tagInterracial LoveA City Tale

A City Tale


Hey guys longtime no see, eh? This story is a one-shot from Lena's college days. Part two of Lena and David's story is coming up soon. I hope you like it.



Lena Harrison quickly walked up the sidewalk, her blue earbuds resting in her small brown ears. She had just gotten out of her music theory class at San Francisco State and was on her way home to her apartment a few blocks away. She was dressed in a black long-sleeved tunic shirt that perfectly accentuated her round breasts, a pair of charcoal jeans and boots. Her tan tote was on her left shoulder and she was humming the beat of the Miles Davis song she was listening to. Lena stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to change. As she stood at the corner, she sensed several pairs of eyes glued to her butt. She turned her head to see a group of men dressed in sharp suits and ties, most likely business majors. Lena smiled at them and crossed the street, switching her hips a bit.

She almost laughed out loud at the whole situation. "If David was here, he'd probably laugh too," she thought, as she walked passed several houses. After she crossed another narrow street, Lena was in front of her building. She stopped in the lobby to pick up her mail and came face to face with a redheaded man giving her the eye. Lena smiled at him and opened her mailbox. She scanned through the envelopes and junk mail quickly and closed her box. As she turned to go, the redhead spoke.

"Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you how cute you look today. Would you mind if I asked your name?"

Lena turned back around and smiled sensuously at him. "I'm Lena. And you are?"

"Cillian Anderson. It's nice to finally get to know someone around here."

They shook hands as they surveyed each other. Cillian was a thin guy with short, flaming red hair. His eyes were a light gray color and they seemed to be transfixed by Lena. He had an easy going manner and great smile which Lena liked immediately. "He's almost as cute as David." she thought.

Cillian continued to stare at the petite black girl in front of him. He had seen her briefly before but never this close up. "She's gorgeous,' he thought. 'I'd love to get a taste of that sweet body." Lena shifted her weight onto her right foot. "So are you new to this area, Cillian?" she asked. Cillian felt his cock twitch and cleared his throat.

"Just to this apartment complex. I have been at SFSU for a year already but I had to change my living arrangements around. My roommate decided he wanted his girlfriend to move in and it was hard for me to be around the two of them all the time."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"I'm not... At least not anymore"

The two strangers grinned at each other. Lena shifted her weight on to her other foot.

"Well it was nice meeting you, Cillian. Maybe I'll see you around sometime."

"Yeah, definitely."

Cillian watched as Lena walked away. His eyes were glued to her firm ass as she sashayed around the corner and disappeared. "I wonder what she'd be like in bed. Sweet and innocent or naughty?" Cillian thought, as his cock became stiff. He had really gone to the lobby to get his mail but that task was complete forgotten now. He ran back to his apartment on the second floor of old building. He went straight into his room and pulled out a small tube of lube from his desk drawer and warmed it in his large hand. He kicked off his jeans and boxers and reached for his hard pale cock.

Sitting down on the edge of his bed, Cillian began to stroke himself as he thought about what Lena would look like with her top off, on her knees in front of him. Cillian imagined her full lips parting, as she put him into her warm mouth, deepthroating his thick cock. "I bet she wouldn't even gag with my cock down her throat." he thought. He tugged on his cock harder as he imagined pulling out off her mouth and shooting his cum on her large chocolate breasts and face. He could see her licking his cum off her breasts and staring at him with those sexy brown eyes of hers. "I want you to cum inside of me, Cillian. Give me your hard cock."she said. Cum spurted onto his stomach as he imagined pounding into her pussy, legs spread just for him, screaming his name as they both climaxed. He dropped back onto the bed, spent. "I've got to have that beautiful girl in my bed before the week is over."

Lena opened the door to her apartment on the fifth floor and tossed her tan tote bag onto the navy couch. She been in school for about three months and she was loving it. The professors here were a little more demanding than the ones from her community college but Lena didn't mind. She could handle it. The whole atmosphere at the school was great. She had managed to make some really good friends. "And I just made a new one," she thought as she walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of lemonade. Lena leaned against the counter, taking a long sip of her drink. "Cillian is so cute. He's obviously attracted to me. From the way he kept eyeing me, I'm pretty sure he'd like nothing better than fuck me into oblivion." Lena sighed and thought of David. She had spoken to David last night on the phone. She missed him a lot. They had decided to see other people for the time being. If they were still both available after a period of time, then they would try to work something out.

David had even thought briefly about transferring to the Spin Shop in San Francisco but they decided against it. "Besides, I don't want him to uproot his whole life just for me. It would be too much. I do miss him though." thought Lena. She sighed and walked back over towards the couch. Lena laid down on the couch, drink in her small brown hand. "Things will workout somehow. If David and I are meant to be together, we'll find our way back to each other someday. I'm sure of it."


Lena walked down the concrete path, passing the Fine Arts Building, humming under her breath. She had just had lunch with a friend from her Creative Writing 201 class, Tricia Wilson. Tricia was junior like Lena. With her wavy sand blonde hair, hazel eyes, and inviting smile, Tricia was not hurting for male attention. That fact that she had an nice hourglass shape didn't hurt either. Several guys had stopped by just to talk to the two girls. Lena shook her head. "I think most of them were interested in Tricia. A few did talk to me though." Lena laughed to herself. "I'm surprised we managed to finish lunch at all with all those 'visitors' coming to our table." Lunch with Tricia was always fun, despite the minors annoyances. Tricia always had a wild story or bit of gossip to tell. "So did I tell you what happened when I went to that party last weekend?" said Tricia, eyes gleaming.

"No, what happened?"

"This frat guy named James kept following me around. He was drunk off his ass and wouldn't take no for an answer. I was about to whip off my stiletto and stab him when two of my friends, Ken and Larry, came up. They grabbed James and were like, 'Come on buddy, lets get you sobered up.' I just thought they were going to put him to bed or something, but they did something completely different."

"What did they do?"

"They went out into the backyard and tossed James head first into the pool. He belly-flopped so hard, the people in pool winced. Everyone was laughing so hard they were crying."

Lena chuckled at the memory. "I guess the guy was just asking for it." She continued her walk home. She had work to catch up on. As she passed by the library, she heard someone shouting.

"Lena, HEY LENA!"

Lena turned her head and smiled. It was Cillian hurrying towards her. The red-haired stud was wearing a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a steel gray t-shirt, that fit taut across his chest. "There's my cute neighbor." Cillian stopped in front Lena, grinning ear to ear. He quickly surveyed the outfit she was wearing and sighed. A scoop-neck royal purple sweater, tight dark-blue jeans, and a pair of black flats. "God, she looks so good today. If there weren't any people around I'd take her right behind that gnarly oak tree."

"So, are you on your way back home?"

"Yeah, I'm just going to chill and study for awhile and then I might go out with some friends later on tonight."

"Have you already eaten lunch? I know this great Italian place that serves to-die-for-pasta."

"Yeah, I ate already with a friend. Sorry."

Cillian felt his scheme implode. "I can't let her leave yet!"

"What about dinner? Seven p.m.?" he said.

Lena almost laughed out loud. "He's trying so hard. He's even starting to pout a little. So cute." she thought to herself.

"Sure, that sounds great Cillian. I'll met you in the lobby at seven."

"Ok. See you then."

Cillian watched his crush walk away, his eyes once again glued to her butt. He sighed as she slowly disappeared from his sight. "Tonight is going to be the night. I'm sure of it!"


Cillian nervously tapped his left foot and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was about five minutes 'til seven. "God, I hope she comes!" He looked at the clock again, which had only moved a fraction of an inch since he last looked at it. Cillian heard footsteps and turned to see Lena come down the hall towards him. Cillian thought he would have a heart attack as he took in her outfit. She wore a black halter dress that hugged every curve of her shapely body. It fell to her knees gracefully. On her feet were black strappy sandals that gave her a little height. Lena's usually curly hair had been brushed into soft dark waves that reached the small of her back. "Wow." whispered Cillian. Lena giggled. "Thanks. You don't look to bad yourself." And he didn't either. Dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a blue shirt that complimented his eyes, Cillian could have passed for a cover model.

"So are you ready?"

"Yes. Let's go."

Extending his arm to Lena, Cillian led her out of the lobby and down the street. It was about two blocks and a on step corner before they reached the restaurant called Bella. It was a cheery place, white with blue trim. As soon as the maitre d,' a portly man with thinning black hair, saw Cillian, he grinned. "Ah, Mr. Anderson, nice of you to come back again. I have the perfect table." The couple followed the headwaiter to a nice spot towards the middle, near the bar section. There weren't many people inside, couple with a little girl and a few elderly people. "We have got the best spot in the whole restaurant." though Cillian as he helped Lena into her chair. He looked over at his gorgeous date, who was taking in her surroundings with a bit of awe. Cillian ordered a bottle of wine from the maitre d'. He grinned at Lena, who smiled back at him shyly.

"So, what do you think of this place?"

"It's nice Cillian. I've never even been here before."

"I discovered it awhile, when I first started to go to school here. I think it's SF's best kept secret."

Lena looked down at the menu. The various dinner entrees weren't very expensive and the desserts looked like they were to die for. After decided on a pasta Alfredo, Lena folded her menu and looked up to find Cillian undressing her with his eyes. She rolled her eyes inwardly. "Well, I know what he want for dessert. Me, preferably on a golden platter." Lena shifted in her chair, matching his stare with one of her own. Neither of them spoke. The maitre d' returned to take their orders and bring the wine. After he left, Cillian poured Lena some wine and raised his own half-full glass.

"I propose a toast."

"To what?"

"To new friendships and beyond."

"Here, here."

They clinked glasses and quickly drained the contents. The food arrived a few minutes later. Cillian had order his favorite dish, chicken parmesan with olives. Cillian couldn't help but watch Lena eat her food. "Even the way she eats is sexy." He noticed that she had a white speck on her cheek, probably from the Alfredo. Lena looked up at him.

"Do I have something on my face?"

"I'll get it for you."

Lena thought he was just going to wipe it for her. Cillian, however, had other ideas. Leaning across the round table, Cillian came close to Lena's face and licked the white morsel off her cheek. His lips met hers in a searing kiss. She was just about to pull him closer when he abruptly pulled away, straightening his shirt with a devilish grin. Lena gulped more wine, trying to cool the fire already spreading to her cunt. "Damn, he's good." They managed to make small talk for the rest of the meal. Lena learned that Cillian came from a family of five boys, him being the youngest.

"And what was that like? I'm just an only child so it all seems foreign to me."

"It was like a madhouse all the time. People coming and going, things getting broken, getting into trouble and whole bunch of other stuff."

"I bet you were a troublemaker, weren't you?"

"Guilty as charged. Although I only got away with things about fifty percent of the time."

"I bet."

They both laughed as the maitre d' brought dessert, chocolate mousse. They had decided to split one. Cillian picked up some with his spoon and offered some to Lena. She smiled at him and opened her mouth. Slowly he fed it to her, watching as she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked at Cillian, who was watching her. Feeling self-conscious, Lena looked down at her hands. Cillian paid the bill and they left, walking back to their apartment building in a comfortable silence. It wasn't long before they were standing in front of Lena's apartment. Cillian leaned casually against the wall as Lena got out her key. She turned to face him as he leaned in close. Lena looked into Cillian's eyes which had turned dark gray. He cupped her cheek with his right hand and she sighed at his gentle touch. Cillian tilted her chin up and kissed her, nibbling on her lips. His lips pressed against hers, demanding more. His tongue probed her mouth, exploring the inside. It was all Lena could do to hold onto him, her knees turning into jello.

Cillian brought his left hand up and cupped her breast, squeezing it through the fabric of her dress. Lena groaned and grinded her body against his. Cillian pulled his lips away from hers reluctantly and looked into her lust filled eyes. "We should go inside now," he said in a low voice. Lena looked at him for a moment, making a decision in her mind. Silently, she opened the door. They crossed the threshold and she quickly shut the door after them. Lena kicked off her shoes and was about to ask Cillian if he wanted something to drink, when he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. Her mouth dropped open in surprise.

Cillian took the opportunity to stick his tongue inside her mouth again. His tongue played with hers, plying it from her jaw. He moved to her neck and nibbled there, licking and sucking on her jugular. Lena felt her panties becoming drenched. "He's so rough but it's turning me on. I've never felt like this before." she thought. Cillian fondled her breasts as he moved his lips to her ear. "You have no idea how badly I want you right now. As soon as I meet you that day, I had to go home and jerk off for awhile because of you. I get hard just thinking about the sound of your voice, your sexy curves. Even your smell turns me on."

Cillian tweaked her nipples, causing Lena to cry out. He kissed her roughly and began to pull her dress up, reaching for her panties and yanked them down. Lena reached into his pants and rubbed his hard cock through the soft cotton briefs he wore. Cillian groaned and nipped at her lower lip. Lena unzipped his pants and reached for his cock again, jerking it with her hand. Cillian hurriedly pushed his pants to his ankles, along with his briefs. He rubbed his cock against her slit causing Lena to moan.

"Do you want my cock? Say,'I want your hard cock."

"I want your hard cock, Cillian. Give it to me!"

Cillian thrust into her causing her to groan as he filled her pussy. He began to pump into her rapidly, groaning as her walls gripped him. Lena wrapped her legs around him, pulling him as close as possible. "Harder, Cillian, harder." she cried, gripping his shoulders. Cillian plowed on, his balls slapping her butt. "God, your so fucking tight." he gasped. He looked into her eyes and reveled in the effect he was having on her. It turned him on so much to see her on the edge. And it was all because of him. "This is even better than I imagined." he thought, watching her face contort with ecstasy. Lena wondered if her neighbors could hear all the noise they were making. Her thoughts scattered as an orgasm ripped through her. Lena buried her face in Cillian's neck. He continued to fuck her hard. "Shit!"

Cillian shot his cum inside of her. They slumped against the wall, breathing hard. Cillian lifted her chin gently and kissed her sloppily. Lena weakly kissed him back. She led him to her bedroom where they collapsed onto her bed, tired. Cillian pulled her into his arms and they kissed slowly. They were still partially dressed. "You're so fucking hot." he whispered, moving his hands over her body. Lena sighed as he cupped her breasts through her black dress. She wiggled out of the dress and tossed it to the floor. Her black strapless bra came off next. Cillian moved onto top of her, nuzzling her breasts. He slowly kissed each breast, flicking his tongue at the dark nipples. Lena sighed as he kissed her ribs, and then her stomach. Cillian flicked his tongue at her navel, causing her to giggle. He kissed her abdomen, feeling the strong muscles there. He flipped her over onto her stomach and kissed the back of her neck. Lena could feel him kissing a trail down her spine and her insides began to tingle in anticipation. Cillian stopped at small of her back and flicked his tongue at the top of her butt crack. Lena gasped. She had never had anyone do that to her before. Cillian slowly began to kiss her left butt cheek, occasionally flicking his tongue at her crack. "Cillian is totally bewitched by my ass." Lena thought as Cillian moved over to the right cheek, kissing and tonguing every smooth inch of brown flesh.

Cillian moved down so that he was face to face with her butt hole. He flicked his tongue at her hole, causing Lena to gasp and wiggle a little bit. Cillian grinned impishly. "That's just the reaction I wanted." He continued to assault her hole with his tongue, rubbing her clit with his finger. Lena started to shake as Cillian shoved two fingers into her pussy. He licked his left index finger and pushed it into her ass, causing her to cry out. He worked the fingers in and out simultaneously, as she began to work her hips. Cillian smiled wickedly. "Do you like that, baby?"

"Yes......OH, FUCK...."

Lena's body exploded as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Her toes curled, and for a moment she forgot to breathe. She continued to writhe on her bed as Cillian removed his fingers and sucked up all of her sweet juices as they rushed out of her body. He gently pulled her into his arms as her breathing slowly returned to normal. He brushed a tendril of hair from her sweaty forehead and gently kissed her. "That was amazing." Lena whispered. Cillian smiled, saying nothing. He looked down at her, only to see her eyes closed and her chest moving rapidly. He smiled again and tucked her under the sheets of her bed. Cillian quickly stripped off the remainder of his clothes and laid down next to her. He pulled her close to him and in her sleep, Lena sighed peacefully and snuggled closer. 'This has been the best night of my life,' thought Cillian as he drifted off to sleep.


As the sun peaked in through her bedroom window, Lena groaned and tried to turn over. But there was something in her way. She turned her head and saw Cillian laying next to her, his arm wrapped around her tightly. Lena smiled to herself as she remembered what happened last night. "I haven't had that much fun in awhile." she thought, as she gazed Cillian's peaceful face. A few minutes passed and then Cillian opened his eyes. His gray orbs focused on her and he smiled. Cillian pulled her in for a sweet kiss. "Good morning." he said, his hand stroking her waist. "Morning," said Lena. "You want something to eat?" Cillian shifted their bodies so that he was on top of her. "Of course." he said, grinding his hips into hers. Lena moaned. "That's not what I meant." Cillian just grinned at her and captured her lips once more. Lena became lost in the sensations, as her body began to respond to him.

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