tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Challenge...Part 03

A Challenge...Part 03


A Challenge ~ Part Three

The Princess Ri was bereft and in a fine fury.
She was being judged throughout the land sans jury.
The twitters and backhanded comments she abhorred,
She was used to being catered to and definitely adored.

“Drat that man and his comely looks,
He has behaved as a snake with tenterhooks!
And to disappear and cease to be seen and exist,
For me to face the jeers and askance looks is so sexist!

I will have his head, he will be sorry for what he has done.
Before this is over, I will have some retribution and a little fun!”
She vowed to herself as she sought out her confidante,
That her Jules would take care of the blackguard and idiot savant.

Jules was imposing, Jules was uncompromising and Jules was a wit,
Jules would know how to deal with the slinking slithering twit!
She looked high and low and inside and out,
Just her luck that Jules had decided to pout!

He was unsmiling when she stumbled across him,
He was upset with her over the glove she threw at a whim.
He regarded her with slitted eyes and a frowning face,
She looked downcast at the idea he found her a disgrace.

“My dearest Princess Ri, you know better than to anger the King,
Your actions have proven so in the past and your butt is now in a sling.
How many times have I spoken to you thus?
You never listen, and all you do is become agitated and cuss!

I have tried to look out for you much to my chagrin,
You proceed in your own manner and lose more than you win!
What am I do to with you child? What do you suggest?
You know I will do anything, you just have to request.”

“I’m sorry, Jules, I know that I act without thinking,
And to upset the King, how do I fix this without sinking
Further into this morass of laughable farce?
How do I show my face in the Hall without showing my arse?

Oh, there I go again, I misspoke as usual and without cause,
But they laughed at me Jules! They berated me without pause!
Me, the Princess Ri of the Black Vortexes!
Are they insane, not thinking with their cortexes?”

She crumpled in a heap in his arms and wept tears of bitterness.
He held her carefully under the sun-dappled tree with tenderness.
To have her so overwrought was not a scene he liked to behold,
The Princess Ri usually had fortitude unmatched and strength so bold.

He knew that Master Gary was not at fault by himself,
Her pride had gotten in her way and she brought this on herself.
He knew King Doug was only looking out for her best interests,
However the manner he had deemed recourse was a pitfall at best.

Secretly, he was overjoyed at the King’s choice,
As Princess Ri needed a firm hand and voice.
She just needed to listen to good sense and reason,
For she didn’t want to find herself charged with treason.

He knew she loved the good King Doug,
And he whispered in her ear that she go give him a hug.
And sit by his feet and hear his rendering,
The reasons were sound; she just needed to warm to the idea of surrendering.

She gathered herself up; she wiped the tears from her cheeks,
She would carry herself as a Princess should and be attentive but not meek.
King Doug had always been fair with her and had always been a listener,
She would count on that now in her bid to be a repentant sinner.

She knew she was wrong to embarrass him so in front of his subjects
She hoped he would forgive her the error of her ways with her sorrow abject.
She practiced her frown as she wended her way to the Great Hall,
The site of her mischief while attending the Masquerade Ball.

end…chapter three

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