tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA CFNM Wedding Ch. 01

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 01


This story contains elements of CFNM, BDSM, authoritative control and family relationships. If any of these elements are likely to cause offence, please skip to another story.

It's 2012 and the recently renamed state of the C.F.N.M. Republic has been in existence now for nearly 40 years and public nudity and control of all males has eventually become the norm.

When the banning of clothes for males came into force in 1973, it was hugely embarrassing for men and boys to have to, without warning, relinquish all their clothes and submit totally to their female superiors. It took many years for men to become accustomed to their inferior role in society and even more so to their subservience to women, who controlled absolutely every single aspect of their lives, forcing them to be led round on cock leashes and paraded publicly when in their presence.

Mark's father David had felt exactly the same way when this rule first came into force but over the years came to accept it and even to appreciate it. He no longer had to spend time picking out clothes to wear each day or the hassle of going out to buy them or even keeping up to date with the latest trends, which of course were non existent for males. The only washing and ironing he had to do was for his wife and daughters so with he and Mark and his other son Sam being naked, it cut this chore by almost half, which was a good thing. Right!

His brother Ryan however did not agree. He fled the country for overseas just prior to the law being passed. He was a well respected doctor who had worked hard for his position and could find work anywhere. He left with his wife and now lives in Mexico with her and their two children Mateo and Ana who were born over there.

David did not have this luxury. He had a menial job and his mother in law was ill and in a home and so his wife Sally refused to leave her. He had no choice but to conform to the new laws.

Mark, on the other hand, had never had to come to terms with this rule. He was born to it and accepted it as the norm. The only time he ever felt material on his skin was as a baby in nappies and of course he could not recall this. Once he was toilet trained, his mother said "You are a big boy now Mark. It is time we got rid of these nappies" and since then, from the age of almost 2, he has spent his life naked.

Now at the age of 22, he has fallen in love and is about to be married to Elaine, the girl of his dreams and preparations for the big event are well under way. His father, as per the marriage customs of the land, has no involvement in his son's nuptials other than to turn up on the day. The planning is left to Mark's mother, Sally and his elder sister Donna (24) and younger sister Melanie (18).

Since Donna's marriage last year to Robert, control of Mark has passed to his younger sister Melanie as Donna now has her hands full controlling her husband.

Melanie loves her new responsibilities over her elder brother, taking pride in leashing his cock and balls with her device and walking him out in public. 30 years ago, this act would have been totally humiliating for young men, having their younger female siblings controlling their naked bodies and private parts and although Mark was completely comfortable with this, Melanie couldn't help being secretly turned on by the power she now wielded. She was determined to make the most of it before Elaine took over.

Sally however, as mother of the groom, was the one to take charge of her son's preparation for marriage and she was determined to ensure this was the best wedding the town had ever seen.

As per the law of the land, a husband on his wedding day was expected to make a very public display of his affection for his new wife and both Sally and Elaine's mother, Sarah were determined to make sure that this happened. To achieve this they both agreed that Mark should wear a male chastity device on his penis for a full 4 weeks prior to the wedding to ensure that his balls are as full as they can be for his wife-to-be.

Mark gasped in astonishment when his mother first brought out the contraption and explained what was expected of him. It looked like a cross between a surgical implement and a medieval torture device. Sally was very gentle with her son and explained the importance of enforced chastity for the following month. Mark nodded in agreement, as if he had had a choice in the matter anyway.

Sally explained that she was first going to attach the ball ring to Mark's testicles and to make him more comfortable whilst wearing this ring she was going to shave his scrotum to prevent his blond curly ball hairs from being pulled.

She lathered up her sons not inconsiderable balls with shave foam and gently but expertly started to scrape the pubic hairs from his scrotum. She was quite expert at this as she had been administering this to her husband David for years. She told Mark to lift up his cock and to stretch his ball sack for her as she shaved and soon he was a smooth as he had been when he first popped out of her 22 years ago.

She then took the ball ring and slid it over his testicles, she had to fit them in one at a time and she just imagined what they would look like after a month of non ejaculation. Once they were in, she pulled both his testes through the ring and tightened it enough so the balls could not escape back through.

Next came the testing part. She slid a metal cage over her son's lengthy shaft. Mark was about 5 inches flaccid with a wonderful girth. Sally wondered where her son got his endowment from. Not from his father, that was for sure. The most uncomfortable part for Mark came when his mother positioned the surgical steel penis plug at the head of Marks cock. She knew this was going to feel uncomfortable at first but it was a necessary evil. She pulled Mark's foreskin back to reveal his mushroom head and coated the plug with antiseptic lube. She gently squeezed her sons cock head to open up his slit a little.

"Mark, this may hurt a little but I am sure in time you will get used to it. This is a prerequisite of your marriage contract to Elaine and therefore has to be done, son."

Mark nodded but remained silent.

Mark winced as soon as the metal plug touched his cock head and he audibly gasped as the cold metal first entered his warm piss slit. His mother looked on sympathetically, with genuine concern in her eyes at her son's discomfort but she knew she had to carry on without too much hesitation.

She pushed the plug in further and Mark closed his eyes, unable to watch the spectacle unfolding. He tried to take himself to another place in his minds eye as the plug probed deeper and deeper into his shaft. Sally could not help but notice the tears that were starting to build in her son's eyes and almost cried a little herself when she saw one tear roll down his cheek. Nevertheless, she continued with the plugs descent until it was all the way in.

"There, there, son" she said as she had completed the most difficult part of the operation. "That's the worst over with."

Mark opened his eyes. A sigh of relief evident on his handsome face. Sally snapped shut the steel casing over the top of his cock and attached a small padlock and snapped that shut too, dangling the key in front of her son's eyes.

"There are three keys to this device Mark. One stays with me, one with Melanie and one with your boss Linda in case there is any reason to remove this whilst you are at work."

Mark worked in an office doing menial administrative work such as filing, photocopying and brewing up for his female co-workers and managers. No male in the CFNM Republic held any position of authority and no male was in charge of any females or other males for that matter. Every supervisor, team leader, manager and director in the land was female.

"There should be no need to remove this device Mark, until your wedding day. The cock tube is hollow so you will be able to urinate through it normally but I would recommend you sit when using the toilet, especially as you are getting used to the device. The device will be removed once a week for a thorough cleaning and this will be done either by myself or your sister. To prevent you from touching yourself whilst the contraption is cleaned, your hands will be cuffed behind your back."

"Yes mum," Mark assented.

Sally went on to say "The whole purpose of this device is to stop you from wanking and more importantly ejaculating prior to your big day. Elaine needs to see a fantastic orgasmic display from you on her wedding day and she is going to get one. You may become aroused whilst wearing the device. This is only natural but the pressure from the casing as your erection grows, will dampen your ardour and soften your cock. The only problem may be at night when you have nocturnal erections. Your penis will grow harder than it would during the day when you are conscious that the cage is pressing into you. This may cause you to wake in the night and might be painful. Don't worry, your body will soon train itself not to have these nightly hard ons and the feelings will soon subside. Other than the weekly cleaning. This device will remain on your cock and balls at all time."

"Yes mum," Mark repeated.

Now Mark had been born into a state of public nudity and it held no embarrassment for him but wearing this chastity device in public was a totally new experience and for the first time in his life he was a little nervous at being seen outside, however, he knew he couldn't hide at home. He had to go to work. He had a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses to pay for after all.

He came downstairs the morning after a fairly uncomfortable night. His mother had been right about sitting down to pee as well. He forgot and pissing through a plug was a totally different experience and his aim was fucked. He sprayed all over the toilet seat, the floor and the wall behind. His mother expected this and came into the bathroom with a cloth and some disinfectant and stood there sternly as Mark cleaned up his mess.

He then descended the stairs for breakfast and his family were already seated round the breakfast table. His father and his younger brother Sam (18 and Melanie's twin brother) visibly winced at the sight of Mark's chastity device and their naked cocks almost retracted right back into their groins. His sisters reactions though were different, they both grinned from ear to ear as they witnessed their brothers obvious discomfort and embarrassment.

"I'm never getting married," spluttered Sam.

"Who'd want to fucking marry you anyway," chortled Donna.

"Now now," scolded Sally. "Mark is getting married and I am very proud of him. He is going to make Elaine a very good, loyal and obedient husband. He needs the support of his family right now and we are going to give it to him. RIGHT?"

"Yes mum," they all replied in unison.

Mark ate his breakfast in silence and then slung his shoulder bag over his back, put on his shoes and headed for the door. The only concession made to men was that they were allowed to wear shoes outdoors to protect their feet and they were also allowed a small shoulder bag in which to keep their keys, wallets etc. The only stipulation was that it had to be small enough and on a short enough strap so as not to conceal their private parts or their asses as these were public property of the women in the CFNM Republic and had to be on display at all times.

Mark made his way to the bus stop (men were not allowed to drive or own a car in the CFNM Republic and so had to use public transport. Traffic and pollution had been a problem in the state so only women were allowed on the roads, cutting the traffic problem in half and helping the environment into the bargain).

He got a lot of strange looks as he walked to the stop and as he boarded the bus. Public nudity was the norm but enforced male chastity wasn't and Mark received looks of shock and pity from the men that saw him and amusement and smugness from the women. He was dreading getting to the office. What ridicule was he going to suffer when doing the tea run. (To be continued)

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