tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Chronicle Of Mankind

A Chronicle Of Mankind


My name does not matter. Who or what I am does not matter. I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am not an Angel, a God or a Demon. I am simply here and I have always been here. I am the chronicler of all that happens. Currently, I am walking around the remnants of the earth, looking at the aftermath of an ancient battle where the human race, the most magnificent and promising of species wiped itself out. Completely. I sigh in disgust and in pain. Yes, I am an immortal being and I can feel pain. For countless eons, I have watched the evolution of the humans. Now, I must face eternity without them.

How I miss the humans. I wish I could turn back the clock. But I cannot. I must return to the others like myself. The ancient Guardians of Eternity. I will share with them the wisdom I have collected, and the sorrow. Before I leave, I must share one thing with you. The beginning of the end for the race of humanity. It's not a happy time for anyone, especially me. And I still hate those responsible for bringing about the downfall of this proud and complex, magnificent race. Half of the human race was betrayed by the other half and war ensued. In the end, all were gone. I am still ticked off about it, even after eons.

My fellow immortals warn me about getting so emotional. Maybe it's because I have been among the humans since the first one appeared on this world. Never in my wildest rants would I have imagined that half of this race could be so wicked while the other half had such unlimited potential for greatness. I am someone with a complex. Or maybe it's not a complex at all. I hate everyone on this planet. First and foremost, I hate women. That's one of my main issues in this life. I simply hate women. women are liars, thieves, manipulators and deceivers. And I hate them for it. I see them everywhere with their fake smiles and their greedy eyes. They think they own the world. They never build anything or create anything. They're way too lazy to do anything productive. They simply lie, steal and manipulate. I think they're thoughtless but due to their talent for manipulation, I've had to rethink that one.

My second complex is that I hate men. men are everywhere. They are my second biggest issue in this life. They're dumb and they let women have way too much power over them. women seduce the men and rise to power. They steal money, houses and destroy lives and careers. The women get away with the stuff they do because the stupid men let them. Some men I hate because they are not only dumb but also arrogant and cruel and often they get in my way. Honestly, I can't pick which one I hate more. The women or the men. I read all kinds of stories about the nasty deeds of the women. A woman seduces a man working in the corporate world in order to get some money and destroys a career in the process. Another woman kills a dumb man and gets away with it by lying and also playing victim in front of a jury made up of evil rotten women and dumb men. The men are there and they won't even speak up about things they know to be true.

In my life, I am often surrounded by them. I once heard a woman bragging about kicking out the man who owned a big house and was stupid enough to ask that woman to move in. The man got locked up by the police based on a false allegation of domestic abuse made by the woman. A lot of men out there know this and they don't do anything about that. men still own most of the world's wealth but they are rapidly losing ground because the women are stealing, manipulating and sleeping their way to the top. women fill up the nation's schools. They teach what is taught in the schools. They mold the minds of the next generation according to their evil agendas. They have redesigned the school system to benefit women instead of men. Also, they have changed the laws of the criminal and civil system so that women get away with almost anything while men get locked up all the time.

Another frightening thing is that women are rising in the places of political power. Some of them want to become the rulers of the most powerful nation on the planet. Most men can't stand up to them. This generation of men is made up of weak specimens. The women are getting smarter and more adept at manipulation and deception all the time. They're evil and they don't even have to hide it. A funny thing about all this is that when I go on the subway, I still see some men give up their seats for the women. One man was going out with a wealthy woman. This same man insisted on paying for everything even though the woman was the wealthier of the two of them, and by a lot, too. Some men will not report a woman for hurting them physically or financially. They have way too much pride. Far too often, the men seem to think that their worth is measured on the type of woman they hang out with and so they associate with some woman they think is better than the rest. Unfortunately for the men, women are all the same.

The world is getting worse all the time. In the most powerful nation in the world, women have convinced men to go fight a dangerous war against other men in a distant land. The men in this distant land still maintain dominion over their land and their women. They don't let women run the show or dominate them. Some men think women want equality. That's a lie. women don't want equality. They want to completely dominate. It's a war, plain and simple. Why settle for half when you could have it all? Exactly. Some men still don't get that the women are the enemy. Some men will give up their lives for the very same women who humiliate them, steal from them, abuse them and destroy their lives. Yes, I know. The stupidity of these men is astounding.

The sad thing is that one day, the women are going to come up with a means of destroying the men, wipe them all out completely. women never play fair. They're not strong enough to win in a physical fight against a horde of angry men hell bent on destroying them. That's why women got smarter and more treacherous over the eons. They developed attractive physical forms on the outside while they got darker and more evil on the inside. The average woman is born with a talent for manipulation and deception that will only increase as the woman grows older. The women rise to power. First, they supported the men who wanted equality for all men and women. Now, they support other women who want to gain power. Once a woman rises to the top and gets access to all the power and knowledge of the men, the top woman will use that power to wipe out the men once and for all.

There are many differences between men and women. Physically, they seem to be opposite sides of the same coin but inside, they're as different as night and day. The men are born with a capacity for both good and evil. The women are incapable of good. Why? It's simply because women have no conscience. Oh, many of them pretend to have one. It's hard to imagine the sweet homemaker, caregiver and nurturer as evil, gold and ruthless, isn't it? Usually, we think of a brutish man as the evil one. Well, some men are evil but the most evil of all evil men pales in comparison to the least evil woman on the planet. Why? Simply because even in the heart of the most evil man, there is a conscience and therefore a spark of good. Inside the woman's mind and heart, there is no conscience. That's why they're incapable of feeling true love for others. They fake it. They fake everything. They don't feel genuine feelings of warmth and caring toward anyone. It's simply not in their genetic structure, though they have adapted and learned to project the illusion of love, kindness and caring, to deceive the men upon which they depended for survival.

Nowadays, the men have conquered all dangers on the planet. They've made it a safe and easy place to live in. Times have never been better for women. They enjoy power and respect. They hold high positions. Unfortunately for the men who allow them to hold these positions, they abuse power simply because they have no conscience. women cannot feel remorse. They don't feel any empathy toward others. If they appear to be doing so, it's a very clever act. women have no soul. It's all pretense. All they've ever wanted was to take over. It's been their agenda from the beginning. They've infiltrated all aspects of life in the society of the men. Every trade. Everything. Whatever is going on, they know and they share it with their vast network of women. women have started wars but men have fought them. The number of men who have died to protect women is staggering. men are willing to give up their lives to protect the vile and manipulative creatures who have deceived them. They hope and pray that women have souls, that some among them are good. That's bullshit.

Let's compare women with snakes. It's in a snake's nature to bite. That's how nature designed snakes. It's in a woman's nature to lie, steal, deceive, manipulate and destroy. That's how nature designed them. A snake has no conscience. It doesn't care if it hurts others. It's incapable of feeling remorse. That's how women are. Just like snakes. Unfortunately, as good as women are at deceiving the men, the men seem to be even better at deceiving their very own selves. men hope that women can love and empathize and feel compassion as they do. Unfortunately, that's impossible. A woman can no more love than a snake can learn not to bite. It's in its nature. Hoping a woman is not evil is like touching a live snake and hoping it won't bite you. That's stupid, ridiculous and dangerous. Deep down inside, the men know this but they don't want to admit it.

Over the eons, the men have grown so dependent on the women for their emotional, psychological and sexual well-being that they simply cannot imagine life without the women. That's so funny because to a woman, a man is simply a tool. Can you fall in love with a tool you use for a particular task? Of course not. You can appreciate the tool because it's efficient and does its job well. But you can't love it. women can't love men because they see men as tools to be used and later, discarded. When a woman loses a man, that same woman goes looking for another one to provide wealth, comfort and safety. That's it.

A lot of people say that there's a war going on between men and women. Yes, there is. There are more women than men in schools. There are more women with degrees than there are men. women live longer than men. men are getting left behind. women feel solidarity with their own kind, not out of some loving bond but out of a union of like-minded predators. men will help their fellow men when one of their own is injured. men may be stupid but they feel loyalty and solidarity with their fellow men. women don't feel that. They don't feel anything, except greed and disgust. Like sharks in the ocean, women eat their wounded. They turn against the weaker among them. The weaker women are subjugated by the stronger ones. The stronger women latch onto strong men to provide them with wealth, comfort and power. They will hang onto a man until a more powerful man comes along. No woman will ever hesitate to betray a man. Unfortunately, men don't betray women half as often and when they do, they tend to feel guilt. Guilt is as alien to women as thought is alien to beasts.

I have been looking through the system of information and communication used by the men and women alike. Some men are starting to realize that the perfect world they spent thousands of years building has turned against them. Some men are starting to organize a resistance. Unfortunately, these men are few. Most men still go on as if the world were fine instead of turning into a nightmare where the women have all the power. I hope these resistance fighters continue to organize. They should learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and remove all women from their midst. Some women claim to support the activism and groups of men fighting for true equality. I don't trust women. Why? Simply because of what they are. Cold, ruthless manipulators with no remorse. Get rid of these infiltrators. Better to trust a man known to be evil than a woman pretending to be good. An evil man may change and join the good fight or may remain evil. A woman is pure evil. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Like a snake in the woodshed, it will rear its ugly head and strike murderously at the worst possible moment.

I don't know if I will live to see the day when men worldwide will join forces and overthrow the ruthless, cold and sociopath women who want to rule the universe. men are a strange bunch but they have endeared themselves to my heart. They can be dumb sometimes and astonishingly brutal. They can be murderous and dangerous. Yet inside the worst man of all time, there is still a spark of good. A potential for greatness having nothing to do with advanced intellect or raw athleticism. There is a spark of the divine in the man. Inside every man, there is something very much like that awesome entity who created the universe so long ago. They can be great, among the greatest forces in the universe. I know they wish. They only lack guidance, and they also need to rid themselves of the evil ones who hold them back and drag them down into the muck.

When I look into a man's eyes, no matter how wretched, I see a potential for goodness and greatness. That potential may be buried inside a murderous, dangerous or very wicked man but it is still there. They are born with it and it can never be taken away. Indeed, the spark of the divine residing inside even the most malevolent of men can never be extinguished, even when they die. Inside the women, there is no such spark. Perhaps that's why their physical forms are so alluring. There is no divine spark inside. There is no beauty, only a ravenous evil with an appetite for destruction and mayhem that cleverly disguises itself. For this reason, they can't be changed. They can't be reformed. They are simply what they are. A primal force of destruction and evil. men are a primal force in their own right, but inside them reside the divine spirits of creation and destruction. They can embrace either one, it's entirely up to them. Every man is given a choice. Good or evil. For women, the choice is made long before birth. In the absence of a conscience, there can be no good. In the absence of good, evil reigns.

Times are tough and toughening for the men worldwide. Never before have they faced such odds. The criminal justice system is against them. Society itself is against them. The same society they and their forefathers built with the sweat of their brow. They have been betrayed by the women in the worst way possible. women are evil and cunning, supremely adept at manipulation and deception. men are strong, both physically and mentally. They carved out a beautiful world out of a primal wilderness. They vanquished the great beasts. They changed the face of the world. They built machines and went to space. They look to the stars and seek answers. All due to the divine spark inside them. That one thing that nothing, not even the fury of the women cannot take away. I have faith in the men.

I have a final thought to share with you. I am immortal. I was around long before the world came into being and I will be around long after the galaxies are gone, all stars extinguished and all of creation has ended. I will endure after time itself is no more. I have only had one desire and since I am a god-like immortal, it is against the rules for me to fulfill it. If I could, I would have become a , and helped my fellow men in their darkest hour. Win or lose, I would have been proud to fight, live and even die among them. There you have it.

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