tagInterracial LoveA Changing Anniversary Ch. 03

A Changing Anniversary Ch. 03


This is the continuing saga that resulted from a hot fifteenth anniversary outing that introduced a wife and mother to the pleasures of black cock. Chapter two ended with Jan kissing her husband goodbye, as she was off to spend the weekend with her black lover.



About an hour after Jan left, she was true to her word and called me. She said that they were still getting warmed up and that I should get comfortable during the time that they were still exploring each other's bodies. I went into the bathroom and shed my cloths. During that time, she told me that they decided to have a quick fuck before they went out to lunch. After a few more brief words to me, she told me that she was going to lay the phone down on the bed beside them and concentrate on what they were doing and forget about me. After that, I could hear lots of kissing, grunting, and some brief phrases, such as that feels good. I missed you, etc.

Then as they started getting into some hot passionate loving, I heard George say how much he had missed that hot white pussy.

Then I heard Jan say: "Yes, I would wake up at night thinking about that big black cock fucking me."

Then I heard George say: "Wow, you did shave your pussy for me, it is beautiful."

Jan said: "My husband shaved it for you, did he do a good job, if you think he did, there is the phone, tell him."

I don't know if George picked up the phone or just got his mouth down close to it, and said: Thank you Pete for shaving your wife's pussy for me. It looks good enough to eat, and I think that is exactly what I am going to do."

I then heard them shuffling around on the bed and some grunting. Then Jan must have got close to the phone and said "we are in a sixty-nine position and he has already started to hummmmmm lick my pussy, and I am going to suck his cock, and all the slurping you hear will be me sucking on his big black cock."

Well, for the next ten minutes or so, I heard plenty of sucking, slurping, and grunting. As I had already started playing with myself, I was trying to picture them in a sixty-nine position with that big black cock in Jan's mouth. And just to think, a couple of weeks ago, she wouldn't even think of sucking any cock, not even mine.

Then I heard Jan say: "I want to feel that big black cock in my pussy. My white married pussy is hungry for that big black cock, come and fuck my while my husband listens to us fucking on the phone, knowing that he is not going to be able to stick his dick in it for at least five days."

From that point on, all I could here was things like; "Oh yea, that feels good." "Fuck me harder." Oh, yea, I'm cummmmminnng. Don't stop. Oh, oh, oh." And lots of huffing, puffing and grunting as the fucking continued. Well, I guess that old George just kept pounding her pussy right through that orgasm and about four more before he finally couldn't take it any more.

Then I heard him grunt and heard almost a whisper: "I'm about to cum -- cum -- cum. Here it comes. Ohhhhhh."

And then I heard Jan go into another earthshaking orgasm. I could hear them as they lay there kissing and snuggling and then George said: "Wow, that was great, I can never get too much of that tight white pussy."

Jan told him that she likewise could never get too much of his big beautiful black cock.

After they exchanged a few more love phrases, Jan picked up the phone and asked me how I liked that, and I told her that it was great and that I jerked off twice. She then told me that they were going to get cleaned up and go to lunch. She said she would call me sometimes later in the day.

As I tried to keep busy around the house, thinking about my wife out with her black lover in public. People would see them together and be thinking all kind of things about them. I knew that they were far enough away from our neighborhood that there was little to no chance that they would run into anyone that knew us.

Eventually, as the day wore on and I did get lots of work done around the house, Jan did call. She said that they had a nice lunch nearby and she had something very exciting to tell me. At first, she wanted me to wait until she came home Sunday evening, but I convinced her to go ahead and tell me over the phone.

She said that they were in the restaurant and her and George was holding hands, and he started playing with her rings. She said that was when she saw the waitress headed toward their table and she thought of something really nasty. She leaned over and kissed George as the waitress approached. Then she said that while the waitress was taking their order, she told George, loud enough for the waitress to hear it, "Oh, remind me, I have to call my husband when we get back to your motel room." She said the waitress mouth fell open as they completed placing their order. She said that she could see the waitress whispering to her co-workers and all of them looked their way. She said she started getting so wet and hot that she felt like jumping up on table and having George stick his big black cock in her pussy on the spot. She said that after lunch, she couldn't wait to get back to the motel to fuck.

I then said: "So, I guess that means that you have already fucked again?"

Her response was: "Yes, not just once, we have fucked twice since we got back from lunch, and it was great."

I told her that she better be careful or her pussy would be too sore to fuck tomorrow. She then told me that she doesn't feel sore at all and she thinks she may be getting use to George's big cock. She said that they are talking about doing some shopping before dinner, and that George wants to go by where his truck is parked and show it to her.

She said they would probably be leaving shortly, and she may try and call me sometimes after dinner. She went on to say that she loves that "call my husband" thing that she did at lunch and is thinking about doing it again.

I went back to doing some work around the house until dinnertime. I managed to find plenty of leftovers for a good dinner. After dinner I kicked back with a beer while watching a movie on TV. It was around nine in the evening when Jan called. She said they went by George's truck, and told me about how nice and spacious it was inside, and that it had a large room behind the driver's seat with a bed. Then she told me that they went, mostly window-shopping and just walking around, but George did buy her a couple of things. She said they then went to dinner at a little outdoor restaurant by the seashore and they each had a combination seafood plate. She then added: "Very nice."

She said they got back to the motel around seven and have been fucking ever since. I asked her if she has had enough for the evening, and she told me that they were both taking a breather before their shower and who knows what will happen after that. With that we exchanged our love for each other and said our goodnights.

I got up Sunday morning and fixed myself some breakfast. After breakfast, I decided to take a rather long walk before I got started working around the house. I returned from my walk around nine and had been working in the back yard about an hour when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I went into the living room and looked out the window and saw Jan getting out of her car. Surprisingly, she looked good, cleaned up and well organized. I opened the door for her and she met me with open arms. We hugged and kissed, as she told me she loved me for being me, and allowing her the freedom to experiment sexually.

She said she will fix us some lunch and we can have a little talk afterwards.

We had a nice lunch and Jan said that she would like for us to discuss something that will affect the kids after they come home that evening. After the table was cleared, we each sat down and she begin: "George would like to invite you to have dinner with us this evening; now, I know the kids will be coming home around five or six, so, we will have to wait until they get here, make sure they are fed and tell them that we are going out for the evening." Then she paused and asked: "What are your thoughts, inputs, and/or suggestions?"

I told her that I appreciated George's thoughtful and kind invitation, and would like very much to accompany my wife and her lover to dinner, and thought that could be a hot scene if they sat together and made out in front of me. I also told her that I didn't feel that there would be a problem with the kids. We could tell them that they have had their outing, now it is our turn. She agreed with me both about the kids and the thought of her being with her boyfriend and husband in public at the same time could be very hot. She went on to say that it was making her wet just thinking about it.

She called George and told him that we would probably be there around seven to pick him up for dinner. She also relayed what I had said about the wife, lover, and husband together in public sounding very hot. They talked for a little while longer. When Jan got off the phone, she emptied her overnight bag in the laundry room and went through the house gathering up cloths. She said that she is going to get as much done before the kids get home, as she is sure they will have plenty of dirty close when they get in.

I went outside to button up a few loose ends before I came back in to settle down and relax for a little while. On the way back in, Jan was just coming out of the laundry room. As we met in the kitchen, I grabbed hold of her and hugged and kissed her, told her that I loved her and she would always be number one in my life. She then held on to my shoulders and held her head back, looking me in the eye, and said that I too would always be number one in her life, regardless of who may be sticking their dick in her pussy. I guided her into the living room and we sat down on the couch. I told her that we could just relax and snuggle for a little while. She agreed and snuggled up to me and told me that she loves me for being me, as a husband, lover, the father of her children, and the fact that I not only allow her the sexual freedom she is enjoying, but encouraging it.

I then thought about something, but was reluctant to bring it up. The thought of going out to dinner with them, and surely their evening wouldn't end there. I am sure that we are not just going to drop George off at his motel and they kiss goodbye. My guess is that he would most definitely want a fuck for the road, and that Jan probably wouldn't have it any other way. Would they leave me sitting in the car in the parking lot while they go to his room to fuck, or would they invite me co come up and watch, or, maybe even join in. All these thought roaming through my mind, but couldn't bring myself to ask. To make it worse, Jan certainly didn't volunteer any information beyond the three of us going to dinner together.

Well, we continued to cuddle and exchange pillow talk for the next hour or so. Then Jan said that she was going to fix some dinner for the kids so it would be ready when they got home. While she was doing that, I got my shower and cleaned up and out of the way when Jan came into the bathroom to start getting ready for OUR date. We were both dressed and ready to go at around five thirty when we went to pick up the kids.

They were dropped off a few minutes before six. According to the head ranger, everything went well, and then he went on to say that my son's trout fishing provided breakfast for his entire tent of four. The kids were excited and couldn't talk fast enough to try and tell us about their experiences.

When we got home, Jan got them started on dinner and told them that they had their outing and now it was our turn to go out for the evening. She told them to clean the kitchen when they were finished eating, put their dirty laundry in the laundry room, and then they should double check their homework just to be sure they didn't miss anything. Then she went on to tell them to get their showers and be in bed by nine.

With that we all hugged and said our goodbyes and off we went.

Before we got to George's motel, she called him, so he was in the parking lot waiting for us. I was again introduced to George, a more meaningful one, this time, and off we went, with Jan transferring to the back seat with George. Before we got out of the parking lot, George says to Jan: "Why don't we go to that place where we had lunch yesterday?"

Jan said; "That sounds great; maybe that same waitress will be there again."

Just as we were getting seated in the restaurant booth, with Jan and George on one side and me on the other, Jan says: "There she is, and it looks like she is headed in our direction."

The waitress did indeed come straight to our booth and right away, she recognized Jan and George. She said: "Hi, it is good to see you back, and I see you brought a friend."

Jan spoke up and said: "Oh, he is not a friend, he is my very wonderful and understanding husband."

The waitress did an "oh, wow," breath before she started taking our order.

When the waitress served our dinner, and checking if everything is ok, as she hesitated before starting to walk away, she looked at Jan and said: I really do envy you, I would give anything to be in your shoes, as a matter of fact, I would bet that there isn't a woman in this place that wouldn't want to be in your place to some degree."

Jan reached out and held my hand, and kissed George, and said to the waitress: "Isn't he great?"

The waitress then said: "Yes, they both are."

When we finished eating, Jan and George were kissing and making out when the waitress presented us with the check. As George grabbed the check, the waitress looked at Jan and said: "I hope that I am not being too personal, but I seriously would like to know, is it true what they say about being bigger?"

Jan laughed and said: "Bigger is not quite the right word, my husband is big, but George here is huge." As she spread her hands apart about a foot apart indicating the length of George's Cock.

The waitress just stood there shaking her head and said: "Wow, I can only wish."

On the way back to the motel, Jan and George were kissing and making out in the back seat. Upon arriving at the motel, George asked me if I had ever been involved in a threesome before. I told him no, but the idea made my dick hard, especially if it involved another man doing my wife. They both laughed and as George started getting out of the car, he said: "Come on up Pete, and let's see what kind of naughty things we can get your sweet little wife to do." With that, I gladly got out and opened the back door on my side for my wife where she had been arm and arms with her black lover just moments ago.

As she got out of the car, she kissed me and said: "You are going to love this, as a matter of fact, we all are. I have been thinking about this all day and getting wetter all the time just thinking about my husband and my black boyfriend making love to me at the same time."

Just as we started up the stares to George's room, the motel manager came by and said to George: "I see you have company."

George's response was: "Yes, this is my girlfriend Jan, and her husband Pete."

The motel manager then said with a laughing smirk: "What are you trying to do, create some of those hot movie scenes that you have been watching on TV?"

George then told him that he and Jan had already been doing just that, and turned around and headed up the stares with Jan and I following.

As soon as we entered the room, Jan and George grabbed each other and started kissing, and taking each other's cloths off. Everything was going so fast that I just stood there with disbelief that my normally conservative wife was actually not only allowing a black man to undress her, she was also, wildly doing the same to him.

I realized that my dick was hard as steel and about to burst my zipper when George stopped kissing Jan and said: "Pete, come on, don't just stand there with your mouth open man, get necked."

Well by the time I shed my cloths, George and Jan were totally nude and falling down on the bed. George started working his way down from kissing her lips and neck to her boobs, giving them special attention, and eventually further down to her belly button with a brief pause, then down to the outer perimeter of her pussy. He would kiss all around one side and then over the top, and down the other side making circles kissing all around her pussy, and making the circles smaller each time. Jan was about to go nuts. When George finally found the target, she just about jumped off the bed with a scream, saying: "Ohhhhhhhhh -- Yessssssss, and started bucking and pushing her pussy up to his face.

This kept going for a few minutes and she pushed George's head up from her pussy and told him that he needs to stick his big black cock in that white pussy. With that, George came up to get into position, and Jan placed her hand on his chest and told him to wait. Then she looked at me and said: "Pete why don't you guide George's cock into my shaved white married pussy, your pussy, the one you shaved for George to fuck, which he has over and over again, and now you could even say it is his pussy." With all that humiliating talk, my cock was about to erupt. However, regardless of my cock condition, I did reach down and took George's Cock in my hand as he eased his weight down to the point that it was touching her pussy. I then rubbed his big black cock up and down her slit, causing her to squirm, grunt and buck up and down while rolling her head from side to side. She reached down and put her hand on mine and told me to go ahead and guide in to her opening so that George could fuck it in a little.

As I guided his cock to her love hole, she raised her head and said: "Go ahead and fuck in it in me a little while my husband is holding it. It is like he is fucking me with you cock. Oh, yea, that feels good, oh honey, keep fucking me with George's cock. Oh, yesssss, fuck me, don't stop, I am coming already, oh yesssss, give it to me, all of it."

When she came back down to earth after that orgasm, she still had hold of my hand and pulled me around to the side of the bed. She then grabbed my very hard cock and guided it to her mouth. She started sucking my dick while George was still fucking her heard and she had now started back to responding to his fucking with her hips jumping off the bed to meet his thrust. She took my dick out of her mouth for a moment and said: "This is the ultimate, fucking and sucking at the same time. God, I love it, I love both of you and your cocks. I never want it to stop. Don't either one of you dare cum yet, I want this to last, and last. OMG, I'm cummmmminnggg again, ohhhhh, don't stoopp, ohhhh, yesss, yesss."

When she recovered from that orgasm, George backed off and told her to get on her hands and knees. When she was in position, and George was about to mount her, she again stopped him and told me to get under her in a sixty-nine position. Wow, with everything happening, the lust had totally taken control of my actions as I gladly scooted under her with my mouth drawn to her pussy like a magnet. As I started licking her slit and working on her clit, George started guiding his cock toward her opening. I reached up and grabbed his cock and took over the guiding his cock to my wife's pussy. She had already started sucking me when George started his assault on her pussy. As the head of his cock disappeared, in her pussy, she stiffened up and stopped sucking me, briefly removing my cock from her mouth and muffled a rather loud "OH, YES, this is so good, lick my pussy baby while my lover fucks it right before your eyes." Then she went back to sucking my dick. This didn't last long, as she started in another great orgasm.

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