tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 01

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 01


I sat for some time in my car and stared at the Norris building. I had worked here for over fourteen years and now it was beginning to pay off. Tim Wilson, the CEO, had called me in yesterday and informed me that the company was about to receive a huge government contract. He also said that this would necessitate the establishment of an entirely new division. Then, he dropped the bomb!

"John, how would you like to be the Associate Division Director for this new division?"

For the longest time, I couldn't bring myself to answer him. This had come completely out of the blue. I had known that we were bidding on a new, big contract, but I hadn't thought that it would involve me. Well, that isn't quite true. I knew that Dick Blake was slated to head the new division and I felt certain that he would want me as one of his team leaders, but, Associate Division Director? That had not been on my horizon. Naturally, I accepted the new appointment on the spot.

After clapping me on the back and congratulating me, Tim continued, "Naturally, since you will be moving up into the higher executive ranks, you will have to go over your personnel files again. We can't have a top executive suddenly showing up with a bad record. What might be acceptable for a team leader will not do for an executive. So, I've set up an appointment with Miss Weatherly for tomorrow morning. Think you can make that?"

My only answer was a very wide grin.

When I entered the personnel office, Miss Weatherly's secretary rose from behind her desk to greet me. I was somewhat surprised for this was a woman of at least forty. She was a large woman. Her hair was stylishly done and she presented a very attractive appearance. Except for her dress. I think it was what a woman would call, "a shirt-waist dress" and it was very plain-looking. It was beige in color with short sleeves with a white cuff around their ends. The dress had a white collar and a row of rather large buttons extending from the neckline down to approximately the middle of her stomach. All in all, a very drab-looking attire. Somehow, I had expected a beautiful , striking female for Weatherly's secretary. This was definitely not the case.

"Mr. Martin?" I nodded. "You may go right in. Miss Weatherly is expecting you."

Anita Weatherly was the personnel director for the whole company and, as such, she possessed a lot of clout. Not only was she important within the company, but she was personally prepossessing. She was a large woman. She was easily six feet tall and that without heels. I would have judged her weight to be in the 150 to 170 range. She wasn't fat, just very large.

"Well, John. From looking over your file, I see that it hasn't been updated – except for promotions – since you first came to work here. Sooo, we are going to have to redo the whole thing. Does that worry you in any way?"

"Not at all."

"Okay, let's begin. You are thirty four?"





"No and I am not currently in any kind of relationship."

"Oh, that's too bad. Religious?"

"Not really. I was raised as a Protestant, but I've sorta gotten out of the habit of going to church."

"Then it is okay to say that you have no real religious ties?"

"Yes, you can say that."





That brought a grin to her face. "Do you consider yourself heterosexual? In other words, have you ever had a homosexual relationship?"

"Emphatically, no!"

"Sorry for these questions, but we have to be careful of what others might think – especially in our more intimate working conditions. I do hope you understand?"

"Of course and I am not in any way insulted."

"Very good. The company would like a brief resume' of your current financial status. A recent bank statement would do for this. You must understand that we wouldn't want an executive who is in debt over his head?"

"Okay. I'll contact my bank and I'm sure they'll send you a copy of my statement."

"Fine. You may have wondered why I asked about a wife or serious friend. Did you know that the company has an organization just for the wives of the members of our senior management?" I shook my head. "Well, since you aren't married, there really isn't any reason for you to know about it. That particular organization is organized and run by Mrs. Wilson, the CEO's wife. To continue with our updating of your file, any run-ins with the police? Any criminal record? We are primarily interested in felonies not run-of-the-mill traffic tickets."

"No. I've never been arrested for any reason. I'm a very safe and sane driver."

"Fine. That about finishes it. There is one other thing that I feel I should prepare you for. The major executives o f the company – over the years – have formed and currently maintain an intimate relationship among themselves and their wives. You will be expected to participate in this organization. Does that offer any impediments to your acceptance of this promotion?"

"What kind of organization? Can you tell me a little more about it?"

"Certainly. It is a sexually-oriented group that meets periodically for certain ceremonies and ... er....rather free-wheeling rituals!"

There was a very long silence while I considered all that she had just said. I found it hard to believe that all of my bosses and their wives and girl-friends got together for sex orgies. My surprise made it impossible for me to answer her.

"I have assumed that you will still accept the offered promotion so I have assigned you an office and I have delegated one of the secretaries from the pool as your secretary. Her name is Mrs. Ryan and she should already be established in your new office. She has been with us for a number of years and knows a lot about the workings of the company. Oh yes, if you have a private insurance policy – life or health – you should consider cancelling it. As a member of the executive staff of the company, you will be provided with both life and health insurance. Furthermore, you will be entitled to one physical examination every year at company expense. You can pick the doctor or I can make a recommendation from a list of acceptable physicians maintained by the company. Any questions?" I shook my head and then she continued, "There will be a get-together of the upper management group next week. It would be especially good if you were to attend. In that way, you would get to meet the entire executive branch. I'll give you more info in time for you to answer. We are hoping that you will accept the promotion. In anticipation of that fine event, good luck in your new position."

I thanked her and left. I was excited over my promotion, but there was one thing, besides this sex thing, that was nagging at me. I had seen the women who worked in the steno pool and some of them were real cuties. What bothered me was this woman's name. Somehow, "Mrs. Ryan" didn't sound all that sexy. I knew I was embarking on a big, new phase of my life, but I didn't realize just how different it would be and I vowed to myself not to let a small setback like, "Mrs. Ryan" throw me off my game.

There was one surprise awaiting me that I encountered on the way to my new office. Weatherly's office was in the upper regions of the company building. The nineteenth floor to be exact. My office was on the seventeenth floor so I strode from Weatherly's office to the elevators. When the elevator doors opened, I was greeted by five women – all of whom were dressed in that same shirt-waist attire. They, like me, got off at the seventeenth floor and, from that, I assumed that they were also secretaries. But, why were they all dressed in the identically same fashion?

Unfortunately, Mrs. Ryan was just the type of woman that her name suggested. She was something over fifty, tall and rather large. Her hair was done up in ringlets in a style not seen for decades and the dress she was wearing was a replica of the others I had just seen. It hit me that all of the executive secretaries were dressed in the exact same manner! She jumped up as I entered and came around her desk to greet me.

"Hello, Mr. Martin! I am Mrs. Ryan – your new secretary. Oh, I guess I've made my first mistake! Since you didn't have a secretary, I must be the new one." And then, she laughed at her own booboo.

"Hello! Glad to meet you. You undoubtedly know that I have just been promoted to this office so, let's get off on the right foot. Whenever you and I are alone in the office, I'd like you to call me John and, if you don't mind, I'll call you – by the way, what is your name?"

"Betty, Mr. Mar.....er .... John. I'm Betty. I've spent the time since this morning drawing our office supplies and, in general, trying to get things laid out for you. If there is anything you want, just let me know and I can get it."

"Thanks, Betty. I'm a sort of straightforward kind of a guy so I'm sure what you've gotten will do me just fine. I think it would be a good idea if I paid a call upon my new boss and get some idea of what he wants me to do. See you later."

Upon my return, Betty greeted me in something of an excited manner.

"Mr. Er...John, you have been invited to a get-acquainted party at the house of Miss Weatherly! All of the bigwigs will probably be there.

"When is it to be?"

"This Friday night and she has had her secretary bring your costume here to the office. The big parties with all of the staff in attendance are always held on Friday nights so that the attendees have the entire weekend to recover. I understand that these parties can get rather rowdy. Sometimes, from what I hear, these parties can last the whole weekend!""

"Costume? I know she said something about a big staff party, but she didn't say anything about a costume affair. And, besides, I'm almost certain that she said it would be sometime next week. Are you certain that this thing is to be held this Friday?"

"That's what her secretary said. From time-to-time, Miss Weatherly gives little affairs for a select group of the executives and their wives. So, I guess this is what she is doing." With that, Betty shrugged her shoulders and our brief conversation was ended.

The garb that Weatherly had sent up for me to wear was just as strange as this whole affair. It consisted of a monk's half robe with a draw string around the top, sandals and a kind of headpiece. The headpiece was of the order of some of the things I had seen nuns wearing except that this was a complete cowl. When I put it on over my head, the cowl portion hid my face.

"Aha! So, this is to be a masked ball of sorts!"

For the next several days, I was busy getting in sync with my new duties. So busy, in fact, that I completely forgot Weatherly and her weird party. Then, a casual remark brought me back to the immediate future.

"Oh, John. Don't forget that Miss Weatherly's party is tonight! You are going aren't you?"

"Thanks for reminding me. I had completely forgotten about that. Yes, I intend to be there."

I didn't understand the rather happy smile that Betty gave me.

* * * * * * *

There were a number of cars lined up before the large house that Anita Weatherly was reported to own. I had no idea how many people she might have invited, but it looked like it must be quite a few. I sat there for several minutes feeling like a damn fool. Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was no need in waiting any longer so I climbed out of the car – nearly losing the lower half of my costume in the process – and strode up to the front door. It was opened by a near-naked female. I say she was nearly naked because she had discarded the bottom portion of her costume thereby exposing most of her female charms. The cowl that she was wearing concealed the major part of her head and face so I wasn't sure just who she was. She didn't speak. She just gestured for me to proceed through a wide-open doorway. There, I was greeted by the sight of quite a lot of nearly nude males and females. As I stood there gaping like a rube just out of the country, the female who had greeted me reached around my waist, undid the drawstring that held up the bottom half of my attire and let it slide to the floor. I was as naked as all the others!

A male came up to me and offered me a cup of some kind of liquid. It smelled really foul and didn't taste much better than it smelled. I sipped it and felt it burning me all the way down into my belly. It had an almost immediate effect upon my libido and I saw my member beginning to rise. I shifted that cup of awful stuff into my right hand and promised myself that I would not drink any more of it. While I was digesting these developments, I suddenly became aware of a small individual who was standing just in front of my left side. By looking at her legs and exposed belly, I could tell that this was no spring chicken. In fact, she looked to be quite old. She wasn't looking at me nor did she acknowledge my presence in any way until I heard her whisper,

"I would greatly enjoy it if you would begin rubbing me!" I was so astonished that I couldn't even answer her. "Surely, you've rubbed other females in your time? Run your hand down through my dark valley and through the chasm of delight until you reach my pearl of pleasure. Use your fingertips like this."

I gasped! Somehow, she had curled her hand under my prick and had taken a very light grip on my scrotum! Then, in a way that was designed to drive me nearly wild with excitement, she began drawing her hand along my ball-sac and thence up along the under side of my prick! After two or three of these treatments, I was shivering and pushing my hips so that my prick was dry-fucking her hand! Until this time, she hadn't said another word. Then she said,

"Your jism sources are really quite large. Can you come more than once?

"Lady, I don't know."

" Well, we shall soon find out. Now rouse my desire so I can enjoy your performance. Push your thumb into my back hole and put your two fingers into my cave of delight! Ooh, that's so good. Can your fingers go any deeper?"

"Perhaps. Shall I push them in you further?"

"Certainly, my dear boy. Push them into me as deeply as they will go.

I was nearly jumping with the results of her arousal of me so I didn't need any further encouragement to take her with my fingers! As my digits slid into her openings, she took a gentle grip on my prick and balls and began a slow, definite pulling. There was no doubt that she wanted me to follow along with her.

"Now that your force is properly arrayed before the target, we, you and I, shall storm the fortress."

I didn't have the slightest idea of what she was talking about, but I wasn't about to back off. Her constant massaging of my balls had lifted my propensity for ejaculation to the very brink of explosion.

"Here we are. Isn't that a lovely looking castle? See the ramparts and the small doorway that they guard? You must bring your force to bear upon the castle's defenses and win your way inside."

We had stopped before the figure of another female. She was lying with her hips supported by a pile of cushions. This lifted her hips and buttocks high up into the air. Even in the dim light of the room, I could see the brown, star-fish hole between her buttocks.

"NOW! Bring your ram to bear! I shall guide your first attack!"

As she said this, this old female guided my prick straight up against the tiny portal of this female's ass!

"Attack! Attack, I say! Push your advantage until you have breached her gate. There! See how her gate crumples? Your assault force has achieved penetration! Now - expand your opportunities. Push forward with all that remains of your force. You must conquer her inner defenses before the castle will be yours! Drive onward! See how she squirms and twists in her attempts to evade your advances? She screams and she cries out for you to stop, but you must not. Push on so that you increase the exquisite pain that she is suffering! Bring her pain and enjoyment to its' maximum and she will be yours. Onward is the name of this game! Oh, oh, you have breached her last defenses! Now you are deep inside her and you are about to storm her keep. I feel the rumbling of your great weapon. Unload it upon her defenseless stronghold!"

Just as she said this, she gave my balls an added twist and I blew my jism - not once, but twice - all over the insides of the guts of the kneeling woman! Slowly, as the force of my come drained away, I fell upon her elevated body. The poor girl was whimpering and sobbing. There was no doubt that my over-large cock had done her some real bodily harm. The old female continued her monologue.

"You have conquered her! Now, and forever, she is your devadasi!"

Gradually, the agitation of my partner's body eased and she became silent.

"See how a dose of your elixir calms the defeated? But! What is this? Another foe has entered the field of battle!"

I felt the old woman using her hands once more only this time, she was parting my buttocks. Then, I knew what I was in for. I felt the head of a cock against the puckered hole of my ass! I started to rise, but the old woman was leaning on my back and shoulders so I was unable to escape this unseen attack. This enemy was not gentle. A sudden onslaught and my ass was penetrated! Nor did this cock stop upon its' initial penetration. Oh, no! It pushed forcefully and steadily deeper and deeper into my ass! These were the actions of a vengeful person. One who hated men. Now, I was experiencing that horrible, exquisite pain that the old woman had talked about. I couldn't help myself. I, too, was yelling and crying out for my unknown assailant to have mercy and pull that awful cock out of me. It was to no avail. The cock that was tearing me apart just kept on driving deeper and deeper into me until, at last, I felt my attacker's pubic hair against my buttocks. I knew that this awful cock was as deep into my ass as it could go. The pain eased somewhat and I thought that surely that cock would be withdrawn. This was not to be. Instead, it began a fucking motion in and out of my ass! Oh, God! How it hurt!

Then, a strange thing began to happen. The invading cock must have been rubbing against my prostate and, as a result, my cock was becoming hard again. The more I was fucked, the harder my cock became until it was like a bar of iron. The ass beneath me began to quiver and shake once more. After some experimentation, I was able to time the rhythm of my assailant's stokes and the two of us were vigorously fucking another's ass! The person, whoever it was who was plastered against my backside, leaned over me and whispered,

"Now you are one of us!"

Surprisingly, I felt a sense of belonging.

We continued our threesome fucking until both my attacker and I exploded in each ass receptacle. This was my finish and I slowly collapsed. This must also have been the end for my attacker and my prey for, as I rolled over onto my side, so did the others. I was looking into the face of my attacker and I was aghast with the surprise it gave me. I was staring directly into the face of Anita Weatherly! I hurriedly glanced downward along her body and saw that she was sporting a rather large male cock! She merely smiled at my astonishment.

I thought, "MY GOD! She's a transvestite!"

While I was inspecting Weatherly's cock, I felt the female I had fucked rubbing my shoulder. Just as I turned to see who this might be, I heard,

"Aren't you glad you came tonight? And I must say, John, you are one very good sized boy! I shall be sore tomorrow."

Once more, I was astounded when I discovered that I had been fucking my secretary, Betty!

"John, I've had enough for one night. Could you give me a ride home?"

"Don't you have a car?"

"Yes. But it is in the shop and I had to get a ride with one of the other girls. Knowing the kind of sex fiend that she is, I know she won't be leaving very soon. So, if you could just do me this one favor?"

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