tagLoving WivesA Chance Meeting Turns Into Fun Four-way

A Chance Meeting Turns Into Fun Four-way


Funny story, true story. I've always wanted to start a story that way, even though it doesn't really apply in this case.

I had been going to the local pool to swim lengths for a little while trying to get into better shape as part of a New Year resolution that I was taking seriously for once. Due to some conflicts one particular evening I went to the pool much later than I normally had been going.

As the horn sounded indicating that the pool was closing, I completed my last lap and I towelled off then headed to the change room. Looking around I thought I might just switch my schedule as the pool was less crowded than other times I had gone. Feeling pretty relaxed I was looking forward to heading home and a good nights sleep.

Striping off my trunks I stepped under one of the common shower heads to rinse the chlorine off and soap up before changing. I noticed only one other guy in the change room and nodded a hello as I finished up and went to find my locker. I don't know why but I always seem to think I've stashed my stuff in a different locker, maybe things just look different on the way in, so it took me a moment to find my clothes and I felt a bit silly standing there in my birthday suit.

Anyway, I was drying my hair by my locker and still hadn't dressed yet when the other gentleman struck up a conversation. We quick moved through the pleasantries and spoke about swimming laps and the weather. Ted, as he had introduced himself, finished changing before me and headed out the door. Just before leaving he turned his head and casually said, "Hope to see you again next week Mr. KinkyCPL."

Caught with my pants down, literally I had only put one leg in thus far; I didn't have a response as I watched Ted stroll out the door. My mind whirling I sat on the bench for a few moments until I heard a voice call into the locker room asking if I was going to be much longer as the pool was closed.

Still somewhat daze I quickly dressed and headed to the parking lot. Not seeing any other cars I went home, wondering how this mystery Ted had pegged me as half of the KinkyCPL.

When I got home I told the Mrs what had happened. We were both perplexed, how could someone recognize one of us. While we hadn't taken any specific steps to hide our identities we were pretty sure that we knew all the people that we had 'played' with locally or otherwise over the Internet web cam.

We hopped on to the WatchingWeb site and browsed the profiles that had recently viewed ours but nothing rang a bell or looked familiar to me. Since it happened so fast I couldn't even clearly remember his face or other distinguishing features. We talked a little more about it and then headed to bed knowing that nothing further would come of it until the mystery person was ready.

I continued going to the pool at my regular times for the next few days. Then as the next Thursday rolled around I went to the later time slot. The Mrs. said I should shave my cock and balls for my "blind date" as she started calling it. While I didn't like the idea of prepping to show off for another guy at a pool I figured that he'd seen it all anyway and I might as well go looking my best.

When I got to the pool I was flush with nervousness. Would this guy show? Was he here alone? Would he approach me again? I entered the change room full of questions only to find it unusually empty. I picked a locker that didn't seem to be near anyone else and far enough from the door that I could catch up to "mystery Ted" if he showed again this week.

Gradually as I changed my mind began to clear and I focused more on swimming. By the time I got into the pool and found an empty lane I had dropped looking for Ted almost completely. As I began putting in my regular amount of laps I got into a relaxing rhythm. It was nice to clear my head of the regular day's mental drain.

Hearing the horn blow I finished up my lap and took a quick breather on the side of the pool before hopping out and grabbing my towel. Looking around I noticed a couple drying off on the other side of the pool from me that was looking in my general direction. I stole another casual glance and thought, "Could that be Ted and his Mrs?" With nothing to gain I simple gathered my stuff and headed for the change room to shower.

As I started soaping up in the shower I heard another shower start beside me. Looking over I saw it was Ted. He had showed up after all. Unsure of what to say I simply continued soaping up and offered a casual, "Oh hello there Ted. How was your swim?"

Ted being cool but nervous as I found out later replied, "Good. Good. It was a long day and my wife and I find this a nice way to relax. Its not as fun as having sex but fun nonetheless." I had to laugh at his forwardness.

I decided I had nothing to lose and pressed the issue. "You really through me for a loop last week."

"Oh? How's that?" replied Ted.

I looked him straight in the eye, "Come on, with the 'Mr. K' remark. I didn't realize we had discussed alter egos. What's yours?"

Ted flushed ever so slightly and dropped his eyes. "Yeah. It was my wife that recognized you and wanted me to push the issue. We're 'CDNFunCPL' on Watchers." I searched my memory banks for any profile information but nothing was coming to the front. Sensing I was looking for something Ted offered, "You'll probably remember the picture of us where I'm lying in bed and my wife has my cock in her hand while she's kneeling between my legs."

Ted was right on the money. Instantly that picture flashed in front of my eyes. It was most memorable because Ted was blindfolded and had his hands bound to the headboard. But what really sent a surge to my loins was the image of Mrs CDNFunCPL kneeling between his legs. She was wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt with a strap on dildo.

Regaining my footing I looked at Ted and saw his cock had stiffened somewhat as well. "Is the Mrs waiting for you?" I asked.

Ted responded quietly, "Yes, she should be in the lobby by now."

"OK, let's finish here and go see her."

Ted spent the rest of the shower and our time dressing stealing more glances at my cock and ass. Of course knowing that the power had switched to a degree I gave him more opportunities to check me out. Just before he put on his jacket to leave I said, "Show me your cock again." Ted's face reddened with embarrassment but paused for a quick look around, then reached for his zipper. He pulled his fully hard cock out of his pants and stood there quietly waiting. "Thank you, Ted. You may put it away now, but be sure to keep it hard for your wife."

I turned and started walking for the door as Ted struggled to stuff his hard on back in his pants. Ted caught up to me just as I hit the lobby. I didn't have to look hard to find his wife as she was the only one waiting. Sitting demurely in a lobby chair at a public pool isn't the easiest thing to do but she pulled it off well. She was exactly as I had pictured in my head, about 5'9", blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and a smile that showed hint of devilishness.

As introductions where made I learned that Mrs. CDNFunCPL was Robin and that they lived not too far from my wife and I. Quickly Ted was all but forgotten as Robin turned more serious and said, "We should talk more."

"Absolutely," I replied, "When?"

Robin paused for a moment then said, "Tomorrow. Where?"

Not completely caught off guard I suggested our house as Lynn and I had discussed this throughout the week with the thought that perhaps something more would come of this chance encounter. At that, a late dinner was set for the next evening at our house.

The drive home was quicker than usual as I was again lost in thought and more than just a little horny. Lynn was waiting at the computer (apparently there's more to this Internet thing than porn) when I got home and she skipped the standard preliminaries. "So did you talk to Ted again?"

As I recalled the events of the last few minutes Lynn pulled up CDNFunCPL's profile on WatchingWeb. I heard a little in take of breath as Lynn saw the same picture that implanted itself in my mind. "Really ..." she said.

"Yes and he seems quite nice but she's definitely in charge of the fun in that relationship" I said. I also told her how I was able to quickly bring him under my 'control' in the change room

"Well you do have a little control over our bedroom too you know" as she sheepishly looked up at me from her position on the computer chair.

That was all the hint I needed as I said, "Get naked and get in bed." I watch for a quick second as she stood and began to remove her t-shirt. I've always loved watching Lynn get undressed and it had the same affect it has been having our entire marriage. I turned away and went to our special dresser drawer. Selecting a couple of items I casually asked, "Naked yet?'

I heard Lynn pull back the covers of our bed at the same time she answered, "Yes, sir."

Turning back to the bed I saw that she had assumed our customary position. On her knees in the middle of the middle, legs spread slightly, back arched so I could see her pussy and asshole. Hands gripping the headboard and her 36DD tits hanging down. I took a moment as much to savour the sight as to make her anticipation build.

Every so gently I started to rub Lynn's back and ass while I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Can you picture what Robin is doing to Ted right now? Do you think he's positioned on their bed just like this? Robin rubbing his back as I'm rubbing yours. Running her fingers lightly over his asshole as I'm running mine over yours. Cupping his cock and balls as I feel your pussy." Lynn's pussy was very wet and hot when I back to run my hands along its folds.

Lynn's hips were moving of their own accord now, trying to get more friction from my hand. I withdrew my hand slowly, teasing her thighs as I trailed my fingers lightly across her skin. Just as Lynn realized my fingers weren't in contact with her skin my hand came crashing down with a firm SMACK on her ass cheek. Just the barest muffled scream escaped her lips. Long ago had Lynn learnt not to move or scream once we were playing.

I continued spanking her lovely backside with my hand until it was a nice rosy red and warm to the touch. Then I went back to caressing her back and ass to sooth out the pain. Once I saw Lynn begin to sway her hips to my touch again I began to dip my fingers into her pussy. Ever so slowly going deeper and deeper with one finger then two. Finding her g-spot I began to apply more and more pressure to it. With my free hand I reached down and grabbed one off our vibrating eggs. Turning it one to a medium buzz I rubbed the egg around her pussy avoiding her clit as long as possible.

When I started to feel Lynn's pussy clenching at my fingers I begin to prod her g-spot more quickly and moved the vibrating egg to her clit. I felt and saw her entire body tense and then shudder as she exploded in an orgasm that drenched my hand and a good portion of the sheets around her knees. To her credit she held tightly onto the head board as the rest of her body went limp and she collapsed on the bed.

I took this opportunity to strip off my clothes and kneel behind Lynn. Stoking my straining cock to spread the pre-cum around I looked at Lynn's wide open pussy. Once I was nice and slick I gave Lynn once firm slap on the ass to get her attention. Her body became alive again as brought her hips back up and slid her pussy down on my cock in one fell swoop. I'd not felt her pussy that hot in some time and knew I wouldn't last too long.

Slowly Lynn began to rock back and forth on my stiff cock. Sliding up and down. I gave her ass a nice slap to get her to pick up the pace a little. I reached down beside me and picked up a small, slim vibrator. Switching it on to the low setting I began to run it the length of my cock causing the vibrations to carry straight into Lynn's pussy. Once it was nice and slick I began to run it over Lynn asshole, ever so slowly sinking it deeper and deeper. Lynn continued to pick up speed as she fucked and bucked on my ever straining cock and the vibe in her ass.

With my free hand I felt for the cat-o-nine tails that I had grabbed from our special drawer. As quietly as I could I swung back and struck Lynn's back timing it perfectly so she was fully impaled on my cock and the vibrator. I continued to bring the leather strips down across Lynn's back letting it fall with gently yet heavily. Occasionally I would let the ends whip around her sides and strike at her swaying tits. I increased the pace of my thrust and swings until I couldn't co-ordinate them any longer. Dropping the cat-o-nine tails and pulling the small vibrator out of her asshole I grabbed her hips and began furiously fucking her pussy from behind. Almost too late, I roughly throw Lynn on her back and move up her body. I grabbed my cock and jerk off, cumming all over her tits.

Nearly exhausted I collapse beside Lynn on the bed and put my arms around her shoulders as she cuddles into shoulder nook. After a few moments, which may have included a brief nap, I kissed her forehead. She looked into my eyes lovingly as I said, "I love you."

She cheekily replied, "I love what you do to my body!" Sharing a laugh as we cleaned up our cum, put the toys away and changed the sheets (sex can be messy when your wife squirts!) we thought that tomorrow night would be very interesting and fun.

The next day at work had to be one of the slowest days I've ever had. I wasn't able to focus on much of anything except the evening ahead. As 5 o'clock rolled around I was like Fred Flintstone just about leaping into my car and tearing off for home. Lynn was already there and had started preparing supper for the four of us. With our guests due to arrive at 8 o'clock we had a little time to fool around but Lynn wasn't having any of it. "We'll be doing enough of that later tonight." she said. "Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower. You can get all shaved up again. Just don't waste any of your yummy cum, no jerking off in there!" Seeing that the kitchen was in good shape for me to start the BBQ and take over from Lynn in a bit I didn't object.

Turns out the shower was a great way to relax before our guests showed up. I shaved my face and my cock, balls, and asshole as I didn't want to have whisker burn be an issue while giving or receiving oral. My cock was just begging to be stroked and having all that rich, creamy lather spread over it didn't help matters at all. Once I was satisfied that every last hair was removed to the best of my ability I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I quick dressed again and headed downstairs to find Lynn casually lounging on the couch watching TV.

"How can you be so calm?" I asked her.

"Its easy, if I don't feel like doing anything, I won't. Besides we've already talked about how far we'd go if something was to happen and we've established the ground rules so we just have to let Ted and Robin know what our boundaries are." She made a very persuasive argument and seeing no way to make time move any quicker I grabbed a Guinness and joined her on the couch.

We both started clock watching and peaking at the driveway the closer it got to be 8pm. Almost like teenagers on a first date we were both quite nervous by the time the doorbell did ring. I got up to answer the door since Lynn hadn't officially met them yet. Robin was dressed quite elegantly, wearing a patterned skirt to just above the knee and a tapered dress blouse. She almost looked like a lawyer. Ted was dressed similar to my self, casual pants and a collared shirt. Nothing fancy but nice nonetheless. Just to throw it in there Lynn was also wearing a skirt, perhaps a little shorter than Robin's and a matching blouse. The ladies gave each other a once over and deeming neither to be a threat to the other they quickly warmed to each other.

Lynn and I got our guests some drinks while Ted and Robin got comfortable in the living room. It was amazing how much we had in common as a couple. Both couples had grown up in smaller towns and moved to our larger centre after schooling was complete. We'd also met our spouses at jobs that we'd since moved on from. As the evening progressed and we enjoyed a nice barbecue dinner (thank goodness neither Ted nor Robin were vegetarians as Lynn and I never prepared anything different than our grilled steak) and quite a bit of small talk on a variety of topics. Somewhat purposefully we kept all conversation away from sex but not steering away from some controversial topics.

Then just as we were about half way through our dessert, grilled pineapple marinated in maple syrup server over vanilla ice cream (yum!), Robin expertly steered the conversation to WatchingWeb. "So Will does Lynn know that you jerk off for women and men on WatchingWeb?"

Quickly recovering I looked at Lynn then Robin, "Yes she does. She's actually watched me a couple of times off camera. Although I don't think she knows how often I go on cam."

Lynn shot me a quizzical glance, "And just often is that." she asked.

"Truthfully, its about every couple of days. I visit the site almost daily but only show off every few days."

Her only response was an interested, "Hmmm."

Looking to turn the tables I asked, "How come we've never seen either of you folks on cam? Either solely or as a couple?"

I saw Ted look down at his dessert as Robin answered, "We haven't found that our kind sex fun had a big audience on WW."

Lynn and I shared a glance and she asked the question that was on my mind, "What kind of fun is that."

It appeared that Robin was ready to start the fun games as she pushed the issue saying, "Ted, why don't you tell them what you like."

Ted visibly gulped. Lynn and I both put down our spoons and looked directly at Ted. Ted looked at Robin and resigned himself to telling us all about his kink. "Well, I like to be told what to do in the bedroom."

"Go on Ted, that's not all." said Robin almost goading Ted. "I think Lynn and Will would like to her some specifics. After all they have looked at our profile on WatchingWeb."

With a deep intake of breath Ted started. "Well, I really like Robin to take control in the bedroom and live out her fantasies. For me the ultimate turn on is letting go and letting Robin do what ever comes into her mind. It's very peaceful for me. I trust her not to do anything I wouldn't like too much. But she does push my boundaries from time to time."

Lynn and I looked at each other just as Robin said, "Ted, I think our hosts are looking for some specifics." And in a harsher but quieter voice she added, "Give them some details or I'll just show them myself."

"Yes, ma'am." Ted replied. Upon hearing that exchange my cock twitched a little and I felt Lynn's hand pause from stroke my thigh and squeeze it ever so gently.

Ted started again, "Well. I really like it when Robin is firm with me in the bedroom. I do everything she says. But I really get turned on when she spanks me as a warm-up to fucking me with our strap-on dildo."

While I was expecting Ted to say those words hearing them out loud really struck me.

I stood with no regard to hiding my throbbing hard-on from everyone at the table. "I'll just clear the dessert dishes and we can retire to the living room and talk about this a little more."

Robin stood as and said, "Will, why don't we let Lynn and Ted take care of the dishes while we discuss the ground rules. Is that OK with you Lynn?"

Lynn looked at me and replied, "Uhm, sure that'll work. It won't take long and we'll join you."

I set my dish back on the table and took my drink with me to the living room. Robin was shortly behind me and joined me on the couch.

Robin turned to me, looked in the eyes and "Will, I think in the interest of not deceiving each other as couples you and I need to be very honest with each right now." While I can't say I wasn't a little shocked by her forwardness it fit with the context of the evening up to that point. Robin continued, "I want you to know that I'm not really this dominant. Tonight is a play night for Ted and myself, as such I'm in character as is Ted. During dinner, before dessert, that was the really Robin, as is this right now. But during dessert and for the rest of this evening I need to switch to that more dominant character. Ted wants this evening to be fun and about exploring sexually. He and I've talked about our curiosities and we want to take this opportunity to live them out.

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