tagToys & MasturbationA Candy Cane From Christmas

A Candy Cane From Christmas


Samantha laughed at her mother as she helped take down the Christmas tree.

"You know it's almost Groundhog Day, Mom. I don't believe you thought we should leave this up until Valentine's Day."

"It's just January 19. It's not like it's Lent. We're barely out of the Twelve Days of Christmas, darling," her mother responded.

But her mother didn't say much, just pulling down the ornaments and pulling the fake aluminum branches from the fake wood trunk. Her mother -- a communications professor at a university -- had just received a letter from the AARP. Samantha had heard of it -- it had something to do with old people. Apparently, AARP thought that her mother qualified -- being that she was about to turn 40.

Which Samantha thought was pretty old in itself. Still, most of the people on those AARP commercials were like 60, not 40. She didn't get it -- but it was of no matter to her. She was 18 and awaiting her acceptance to college. She could go to her mother's university -- one of her assistants was hot -- but she was hoping to make it into an Ivy League school.

"Don't worry about that letter, Mom. Like you said, they just miscalculated your age."

"By ten years they miscalculated," her mom answered. "Ten years. That's more than half your life, hon. AARP needs better mathematicians. I was born in 1962, not 1952. Like turning 40 isn't enough of a burden in life."

"Come on. Cheer up, Professor Sherry," her daughter called her by her nickname. "You've got another 40 years to complain about AARP, but only ten more during which you can know you don't qualify. Don't act old before you are old," Samantha suggested.

It ignited a smile from her mother. Samantha was a great communicator and it would serve her well in life -- if she decided to become a lawyer, professor or doctor. Her mother was quietly ambitious for her daughter.

Samantha's father had run off 15 years earlier while Sherry was midway through her Master's Degree program -- and she had to take five years off college herself to raise her daughter full time. Life reorganized itself later, but the young mother who was to become Professor Sherry had a hard time trusting men. The last time she'd had sex was a one night stand she had seven years earlier on a New Year's Eve when she was feeling sorry for herself.

She leaned over and kissed her teenage daughter on the forehead. "You're a sweetie, hon. Never change that."

Samantha continued picky at the Christmas tree, removing ornaments, streams of garland and candy canes.

Her favorite.

Luckily, candy canes were only available during holidays, or else her mouth would be full of cavities. As it was, she had none. Her lean body showed no evidence of her sweet snacks. Her red-brown hair was draped over her shoulder. Her 32C sized breasts were pressed against her body, trapped under her sports bra she wore around the house. She was wearing gray sweat shorts and underneath, a pair of Victoria's Secret panties that her mother had bought her for Christmas. She was a woman now. Her days of Winnie The Pooh and Piglet panties were about over.

Samantha's light skin was just a few shades darker than the candy canes she craved. She gathered up the candy canes hanging on the Christmas tree like she was harvesting the sweets.

"Better finish those up before they go bad," her mother chided Samantha as she hooked the six candy canes on her fingers.

"Candy canes never go bad, Mom."

They packed up the rest of the holiday decorations, and Samantha went up to her second floor bedroom. She signed online and looked at her buddy list. Online was Matt -- her friend and a guy she quietly desired. It wasn't a guy she spoke with to most of her friends though. She was 18, Matt was 25.

But he was smart and sweet. And when they talked sexually, Samantha's desire quickly redlined into straight-on lust for the man. She didn't know much about him. They kept much of their lives secret for the sake of privacy. They had sent a few pics and talked using the Internet one time, but that was about it.

"Hey sweetie," he imed her.

"How are you, Matt. ~Hugs~" she typed back. She leaned back in her chair and unwrapped the candy cane. "Get some last night?" she asked.

"You're cruel," he responded. "I'm going on three months without any."

"I'm going on 18 years," she wrote back. She was a virgin. She was proud of her status, but it didn't mean she wasn't horny. Usually, she was. Samantha was just trying to find the right guy. "Looking at porn again?" Samantha questioned.

"Just Literotica. I like the stories. But those things never happen in real life."

"Literotica. :) Some of those are soooo good. Some are sooooooooo bad."

"Bad in a good way?"

"Those are the best," Samantha typed.

She sucked on the tip of her candy cane unconsciously. She opened up his picture and spread her legs slightly. The blood flow to her loins increased as her hormones raged thinking about his face between her legs like he had teased before. They had a few sessions of cybersex in the past, but most of their conversations were intelligent -- just laced with random lude comments.

"What are you doing today?"

"My mom and I just took down the Christmas tree."

"A little late, isn't it?"

"Better a late Christmas tree than menstrual cycle."

"True true. Not something you've had to worry about," he typed.

"No. Not yet. Maybe after a night of you. :)~"

"Ah, Samantha. My tease."

"I try."

"What are you wearing?"

"My gray sweatshorts. My gray sportsbra. My red VS panties."


"Vickie's Secret."

"Lucky Vickie. What about you?"

"Tommy Hilfinger boxers. Red university T-shirt. So does that make you bi, having a girl named Vickie that close to your body?"

"I don't know, Matt. Does it make you gay to where your Tommy Hilfingers? I mean, you have Tommy on your cock, and 'fingers' on you asshole."

"Boy. You sure know how to bring something into perspective."

"Thanks. I try."

She felt her legs pry apart more and slipped her fingers against her crotch. She glanced over to her bedroom door, making sure it was locked. Her mother always knocked and counted to ten before walking in, but Samantha liked being safe.

"What else are you doing?"

"Sucking on a candy cane."

"Lucky candy cane."

"You think?"

"Oh, I know. I'd love to be anything you were sucking. LOL."

"Would you now?"

"Yes. Obviously."

Samantha looked at the candy cane that she was lapping against. She'd never really considered it sexually before. She inhaled it again, liking the idea of giving head to Matt. She rolled the sweetness with her tongue and breathed against it. He had given her hints on what guys enjoyed when receiving a blow job -- but she'd never had a chance to practice before.

"Are you thicker than a candy cane?" she typed.

"Um. Yes."

"Okay. Just checking. Gawd. Now I have dirty thoughts in my head."

"Like what?"

"What do you think?"

"Me as you candy cane?"

"Yes. Very, very tasty."

"Pour some sugar on me. :)"


"A Def Leppard song. Know Def Leppard."

"I've heard of them."

"Forget it. I'm too old."

"Nah. I think I know the song. About sugar, right?"

"More about sex."

"Duh. I figured. Every song is about sex."

"Not 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles," Matt commented.

"It's about Jude Lennon -- which was the son of John Lennon -- which meant John had sex with someone -- so in a roundabout way, it's about sex," Samantha wrote.

"You're as twisted as that candy cane," he responded.

Her eyes looked down on it, her mind fantasizing about taking Matt into her mouth as much as she could -- trying to deep throat like those girls in the online porn movies did.

"Know what?" she asked.

"Nope. What?"

"I'm really turned on right now. How ridiculous is that?"

"I hope not too ridiculous. Every time you sign on, my cock swells up."


"Well. A little bit at least. Pavlov's dog reaction."

"I'm the same way with you."

"Well, you need to be five years older and I need to be five years younger."

"...or we could just be our own ages and enjoy ourselves ..." she responded.

"You'd be a lolita and I'm be a sexual deviant."

"Nope. We're both adults. It's not like you're trying to seduce me. I'm interested in you on many levels. Not just sex."


"Well, maybe tonight I'd just be interested in the sexual level."


She saw how the candy cane glistened with her spit and it turned her on even more. She felt her nipples stand on edge. Her body felt chills down her spine, but a flood of warmth took over her passion. She was so ready to make love to a man. Samantha propped her leg over her desk, spread like she wanted to be with Matt. She was a sexual being and wanted to experience it. A mirror against her wall hypnotized her as her right hand began massaging her clit, finding it slowly in her passion folds. She bit down slightly on the candy cane, reminding herself she should never do that with a man.

"Samantha? What are you doing?"

"I think you know..."

"Um. Not really."

"Touching myself. I'm really horned-up tonight."

"Of all the days I'm not a candy cane," he wrote back.

It gave her the dirtiest thought. Her masturbation had always been traditional. Fingers on clit. Sometimes two inside her. She didn't have a dildo or a vibrator, although her mother probably wouldn't object. But she did have a long, thin object that was slick with her saliva.

"Ever use a candy cane before?" Matt asked.

"No. But honestly, I was just thinking about it."

"Wish I could try it with you, babe."

She pulled her sportsbra over her breasts, revealing her tight small nipples to the air and moved her shorts along with her VS panties to the side. She licked down the length of the candy cane and sucked on the hook end of the J shaped confection. Samantha laid the candy cane against her pussy and slowly sank it into herself. Her eyes closed as she realized it was the first object -- aside from her own fingers -- to ever enter her.

The sensation was pleasurable, but she knew a real cock would be nicer. Her hymen had been broken when she fell on a fence post when she was 11, so the maidenhood didn't stop her from pushing it as deep as it would go. She sank it in, pulled it out, and sank it into her again until the hook of the J was resting at her clit. She licked her thumb, ran it against the edge of the hook, and moved it across her clit. That sensation was erotic to her -- the vaginal and clitoris action.


"yes. sorry. i'm here. just ... kinda busy..."

"You're fucking the candy cane, aren't you sweetie."

"yes. is that gross?"

"No. Very, very good. Wish I was between your legs right now and sucking the end of the candy cane that isn't inside your pussy right now."

"ohh...babe. i'm looking at your lips right now... wish you were here too."

"I am, Samantha. My hands on massaging your nipples. My tongue is licking against your clit, your pussy, and that sweet candy cane. I'm looking up into your eyes and telling you how sexy and exotic you are."

She looked between her legs and imagined him there, helping her out with his expert oral skills. At least, she thought he had to be an expert. When he described it, she thought he had to know what he was doing."

"I just want to taste your orgasm on my lips. I want to watch you as you climax. I want to suck on your clit as you cum."

Her fingers joined the hook of the J against her clit as she frantically rubbed her sex. She was on the verge of cumming already. Sometimes, it just didn't take much. She leaned back farther and felt the thin candy cane five inches into her, massaging it gently -- worrying about the idea of it snapping if she went to hard. This wasn't a cock -- it was just a candy cane.

"gawd, matt....." she quickly typed. "i'm close..."

"I'm hard for you," he responded.

The idea of his hard cock for her pulled her over the edge as the climax rocked her body. Her peripheral vision glancing at the mirror showed her sexuality as her body arched with the orgasm. She slowly pulled the candy cane from her passion, much of the red coloring stripes gone -- sucked off by her pussy instead of her mouth, like it traditionally was. She felt how slick the cane was with her juices, and her face felt flush with excitement. She wanted to feel that sensation on a cock ... feel her passion secretions on the hardness of Matt. She tossed the used candy cane into the garbage on the side of her computer desk. Only five more candy canes, she considered, smiling to herself and than returning her fingers to the keyboard.

"mmm... babe. i just came for u."

"Samantha, you came for both of us. And I love that fact. It turns me on so much."

"You know I fantasize about you, right?" she asked him.


"That's okay, right?"

"Yes. Feel free to mentally sexually use me as much as you want. Maybe we'll meet sometime after you graduate high school."

"I'd love that."

"I would too."

"You're still hard, babe?" she asked.


"Wish I could do something about that," she imed.

"I know."

There was a knock on her door. She knew she had about ten seconds.

"BRB. Mom's here."

Matt didn't type again. Her mother seeing an IM that said "Suck my cock, Samantha" might end up with a disconnection of her online account. Samantha fixed up her shorts and panties and pulled her sportsbra back down her breasts, then minimized the computer screen. She opened up a Tetris game, leaned over and unlocked her door.

About two minutes later, she IMed Matt.

"Hey. I'm back."

"Cool. You okay?"

"Great. My mom just wanted to ask me about dinner."

"We've all got to eat."

"Yeah. She also brought me a box of candy canes she just found that she forgot to hang on the Christmas tree this year."

"I bet you're a happy girl," Matt wrote.

"I am a sooooo very happy girl," Samantha responded.

"Merry Christmas."

"It's the most wonderful time of the year. :)" she typed.

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