tagNonHumanA Centaur's Love Ch. 05

A Centaur's Love Ch. 05


Author's Note: I just want to say I am very excited with everyone's enthusiasm with these centaur stories, considering I'm rather winging most of it. Enjoy this next chapter!


Soren moved restlessly outside the longhouse. He heard the muffled cries of his sister Rose and frowned slightly. Inside he could hear movement.

"Be calm, lad." Callum requested. Soren turned to his older brother. He stood stock still nearby. Out of the three brothers, Callum had been the most disciplined, and also the most brooding and observant. Soren had always wondered if he'd ever be happy again after Katerina's crimes. But he started to notice small changes in his behavior since Lila's arrival. Every time her name was mentioned, a certain light would appear in his eyes, even if Callum would deny it.

"I want to see the babe." Soren said, glancing at the entrance flap of the longhouse. There were more sounds, more painful cries.

"No centaur is present at the birth unless he is the father."

Soren sighed. "I know this, Callum." Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Callum's lips curve. "I have been thinking..."

"So you do use that mind of yours." Came Callum's dry chuckle.

"I was thinking..." Soren reiterated. "That now that Thayer has a family of his own and you've got Lila...That I want a mate for my own."

"Every centaur wants a mate."

"Well...I have one. Not a mate, she isn't mine yet."

"Yet?" His brother arched an eyebrow. Soren cleared his throat and began to play with the small dagger he had strapped to his belt.

"On one of my hunts I came upon her."

"Why haven't you brought her here?"

Soren seemed to be fascinated with something on his blade and didn't answer right away. "The time hasn't been right."

"Right? Centaurs kidnap, Soren. We do not wait until the right moment arrives."

Soren was relieved that there was no chance to answer, for a piercing cry sounded from within the longhouse.

"The babe." Soren murmured. Both he and Callum turned their heads.

The child's cry was loud and healthy and female laughter followed. Words were exchanged. The brothers strained to hear, waiting for Thayer to come out. A moment later, Thayer pushed at the entrance flap and in his arms he carried his child.

"Centaurs," He called out. Many came out of their homes, awaiting the announcement. Thayer lifted his child up toward the sky.

"I present to you Sonja, daughter of Thayer and Rose."

The camp cheered. The birthing of a child in the camp was always celebrated, but as their eyes settled on the tiny squirming body in Thayer's arms, it was the fact that Sonja was a human female that made their shouts louder. Several centaurs came forward to clap Thayer on the back, saying to him this was a gift from the gods. The first female to be born to them in centuries.

"The gods find favor in you." Callum said when the others have left.

Thayer's face was so lit with happiness; he hardly took his eyes off his daughter. Soren smiled and reached out to touch the baby's cheek gently, only to have it swatted away by a tiny fist.

"She is strong." He chuckled. "And Sonja is a fine name."

"When Rose is healed, we will feast." Thayer said, his eyes still on his daughter. Lila came out just then, her face flushed.

"Thayer, Rose wishes the baby back with her where it is warm. The cold will make her ill."

Thayer laughed. "My Rose forgets, Sonja has centaur blood in her." But he went in all the same to soothe away his mate's worries. Soren glanced at Lila and Callum.

"Thank you for helping our sister in her time of need, Lila." Soren said. Lila smiled shyly.

"Oh, I didn't help much. But it was nice of you to say."

"I think I will return home now." The young centaur glanced at them again before leaving.

Callum could see the odd look in his younger brother's eyes; it had remained there when he spoke of the woman he wished to mate with. Callum made a mental note to question Soren later.

"You didn't return home last evening."

He felt shame rush up his neck. He began to move restlessly.

"I think we need to talk, Lila."

"Yes, I think we do."

"Does Rose still need you?" When she shook her head, he gestured for her to follow. When they were returned to his longhouse, she took off her coat and made a long process of folding it together and putting it on the table.

Callum watched her – the way her fingers caressed the fur lining the neckline of the coat, the way she seemed to handle the simple coat so delicately like a cherished gift.

He felt his own need to stay busy and untied the leather string holding his dark hair.

"You are no longer viewed as a free maiden to my people." He inwardly winced. It wasn't the way he wished to start.

"I am no longer a maid, that's for certain."

"I am sorry for it, Lila." He answered quietly. Lila frowned and went to him.

"Are you really? Because I'm not. I want to be yours."

"Lila – "

"No, Callum. You must listen. I am not sorry for what happened and I never will feel so." She reached up to force him to look at her. "Callum, I love you. No, do not look away. I know of your tragic past, I know it pains you to think...I just want to give you happiness. I could give you sons – and daughters! Look at Sonja, the first female born in her generation!"

His strong hand suddenly closed over her forearm. "I want you to stay, Lila."

"Then let me."

"I do not want you to regret me or the child." Saying those words, the possibility of it happening with Lila cut through him. But he could see the genuine love in her eyes. Sweet Lila, with her ever-trusting heart and kindness, right from the beginning. He had let his past take over. How he cursed Katerina so many times for doing this to him.

"Give me your child." She whispered. He lifted her and poured his feelings into that kiss. Her dress was slipped off and she spread her legs. His already hard cock waited at her wet entrance, and he taunted them both by rubbing it over her welcoming lips. Lila moaned and arched, ready to receive him. In one, lone deep stroke he was inside her.

Callum threw his head back. Her muscles clenched around him, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through his every vein. He moved restlessly, feeling his body tense.

"You are mine, Lila. My mate." He groaned, lifting her with each thrust. "Soon, I will take you on the bed. I will make love to you before the camp to seal our union."

"Yes," She urged. Her nails dug into his muscles arms, but the stinging pain only encouraged his intent. "Callum, I love – "

"Aye, my love. Lila..."

He kissed her damp throat. He pumped harder, his hands spreading her bottom wider so he could thrust deeper. He took time to work his entire length into her. Their wet, slapping sounds filled the longhouse, as did their panting and moans.

"Ah!" Her trembling started her orgasm and gripped her bottom harder. Hr ground his hips into her, each grunt from his throat growing louder as he felt his release build.

"Take my come, Lila." He urged. He thrust, then held himself still as his climax shook through his entire body. Lila began to cry out as the first of his seed spilled into her.

He took her lax, damp body to the cushions. Getting down close to her, he caressed her inner thighs. The skin close to her entrance was still sensitive and wet now with his spending.

As his heavy gaze locked with her, he slid a finger inside her, felt her essence mingle with his. The come that stained her inner thigh, he suddenly rubbed into her skin, alternating this with teasing her slit.

"Mmm..." She sighed, content to lay there with his ministrations. "I want you to touch me like this every night."

The corners of his mouth curved. He had borne a wanton and rather liked it.

"Until you tire of me." He murmured. He leaned down so her hand met his hair-roughened face. He felt his eyes close and buried his face into her soft hand.

"You will build your life here with me?" Her smile was answer enough.


A lanky, but strong man walked into the shop, eyes glancing around the crowded room. Customers bargained and traded. Two sales clerks were taking down orders on pads of paper, licking at the tips of their pencils every so often. The store's atmosphere was not very different from his own.

He walked right up to the counter. He'd been told the owner knew all the happening of town. A portly man wearing an apron looked up.

"How can I help you, sir?"

"I wondered if you heard of a woman passing this way recently. She's about this tall, a slender thing with pale skin. Her hair is dark brown." He unfolded a piece of paper. "Here is a sketch of her."

The owner studied the close-up sketch, thought for a moment. Then nodded. "We don't get many new faces in these parts...think someone mentioned seeing her pass by a fortnight ago."

He slipped the sketch back into his pocket for safekeeping. The news sent up alarms within him, but he remained calm. "Do you know which direction she went? It's important I find her. She is my fiancée."

The owner frowned. "What man loses his fiancée?

"It's my business. Which direction?"

"I would say south-west of here. Into the forests, probably heading toward the larger towns there. Wouldn't know why else someone would go that way. It's all mountains and rock."

Yes, why had she traveled that way? Henry took up his cap. "I am grateful for your information, shopkeeper." He flipped a coin at the man and headed out into the cold.

The bitter winds were harsh today, but his heavy coat afforded warmth enough. He signaled for his servant to bring forth their horses.

Lila thought she was smart enough to outrun him. Sweet, innocent, stupid Lila. Didn't she know she belonged to him? Just thinking about tumbling that tight body of hers had his cock stirring to life in the wintry air. Perhaps he shouldn't move forth to the next town so fast. He spotted a brothel just blocks away before entering the shop.

He kicked his horse in that direction. One night with a whore wouldn't hurt.

Lila was only asking for punishment every time she ran. Somewhere inside of her, she knew this and ran only because she wanted to be punished. Thoughts – ideas – of how to punish her filled his mind.

By the time he walked into the brothel and paid for the service of blond, his cock was straining against his breeches.

The blond fell to her knees and pulled his breeches down. Her hot mouth encased him deep and he pushed in until she gagged. He pulled her hair and used it as leverage. He liked to abuse his whores a bit, only made it more enjoyable.

Lila. He imagined it was her mouth he punished. As he rammed his cock violently into the woman's mouth, he thought of punishment. He planned to spank Lila's bottom until her cheeks glowed red as a hot poker. Wouldn't she enjoy having her pussy abused by a small whip? He'd tried it on others in the past and it made them only wetter.

Ah, Lila's wet pussy, her pretty mouth begging for mercy, begging for his cock.

The whore moaned, probably from protest. He dragged her up and shoved her down on the small bed she used for customers. Her hair was no longer golden in his eyes, but the deep shade of brown of Lila's. Skirts pushed up, he drove into her pussy.

He couldn't wait to see Lila's virgin blood. To hear her scream from the pain, much like the whore did now.

He'd make sure her skin would be mapped with bruises, but ah, her virginal pussy, so wet and pink...

His come shot out and Henry collapsed. He was closer to finding her. Into the forests, toward the mountains, the shopkeeper said. Rough terrain for the likes of Lila. But no matter. Once he found her, he'd show her who owned her body and soul. He'd show her how much she loved him.

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