tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Challenge...Part 02

A Challenge...Part 02


A Challenge ~ Part Two

As Billy’s duties were also to read the finished proclamation,
Everyone gathered with much anticipated exclamation.
For they too had witnessed the denouement of the Princess’s costume,
And eager for gossip they hastened to listen to him on the rostrum.

A gasp was heard all through the glittering ballroom by the invited guests,
As the scribe announced King Doug’s blistering challenge and behest.
Billy resplendent in a deep purple doublet and lighter colored hose,
Cleared his throat, eyed all and o’er the crowds noise, his voice rose.

“Be it known that on this day that has commenced,
A most egregious action that dictates, nay, demands a response of proportionate defense.
That hereforwith it will be announced to this sovereign land
That Master Gary and Princess Ri will take each other’s hand.

They will henceforth be joined and learn to rule in my stead.
And any shenanigans they engage in they will save for the bed.
No more public displays of unruly behavior and disrespectful sobriquets,
This is my decree that this scandal will not be our kingdom’s festive banquet.

And if they should choose to ignore my words and the thoughts I have put forward,
Then the Princess will be banished and Master Gary will be branded a coward.
I have made my ruling, my judgment is secure,
I await your answers my dears as I have a masquerade to endure.”

The crowd laughed and they jested as the two combatants faced off,
Bets being placed as to what the mouthy Princess would say with withering words to scoff,
They knew she would not be silent, they knew she would be foolishly bold,
For it was not the first time she had caused tales to be retold.

In response, she glared at the crowd of naysayers and lofted her right glove,
In challenge to Master Gary and a rebuffment of his love.
Gary just laughed with glee and great mirth,
The Princess Ri was proving her worth.

He winked at her audaciously and on bended knee sought her token,
He turned on his heel without a backwards glance and not a word spoken.
The King was apoplectic; he was red in his proverbial face,
That they dared to ignore his edict with such lack of grace.

He called for his guards, Sir Keven and Sir Dale,
He planned to outmaneuver the two who acted so beyond the pale.
They readily marched forth to seek to escort the Princess,
But she nimbly moved to the nearest egress.

Swiftly she traveled the back corridors of the palace with one shod foot,
Clomping along, cursing the Master for his indiscretion and her own inane output,
She managed to hide from the King’s Guards as they ran past her hiding spot,
And she waited so long to be clear, that sleep overcame her as the feathers were hot.

Gary blended with the crowd and made his own escape.
To the forests beyond the castle with his flapping cape.
He refused to be branded such by the King,
But he had to think out his next moves without the remembered sting.

He had always been a favored courtier and to have lost that hurt,
He was lucky he had been able to leave with his shirt!
He regretted his woes, and he wondered at the Princess’s fate,
But he had no desire to be her consort or another’s fresh bait.

He rued the day that he had sought out his beautiful Swan,
A termagant for sure, was the impression left, he now wished himself gone.
Fleet of foot, sure of his path, he moved deeper into the forestry
To seek out his other King, the one who would right this disaster with grace and pageantry.

Finding the clearing, he knelt trembling before his Majesty,
He told his tale of woe with grace and respect for the Princess, showing gallantry.
Assuming the role of the one who had wronged in this situation,
He awaited King Craig’s words of comfort and thoughtful rumination.

By the King’s side was his beautiful and innocent Eric
Whose whispered words were those that soothed the King in lyric.
They listened thoughtfully and without word at the tale Gary spun,
And convened together to address the damages that had been done.

“My dear, sweet Master Gary, you are truly not at fault.
Nor was the Princess or King Doug in his desire to secure his vault.
For the King to render his decision as desired,
He had to think of what consequences would be required.

As you know he has tried to unload the Princess for years till now,
With your mistake, he has seen the light I would vow.
An opinionated girl the Princess Ri is for sure,
And you an anecdote and potential cure.

I will seek out an audience with my old friend,
And see if another alternative could cause the situation to mend.
Rest now in the comfort of my arms for the night,
Tomorrow will be soon enough to negotiate a resolve to this plight.”

end…. part two

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