tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 02

A Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 02


The women went home and broached the concept of the party with their husbands. They all reported at our next weekly meeting that their husbands were on board. I had not expected they wouldn't be. I knew this gang of men. Not one of them would pass up the chance to try some strange pussy.

On the night of the party, all did not go according to plan because of something none of us had thought of. When it came time to select keys, we learned that several of the men had the same make of cars and almost identical keys. The men simply took their keys off their key rings and tossed them in the bowl without marking them in any way.

That took awhile to straighten out since three men had Honda Accords and there was no way of determining which key belonged to each man. Fortunately, no one lived more than a mile from Cora's. Only one of them had actually driven there. All three men took the keys and tried them out. Then the guy with the right key drove the other two to their homes to find their cars. They then put the keys back on the key rings and when they returned they put their keys with the key rings in the bowl. This scene was repeated with two men who owned Toyota Camrys; in this case they lived close by and walked together to sort out the keys.

Finally, we were all set. All keys were on key rings. Alphabetically by first name the women took turns picking up keys.

Amy was first up and I was flabbergasted when she drew Tom's key. It struck me that the odds of her selecting Tom's key ring were pretty low, but coincidences do happen. She looked chagrined. They have similar personalities, being naiive and outgoing.) I could not tell by the look on Amy's face if she would go through with this. Tom looked pleased. I imagine he was wondering what it would be like to pork this little dolly with his huge cock.

And so it went. I drew Brenda's husband, Pete. He is a nice guy whom I had spotted eyeing my body before. He has a lewd sense of humour, almost as outrageous as mine. I'd give him a whirl if he was game. He might give me a good bounce. We would have to use one of Cora's rooms, because Pete's mother-law lived with them.

I took note that the third couple possibly lined up for a bedroom was Sylvia and Ben. She still has grown children at home.

Everyone was paired now, and they would have to mingle soon. Before everyone spread out, Cora called for quiet:

"Listen everyone. I know you women have passed on the ground rules to the guys, but just so there are no misunderstandings I am going to repeat them:

A. No man or woman is obligated to remain with their "date" the whole evening.

B. Use the time to get to know each other and decide what you want to do.

My alter ego in the group, Pete, interrupted her, "You mean in the Biblical sense?"

Lots of laughs at that one. Pete is almost as bad as I am at making lousy jokes.

Ignoring Pete, Cora continued:

C. There will be a midnight curfew. Everyone will return at midnight for one final toast to our anniversary couple Amy and Harry.

D. For those who cannot go home to "relax" before midnight my three guest rooms are available. More laughter.

E. Our den is also available with a good stock of videos for those who would prefer to stay here. (Everyone got the hint that this meant those who did not want to fuck.)

"Any questions?" There was nothing else left to say so we all hooked up with our dates.

I was used to Pete's line of palaver. We traded barbs all the time.

"Mary Beth. You got lucky. Think you can handle me?"

" What makes you think I am ready to drop my drawers for you? What do you have to offer?"

"Hey, Cora," I yelled so everyone could hear me. "Got a ruler? I want to take some measurements."

"You can measure me after you take off your blouse to prove you are not wearing falsies," Pete shot back.

We went back and forth like that until we both ran out of wisecracks. We then talked about who was likely to sleep together.

"Mary Beth, if you want to have some fun later on, let me know soon so I can check with Brenda on what she will be doing."

"Go ahead and check with her hotshot. I'm willing to give you a chance to be with a real woman." (He knew I was kidding; Brenda and I are buddies and from what she has told me they probably have a damn good sex life.)

Pete went to find Brenda and I looked for Tony to see how he was making out. He was paired with Karen. I found them talking to two other couples.

Cutting him out of the pack, I asked him for a reading on his situation. "This is not going to work for me, Mary Beth. You know Karen. She is only here because her husband Ben wants some action. I like her personally but I am not attracted to her. I do not want to screw her just because she feels she owes it to Ben. The other two couples don't feel matched well either. In fact we are having a lot of fun just chatting. We're all going out to a bar and will return by midnight."

That left seven couples. I was eager to find out if the two other couples who would have to use a room at cora's, Amy and Tom, and Sylvia and Ben, would be having sex. It would be exciting to hear them, since all of Cora's bedrooms were lined up on one side of their upstair's corridor.

Amy and Tom were a physical mismatch. She is short, of course, but has nice tits and long, chestnut brown hair. Probably weighs in at under 125 pounds. She is pushing 60, but does not look it. He is really a big guy, over 6' 2" and broad-framed. Must be well over 250 pounds. He is in his late 50's and has a full shock of dark hair, which I would bet my husband's future pension he dyes.

Now Sylvia and Ben were made for each other. Both are in their mid-50's. Sylvia is a tall woman about 5'9", a tad shorter than Ben. In her quiet way, she exudes sexual appeal: long, wavy blonde hair, narrow waist and wide hips from bearing several children. Looks like she wears about a 37C bra. She is no prude and takes an interest in women's sexual problems and issues. Ben is an assertive man. Karen is totally submissive to him. I suspected he manhandled his wife and would be aggressive in bed. He is good-looking and appeals to certain women who like dominant men.

About 8PM, Tony and his group left and the main event was looming. Several of the couples were dancing and getting chummy. Among them was Pete's wife Brenda who was hitting it off with Sally's husband Ernie, so as he told me, "He was in like Flynn."

It was getting hard to keep track of everyone and where they would end up so I just concentrated on those who might be sharing bedrooms near me and Pete.

Eventually, I learned that Tom had done a good job of overcoming Amy's fears. She was staying. "Hot damn!" I said to myself.

Pete asked me to dance. As he led me to the dance fllor, I asked," What's the matter? Do you want to touch the merchandise before using it?"

"Caveat Empto, Mary Beth, Caveat Emptor," was his quick reply.

Wile we wre dancing, he felt my ass and I thrust my big tits against him. We Frenched off and on, getting used to each other's bodies and I could feel him getting hard.

Tom and Andy would be using the master suite, so I wanted to stake out our claim on the bedroom next to theirs.

"Listen, Pete, let's hustle up stairs and get the room next to the master suite. I'll let you know why as soon as we are in the room." Pete was hot to trot so he was keen follow my lead.

We were the first couple to openly show we were going to have sex, so as we walked up the stairs, the other couples jeered. Some of them made raunchy remarks.

In response, I lift my skirt and mooned everyone showing my black lace panties. Pete grinned and gave the "V" sign.

In the room, Pete asked, "What are you plotting now, Mary Beth. I know you have something devious on your mind."

" I am curious as hell about Tom and Amy. I would like to listen to them. It might be a big turn on. Are you game?"

"You really are evil," Mary Beth, Pete chuckled. "How should we do it?"

"I tell you what. This could be a great way of having sex together. Let's get butt naked . We'll stand together with our ears pressed against the wall and listen. You can finger me and play with my tits and I'll stroke you while we are listening. When we get heated up too much we'll just go fuck. How about it?"

I unbuttoned my blouse but let him unhook my bra. He admired my big tits --it always pleases me when a man does that. When he saw my hairy pussy, he almost foamed at the mouth. I laughed and asked him to show me his credentials. Not bad at all. Maybe six or seven inches, and thick, which I like. Not much of a body but what could a gal my age expect from a 60-year-old man.

I heard other doors opening and shutting so all three couples were ready to perform. I distinctly heard Amy protest she would undress in the bathroom.

It took a little maneuvering for both of us to press our ears to the wall. It worked best with his standing behind me and my reaching back to stroke him while we fondled my tits and rubbed my cunt.

The action next door was clear as a bell. We heard the bathroom door open and in a low voice Amy said she was ready. "Let me see what I have to deal with," she asked. "Oh, my God! she cried. Tom, it is so beautiful!

"What the hell is going on here?"I whispered ---. I thought she was reluctant to be with him."

"Don't you know?" he chuckled. Tom is hung like a horse. Nothing like a big cock to overcome any woman's resistance."

"let's take that towel off sweetie. I want to take a good look at you," we heard Tom say.

"You have a lovely figure, Amy. I admire petite women with small breasts and long nipples like yours."

"It sounds like they had not hit the sheets yet, so they must still be standing there; wish I knew what they were doing," I commented.

We began to hear Amy's sighs and moans. "Oh, Oh, I love the way you suck them!"

Another pause. A distinct groan from Tom. In a husky voice, Amy said, "It's only fair, Tom. I want to suck you, too."

"This is getting good," Mary Beth," Pete said. "How about sucking me, too."

So there we were, Amy was sucking Harry's cock on one side of the wall and I was on my knees bobbing up and down on the head of Pete's cock. We both were subdued in talking as we did not want to alert Tom and Amy that we were listening.

The next exchange of voices perked me up .

"Tom, Tom, I want your dick. I want it so bad. Be gentle to me. Please. "

"Sweetie, I am going to make it easy on you. Wrap your arms around my neck. I will lift you up and you can guide me inside you."

"Holy shit. He is going to fuck her standing up. Wow!" I whispered.

I was so distracted that I let go of Pete's cock and stood up to get closer to the wall. I was getting horny. I could feel my pussy juices flowing.

"I'm going to lean forward against the wall, Pete. You're hard enough. Take me from behind. I want you to fuck me doggy style while I am listening to those two fuck."

I spead my legs and after fingering me a bit to get my juices flowing, Pete entered me.

I could hear Amy responding. "Oh. Oh. Your dick is so big. So big. " She was gasping and her voice was harsh and strained. "Oh, my Goooood. I have never been stretched sooo much."

"That's it Sweetie you are taking it all. Don't worry I will not drop you."

"Oh, My Gooood. I got it all in. I didn't think I could," I heard her voice tremble.

Tom much have been leaning back against our wall because suddenly the wall began to thump and shake as he lifted her up and down on his cock.

"Tom, Tom. You are so good. I love it!" We heard them kissing and then Tom asked her if she wanted to cum in his arms or move to the bed.

"Don't stop, Please don't stop. Fuck me right here, Tom. Fuck me , fuck me, she rpeated.

The thumping against the wall continued even louder and then I heard Amy begin to sob and weap. Ooooooooooooh Tom. Your're making me cuuuuuuuuuuuuum." I heard her moan loudly and then make short sounds as she came down from her climax: "Uh uh uh."

My own partner was going ape shit. He was pumping my pussy so hard that I had to brace myself against the wall, hoping they did not hear us.

"Mary Beth, if you do not cum soon I am going to explode," Pete grunted.

"The Hell with listening more! Pull out and let me suck you off. I'll finger myself to get off. I backed him onto the bed and pushed him on it. I then gave him one of my extra special butterfly blow jobs, blowing and tweaking on his cock head until he deposited a thick load of jism in my mouth. I used his orgasm to trigger my own as I franctically rubbed my clit. It wasn't a great climax but I put on a show for Pete by sighing and moaning.

We both took deep breaths and lay back on the bed to rest and when we heard an unearthly howl. It sounded like someone in extreme pain" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

We both jumped up and ran to the wall of the other adjoining bedroom. We had forgotten all about Sylvia and Ben.

"Nooooo. Noooooo. Not my ass. I can't. I can't," screamed Sylvia.

I was really concerned and turned to Pete: "My God, Pete," I said. "I think he is raping her."

Pete looked dumbfounded. "Do you think we should intervene?" he asked.

"Your're goddamn right," I hissed and I was oabout to start banging on the wall and ordering to Ben to take his hands off of Sylvia, when the tone of what was going on next door changed.

"Your're going to take it, slut!" Ben shouted.

"OOOOH It hurts, Please. No more, Please. Your're ripping me apart," Sylvia sobbed.

"Your're going to love it slut, Ben shouted. "I am going to fuck your virgin ass until you cum.".

Sylvia began to weep and sob more raggedly. "You are too deep. I can't take it."

"Sure you can. You love it. Admit it," Ben said emphatically.

We then heard sounds of slaps followed each time by Sylvia's moans and short yelps: "Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh."

Obviously he was slapping her ass every time he jammed himself inside her asshole. Her voice now sounded more lusty.

"There you go. Now you are are into it. Right? Right?" Ben grunted. "Tell me slut," he shouted.

"Yeees," Sylvia stammered.

"You love it and want me to keep fucking your ass. Tell Me. NOW!"

"Yes," Sylvia moaned, "I love you to fuck my ass. I really do," she shrieked.

Sylvia kept moaning and sighing and then she let out a piercing scream rising to a crescendo: "Oooooooooooooooooh," followed by her gasping for breath and sobbing.

This was followed by Ben's more subdued orgasm, mainly a long stream of unarticlate sounds.

"See, Sylvia, I told you would love it in the ass," we heard him say.

Obviously she had enjoyed herself, even if it was reluctantly. I was not interested in more of their conversation. I was getting so hot I could practically see steam coming from my pussy. Pete was stroking himself to a full erection. . "Come on Pete. It's time to fuck! I leaped to the bed aand lay on my back. I spread my legs and raised them to my chest so I could then wrap my legs around Pete when he put it to me.

He was quick off the mark and before we both knew it we were fucking like sex-starved teenagers. I squeezed my thighs together so my pussy walls would have the maximum friction against Pete's cock. He was grunting away and I was racing to the top of my climax. "

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Jeeeeeeeeeeesus I screamed out my climax. I shouted as loud as I could.

"Hell," I thought. if others can make a lot of noise so can I. I have a reputation to keep up."

After Pete exploded and I lick him clean - I lvoe the taste of jism - we laid back more on the bed.

"Mary Beth, you are one hot piece of ass," Pete said admiringly.

"So I have been told, Pete. Many times," I laughed.

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