tagHumor & SatireA Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 01

A Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 01


Hi, I am Mary Beth Sullivan, a sexy cougar. I'm a middl-aged gal in her late 50's with a ribald sense of humor. I am built for comfort and have heavy 38 D's, wide hips and a very large, juicy cunt to prove it. I don't turn heads in the street but my husband, Tony, and others have told me I am hell on wheels in bed. Tony is my age and is still able to get it up so we have sex about once or twice a week depending on how horny we get.

We live in a housing development not far from a major city in the Midwest. The houses are not cookie-cutters. We had to buy a lot and have our house built. This is a large development so the houses are arranged in clusters with restricted entrances to each cluster. Most of the people in our cluster are 45 and up.

I know most of the women. Over the years, a group of us have gotten together for coffee to exchange news, play bridge or just plain gossip. We have a core group of ten women, but we do not always have a full quorum. These women range in age from 55 to 68.

The full core group was gossiping away one day at Cora's home, at two tables spaced closely together, when Amy asked aloud if we had heard that a certain couple was getting a divorce. Some of us did and some of us didn't, but we all wanted to discuss the gory details.

"Well, it all boils done to fidelity. Doesn't It? Amy asked rhetorically. The husband was having an affair with someone in our own community and his wife could just not stand the embarrassment when she found out about it."

"I know the wife and she has no room to complain. Several of the men in our community have been in her pants. They should have just swapped partners openly," piped in Brenda.

Just to keep up my reputation as a wise ass, I said sarcastically, "That seems the way to save a marriage!"

"I have read that it can help," Cora added her opinion.

Silently, I had to agree because I and Tony had been swapping partners for years, and it certainly did give our sex life a jolt, but I was not going to tell these women all of my secrets.

"Where is the proof of that? Have any of you been involved in swapping?" I challenged.

Looking around the room, I was astonished to see Amy raise her hand. Little Amy. She seemed so square. I never would have guessed it. Oh well, still water does run deep. And dirty.

"No kidding!" several women gasped. What happened?"

"Oh, it was just immature behavior," Amy explained. "We went to Cancun a number of years ago with a large group. It was arranged through a travel agency. We didn't know anyone. The final night the company threw us a huge party with free drinks at our hotel. We all got pretty high and one of the men brazenly suggested we have a Chevy Chase evening."

"What in the world is that?" many of us wanted to know.

"You know. Chevy Chase. He is that actor that starred in a movie about swapping wives. The wives have a big party in one of their homes. All the men toss their car keys into a bowl. A woman picks out a key and she has to sleep with whomever the key belongs to. Except for sleeping with her own husband."

Many of us had seen the movie and asked Amy to continue. "We didn't have car keys so one of the guys got a bunch of coasters from the bar and wrote the names of the guys on the back of them - there were about 15 couples."

Amy was absorbed in her own story and went on to say she was so high she let herself join in the fun. She picked up a coaster and went skinny dipping with a guy; she later banged him in the water. Her husband had to be content with a blow job behind the hotel restaurant. Amy said that was their first and last swapping experience, but she didn't sound like she had regretted it.

"Say, Amy, aren't you and Harry going to celebrate your anniversary soon?" Sylvia asked.

"Yes, it will be our 35th. In three weeks," Amy clarified.

"Hey, everyone," Cindy exclaimed. Let's throw Amy and Harry a Chevy Chase party to celebrate their anniversary!"

Here was another shocker. Cindy Goldberg was a liberal Jewish lady but from the looks of her - she dressed very primly - I had no idea she was interested in even discussing sex let alone swinging.

"You can't be serious," several people shouted!"

Sticking to my role as Mrs. Contrarian, I asked, "Why not? It might be fun."

"But, but, Mary Beth," Amy said quite agitated. "That would mean I might have to sleep with Tom Jackson."

"And what the hell would be wrong with that?" asked Tom's wife Cora angrily.

"Cora, I am only 5' 1". Tom is at least 6' 2". He would crush me!"

Mollified, Cora replied that she had not thought of that. Cora was a big woman in everyway so Tom's height and weight meant little to her.

"I wouldn't mind letting Tom jump my bones," I said . Cora and others snickered at that remark. (I've seen him in a bathing suit. Judging from the size of his package, he must have a huge cock.)

Speaking for the first time, Andy commented that men and women can adjust to different body differences. She was speaking from experience because she is almost a head taller than her husband, Steve, a good-looking, short man.

"That is a minor consideration in my opinion," I addressed the group. "I suggest we take a vote. Let's see a show of hands."

All but one of us raised their hands. Karen asked if it would be all right to just go to the party and not participate. She said she was not ready to make up her mind and she would have to talk it over with her husband anway. That did not suprise me as Karen is totally submissive to her husband.

"What if he agrees, Karen" Are you willing to participate?" Someone asked.

"I guess so," was her feeble reply.

Everyone in the room knew that her husband would jump at the choice to bag one of us as he is one of the biggest lechers in our community.

"How is this going to work," Sylvia asked. "Some of us have children or parents living at home. We can't just take someone home with us."

I could see that we had some fine points to work out but all ten of us were at least interested in getting some new cock, which was my main objective. We determined that, of the ten of us, only two couples could not entertain at home. We therefore needed to use someone who could host and has at least three bedrooms. The others could go to their male partner's homes, and leave whenever they wanted.

"Hell," I added, "If we are horny enough we can always get laid on the kitchen table,"

Our movie buff Amy piped in, "Just like in The Postman Rang Twice."

In the end, Cora offered the use of her large home. Her children had all moved out and they would be soon downsizing to a smaller home in our community. We tentatively set the date for a Saturday night, which was not the exact date of Amy and Harry's wedding anniversary, but it would be good enough.

To complete our plans, we all had to get our husbands to buy into the idea and then reconvene to hammer out any other details. We agreed to meet again in two days at my home.

"This was going to be a blast," I said, thinking to myself about several of the men whom I would like to get beneath the sheets.

Later that evening after dinner, I told my husband Tony about the Chevy Chase Party. I thought he would be tickled pink at having a shot at some of the women in the neighborhood, but boy was I wrong.

"What in the hell are thinking about, Mary Beth. You women are nuts. Count me out!"

"Since when did you become a prude? You have had no problems swapping with couples before."

"Mary Beth, let me spell it out for you. Those couples were ones we met discreetly through the internet. These women and their husbands are our friends and neighbors. You do not know what could happen. Feelings could be hurt and real family problems could erupt. A couple of marriages could even break up."

Sometimes Tony has a clearer head than I do. I could see that some of what he said made sense.

"Almost all of them did seem interested though. Maybe we could still hold the party to celebrate Amy's and Harry's wedding anniversary and then leave it up to individual couples to play around if they want to."

Tony's instincts were on the money because the next day I got phone calls from two women who said they hoped I was not serious about our group's holding a swap party. They had thought it over and were not even going to discuss it with their husbands. They would come to my home nevertheless to discuss holding some kind of party for Amy and Harry.

Two days later, all ten of us met at my home. Very few were willing to go ahead with just a swap party. They were uneasy about damaging their reputations and causing serious conflicts among themselves. Several women did not want to make a commitment as they were not prepared to sleep with just anyone. I was devastated; there was a serious mutiny going on and we hadn't even got started.

Our oldest core member, Gail(66), a former beauty queen, had not said much during our initial meeting but had a lot to contribute this go around. She took over leading the discussion. She proved to be a good mediator.

"First of all, I think we all agree we will have a party. Right?" (No objections there.)

"Now we have to decide what kind of party we will have. We might want to think about having a dating party, where initially you women can spend some social time with each other's husbands and circulate freely whenever you want."

"It is not unlike organizing a dinner party," she said. "We all have been to dinner parties where the women took the names of their dinner companions from a bowl of name cards. This time we use the Chevy Chase theme and women pick up the car keys of their conversational partners."

I could not help myself from saying, "Except this time instead of a man sitting down to eat beside me he will want to eat me."

"Mary Beth! That is gross," someone called out. Others just giggled.

Without losing stride, Gail said, "Crude, but to the point. We are not a meat market. We are discriminating adults. It is our choice to keep the conversation on a social level or go to bed with someone. Let's face it ladies, we all know each other's husbands, and without intending to offend anyone there are some husbands in this group with whom I would not get near enough to even swap spit under the mistletoe."

After further discussion, we all agreed with Gail's basic suggestion. After breaking up into pairs, couples could chat in private or join up with other couples, just as if they were dating. At some point in the evening, everyone would decide if they wanted to remain with their "dates." What happened afterwards was strictly a matter of choice, with no obligations and no intention to hurt someone's feelings.

For those couples that wanted privacy, they could go to their male escort's home. Cora would have three empty bedrooms, beside her master suite for Tom and his partner, available for those who could not use their homes.

This seemed a sensible approach. Naturally enouh there were dozens of trivial quesitons and comments.

One woman wanted to know what they should wear, Sally, whom I regarded as kind of a bird brain. "Gosh, Sally, who cares. Think in terms that you are going to a party where you might get laid. Just wear something easy to unbutton or unzip, and take off," I told her.

I immediately regretted what I had said. No need to come on so strong and hurt a simple soul like her, so I apologized. Told the group I was just a little nervous myself. (In truth, I was eager to wrap up this meeting as it was getting tedious.)

So far so good, but we all knew some hitches would develop. We would just have to work through them on the spot.

We agreed to meet at Cora's home at 5PM. The men would put their car keys in a bowl as they entered, and we the ladies would draw out the keys of their partners shortly thereafter. There would be drinks and heavy snacks during this warm up period. We figured everyone would on their way by 8PM or so, except for the ones staying at Cora's and using her bedrooms.

There was a final refinement. We would have a midnight curfew. We figured we all would have enough time to do what we wanted to do and there would be no potential problems with some couples wanting to stay overnight and others opting for a quickie.) After that everyone would return to Cora's living room where we would have a last toast to Amy and Harry. That would not poise any hardsharp as we all lived minutes away from Cora's by foot or by car.

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