A Chance Affair

byAlex the Cat©

"Oh, okay."

"And I have to confess that I've been dreaming about you...well dreaming about a tall woman with black hair and intense blue eyes." Rhiannon rolls her eyes to look away in order to continue. Fixing her gaze on some unimportant book on a shelf, she says, "In Veronica's reading I figured out it's you I've been seeing. But I only remember pieces of just one time period. That of the 15th Century."

"Ahh." Jordan casually comments.

A sandy brown eyebrow works it's way up Rhiannon's forehead, and she nervously asks. "Is this freaking you out?"

"Actually, no." Jordan gently grips Rhi's small hand in her own. Placing a soft kiss on the inside of the wrist, she says, "Delmar has told me strikingly similar things...and it was all before I even met you today."

"Oh." She looks down at their joined hands for a moment. "Wow."


Rhiannon then asks, "May I read your palm?"


They exchange smiles, and she begins to look at the lines. "Well, your life line is long. That's good." She chuckles but then frowns as she notices another line. "Your past has been filled with a lot of pain. And in all of it..." Green eyes grow wide. "My gods it's truly here." She says in an exasperated whisper.

"What?" Jordan asks gently.

Green eyes look into glowing blue. "Your soul has been in turmoil because you've been incomplete. But this connection here," she touches the spot with an index finger, "indicates two souls becoming one." A tear falls down small cheeks from the build up of emotions within.

Jordan wipes at the tear with a free thumb. Leaning forward, she gently kisses the soft lips before her.

Rhiannon moans at the feel of a tongue brushing across her top teeth. Their tongues meet and dance against each other. They part only when the need for air becomes apparent. The blonde suddenly looks at the clock. 12:30am "Damn, it's late and we have to be up so early to start another day at the fair. Um...you're welcome to sleep here. I'll feel terrible if you drive home at this hour and wind up having less sleep because of it."

A small smile plays at the corner of Jordan's mouth. "Anything you wish."

Rhiannon takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom. "The bathroom is right through there. I'm going to get changed."

Jordan nods and watches her retreat to the other room. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she removes her boots and socks. She unbuckles her belt and pants and they fall to the floor. As she kicks them off, she undoes her shirt, then pulls off the sportbra. Folding back the blanket, she crawls in and lies on her back. Without intending to she instantly falls asleep.

Rhiannon finishes brushing her teeth and changes into a nightshirt. Returning to the bedroom she notices the deep even breathing of the tall warrior. She smiles at the half naked body sprawled out. Crawling in next to her, she perches her head on a strong shoulder and drapes an arm across a taut stomach. "If I wasn't so sleepy I would suck your nipples and make you moan." She says softly.

Instinctively, in her sleep, Jordan pulls the small woman half on top of her and wraps her securely within safe arms.


The castle gardens are beautiful in the cool evening as the sun sets over the horizon. A young blonde with long flowing hair sits at a stone bench enjoying wonderful scents of the flowers and the natural beauty around her. The elegant gown she wears is an indication of her royalty.

Out of nowhere, a sensually, deep yet soft voice speaks from behind her. "A beautiful rose for a beautiful woman."

She turns to see the tall dark figure holding a large red rose, and she smiles.

"May I join you, your Highness?"

"Of course." The young woman says.

The dark figure sits down and hands her the rose. Recognizable green eyes look into piercing blue. Leaning forward, their lips lock in a kiss full of passion and fervor.

Suddenly a shrill cry into the silent night air breaks them apart with a fright..

"GUARDS!!" yells the bearded man who stands only a few feet away from them. "How dare you take liberties with the Princess! And you being a woman!" He shakes his finger angrily at the dark figure and exclaims, "She was promised to me...and I WILL have her."

The guards enter the gardens along with the King who has been roused from his chamber.

"What is going on here?" the King asks.

The bearded man responds. "This...this...filth of a knight has taken liberties with the Princess when she is to be married to me. Now she is tainted and worse yet a sinner for engaging with a woman in such a manner."

The King, upset at the situation that his step-daughter has been publicly caught with his own esteemed knight, and is being accused in front of everyone. He lowers his head in defeat, not wanting to see the penetrating blue eyes of his niece and Champion. With a heavy heart, and a tear in his eye, he softly says, "Guards, take this knight away to the dungeon."

"No!" exclaims the bearded man. "I want vengeance. You," he points to the knight, "and I will fight tomorrow. Swords. I will meet you in the battlefield." And he storms off.

The King dismisses the guards so that only the three of them remain. He steps up to the knight, and speaking closely in her ear, he questions her. "How could you do this? You assured me you would keep to yourself."

She looks at her beloved and answers softly. "Love has overtaken my heart. It has consumed me day and night. There is not an hour that passes of which I do not think of love and loving the one who holds my heart."

"There is nothing I can do for you. My hands are now tied. Do you understand? This has now been made public. My new Queen will not be all too happy with the news of you courting her daughter. You will have to face the consequences of the duel tomorrow."

"I understand your Highness. I accept it all for love."

"May god be with you my champion knight and beloved niece."

The following day after a brief interlude with the princess where they declared their hearts to each other, the knight awaits her opponent in the field.

Meanwhile, the Princess stands hidden behind a patch of trees to watch her lover.

A page enters the field with a water bucket upon the bearded man's command, and offers some water to the knight, who gladly takes it to cool her parched throat.

The second knight then appears with sword in hand, ready to battle his enemy. The page leaves and they begin the duel. As the fight ensues, the black knight begins to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Wondering what's going on yet trying to shake it off, she continues to fight.

The Princess notices something is wrong as the black knight stumbles a couple of times, as if in a confused state. Suddenly the striking blow comes without warning and the black knight falls. The Princess screams and runs to her beloved. She removes the helmet, and with tears in her eyes, she begs, "Please don't leave me. I just found you"

Blue eyes look up at her. With what little breath she has left she says, "Love you...always." She coughs up some blood and her last word is, "Poison". Growing weaker, her life force seeps out of her body.

The Princess sobs uncontrollably upon her love's chest.

An evil laugh is heard in the background. The other knight pulls off his helmet, and declares, "I have defeated this devil who calls herself Black Knight."

By nightfall the princess and the slain body of the knight disappear from the castle grounds. For weeks search parties were sent out to find the princess, but it was all to no avail.


Two figures awaken with a start in the early morning light, and frighteningly look at each other.

"You...dreamt the same thing, didn't you?" Rhiannon states with concern. Her hands are slightly shaking from the nightmare.

"I guess this confirms what happened." Jordan runs her fingers through black locks. She looks at the clock. 5:30am. "Are you gonna be okay?" She asks as she puts an arm around Rhi's shoulder."

"Yeah...I'm okay. It was just so real."

"I know."

Uh...if you don't mind, I'd like to use your shower to help shake this off."

"Of course."

Jordan steps under the spray allowing the stream of hot water to relax her muscles. While rinsing off, her mind wanders to small hands belonging to a certain blonde. She imagines the hands on her heated skin, and her body shivers slightly at the sudden feeling of arousal. Long fingers slide through the wet folds of her sex as she continues to imagine Rhiannon touching her. Leaning against the shower wall with one hand, she begins to rub her clit, wanting to release all of her pent up sexual energy.

Silently the bathroom door opens, and in steps the young blonde, intending to...actually she doesn't know why she entered the bathroom. What she does know is that she felt compelled to. She hears the heavy breathing and the groans coming from the shower. Having to brace herself at the sink so as not to fall from weak knees upon hearing Jordan's groans, she looks into the half fogged up mirror and recalls the similar sounds she heard from a dream of the two of them. Wanting to make that dream a reality, she slides open the glass shower door to Jordan's surprise, and steps in.

The tall woman is not sure what to think. The object of her desire stands naked now before her. Blue and green eyes lock onto one another.

"Please," the young woman pleads. "I want you."

More than happy to grant her the request, Jordan pushes her up against the wall with a passion infused kiss. Large hands move up to gently cup Rhi's breasts.

A moan escapes the young blonde's throat at the feel of her nipples hardening within Jordan's palms. Breaking the kiss, Rhiannon moves down to swallow a dark nipple.

Jordan throws her head back at the delicious contact of her love's mouth. She then feels strong fingers stroking the folds of her dripping sex. Two fingers slip inside, and she cries out. "Ahhh. Mmm." Jordan follows the blonde's actions by inserting two long fingers inside of Rhiannon.

The young woman breaks her suction from Jordan's breast to cry out. "Oh gods."

Jordan feels the slick walls contract around her fingers and she begins rubbing the engorged clit with her thumb.

Rhiannon arches back pushing her hand and hips harder against her lover. "Gods, yes."

The dark woman takes advantage of the firm supple breasts in front of her by closing her mouth around a rock hard nipple. Biting down on it gingerly brings Rhi over the edge first


Without skipping a beat she pumps into Jordan harder as she rides out her own orgasm. Once she strokes the dark woman's clit, Jordan's body tenses. "Gods...Rhi...F-U-C-K."

They continue to pump into each other until their screams of release echo with each other's name.

The tall woman embraces her tightly and lovingly, and turning them around so that Rhiannon is under the spray of water, she begins washing the strawberry blonde. Once finished they return to the room. Jordan lies on top of the small body, and they kiss with abandon while hands roam freely upon smooth skin. Jordan slides down to suckle a succulent creamy breast.

"Oh Jordan," Rhiannon whispers as her hands find purchase in the tall woman's raven hair.

Jordan then continues to move lower. Showering kisses and gentle love bites on a taut stomach, she reaches the apex of golden curls. The scent of the sweet ambrosia of Rhi's pussy is mesmerizing to her senses. She feels a sudden swoon as she inhales this love drug. Not being able to hold back any longer, she buries her face within the slick folds and moans at the taste of the sweet cream.

Rhiannon's hips rise at the onslaught of Jordan's mouth. She grips the pillow beneath her head with her right hand as her left hand takes residence at the back of Jordan's head encouraging her on.

Jordan's long arms slide up to play with the strawberry blonde's nipples, pinching and twisting them between thumbs and forefingers. Her tongue first circles the bundle of nerves then pulls it between teeth to flick it with the tip of her warm muscle.

"Oh...yes...Ah ah ahhh." Rhiannon's body tenses as the orgasm takes over.

Jordan holds her lover tenderly as she rides out the spasms.

They roll onto their sides, and Rhi buries her face into a soft neck as she cries. Feeling the tears on her skin, Jordan notices that she too has a few tears of her own coming down. A long finger hooks under a small chin so that ocean blue eyes can look into sea green.

"I can't believe it's you." Rhiannon sniffles and wipes her nose with the back of a hand.

"I've missed you." Jordan declares.

"Oh, gods Jordan." The small woman sobs harder. "I love you." She muffles into her neck.

"I love you too Little One."

They hold each other until the tears cease, and the morning sun announces its way through the window.


Blue eyes flutter open, and looking over at the clock, she curses under her breath. She runs fingers through the shaggy blonde locks upon her chest. "Little One, we must get up."

"No...stay...sleep." Rhiannon mumbles.

"I wish we could but it's 7:30am, and we have to get to the fairgrounds. We're already running late." She manages to untangle herself from under the blonde's grip. Taking care of business in the bathroom, she returns to get her clothes.

"I have shorts you can use." Rhiannon says as she hops up from the bed. Searching through a drawer, she pulls out a pair of purple paisley boxers. "Here," she hands them to the tall woman, "I've only ever used them to sleep in. I'm sure they'll fit."

"Thanks." Sliding them on, Jordan finishes getting dressed while Rhiannon makes use of the bathroom.

Ready to go, Jordan waits for her by the SUV. She watches Rhiannon lock the door, and saunter towards her in a sexually satisfied way. With a sly smile on her lips, she gladly receives the soul-searing kiss from her lover.


"So, how was it?" Veronica asks first without so much as a 'good morning'.

"Damn Ver, good morning to you too."

"Oh, alright, morning Rhiannon. Did you have a lovely evening? I know you two did the wild thing. So, tell me about it."

The small woman turns to face her with a shocked expression on her face. "And how do you know that?"

"Because there's a wonderful glow about you, and...I read it in the cards." Ver says with a huge grin.

"You are absolutely incorrigible." Rhiannon says with a laugh.

The wild redhead wiggles her eyebrows. "But you love me anyway. So, talk to me."


"Morning Jordie." Amber calls out as she comes up the pathway.

Jordan is leaning against the doorframe with arms locked across her chest and legs crossed at the ankles. "Morning Amber." She returns to looking at a certain beautiful blonde at the tarot shop.

The teenager stands next to her, looks in the direction her aunt is staring in and smiles. "Ma said she's going to stop by around lunch time. She wants to meet Rhiannon."

Jordan is snapped out of her thoughts. "What?"

"I told her last night what I knew and she went into one of her trance like states for a minute. Upon coming out of it, tears started streaming down her face. She said she is so happy for you."

"What did she see in her trance?" Jordan curiously asks.

"I don't know. She said she will talk to the both of you today." Amber heads over to her bench to finish some leather work.

Jordan runs a hand through her black locks. Delmar, what are you planning to do? Damn, I wish you wouldn't be so mysterious sometimes. She sighs and decides to begin her work.

Sometime before lunch, Rhiannon walks across to the sword shop. Entering it, she notices Jordan is busy with a customer so she looks around. She admires the craftsmanship of the various swords she sees on display. Approaching the counter, she notices a pair of Sais sitting on a stand on the shelf against the wall. Her brow furrows, and she can't help but feel drawn to them.

"Hi. Can I help you?" Amber asks politely.

Rhiannon smiles at the teenager. "You must be Amber. I'm Rhiannon. I work with Veronica at the tarot shop."

"Oh yeah I remember seeing you yesterday in the tent, and Jordan's been talking about you." She looks over Rhi's shoulder checking if her aunt is finished with the older man. "Jordie should be done soon. You're welcomed to look around. If there is anything in particular you'd like to see more closely, just let me know."

"Yes, actually, may I see the Sais? They are absolutely beautiful." She points to the shelf.

"Of course." Amber brings the pair down and lays them on the counter. "It's the only pair that Jordan has ever made. She has received some offers for them, but she's been reluctant to sell them."

Rhiannon now feels a stronger connection towards the weapons. As she grasps one in each hand, they feel as if they have always belonged to her for a long time. Without thinking, she automatically crosses them into the shape of an 'X' and immediately her focus is drawn to the center of it. Repressed memories flood her mind like a tidal wave. The clashing of swords in the heat of battle. The god of war desiring to make purchase of the dark warrior. Blood lust. The battle at Troy. Traveling by ship to the land of Chin. Going to the land of the dead to rescue her beloved. Trying to prevent a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs. Being crowned queen of the Amazons. Traveling to India. Her body jerks from the onslaught.

Amber becomes concerned as she watches the young woman go into a trance of some kind. She motions for Jordan to come over as soon as the customer leaves.

The tall woman approaches noticing the Sais in Rhiannon's hands. Her eyes widen in anticipation because her love seems frozen to the spot with the weapons in front of her face. From behind, Jordan places her hands upon small shoulders, and whispering in her ear, she asks, "Rhiannon what is it?"

Rhiannon snaps out of the trance, and with tears running down her face, she turns to look into azure eyes. The young blonde's voice cracks as she tries to speak. "I...I...remember. Everything."

Blue and green eyes pierce each other's souls.

"I know who we are...Xena."

Jordan drops to her knees finding it difficult to believe what she just heard. Tears begin to cascade down her cheeks.

"By the gods...sweet Artemis." Delmar, who has just arrived to catch the last bit of what happened, says from the doorway.

All three women look at her in surprise.

"Amber, close the shop doors. We need to have a meeting."

"Yes, mother." The teenager answers, and begins shutting everything and puts the 'closed for lunch' sign on the outside door.

The two lovers are holding each other tightly while on their knees as they cry into each other's shoulder.

"Jordan dear, let's gather around the benches." Delmar asks softly.

The dark woman nods and stands pulling her lover up with her. Delmar lights a few candles she finds behind the counter to allow them some light. The lovers sit on a bench next to each other while Amber clears off a small wooden table to move in front of them. She takes a seat along with her mother.

"Hello Dear," the older woman says to Rhiannon. "My name is Delmar. I take it you may know a little bit about me already as I do you?"

The blonde nods. "It's nice to meet you."

"You are exactly as I envisioned you." The older woman smiles. "Now, I'm sure you both want to know what's going on, and everything I assure you will be answered in time." Older charcoal eyes meet the blue and green ones looking back at her. "First things first." She pulls a tarot deck from her cloak that is wrapped in a purple velvet cloth, and begins shuffling them. She then lays ten of the cards out in the design of a Celtic cross. Without looking at the two women, she says, "You two belong to each other. The gods of old purposely created your spirits only for each other. It may mean that one or both of you were a chosen child of a god or goddess, and as a result you have been given this blessing. Yes, I know it may seem as a curse but it's not. There are so many out there that search for someone who completely understands them. Someone who is their soul mate, and they die without ever finding that one person. But the two of you will always find one another. It may not be early in life, or something may go wrong and one of you is taken from the other, but without fail you will meet and be happy at some point. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

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