tagBDSMA Christmas Tail Ch. 02

A Christmas Tail Ch. 02


I watched, transfixed at the sight of my naked wife being tied to the crossbars in the dungeon at the B&D Club.

I was amazed at the proficiency demonstrated by Angel's new master and mistress, Dan and Sasha as they skillfully immobilized my sweet Angel, naked and spread-eagle to the wooden crossbars.

They were obviously very experienced and I was afraid my wife was in for a rough night.

After they finished tying her, they stood in front of her and removed their clothes.

Sasha was pale and large breasted. Her silver dollar-sized, erect nipples were pierced and hanging from each nipple was a sterling silver male and female symbol, advertizing her bisexuality.

Her jet-black hair was drawn back a tight ponytail which hung down to her buttocks. She was tall and her pussy was completely shaven.

He was magnificent. He stood well over six feet and weighed about 250 lbs. He had the kind of body you get from spending many hours each day at the gym.

His pectoral muscles were hard and firm. His laterals bulged and his stomach had a rolling eight pack that wouldn't quit.

His cock hung down to his knees soft, and was as big around as a flashlight.

Angel's eyes became as large as saucers as she looked at her new master and mistress. She watched his cock harden to its amazing full 12 inch length. It was like watching a small bird, hypnotized by a cobra.

Dan moved behind her and reached around and cupped her breasts, pinching each nipple and squeezing them hard.

Angel let out a loud moan. She has always had very sensitive breasts and responds quickly to any stimulation.

Sasha moved close to my wife and inserted two fingers into her already sopping cunt. Angel cried out in response as her mistress massaged her clitoris with her thumb while thrusting her fingers roughly in and out her pussy.

Angel quickly reached an orgasm with their combined stimulation. Her loud moans could be heard throughout the club which drew in even more spectators into the over-crowded room.

Her new master and mistress laughed at her quick climax. They knew they had a very hot woman who would be easy to manipulate.

After my wife recovered she was released from her bonds and placed on her hands and knees on a two foot high, padded table.

Dan asked her, "Who are you?"

"Your slave," Angel replied meekly.

"What is your purpose?" Sasha asked.

"To please my master and mistress," Angel answered.

Sasha moved in front of my wife and grabbing her hair, pulled her face tightly against her cunt. She then rubbed her pussy all over Angel's face, smearing her slutty makeup with her juices.

"Suck and lick my cunt slave!" She ordered.

Angel set about her task, licking and sucking her mistress's pussy frantically.

Meanwhile Dan moved behind her and after lubricating his giant cock with oil, began rubbing the head, up and down between her ass cheeks while spanking her cute bubble butt with a paddle.

Angel let out little moans each time the paddle struck her buttocks which was now turning scarlet.

He really didn't need to use any lubricant; my wife's pussy was dripping juice on the padded table below her for all to see.

Dan suddenly put down the paddle and thrust his 12 inch cock deep inside Angel's pussy. She was not expecting this and let out a scream that could be heard for blocks.

He held it deep inside her, letting her cunt expand to accommodate his giant member. Soon she began to relax as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her throbbing pussy.

Everybody in the room could hear her muffled mews and moans as she sucked Sasha's cunt and took Dan's cock.

The smell of sex permeated the room and many of the onlookers had started to stroke their hard cocks and wet cunts.

Watching her respond to Dan and Sasha I began to get concerned. What have I done? Will she ever be satisfied by my half limp, tiny cock? This may have been the biggest mistake I have ever made.

After Dan and Sasha had both come, they turned Angel over to the onlookers who formed lines in front and behind my wife, taking turns fucking her face, cunt and ass.

I lost count of her orgasms and the number of people who fucked her. It seemed to go on for hours.

Finally Master Dan said, "Bukkake Time!"

Angel was then placed on her back on the padded table while twenty guys surrounded her, all pumping their cocks. Slowly, one by one, they each came on a different part of her body.

Angel was drenched in cum from head to toe. Her hair, face, and breasts were especially covered. She had hickies and love bites on her breasts and buttocks.

Someone had written on her face, tits and ass the words, "Whore, slut, cunt and bitch". She was then leashed and led through the club for all to see as the cum hardened and formed a glaze covering her body.

The other members of the club laughed and slapped her bottom and pinched her tits. They took pictures of her while mocking and chiding her. "Did you get enough bitch?", "Want more slut?", "What a whore!"

She was then returned to me. Some men might have been disgusted at seeing their wife put on such a sluttish display, but not me.

I was proud of her. She had taken all they had to give her and never complained. She out fucked and sucked everyone.

I took my exhausted Angel to the club showering area and carefully washed all the cum and lipstick from her face, hair and body. I patted her dry with soft towels and tenderly licked her red, swollen cunt clean. I then put her robe back on her and escorted her to the car and drove home.

We didn't talk much on the drive home. What was there to say? She had fulfilled her end of the bargain and raised $7500 for needy families of our veterans fighting overseas.

I held her in my arms all night, stroking her soft skin and giving her sweet kisses. I never loved her so much as I did at that moment. I only hoped I had not lost her love and would still be able to satisfy her.

Another thing kept running through my mind. It was my turn was next.

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