A Caring Mother Ch. 04


Joanne turned her head and looked down at her son. Chris was looking intently at what he was doing, diligently copying his father as he showed him how to massage her thighs. Their hands moved up the legs and over her buttocks, pulling the cheeks wide apart as they spread the oil. She felt one oily finger gently rub across her asshole. Was that John? It must be. He wouldn't let Chris touch me there would he? Then another finger rubbed softly and slowly across her sphincter. This one trembled a bit. Oh no! That's not my son touching my asshole is it? She flinched a bit, tightening up the hole.

"It's alright dear, just relax," John said softly. "Don't worry, Chris isn't going to penetrate you there, are you Chris? Mom can trust you, can't she Chris?"

"Sure dad. Mom I'm just giving you a thorough massage and making sure the oil is everywhere so you don't get burned."

Joanne was aghast. Her son was massaging his mother's asshole. In front of his father. In public. People are watching from only a few yards away. She looked up at the couple nearest to them. Both were now up on their elbows watching intently. The man's erection was now sticking in the air. As Joanne looked back at them she saw the woman nonchalantly reach over her hand and trace her fingers up and down her man's huge cock. She reached down and hefted his balls. They both smiled and chuckled to each other. The woman gave a little wave to Joanne.

This is going too far, Joanne thought. The fingers of her two men were still sliding over her anal ring. It wouldn't be too long before they slipped lower to feel her vagina. She moved her legs slightly to close them. My God, I'm soaking down there, Joanne thought. With the combination of the oil and her own juices, her son would discover her sopping wet cunt if his fingers drifted any closer.

She looked down at Chris.

"I think that's enough boys. Why don't you two go for a swim now, and let me just enjoy the sun."

"Aww mom, I'm really enjoying this. Don't you like it? I'm doing it just the way dad's showing me . Aren't I doing it right?"

Joanne rolled on to her side and saw her son's huge erection. Anybody walking past could see it easily. Chris's eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw his mother's bare breasts right in front of him. They lolled to the side as his mother propped herself on her side. He looked down to see if he could see her cunt, but she quickly crossed her legs so he couldn't see her.

"Chris, I think this has gone far enough. We're in public for goodness sake. Now you cover up that erection right now."

John was disappointed at her reaction. He'd really enjoyed seeing his son feeling up his mother's asshole. He was thrilled she was naked on the beach just like all the other women nearby.

"Honey, aren't you overreacting? Look around. There are naked cocks everywhere, some of them look quite hard to me."

Joanne looked up at the nearby couple. The man's cock was indeed at nearly full mast lying on his belly. The woman beside him was still tracing her fingertips over his erection, smiling at him and then directly at Joanne.

"Well, Chris you have to get it down. You have to control yourself. Go for a swim."

Chris looked towards the water. Dozens of people were walking up and down the beach. Some teenage girls were in the water jumping in the surf.

"I can't go down there with this mom! They'll see it as soon as I stand up. They'll laugh at me."

Joanne looked down at her son's hard cock. From her familiarity with her son's shooting power she knew he would cum really quickly if she helped him out.

"Mom, they're already laughing at me. Oh I feel terribly ashamed."

Joanne thought quickly. She sensed the situation was getting dangerous. Chris could go backwards if he felt girls were laughing at him. All their work would have been for nothing if Chris felt girls were laughing at him for having an erection. She had to act.

"Chris lie down on your side facing me. That's right – move up a bit so I can reach you easily. John you stand guard and make sure nobody can see."

With that Joanne reached down and held her son's cock firmly in her hand. With them both on their sides she felt nobody could see what she was doing. She started pulling on his cock, using the oil from her thighs to lubricate her hands well. Chris already had plenty of pre-cum glistening on his cock head. She swirled that around the head, and continued her ministrations of her son's cock. John looked around. He could see the couple nearby watching intently as his wife's arm moved back and forth as she masturbated their son. He moved around to their feet so that his own body blocked the view of people who were walking along the beach near the water. He was facing his wife and son, watching as Joanne pulled off their boy in public on the beach. This is more like it. Go Jo. Do it in public. Bring off our boy.

Chris's hips were thrusting back and forth as his mother used one hand to hold his dick from below while she used the other to whack him off. It wasn't her best hand job, but it was effective. Within a minute Chris was spurting his cum into the sand, grunting with relief. John smiled at his wife.

"Well done Jo! That's fixed the problem. Come on son, let's go swim."

Chris smiled at his mother, leaned up to kiss her, quickly felt her breasts and got up, his dick shrinking to half mast.

"Thanks mom, you're the best mom in the world."

With that Chris and John raced to the water leaving her alone. Joanne covered the sperm with sand and wiped her hands on the towel. She wondered if she'd done the right thing. It would have been worse if he'd been embarrassed about his erection. And it's not as though anybody could have seen them. She lay on her back and spread some sunscreen on her breasts and tummy. The sun felt good on her skin. The wind felt liberating as it drifted over her bare pubic mound. Yes, this all felt right. She was glad she was helping her son in such a hands on manner.

A few seconds later she heard footsteps in the sand coming towards her. She looked up and saw it was the woman who had been watching them from nearby. She was very beautiful, with a deep all over tan. Even her shaved pussy was suntanned

"Hi," she said. "I hope you don't mind if I disturb you? Is this your first time to Sunshine Beach?"

"It's that obvious is it?" Joanne laughed. "Yes, we look pretty pale compared to everyone here and my men have very white asses."

The woman laughed. "Yes, that's a big giveaway. But they seem to be enjoying themselves."

The two women looked down at the water and saw John and Chris laughing as they threw themselves around in the water. Joanne noticed their erections had subsided in the cool water.

"I'm sorry about them, I hope they didn't embarrass you with their....well you probably saw their excitement."

The woman laughed again. "Oh, don't worry about that. Erections happen on a nude beach every so often. Especially with newcomers. It's all part of nature. Even Matt gets excited every so often," and she nodded her head towards the man she'd been sitting with. Joanne looked over and saw his erection had subsided somewhat. He waved and Joanne waved back.

"Yeah, he got that while he was watching your two men get excited rubbing the suncream into you. They were really enjoying themselves."

Joanne laughed. "Oh dear, yes, that's my son Chris. He's 18 but he still gets a bit too excited at times. He's a real handful."

The two women locked eyes, and Joanne knew the woman had realized what she was talking about. Could she have seen her masturbating her son? Probably, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Yes, quite the handful from what I saw," the woman laughed. "My name's Jacqui," she said and held out her hand.


They shook hands. Joanne was very taken with the deeply suntanned woman's total lack of inhibitions as she crouched down, her bald pussy opening to Joanne's gaze.

"That's my husband Matt. Would you mind if he came over to say hello?"

"Sure, I'd like to meet him."

Jacqui beckoned, and Matt got up and walked over. Joanne sat up and watched in wonder as Matt's semi erect cock swayed heavily from side to side as he strode through the sand. Being fully shaved made his cock and balls look even bigger, she thought as he came closer, his face beaming as he knew Joanne was staring at every movement of his cock. It grew thicker as blood rushed into it.

"Hello, I'm Matt. Pleased to meet you," he said as he bent over to shake Joanne's hand. His cock hung just a foot from Joanne's face.

Just then John and Chris returned from their swim. Joanne introduced the couple and they all shook hands. Chris was staring openly at Jacqui's naked body, particularly her shaved pussy. His cock started to rise again, and Jacqui and Matt tried hard to hide their grins as they watched the slow rise to attention of the teenager's cock.

Chris was suddenly very embarrassed and dove onto the ground to lie on his stomach to hide the massive erection.

"Don't worry about it Chris," Jacqui laughed. "It happens on a nude beach, particularly with teenagers. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact I find it quite flattering.

"Yeah, it happens here, especially if it's your first time," added Matt whose own cock was still at half mast.

But Chris was totally red faced and buried his head in his towel. Jacqui sat down beside him and put a hand gently on his shoulder.

"Chris, nobody is worried about it. It's very natural."

Matt piped up: "Yes Chris, to tell you the truth once you've been here a while you'll find women who are wearing something will actually be more interesting than the totally nude ones. Like your mom was in that tiny bikini. That will catch a lot more attention than being totally naked."

John and Matt stood and chatted about the beach while Joanne and Jacqui sat and talked about skincare in the sun. Chris was disappointed. He really appreciated looking at Jacqui's naked body and was fascinated by her shaved pussy which he could see easily from where he was lying, but he was much more interested in seeing his mom naked. He could see her breasts side on as she sat, but his vision of her pussy was blocked by her legs. His cock was hard again, pressing into the towel and forcing a hole in the sand. He pretended to be asleep but through his half closed eyes he watched his mom and this new woman chat. His eyes followed every curve of their bodies. The woman – Jacqui – was a golden colour from her tan, and he loved the way she was totally shaved and open. He could see her cunt lips, and she didn't care.

When John and Matt told the women they were going for a walk, Chris pretended to be asleep. Matt wanted to show John the sights of the beach. After a while of passing naked men and women, some of them saying hello to Matt, Matt casually asked John how Chris was taking his first visit to a nude beach.

"Well we brought him here because he has trouble with girls," John said. "He's incredibly shy and even though he's 18 he doesn't dare ask any girl out on a date."

"I see your wife is doing her best to help him."

"Ah yes, well Jo is a very caring mother."

"Look, we could see what she was doing for him and we think it is beautiful for a mother to be willing to do that for her son."

"Oh fuck, don't tell Jo that you saw her. She'll be terribly embarrassed."

"No, well Jacqui is probably sounding her out about that. You know about the action that goes on in the dunes behind the beach? That's where we go if we want to have a bit of fun on the beach."

"Really? What sort of action?"

"Well Jacqui has taken a lot of guys back there. She likes lots of cocks at once. There are quite a few women on the beach who like that. I've seen her service a dozen men at once."


"Yep, got the photos to prove it. I'm proud of her. And I think you like watching what Jo does for your son."

John looked down at the sand. He didn't want to admit this to man he'd only just met. But it was true. He really wanted Jo to go further with Chris – to suck him off, let him fuck her, take him in her ass, spurt his sperm on her face and breasts, and with him watching.

"Well, she's only used her hands. Jo says she won't go any further with him."

Matt put his hand on John's shoulder.

"So he's still a virgin at 18 eh? Look, if you like, Jacqui can take him to the dunes and help him lose his virginity. She'll get a kick out of that. Probably her first teenage cherry. And we could watch. Jacqui likes to have an audience to perform for."

"You think she'd do it?" John asked enthusiastically.

"Oh I know she will. She was talking about it as we were watching him get whacked off by his mother."

The two men walked back to their wives and Chris, who was still face down on the towel. Joanne and Jacqui were getting on very well, lying naked on their backs beside each other. Chris was still pretending to be asleep.

The women sat up as the men came up to them, their cocks swinging in the sun.

"Don't you two look a picture swinging around like that," said Jacqui. Joanne laughed.

"Jacqui – I think your expert services are needed in the dunes," Matt said, nodding his head towards Chris. He mouthed the word 'Virgin'.

'Yes, I was thinking the same thing Matt. What do you say Joanne? Would you mind if I initiated your son up there in the dunes?"

"What you mean, have sex with my son here on the beach?"

"Well, there are some secluded spots in the dunes Matt and I have used in the past. Matt usually keeps a look out to make sure no rangers or cops come along. We've had some real parties up there, haven't we honey?"

"I suppose it's alright with me. We have been encouraging him to go out and have sex with girls, but I think a grown woman would be a great start for him. What do you think John?"

"Oh I'm all for it. Chris would be a very lucky lad to have his first sex with a beautiful experienced woman like you Jacqui. What do you say Chris? Would you like to have sex with Jacqui?"

Chris still pretended to be asleep. Joanne nudged him. Chris looked up, saw the four grown ups all looking at him. He was terrified. Jacqui was a real hot wife, but he knew he couldn't bring himself to do it. He'd fail. His erection would flop. They'd laugh at him. He started to cry.

"Leave me alone," he cried and ran off down the beach.

"Baby, baby come back," Joanne cried after him. "It's alright. You don't have to if you don't want to." She got up and ran after her son, panic in her voice. It was all going wrong.

"I'm sorry John, I thought I'd be helping him," Jacqui said looking very worried.

"Don't worry Jacqui. He's a real problem and we're very worried about him. I'm sure if you initiated him into sex it would have helped him enormously, but he's just too shy to do anything with a girl or woman."

Matt thought for a while.

"John I think I know how you might be able to help him. There's a group called The Squeezebox. It's a bit of joke as when they say they're going to practice their squeezeboxes their wives don't want to go with them. Nobody likes squeezeboxes. Anyway this group have anonymous sex with women who like a gang bang. Jacqui's hosted a couple of parties for them. There's no names, no pressure. You don't have to perform if you don't want to, you can just watch. It's all ages, but there were quite a few young people at our parties weren't there Jacqui?"

"Yes, that'd be a good start for him if he's really shy. If you went with him and kind of showed him the ropes I'm sure he'd catch on."

They exchanged email addresses and Matt said he'd send the contact for the Squeezebox club secretary.

Dear Reader, here the prequel to the story of Chris and his parents ends. You can follow what happens at the Squeezebox party by flicking to my earlier story – Meeting the Maddisons Chapters 6 and 7. And don't worry, Chris does eventually get real close to his mother.

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