tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish


The leather of the couch was cool against my skin—not cold, as it would normally feel in late December. Of course, the fact that a gorgeous girl had her lips wrapped around my cock, applying suction I had never felt from the twelve other mouths that had given me blowjobs over my years, had a little something to do with my body temperature.

Amanda had come over to visit upon my invitation. The words had come out of my mouth as an innocent request, just a pleasant holiday visit filled with good tidings. But there were ulterior motives in my mind. And Amanda knew it. Our actions at work over the last year indicated what might—and probably would—happen if the two of us were ever alone in the same room together.

Over Christmas, the factory was closed for five days. I knew from conversation that Amanda had no plans for the first three days of our vacation, so I picked up the phone and played cool as best I could, all the while my heart pounding and cold perspiration running down my sides. Amanda said she would come over without any hesitation, and I knew I was in.

Almost as soon as she stepped through my door that night, we were minus our clothing. First, she dispensed with the pleasantries, and then dropped her coat on the kitchen floor. She wore a tight red sweater that looked quite warm. Her breasts pushed the sweater out, straining the buttons. Amanda unbuttoned her sweater, exposing a green bra holding back her heavy affections. She was certainly dressed in the spirit of the season.

My cock ached behind my jeans, instinctively surging towards Amanda. I ran my fingers through her wavy red hair and pulled her sweater off her shoulders. I ran my tongue up her neck, tasting her pale skin. We stayed embraced as we worked our way to the couch, mouths connected, tongues probing. She pushed me down onto the couch and told me to unbutton my jeans. I complied, pushed my boxers and my jeans to my knees. My cock sprang up and swayed almost comically before Amanda took it with a hand.

Amanda knelt and pulled my jeans to the floor. She looked me in the eye as she began to jerk me off. She stared at me until I was ready to beg her to put my cock in her mouth. Then she did put it in her mouth, and I immediately trembled from the sensation. It felt so good that I couldn't move for a few moments. But I wanted to see those huge breasts free from restrictions. I wanted to see, in the flesh, what I had been stealing glances at whenever I had the chance for the last year.

I leaned forward, Amanda still bobbing over my cock, and concentrated on unfastening her festive bra. I had never had my cock sucked like that, and it made it quite difficult to get the bra off—I had been known to fumble with bras under less distraction. Eventually, I succeeded, and I pulled the bra away. I immediately felt the flesh of her breasts on my legs. I reached under her and took them, squeezed them until I'm sure it must have hurt her. Her nipples were resistant from her arousal.

At one point, when I was close to climax, Amanda stopped and stood. I took in the full beauty of her breasts, large and firm. Her areolas were large and pale. She pushed down her jeans and a pair of matching green panties. Her curves were simply amazing. She let me rub my fingers against her wet, warm pussy, which had obviously been recently shaved. My index finger went in first, and the warmth was enough to heat my whole body, not that I was bothered by any chill or draft in the heat of that moment. My middle finger had not so easy a time entering, and I wondered if I would be able to fit my cock in that space without causing Amanda some great discomfort. The thought turned me on even more.

Amanda returned to her knees and resumed sucking. Within seconds, I exploded in her mouth. I put one hand on the back of her head, a gesture that I wanted her to take all of it—a gesture that was well received by her. It felt like I expelled a gallons worth of semen into her mouth, but not once did she falter, keeping those lips tight around my shaft. After the spurting stopped, she lifted her head and wiped her mouth.

Only once in my life was I able to pull off a double-come before that night, but after that blowjob, my cock still stood at full attention. It was an unexpected surprise and one that I was very thankful for. Now I could fuck Amanda with no awkward delay.

Amanda showed her beautiful smile as she watched my glistening cock surge faithfully, a testament to the effect she was having on me. She straddled me, and the previous intense feeling of her lips on my cock was shoved to the back of my mind as the tip of my cock parting her lips took center stage. Just as I had thought, she looked uncomfortable, making sounds accordingly as she struggled down my pulsing shaft, constricting it with her tight pussy. Even as wet as she was, it was still a chore for her.

When our pubic hair was meshed tightly together, she went to work, slowly at first. Then, when she adjusted to my size, she quickened her pace. Her moans were sweet, angelic tones in my ears, the look of her face contorted with pleasure, the most magnificent work of art my eyes had ever seen.

As Amanda worked me towards a second orgasm, I looked past her, into the dark of the office on the other side of the living room. By the illumination of the blinking Christmas tree lights, I could see a face.

My wife had been keeping her distance, watching from out of sight, but now she was almost in the doorway. I could see her breasts, washed in blue light. She was squeezing them, pulled one up to her mouth and licked her nipple while keeping her eyes fixed on the two of us.

As I came again, almost in unison with Amanda, who was gripping the back of the couch with both hands while I had my own hands on both of her buttocks, I was thankful that my wife had one, solitary Christmas wish this year. And that was to watch me with another woman. Specifically, the woman she found out I had been flirting with at work—via a frisky e-mail she had discovered in my inbox.

At first she was mad, then aroused. She played angry for awhile, giving me the silent treatment. Then she came into our bedroom one night, naked and with that look in her eye that told me to prepare to have my brains fucked out. Afterwards, she told me of her wish. She wanted me to lie and tell Amanda that my wife would be out of town visiting family for the holiday. She wanted to watch the two of us fuck, right in front of her. Actually, her words were, "under the fucking tree with a big bow wrapped around both your asses".

I think we gave her close enough.

In fulfilling my wife's Christmas wish, she gave me a very large present in return. One that wasn't on my list, but in the back of my mind.

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