tagMatureA Close Dance

A Close Dance


We are dancing together.

I am awkward, aware of your proximity and my arousal, worried that you would be able to feel my hard-on pressing against you.

But you seem to be hellbent on teasing me.

Your breath is warm and fragrant, on my neck, your hands on my hips, pressing me closer to you, burying my rampaging hardon in the folds between your legs through your tiny skirt.

"Don't tell me I'm responsible," you tease, knowing fully well that you are, aware of my loudly beating heart as you press your breasts against his firm chest.

I pinch myself, just wanting to check that I have not died and gone to heaven.

I could not possibly be dancing with my hard on brushing against you, your bare arms are now around my neck, I am aware of your aroma, your perfume mixing with your sensuous, spicy scents pervading my senses, making me dizzy with desire...

Your hands move down my chest.

My nipples respond, suddenly hardening as you move your hands down my chest, your own chest heaving so provocatively, my lips tremble, I am aware of my suddenly parched throat.

You playfully caress my manhood through my obscenely bulging and tenting jeans.

I tremble. A sudden moan escaping me.

You smile, knowing I am putty in your hands. You can mould me any which way you want.

"So?" you snuggle closer, your breasts now poking into me, you take my hands, making me cup them.

Lust has taken over totally. I am totally under your spell.

"I am so gonna fuck with you before I fuck you," you whisper sensuously in my ears, as your tongue traces the outlines of my inner ear.

"You know what?" you pause.


"Can you feel my tongue in your ear, imagine later your cock in my pussy like that, my breasts in your mouth...."

I am panting, moaning in desire.

"Oh Kim," I moan.

"Yes, baby?"

You are playing with me.

You raise your arms.

I remember telling you in our internet chat how the sight of shaved, smmooooth, scented armpits drive me nuts with desire...

"So baby, do you think I can make you come without touching you?" you tease.

"Oh yes, please, oh yesssss..."

I so want to kiss you. My lips tremble. My mouth hovering over your breasts.

You stop me. Not yet baby. You can only see, not touch. Yet.

Your breasts thrust out.

"Would you like it if I tied your hands down and then fucked your mouth with my breasts, baby?" you tease.

"Oh yes"

"You would like it, won't you, my slut?"

"I know what you would like it even more," you continue.

"I will lick your nipples, suck them even, leave my lipstick marks over them"

My cock throbs.

"I will bite only if you want," you tease....

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