine. I must give the impression of inforcement when I find such material. I ususlly give a good scolding and then send the young man back to his room and tell him to find a more secure hiding place should the school president find any. He won't be quite as understanding as me"

I was feeling relieved. Ms. Woods understood about masturbation and things like that. I was not going to get kicked out after all.

"You have some great fuck mags here Bobby", she said smiling. "I have looked through them all and the women have such nice tits and the cocks on the men are so big. It seems these European men sure have loads of cum in their full balls There are many good closeups too of those big dicks opening up those great pussies and some pussies are cum filled, I do like that. That is the best place for cum is inside a woman's pussy You know Bobby that I too get horny and need to releive myself like you do. I enjoy masturbating too."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I was sure Ms. Woods was prim and proper and never thought that much about sex. It seems however that I was wrong and that she too liked to look at fuck pictures.

"Yes Ms. Woods" I replied. They are great mags from my dads collection. He gets them from Europe and they are arousing. I get so hard looking at them and do enjoy masturabting and cumming. The cocks are so big and the women very nice, but I like them a little bigger like you"

I couldn't belive what I was just saying. She might not like my saying she is big. I maight be in trouble now. I felt like telling her though as if she would understand.

"Thank you, Bobby" she smiled. "I see that you have an eye for full figure women. I like that. Look here at this photo of this gal sucking that huge cock. She has one big set of tits. I wonder if she will suck him and take all his cum to swallow"

"You have some big ones yourself", I said smiling back at her. "I have one magazine that has nothing but big women in them and I have jerked of to it a great many times. There are some great photos in it of guys cumming all over their big tits and the cum is running down between them.

Some photos even have two and three guys cumming on tits, those are so great!"

"Umm Bobby I like that too", she replied. "I really shouldn't do this Bobby but would you like to cum on my tits. I would enjoy watching you jerk off for me. I had a boyfriend once who liked for me to leave my bra on and then cum all over it. I really liked watching him shoot. I know your cock must need some release. All men your age need to jerk off a lot to ease their tension. Instead of looking a a magazine you can look and then cum on me"

"Oh yes Ms Woods. I would love to jerk off for you. My dick is so hard now and I would love to see your tits"

"Wonderful Bobby",she replied. " Not only will I let you see my tits I will let you see my panties too. Now I wear these big full ones not bikinis, they are bright red and they make me feel sexy. Maybe later you might want to cum on them."

My heart was racing as I watched her get undressed for me. She was a big woman but so sexy as she took her blouse and skirt. She had on this red bra a panty set. The panties were big as she said but oh so nice. Her ass was big and her tits fill the cups of that bra.

"Now Bobby you step out of those clothes. I want to get a look and your nice young cock. I want to see what's going to shoot all that warm cum for me"

With no hesitation I got out of my pants, shirt and quickly took my briefs off. I was sticking up straight and firm.

"Goodness Bobby" she smiled. " That is one nice cock you have and it's so hard. Just look at how it stands up so proud. I can see why you enjoy playing with it. Your balls look so full of cum too. I can't wait to see you masturabte for me"

"Do you really like my cock?" I asked. "It's not near as big as those in the fuck magazines. I do like to shoot off though. I hope you like to watch me. I have watched some of the guys but I have never had a women watch me masturbate. I want to cum on your shiny red bra Ms. Woods"

"Sure Bobby," she answered. "I would like for you to squirt all over it. Here let me take off these panties and give you a nice look and my pussy. I will pull my lips open so you can see exactly where a man puts his cock. I love the feel of a huge cock up my fuckhole Bobby and then to have a man empty his load completley inside me it's so wonerful. As I spread open you take that young cock of yours and stroke it for me.

I had my eyes fixed on her pussy as she pulled it wide open for me. She had a nice hairy bush and thick lips and nice pussy hole. My cock was hard as steel now and ready for pumping.

"That's it Bobby", she said. " You pump away now and give me lots of cum. I'll finger my hole some and work my clit as you masturbate. I want to see my nice red bra all covered in your youthful semen."

I worked my shaft as my cockhead was so swollen. My eyes drifted down to her pussy as she fingered her hole. It was so wet and slick, I knew she was hot too. I got up close so when I shot off all my cum would land on her bra. I had a good grip and worked my hand up a down on my shaft. I was really enjoying showing Ms. Woods.

"Ummmmm Ms. Woods" I cried. "I am going to cum"

"Great Bobby" she said. " You give me a nice big load right on my tits. I love to watch men shoot.

Umm my pussy is feeling good too. I so enjoy fingering my hole and watching you stroke that nice cock. Cum all on me Bobby.....Ummmmmm"

Suddenly I could hold back no more and my cock exploded its milky white cream. It was a very intense climax. Thick globs of cum flew from my pisshole covering her bra and making a very wet mess. I think Ms. Woods might have came also. She was working feverously at her clit, moaning and sighing.

I pumped every drop I could. Her bra was a mess of thick semen.

"Ohh Bobby what a lovely cummy mess you had made" she moaned. Here see my wet hole. I came too."

She held herself open and she was dripping with her wetness. It looked as if I had cum on her pussy instead of her bra.

" Now Bobby", she said. Lets make another time for some masturabtion fun. You take your magazines and keep them well hidden. We might want to try some things they do in them."

It was too bad for me that I graduated it two weeks. I never got called in to see her after that. I just bet though that Ms.Woods had other students to enjoy watching cum on her nice big bras.................

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