tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Captured Angel

A Captured Angel


A/n Hi, hope you all like this. I'm only human, but this has been proof-read many times, so hopefully it doesn't contain many mistakes.

"My Prince, we've caught one."

"...Excellent. What've you done with them?"

"She's been bound in the cellar, My Lord."

"She?" muses the Prince.

"Yes My Lord."

"You're dismissed."

"Thank you, Sir."

Prince Damien rushes to the cellar. No doubt his father, king of darkness and ruler of the fiery pit of the underworld will have already been informed. His father has specifically given him the task to capture one of them and finally after so many long, dry years his men have caught one. And a female at that. He knows his mission-to break her in any possible way. His father wants to rule the heavens as well as the underground and finding their weaknesses and secrets are crucial. Damien smirks at the prospect of everything he could do to her. Oh boy! This will be fun.

Anna slowly opens her eyes to the bright artificial lighting. She groans slightly from the dizziness of her head. The last thing she remembered was the rise up from Earth after completing her mission, and about to return back to Heaven. She tries to wipe her hand across her face, however, when her hand wouldn't comply, she quickly becomes aware of her predicament. Her body is tied to a wooden X-shaped contraption. Her arms raised high along two the planks and tied tight with rope. Her feet are in the same position but below her body. She tugs some more on the rope and tries to use her wings for help. But those too have been bound; except they are bound together behind her back. It seems the contraption has a thick slit to slot her wings through and keep them behind and useless.

Still stubbornly tugging before concluding that she cannot move an inch from her position she gazes across the room. There stands a large wooden table near one of the corners: A few hooks and bars dangling from stone ceiling and a large cabinet and chest of drawers opposite her on the far side of the room. She turns her head to the side looking for an escape. The only exit it seems is also the entrance in the form of a metal and wood door with deadbolts and a key to unlock. As much as she wants there is no way to smash through that door.

Suddenly a lock rattles in the door and Anna closes her eyes, forcing her body to go limp and create the illusion that she's still unconscious.

Damien's footsteps echo around the hallow place. He dead bolts and locked the door before sliding the key behind the secret stone rock next to the door. With prisoners keeping the key on the body is just too dangerous, particularly with some of the vile creatures they sometimes capture. Slow confident strides are made to his pretty prey. His lips curl into a smile whilst eyes praise her form. She's a petite, sweet looking thing, with large breasts and nice wide hips, along with a big plump ass. He can feel himself grow hard under the black leather pants, thinking of all the things he can do to her sweet, sweet body.

He grasps her flaccid face and yanks it up. Blonde curls fly back as a beautiful oval face comes in view. Pink, full lips taunt him almost begging him to place his cock between them.

"Awaken!" he sharply calls landing a blow to her cheek with the same sharpness. Light blue eyes snap open and immediately her whole body tenses.

Damien takes a step back, folding his muscled arms across his expansive cheat as he waits for her to calm down.

Anna bares her teeth at him, her body tenses fully as she gazes into his black, soulless eyes and realises the monsters that had captured her...Demons.

"Let me go, vermin!" hisses Anna thrashing uselessly at the ropes. Her wrists and ankles, only becoming sorer but she continues despite that, in hopes that they would loosen.

"Try asking nicely. After all, you Angels are supposed to be the nice ones remember?" mocks Damien.

The Angel glares at his some more before spitting at him. The glob of saliva lands on his cheek. She quietens immediately after, gulping in fear and wondering what he'll do.

Damien swipes the spit with his fingers and examines the translucent droplets for a moment before his features harden and he looks back at the Angel.

"Don't worry pet, since you enjoy spitting so much, I have something that you're going to have a ball with," he darkly informs her causing shivers to race through her spine. He shakes the saliva hand before swiping it at his pants and stepping toward his prey.

"But for now...it's time I play with you."

Anna suppresses her reflex action to cry at, not only the hopeless situation but also the demon who will clearly torture her. She has to remain strong though. And not break. That's what they want. She can't let him have that pleasure.

Inhaling sharply with the new attitude resolved in her mind she watches the demon collect items from the chest of drawers and dump them on the wooden table, the one that's near her. Then he turns again and gets some more things out.

Her eyes assess him. He isn't too...bad looking, to say the least-quite handsome in fact. Nice broad shoulders, slanting to a small waist and a muscular frame. He's tall, but compared to her most males are. His face is chiselled with short stubble around his jaw and upper lip. He has perfect cheekbones and what looked like soft ebony strands of hair-cut clean but not too short. Some of it spiked at his neck and the tops of his silk black shirt. His skin is a tanned a golden brown with faint hints of a deep red hue.

When he turns around Anna can see from the deep v-neck of his shirt he has a nice dusting of black hairs along his muscled pectorals.

It's only when the items in his hand clatter on the table, Anna pays attention to them.

Her eyes go wide and jaw slackens. Surely he's not serious! She thinks. He'd laid out ball gags, butt plugs, ropes, whips, ties. All sorts of sex toys she can hardly believe. She pales knowing he would use them on her and no doubt brutally. When she had been on earth one of the humans she'd befriended had told her all about sex toys and what they'd called BDSM. Anna being a pure being had never done anything remotely so sinful and hearing about it was as close as she's ever came to sex.

"Scared sweetheart? You should be," grins the deep, rich voice of her captor.

He picks up a small pocket knife and twirls it in his fingers, right before striding to her.

He slides the knife teasingly along the side of her face to the base of her throat.

"Now be still or you may get scraped," he warns. Her body freezes as he seemingly carelessly swipes it across her body. Her long, light blue dress tears slightly, sagging at where it has been wounded. Thankfully it all still covers her up. The cut had been a small one at her stomach.

"Hmm," muses the Demon before taking another swipe this time at her thighs. Another long cut was made in the dress, revealing a slit of creamy white skin. She awaits his next swing but instead feels his hand rise to her cheek. His thumb strokes over her flesh slowly before his hand trails down her throat to one of her shoulders. Fingers bunch up the chiffon material of the strap of her dress and before she knew it, he's cut straight through it.

Anna swallows her scream and chooses instead to stand very still and emotionless. She feels the flat part of his knife under her throat as he tilts her head back upright.

He then repeats his previous action on the other sleeve of her dress. Once he lets it go, she thinks, all she'll have covering her modesty would be a pair of panties and a bra.

Her head turns to watch his hand slowly cut through the material and upon reflex her head came forward and she bites him- hard. But instead of dropping the knife like she'd hopes, he swiftly cut through the material and withdraws his hand. Inspecting the hand as her gown crumples between her stretched ankles.

His eyes roam down her body in an almost bored fashion before he turns and picks something else of the table.

"Rest assured that will be the last time you bite me," he lowly growls before holding up the ball gag to her lips.

Anna shakes her head back and forth not allowing him to have the thing touch even her lips.

"Open," he commands but when she doesn't he just sighs and takes it down. His hand grabs her crotch over her plain white briefs and a finger probes at her pussy.

"Open," he demands again, softer this time but the threat still being conveyed.

Anna dejectedly slackens her jaw and opens her mouth.

"Good. Complying with me would be in your best interest's princess," advices Damien lodging the red foam ball gag firmly in her mouth. He straps it tight behind her head before stepping back and picking up his knife.

The hideous plain cream bra is the first to come off. Next, the awful panties. When she's stripped nude, Damien admires the creation before him. Bright blue eyes shine defiantly despite the situation she is in; full large breasts spring free, with their tiny pink nipples jutting out with tenderness; her beautiful pink pussy is also on display and if he steps around he can see her luscious plump ass.

"For an Angel you sure do have a positively sinful body, sweetheart," smirks the Demon running his hands up and down her stretched arms. She squirms at the feel of his callous fingers and slight scratching of his nails. She's surprised he hasn't broken into his more deadly form and started ripping her to shreds. His hands then lower to her stomach, stroking her sides of flesh before cupping over her breasts.

Anna starts crying her protest through the gag, but her screams only come as mumbles.

"Shhh.." orders the Demon, annoyed by the mumbled cries. He gives her full orbs a hard squeeze in warning causing her to immediately shut up.

As his hands massage her breasts Anna can feel a strange heat coarse through her. Her nipples starting to tingle slightly and when thumbs flick them, a moan leaves her throat.

Having caught it the Demon smirks wider at her and toys with her hardening buds. Her eyes are wide in shock and she feels shameful at enjoying the lust, however the heat between her legs only continues growing.

Damien trails a hand down her navel to between her legs. His fingers brush along her pussy collecting the hot sticky juices of arousal.

He laughs as he brings his fingers up to her face.

"Well would you look at that? You're all wet...Damn, you must be the sluttiest Angel there is."

Anna squeezes her eyes shut, tears burning behind her lids as she thinks about how her body could betray her like this.

Her eyes blink open again when she hears a clinking of chains. Looking up she sees the Demon walk towards her having retrieved another of his toys.

His mouth encloses around her breasts as he sucked at her hard nipple. She inhales sharply through her nose and tries not to moan this time.

But a tight, pinch of pain is not what she's expecting and as such a muffled scream emits from within her.

She looks down to see him having encased her poor buds in a small vice.

As the pain eases the Demon tightens them causing another shot of searing heat to flow through her nerves.

She concentrates on evening her breathing as he treats her other nipple the same. Anna peeks down to see both vices attached by a single silver chain.

"Hurts don't they?" rhetorically asks the Demon rubbing his thumb around her stinging breasts. Anna gave no answer and continues to stare with hatred at him.

"No? How about now?" he continues his finger pulling down on the connecting chain. Anna squeezes her eyes shut feeling her nipples being pulled painfully down while still tightly clamped.

"Yes," she mumbles through the gag. The Demon's black pupils look directly into her.

"I shall remove the gag if you're willing to cooperate," he bargains. She nods eagerly, her clamped jaw aching.

He reaches behind and pulls the wet gag from her mouth.

She pants in relief as he does so.

"Manners, little Angel; surely you were taught better," sings the Demon.

"...Th-Thank you," she grits out, her pride deflating a little from it.

"Good girl."

Damien places back the gag and picks up a whip. It's one tailed and made of hard leather. He wants to hear her really scream now.

"Now, which of the four walls of Heaven are the weakest?" he asks deadly serious.

Anna can't lie; it's not a quality she possesses. No, he is the liar, his kind.

"I don't know," she truthfully replies. He steps back and shakes his head.

"Perhaps I can refresh your memory," he sadistically grins before bringing the whip down across her thigh. The leather mercilessly cuts along her thigh forming a thin red line in its trail.

Damien raises the whip and brings it down again, on the other thigh this time. The sound of a high-pitched scream causes his dick to stir in arousal as his heart jolts in excitement.

A few more lashes at her thighs and the once creamy smooth skin is painted in various shades of red lines, some crossing each other, creating a pretty pattern. Damien stops for a moment wishing he could give her plump ass the same treatment but with her position on the X it's hard to completely beat her ass. His mind reels seeing the hooks above. If he has her helplessly swinging....

Anna pants in relief as he seems to cease his thrashing. Not only does her thighs burn but she can feel her libido burn as well and with pleasure- a complicated strange concept to her.

"Breathe, just breathe," calmly speaks the Demon. Confused she looks up only to be smothered with a piece of material. Her eyes widen in realisation but by then it's too late. Her mind has already fallen into darkness.

When she regains consciousness, Anna realises that once again she's bound. Her hands are curled together above, and wrists immobilised by ropes that are also knotted over a hook in the ceiling. Her wings must have subconsciously retreated back into her and try as she may she can't get them to unravel back out. Her ankles are locked in cuffs and spread apart by a long bar that separates them. Then of course, there are the clamps around her nipples. They still remain.

Anna hears steady footsteps and struggles in her bonds.

"What have you done to my wings?!" she growls at him only managing to provoke a chuckle.

"You'll get your answers when I get mine. Now, the weaknesses of the Angel army..."

Anna says nothing.

"Fine. If that's how you want it," snaps Damien picking up the same leather whip and circling around her. As he cracks the whip against the floor she flinches. The stripes at her thighs are still stinging and glowing red. Her pussy on the other hand seems to have cooled down a little.

The next lash unfortunately, isn't at the floor but rather at her ass.

"Ahh!" she squeals clenching her ass tight trying to relieve some of the searing pain. Suddenly, another crack comes just above the first one and on her tightened muscles it hurt even more. Or perhaps it's just because she knew it would so it did.

He carries on for 20 lashes by which point her eyes have a few stray tears running down them and dropping to the stone below and her ass is burning. He had been none too gentle and she'd felt every fierce strike of the damned weapon.

Damien admires the criss-crosses of her reddened ass and then grabs a paddle.

"Ready to talk?" he asks giving her a chance to stop the torture.

"I-I don't know any-Ah!"

He beats down on her bruised ass with the paddle.

"I honestly.....I honestly don't...." she pants between his beatings. She feels like he's going longer on them compared to the lashing; however he's being just as ruthless as ever.

Damien runs his hand over her fiery ass. The skin almost glowing red, the heat radiating centimetres away from skin contact.

He flips the paddle onto the table and grasps her face upwards. She'd cried, he thought. The tear trails running down her cheeks, if he were human perhaps he could feel pity or guilt but neither emotion occurs to him-only the deep arousal of her breaking.

"Shall we try this again?"

"I'm not lying. I can't lie. I'm an Angel," rushes out Anna before he can pick up something else to beat her poor ass with.

"Maybe or maybe..." his hand slapped her pussy making her jolt and yelp, and he slicked his fingers over her wet pussy, "maybe you're just Heaven's dirty, little slut."

"No. No," moans Anna.

Damien seizes her face roughly.

"Tell me you're kind's weaknesses," he demands eyes flashing with a hint of crimson in anger.

"I honestly don't know!" hopelessly cries Anna tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Tears won't help you, sweetheart. I don't pity," he sneers before letting go of her face.

He paces back behind her and rubs his hands over her cooling pink ass. Her cheeks tense under his grasp and to not put that fear to waste he embeds his fingers sharply into the generous amount of flesh and tries clenching his hand. He can feel the muscle in his hold being painfully stretched and judging by the screams from the Angel, it hurts.

"Your refusal to answer just means I'll have to abuse this perfect, plump ass of yours," states Damien bouncing the balls in his hands. She screams some more, panting when he lets go. Half crescent, red imprints are made from his fingernails, which although blunt have dug deep into her.

He picks up the cane swinging it through the air to increase her terror at what's about to come. Then...without warning he swings it at her ass. Over the fading red, a brighter red's formed from the cane.

"Please...Please....Stop...." sobs poor Anna as he swings another blow. She doesn't want to scream or shriek or cry, but it's...too much for her. Perhaps he is breaking her, she panics.

Damien grins hearing her pleas but to prove his ruthlessness he gives her a few more swipes before tracing the cane up her wet pussy lips. The cane easily slips through them and rubs against her sensitive areas. The Angel's screams turn to soft moans and as she does so, he finds another perfect way to break her. Placing the cane away he strokes her stomach. One hand clamps around her waist and draws her front close to him. The nipple clamps pressing at his hard torso and causing her a stronger sting. His other hand is stroking at her wet pussy lips.

"Such a whore," he whispers to her, flicking his fingers at her enlarged clit.

Anna moans louder from his fingers, tears also slipping out as she feels floods of shame and disgrace pour through her.

"No, don't. Please...please,don't," she begs trying to fight the arousal that's storming her systems.

"Just give in; I already know you're a little slut. You're so dirty. You shouldn't even be an Angel. I bet you constantly finger yourself."

"No! No...No," pants the girl, wide distraught eyes begging him. But while her lips and eyes are saying one thing her sweet, little body is saying something totally different. Her upper half's practically swooned onto him and her hips are gyrating against his hand. He slips a finger in to have her back arch as she gasps loudly. He feels a gush of juices and chuckles in realising the slut had already come.

"Yeah, you are filthy whore. What kind of Angel orgasms when a Demon fingers her?"

Anna sobs as the overwhelming pleasure dies in her. Then as a cloth smothers her face, she's more than glad to succumb to the darkness.

Damien ties her up again, this time on the table. He kneels her along the width of it. The length perfect for what he wants. Her knees are tucked under her chest so her ass and holes are clearly sticking out on display, ready at his disposal. Her head is cushioned down with her arms tied horizontally across from her shoulders. As the niplle clamps are taken off her, in a moment of kindness he kneeds and sucks on her nipples to ease their pain. He pulled a red wax candle and decided to give her one last chance to reveal her kind's secrets. Although, with the amount of fun he's having, he doubts he really wants her to depart such information. It would just cut everything short and then he'll have to immediately kill her. Such a shame too. So pretty.

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