tagInterracial LoveA Change for the Better Ch. 3

A Change for the Better Ch. 3


As the weeks went on, I continued to fuck Terrance; I was working out several times a week and was eating better. I was losing weight and starting to look pretty good. I was buying sexier clothes like the ones the girls in my neighborhood or those in the mall were wearing. I was getting checked out by a lot more guys but wasn't interested in any of them. My mom was so happy with the new me and wondered what the cause for this new me was. I told her that I woke up one day and was not happy, so decided to change. I really didn't know how she would react to I wanted to look better to have sex more often.

It was a Wednesday night and I was feeling a little horny, so I hopped in my car and drove over to Terrence's place for what I needed. I got to his place and almost knocked on the door when I heard a woman moaning in delight. The door was not locked and I pushed the door open and hear 2 people having sex in the bedroom. I heard Terrance's voice saying things I've never heard before. He was saying, "You like this big black dick don't you." I heard the girl scream at the top of her lungs. I love your black cock baby, I want it more." I was in shock. I walked to the door and pushed it open and saw Terrance fucking some girl. I was devastated. Terrance heard the door creak open and turned around and saw me at the door. He looked at me and told me to join in or wait until I'm done with this girl or get out. I told him to fuck off and started to yell at him. He just turned back around and continued to fuck this girl.

I was so pissed. I slammed the door and ran to my car and cried uncontrollable. I drove home and went into my room and cried myself to sleep. The next few days were tough on me. I was upset of what Terrance did to me and even worse I was still horny. My body got use to having sex a few times a week and now there was nothing. My mom noticed that I wasn't happy and asked me what happened. I just told her that a guy broke my heart and she comforted me and told me it hurts now but it will pass. So, in order to cheer me up, She took me shopping downtown. I bought some new clothes and spend the day with my mom and had a great time. We were having lunch and she leaned over and whispered to me that a few guys were checking me out. I was some embarrassed that she would say that. I looked over and smiled at them and looked back at my mom and told her they were checking her out. We laughed and went on with the day.

One day I was coming home from school and out of the corner of my eye. I saw this guy jogging toward me. He said, "hey girl, wait up." I stopped and waited. He introduced himself as "D" and we started to talk a bit as he walked with me. He asked where I was going. I told him I was coming home from school and going to the gym since it was on my way home. I was thinking this guys pretty fine. He said a fine girl like you don't need to work out. I blushed. He asked if he could take me out some time. I said sure. I gave him my number and at that time my cell phone rang and it was my mom telling me she was going to be away for the night on business. So don't worry. I said okay. D asked what was that, I said it was my mom telling me that she was going outta town. So we chatted awhile longer and I asked him if he wanted to come over and watch a movie. He said sure. I gave him my address and told him come over about 8.

My workout was a bit more intense. I had a lot of sudden energy in me. I was turned on by D and wanted him to fuck me like Terrance use to do. I got home and showered and had some dinner. Completely forgot about getting a movie on the way home. My mind was preoccupied with other things. It was just before 8 and the bell rang. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and adjusted the boobs. I was wearing a tank top and some capris, it wasn't too slutty but somewhat sexy. I greeted him at the door and he said I looked great. I returned the favor as I checked out that cute butt as he walked into my home.

I showed him around the house and we got to the living room and he sat down. I asked if he wanted anything. He said, "Just you" I laughed and he smiled and he said a coke is fine. I told him to pick out a movie and we can watch it. I got back and saw he hasnt picked a movie yet. I asked if he didn't like the selection of movies there. D said " I really don't feel like a movie, lets get to know each other." I sat down next to him and the more we talked and I looked at him. The more I wanted to get fucked. My nipples became erect while chatting. D said jokingly," man, it must be cold in here" I was embarrassed. I turned bright red.

He lifted up my head and said, "don't worry baby, it is kind of cold in here, damn air conditioning." We talked some more and as the conversation continued all I can think about were how good sex would be with him and how big his cock was. He finally leaned in and kissed me. It was amazing. I melted in his hands. His hands started probing my body and he was playing with my breasts. I pushed him back and stood up and led him to my bedroom.

We started kissing some more and I started to remove his shirt and then ran my hands down his chest. We continued to kiss and I felt his hand moving over my pussy through my clothes and he undid my pants and pulled my tank top out and lifted it over my head and his hands moved down the side of my body and lowered my pants. I stepped outta then and was standing there in my bra and panties. I was thought I was gonna cum with his next touch. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and crouched down to take them off. He stepped out of them and my hand went over his crotch and caressed his cock through his boxers.

I lowered his boxers and saw this thick black cock semi erect with a lil precum formed on the end. I moved to my knees and licked that precum off his cock. I stroked it softly and teased it with my tongue. I heard moans of enjoyment coming from D. I Bobbed back and forth at various paces and teased it with my tongue while my hands were playing with his balls. I looked up and saw him in bliss and I asked him if he likes. He smiled and told me keep going. I continued to suck his cock until I felt his hand on the top of my head and said he was gonna cum. I felt a warm shot of cum hit the back of my throat and swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

He was like "damn girl, you must have done that before. I just smiled as I moved my way up kissing his stomach and chest. His hands moved all over my body and I was putty in his hands. He took off my panties and said," damn girl, your panties are soaked, you must really wanna get laid, I smiled and nodded. Yes" His fingers probed my pussy, brushing up against it and teasing it. I was so closer to orgasm at that point. He took off my bra and my 36ddd breasts popped out and he was amazed at them. He teased them and played with them. But, all I wanted was his cock inside me. He continued foreplay and it was great.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I begged him to fuck me. He smiled and pulled out a condom and placed it on him and lined up his cock with my pussy. He slowly inserted it and I was in another world. I loved that full feeling and felt so empty when it wasn't full. He picked up the pace and I moaned and screamed in ecstasy. Then suddenly, something that I never thought I would say came outta my mouth. I screamed out, Fuck me harder with that big black cock" He picked up the pace and each orgasm increases in intensity. I came several times before he pulled out and took off the condom and came on my stomach. I used my fingers and scooped it up. He laid there exhausted but was becoming erect. I grabbed another condom and opened it up and used my mouth to unroll it on his cock. I then guided his cock into me and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I cupped my breasts and purred in pleasure.

D lay there, with a smile on his face, as I rode him. He said, ' you like being fucked by my cock and I smiled and said yes" It seemed to turn him on more. I came a few more times and collapsed on top of him. He rolled over with me on the bottom and then flipped me over. He spread my legs and continued to fuck my pussy. I was in heaven and loved this feeling and couldn't believe i've gone so long without it. I felt a sharp pain radiate from my ass. He smacked my ass hard and I moan in delight, He asked, " If his girl liked being fucked by his black cock." I screamed out " yes and I'd do anything for it."

He pulled off the condom and came on my ass. I collapsed to the bed and he laid down next to me and said I was amazing. I smiled and looked at him and kissed him. He said he had to go because it was late. I begged him to stay but he got dressed and told me he would call me soon. I laid in bed in the wet spot and was in heaven and really loved the way I felt after sex and always wanted to feel this way.

The next morning, I got up and showered still sticky from the night before and looked in the mirror and saw a handprint shape bruise on my left butt cheek. I laughed and showered and got ready for school. I got to school and was on cloud 9. That feeling didn't last long. I got to my first class and forgot that I had a test in history. I thought I was screwed in a bad way. But, the teacher graded our tests fairly quick and I good a decent grade for not studying, so, that crisis was adverted.

Got to gym class and was changing into my gym clothes when my teacher asked me into her office. I was worried. She told me that another girl noticed that I had a bruise on my butt cheek and asked if it was anything to worry about. I said, "no, just girls being girls." She said ok. I walked out laughing on the inside and a smile on the outside. I joined the rest of the girls in class and the teacher was ok today we are gonna try some basic gymnastics. I hated this part of the year in gym class. I could never do any of the things asked. We started off with a handstand. One of the girls in front of me forgot to tuck in her shirt and her shirt came over her head and she wasn't wearing a bra either so the class laughed at her. I thought at least I wont be the only one laughed at. I did my handstand and I was shocked at how easily I did it. Next, came the splits, I never was able to do one of these. Several girls in front of me tried and failed. When it was my turn. I did an almost perfect split and the teacher even said very nice. I guess my flexibility was improving also.

After gym class, several girls asked my to there table for lunch. This was a first for me. We talked about classes and stuff like music, make-up, clothes and boys. They asked if I had a boyfriend, I said no. They were like good for you, they are a pain in the ass anyhow, so lunch turned into an hour-long bitch session about there boyfriends. How they are inconsiderate, how childish they can be and of course, how bad they were in bed. We all got a laugh outtalk it and I was invited to a sleep over at one of theirs house. I asked when, they said Saturday, I agreed and they gave me the information and we all exchanged phone numbers. I walked home thinking that this year is going a lot better than the others and I just smiled and was enjoying life.

* * * * *

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