tagNonHumanA Centaur's Love Ch. 07

A Centaur's Love Ch. 07


Author's Note: Okay, I have been getting more emails/comments on how the centaur anatomy works, that it seems I need to address it directly. Ever see a cat lie down on its side? Better yet – ever see a horse lie down on its side? Centaurs are able to do so, thus able to hold their mates close facing each other while lying down. For the 'he leans over her' parts, the human upper body of him is able to move around...

As to their sexual anatomy, yes, correctly speaking, horses have theirs located at the back. As for My centaurs, the sexual member is located in the front (their body hair is grown longer there to hide it...) all other body functions are still exited from the back like a normal animal. These may not be the centaurs of Greek myths, but these are My interpretations of these mythical creatures.

So I hope this clears any confusion as to any sex scenes. No, there is no incredible stretching from the human to perform fellatio while touching his chest. No, the centaur doesn't have to do acrobatic bends to make love to his human.

That aside, this is the last of Callum and Lila's story. Thanks again for those who wait so patiently for these installments and remember to vote!

Happy reading!


The prisoners were dragged into camp as the sky started to streak with light. Their hands were bound behind their backs and Callum tugged the limp body of Henry into a kneeling position, connecting the rope to a large pole inside the empty longhouse. The servant was tied to the same pole, so they were back to back.

By dawn, Polonius went into the longhouse to see their prisoners. Henry was still unconscious, his head drooping. The servant on the other hand, seemed genuinely terrified and was trembling visibly as he watched, wide-eyed.

"I just followed Mr. Henry's orders. Please, don't kill me." The servant begged.

At the moment, Callum was in no mood for mercy, even if the servant was innocent. He said nothing to the man.

With a bucket of freezing stream water, one of the centaurs tossed it onto Henry. He came out of his blackness sputtering as the cold water splattered onto his face and body. Another centaur came forward and grabbed Henry by the hair, pulling his face up so he could see Callum in front of him.

"Your name, human." Callum's rough voice demanded.

"I am not telling you – " That earned him a punch in the gut. The impact to his body made Henry wheeze and pant.

"Your name."

"Henry." Henry managed. "Henry Juricks."

Callum nodded in confirmation when the Elder turned to him. Fury surged through Callum's veins as he watched the pathetic figure before him. A centaur's protective nature of his mate was not to be trifled with.

"Do you know why you are brought here?" Polonius asked.


Another bucket of water was thrown on him.

"Enough with the water!" He sputtered, but his head was held firmly.

"You have trespassed onto Centaurian land."

"My apologies for trespassing! We did not know."

"And what of your other crimes? Confess and we may show mercy."

"We did nothing wrong." The servant said quickly. "We are just traveling from town to town."

"We have committed no crimes, centaur." Henry answered. The punch to his gut was painful and it made breathing hard. He glared at his captors, hate darkening his face. "We are innocent."

Callum's fist collided with the man's face. "I do not like your answers, human."


The flap of the tent was left open, so that the cold winds could sweep into the longhouse. By full morning, the prisoners were fed meager helpings of dried meat and a cup of water before they were brought out to the center of the camp. Tied to separate poles, they were forced to endure snickers and pokes of any who passed them. The young children took to throwing pebbles and small, rather sharp rocks at them.

"I thought they didn't exist." Alfie, his servant said. The foolish man took to mumbling to himself, terrified as he was of these creatures.

Henry tried to ease himself into a more comfortable position, but failed. His muscles ached from being tied in this position for so long and the rest of him hurt from the beatings he'd received. He noticed – and it only angered him more – that Alfie was barely touched. In fact, his servant was barely acknowledged, though he did receive the pourings of those buckets of freezing water.

Henry observed this camp. The filthy animals, he thought as he fumed inside. He glared at any centaur who met his eyes. And those filthy whores who opened their legs for a horse cock.

He openly leered at one woman, who was carrying her newborn baby around. It was the first human baby he'd seen all morning. But his eyes were focused on the curves of her body, so enhanced from carrying a child.

These women must be wild in bed. They gave themselves to animals, didn't they?

Something hard slammed into his face.

"What was that for?" He groaned, moving his jaw gingerly to make sure it wasn't broken.

The centaur looked almost as fierce as the one who interrogated him.

"Do not cast eyes on my mate." The centaur then ushered his mate away.

The animals didn't even marry their women. Sinful creatures. If all the humans knew where to find these centaurs, they would destroy their ways of living.

"Your women are whores!" Henry shouted over Alfie's protests for him to quiet down. "They open their legs to any cock that will fit inside their wet – "

Henry got another punch in the face, this one leaving him slumped on the ground. He blinked, his vision jarred and his ears ringing.

Gradually looking up, he recognized the centaur as the one that came to him yesterday. The fierceness of his glare would have scared any man; it certainly scared Alfie, who suddenly went very quiet.

"Come to tell me my crimes? Or do you prefer a man to a woman's pussy."

A bucket of water was thrown onto him. The coldness of it tightened his lungs and he panted. He couldn't control the shivers that started through him each gust of wind.

"Harming a woman is against my people's codes of honor."

"Animals do not have honor." Henry said, smirking painfully. His lip was split and bleeding from earlier's beating and now he could feel the side of his temple start to swell. He licked at his wounded lip, looking up at the centaur.

"Women are men's property. They are good for one thing only. A good fuck."

Another punch sent his head reeling. He laughed dryly, tasting blood. "Tell me my crime, you filthy half-breed."

But Callum had already turned away.


"The prisoner is granted to its hunter for disposal."

Callum found grim satisfaction in this pronouncement, though he knew already Henry would be his to deal with.

He stood before the Elders as the matter of the servant was then discussed. When the meeting was dismissed, he paid his prisoners a visit. Two days had gone by since they were brought here. Like before, the servant was trembling in fear and mumbled to himself about being innocent, though guilt colored his face. The man stared at Callum.

"I have done nothing." The servant said loudly, as if he thought Callum was hard of hearing.

"Oh, shut up, Alfie." Henry grumbled.

"Is it because I forced one of your women?" Alfie asked desperately, his eyes seeking Callum's. "I didn't know she was one of yours. She said she was passing through town..."

"You humans have no morals." Callum's gritty voice caused Alfie to jump.

He had no idea of what the man spoke of, but Callum was soon coming to the conclusion that the servant was just as crazed as Henry, who seemed to welcome the beatings.

"You filthy half-breeds are one to speak. You take our women, rape them, force them to bear your seed." Henry spit at Callum's feet.

"She said she was from one of the trading ports," Alfie said, lost in his fear. "Paid her good for her body. I didn't know..."

Callum watched his prisoners grimly.

"Tell me my crime." Henry demanded. A young centaur threw a rock that landed squarely on Henry's right cheek. He struggled against the ropes that bound him, snarling at the colt.

"Come here, you filthy little half-breed." Henry said angrily. Callum suddenly held a dagger up to the man's throat and pressed firmly.

"Do you wish to suffer further, human?"

"I don't see what I've done could offend you. I don't know you. Tell me why I'm here!"

Henry closed his eyes when Callum made to move his hand. But instead of feeling pain, he heard a rustle and opened his eyes to see Callum cutting the rope binding Alfie.

"I said I was sorry." Alfie mumbled, as he was dragged to his feet. "I didn't know she was one of your women. Mr. Henry, sir..."

Henry watched as the centaur dragged his servant away.


Lila dozed off on the bed and didn't realize it until she felt Callum slip into her. She sighed and felt herself arch to meet him. He took her leisurely at first, taking his time to run his hands over her body, cupping her full breasts. Frustrated with his slow movements, she pushed against him hard and heard his chuckle.

"You are an eager filly, tonight." Came his low, husky comment.

"Faster, Callum. I want it fast."

He slammed into her willingly. His large size stretching her to the limit and she reveled in being so filled. He turned her head gently to kiss her as he took her deep. He began to move faster and harder until he finally exploded, filling her with his come.

His hand ran soothingly over her damp back, squeezing her bottom.

"What will happen to him?"

Callum knew of whom she spoke of. "He will die. But we centaurs like to...play with our prisoners before we put them to death." And by withholding the reason of their capture, prisoners were left mentally vulnerable.

"And his servant?"

"Already dead. But his was a swift one."

"I am glad that part of my life is over." She rolled onto her back and took Callum's hand. A slow smile spread on her face as she placed it on her belly. "We can look forward to starting a family."

"Lila," he whispered. Her meaning left his breathless and he bent down to kiss her deeply. His large hand covered her smooth, flat stomach, rubbing tenderly. New life grew in her womb.

"You and the babe are a gift to me." He murmured.


Henry kept the stone in his fist. His face bruised and it hurt to move his jaw. He shivered from the cold, his clothes clinging to his body, still damp from the last bucket of water that was thrown at him.

He kept his eyes on everything around him. Hardly anyone paid him any attention, going about his or her so-called normal lives. They probably figured that he was going to die soon. That thought made Henry turn to the empty pole next to him. Alfie didn't return. That was three days ago.

But the young centaurs throwing rocks at him had proved to be useful. He'd been able to reach for one sharp enough to cut through rope. He'd worked all night at it, rubbing the sharp edge again and again over the rope that bound his wrists. He did this for two days, until his hands were exhausted.

He was getting close. His hands strained from twisting and bending it to cut at the rope. He needed to get away. Once the rope was cut, he'd hold it together and when they tied him down for the night, he'd make his escape.

"Why can't you let me be?"

Henry looked up, surprised to see Lila. The very woman who brought him out to the open wilderness, the very woman his body craved to break. What was she doing here? Didn't she know that his love for her had driven him here? Didn't she know he was fighting to escape because of his desire to find her? And there she was, standing a distance away, wrapped in a coat lined with fur.

"Is that a gift from your master?" He asked casually, though his voice was underlined with menace.

He slowly worked rock over rope. "You must've opened your pretty thighs for them a lot to get something so nice."

She angrily slapped him on the face and he smiled, despite the sting and his cut lip.

"You cannot talk to me that way now."

"Which one of these half-breeds is your mate?" He demanded, fury replacing his surprise. "You will be punished for ever letting one touch you."

"You can't hurt me anymore." Lila lifted her chin. She felt safe enough with others around her. When she glanced up, she saw one of the men of the forge working outside. He watched her, occasionally looking up from his work.

"My mate will kill you."

"Ah, is he the one who is always punching me?"

Henry hated the centaur even more. He worked the rock harder, making a show of trying to sit up so the movement of his arms seemed less conspicuous.

"Should ride my cock now that you do so with a centaur."

Lila took a step back. "Stop it, Henry.

"You belong to me, Lila, not some filthy half-breed."

"I belong to only my mate."

"When I get out of here, you are coming with me. And I'll show you that you still love me."

"I never loved you, Henry. How could anyone care for someone as cruel as you?"

"You used to. Before you found me spanking that maid's arse." He could remember the day so clearly.

The maid had accidentally broken one of the figurines in his rooms above the shop. He'd punished her with a whip and his hands, hitting her until her skin was bright red. Doing that to her had made him so hard, that he couldn't help but rape the girl in her untried hole. Lila stumbling upon him with his cock up and whip in hand only made him harder.

"You enjoyed it, Lila." He said in a low voice, watching her face flush with heat. "You liked seeing me whip that maid as I took her."

"No more. Your threats mean nothing now."

The rope suddenly loosened around his wrists. "You liked seeing me slam into that woman's, hearing her scream out. I can make you scream, Lila."

He was lunging at her before she could stop him. She screamed and felt the sharp rock pressed against her throat. His fingers gripped her neck so tightly, she was gasping for breath. Henry laughed menacingly into her ear, licking her slowly at the neck.

"I should take you right now, before all these filthy half-breeds the way they've touched you. Have their big cocks stretched you out yet, I wonder."

His arousal pressed into the back of her dress and she whimpered, pulling at his hand that held the sharp stone.

Centaurs came forward with weapons, others ushering the women and children back. Henry watched; they were smart enough not to fire their arrows, for they might pierce through into Lila's body. The same with any thrown blades. Henry smiled.

"You will help me escape, Lila."


"The prisoner has your mate, Callum." The shout penetrated the sounds of the forge and Callum's head shot up. He dropped his tools and grabbed a sword from the rack, galloping out into the open. His heart pounded as he saw the rock forced against her neck. It looked sharp enough to cause fatal damage. Behind him, he could hear his brothers.

When Callum turned his head, Soren was already aiming bow and arrow at the prisoner.

"Left calf." Callum muttered and Soren's let fly his arrow. His aim was precise. Henry cried out in pain, momentarily loosening his grip on Lila.

Callum galloped toward the prisoner and grabbed the man by the neck. Fury lighting his eyes, he lifted the man off the ground by his neck and thrust the sword into the man's body.

A guttural sound escaped Henry as his eyes bulged out, glazed with pain. Callum's grip on his neck didn't lesson and as he pulled the blade out, he lowered the man enough so his could speak into his ear.

"Your crime, human," Callum said ominously, "Was touching my woman."

His show of mercy was to break the man neck, ending his pain. Fury resonated from his body, but the minute he met Lila's gaze, it seeped out of him.

"It is over, Lila." He breathed into her hair, bringing her close.

He turned her head away from the broken body. All at once it hit him.

If Lila had been hurt or worse, killed...Katerina had killed their son and run from him, causing Callum pain he never knew existed. But in that moment of seeing Lila in danger, he was finally able to accept the pain in his past. It was the possibility of losing his mate that replaced it. Lila and the babe she carried were his future. It was time to focus on that.

"It is over." Callum repeated again, and meant those words.

Lila nodded. "I knew you would protect me."

"Aye, Lila. Until the last of my breath."

En fin.

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