tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Cocktease Is Raped

A Cocktease Is Raped


It's a beautiful sunny day as you walk towards your father's office. You enjoy these warm summer days knowing you can wear a light sundress......with nothing on underneath. You know that the eyes of the men on the street...and some women too, are undressing you as you walk down the sidewalk. Smiling, you make sure to accentuate your every move, your dress caressing your thighs as you walk and a slight breeze running over your body.

Reaching your father's office, you stroll into the outer office. Sitting in one of the chairs is a middle-aged man, casually dressed with his portfolio on the chair next to him. You notice him running his eyes up and down your supple body and the flirt in you comes out.

"Hi, I'm Tina, I just stopped in to see my Dad."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tina, my name is Doug and I was just waiting for your father to return to complete our business."

He reaches to shake your hand and you can feel the strength of his grip. He continues to hold your hand and says, "I've seen your picture on your fathers desk and I must say, it doesn't do you justice. You are a gorgeous young woman."

You smile and thank him and he finally releases your hand.

"So, what business do you have with Dad?"

"Oh, the usual, I wouldn't want to bore you with it."

"That's ok, I enjoy knowing everything about Dad's work. His clients are always so......interesting. You, for example, don't seem the everyday business man type."

"Well, what type of man do you think I am?

"Hmmm," you ponder as your run your finger around the neckline of your sundress, noticing this man is following your movements. "I'd peg you as a man who needs to be in control of everything at all times. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it."

Chuckling, Doug says, "You've got me there. Nothing like being in control of all situations, whether it be a business deal.........or something much more personal."

"Exactly, you seem to be a man who has been around the world, done many things. All the boys I know are only interested in getting in my pants."

"Well, when I was your age, that's pretty much all I could think about too, how many chicks I could nail......and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you are wearing any panties right now."

"Well, wouldn't you love to find out," you coo as you stand before him with your legs slightly apart. "Anyway, I guess I'll just leave Dad a note and stop by later."

Walking over to the desk, you lean over to grab the notebook on the edge. You can feel the hem of your dress ride up your ass, so you lean in further so Doug is able to see your bare ass display. Shaking your hips a little to hike your dress even higher, you exaggerate the writing of the note. You can feel his eyes on your ass as you write and can hear his heavy breathing.

Straightening back up, you turn and can see the bulge in his pants. You giggle as you know that once again, you've been able to tease one of your fathers clients into hardness by showing just a little of your teenage assets. Deciding to push the envelope even further, you grasp your huge tits and make a show of adjusting your dress.

"Well, I think I'd better go home now......it's so very hot and I think I'll just go lay out in the back yard and get some sun. Nothing like being naked and getting that all around tan, don't you think?"

"Yes, I can just imagine how nice that must feel......feeling the suns rays baking your sweet, supple body."

As you saunter to the door, Doug grabs your arm and says,

"I have to leave myself now and can't wait any longer for your father. I'll leave the papers here for him to sign and perhaps you could be a dear and bring them to my hotel? I'm at the Hotel Exelsior, Presidential Suite?"

"Oh, I don't know, I'm sure Dad can send someone else...."

"I'd really like for you to bring them. You wouldn't want your father to be disappointed if he loses this deal, do you?"

"Well, ok, but only because you asked so nicely......"

A few hours later, you stroll into the lobby of the Hotel Excelsior and walk up to the elevators. Punching the button for the top floor, you can see your reflection in the doors and admire your body. You enjoy the feeling you have over men and women...making them want you just by flashing a flirty look here......a seductive smile there...and showing your ample tits, hourglass body and firm thighs.

Reaching the Presidential Suite, you knock and the door opens. Doug leans against the door wearing only a bathrobe, his hair is wet and its obvious he just stepped out of the shower.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in the shower."

No, it's ok, Tina, I just finished. Come on in."

Walking into the room, you comment about how nice it is.

"It's a piece of shit, but I only need it for the bed and shower, so who cares about the rest."

"Here are the papers you wanted, all signed and delivered."

"Oh, that's fine. Just set them on the dresser. Would you care for a drink from the mini-bar? One of the perks of my job, an unlimited expense account."

"Well, I don't know, I'm only nineteen. I haven't drank much before."

"C'mon, baby, live a little. I appreciate you coming all the way here to drop off the papers."

"OK, maybe one quick one...then I need to go."

You sit on the bed and watch as Doug prepares the drinks. Even under the bathrobe, you can see his muscled form and you feel yourself getting hot.

"Here we are," he says as he hands you your drink and sits next to you on the bed. "Cheers."

Taking a sip, you begin to feel warm all over as the scotch run down your throat. Looking at Doug, you see he is staring at you deeply as he drinks his bourbon.

"My, this is strong stuff. It's going right to my head."

"It's not as strong as you, gorgeous. Damn, you are one fine looking bitch."

"Oh, Doug, you'll turn my head with talk like that."

Taking your drink from you and putting it on the nightstand, he proceeds to caress one of your silky thighs.

"So, tell me Tina, have you ever screwed an older man before."

"A lady never tells things like that, sir."

Laughing, he says, "Lady, ha, you've got more slut than lady in you, baby. I'll bet you've fucked dozens of guys."

Standing, you say, "I'd better go now."

Suddenly, you are pulled backwards as he grabs your hair and pulls you back unto the bed.

"You'll leave when I'm damn good and ready to let you leave. You didn't answer my question. Have you ever fucked an older guy before?"

"Ummmm, well, yes...a couple."

"Shit, I knew it. Tell me this. Did they make love to you or just fuck your tight pussy?"

"I don't underst..."

"Did they take the time to lick every inch of your body......kiss you all over......make love to all of you......or just stick their cock in you and pound away?"

While he is talking, he leans in and begins to nuzzle your neck. You attempt to pull away, but he grabs your hair and forcing your head back, continues to nuzzle your neck. Whispering in your ear, he says, "Did they caress your sweet tits like this?" His hand is now on your breast, softly caressing your tit. You feel your nipple begin to harden and a moistness begins to grow between your legs.

"Mmmmmm, no bra...why am I not surprised."

Still holding your hair, he leans in to kiss you. You try to pull away, but he forces his mouth over yours. You feel him shove his tongue deep in your mouth. Trying to push him away, you feel his chest and realize the bathrobe has come undone. He reaches behind you to pull you closer and you run your fingers through his chest hair and begin to return his kiss, your tongues meeting in frenzied passion.

Breaking off the kiss, you whisper......"No, this isn't right......please don't......"

"Bitch, don't you think your father would be very pissed off if this deal fell through? Well, I've just added a clause to our contract.....you. If I like the way you perform, your dad and I can still do business, otherwise......now, first, I want you to stroke my cock."

Undoing the sash of his bathrobe, you get your first view of his hard cock. You can see the veins of his dick as it stands erect.

"Oh my God, no, what kind of girl do you think I am? I'm leaving now." But before you can stand, he grabs your hair and you yelp as he pulls your head back.

"I know exactly what type of gal you are...a fucking cock tease. You think you can sway your hips and jiggle your titties at a man, get him all hard and walk away laughing? Well, guess again, slut."

Taking your hand, he places it over his huge member. "C'mon, lover, you know what to do." Slowly, you move your hand up and down his shaft. Moaning, he leans in and grabs your head to kiss you again with more passion. Breaking the kiss, he leans in to nuzzle your ear. His hands reach up to undo the buttons of your dress. You begin to cry as you realize what he plans to do to you

"Now, suck me, whore," he whispers in your ear. "I want to feel your lips make love to my cock."

"No, please, I've never done this before," you plead.

"Bullshit," he answers.

Grabbing your hair, he pushes you to the floor. Pulling you between his legs, he again orders you to suck his cock. Placing his hands on your head, he begins to draw it closer to his waiting dick. Pushing your face unto his shaft, he says,

"I said, suck it, slut. And don't even think about using your teeth."

Lightly, you begin to lick his cock. You can taste the pre cum as you swirl your tongue across the tip of his dick. Opening your mouth wider, you slowly lower your head over his erect member. Your tears fall on his muscled thighs.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's it. Slowly, baby, make love to it."

As he forces your head up and down, you hear his moans increasing in intensity. He begins to shove your head lower until you begin to gag as his cock touches the back of your throat. Beating at his thighs, you try to push away, but he continues to force your head up and down his rigid dick as he fucks your face.

"Shit, yeah...that's it...damn......bitch......yessssss."

With a roar, he cums. You gag again as you taste his salty seed as his jizz shoots down your throat. Pulling your head back, his next spurt hits your nose. Taking his cock in his hand, his semen continues to spurt on your face. As you try to catch a breath, his cum rolls down your face into your mouth. Gasping, you try to spit out his semen, but he places his hands around your face and forces you to close your mouth. Your pleading eyes find no mercy and you are compelled to swallow his load.

"Damn, I knew you were a horny slut. Lap it up, lover. There's more where that came from."

Spent, he stands and pulls you up and, removing his bathrobe, uses it to wipe the cum from your face. Pulling you close, you can feel his muscled arms wrap around your waist.

"I hope you'll let me return the favor, cunt. Let me eat some of that sweet, teen pussy."

Releasing you, he reaches down and pulls your sundress up. You are surprised at how easily he pulls it over your head and throws it across the room. You try to run for the door, but his arm snakes around your waist and he throws your body against the wall. Your head hits the wall and for a moment all you see are stars. As you try to focus, you can feel his breath on your face.

While you stand naked in front of him, he hungrily runs his eyes over your body. Leaning in, he begins to run his tongue over your breasts. Moaning, you throw your head back as he begins to lightly suck a nipple. As you regain your senses, you begin to scream.

"NO, STOP...LET ME G...mmmmm" is all you can scream before his hand is cupped over your mouth.

"Mmmmm," you moan as he continues to lick and suck your nipple to hardness. Your hands beat at his shoulders and your feet kick at his legs, but you are unable to free yourself from his grasp. Your attempts to fight back begin to weaken as you sense how good his tongue feels. When he takes the other nipple in his mouth, swirling it with his tongue you can feel it harden as he sucks.

Suddenly, your muffled cry sounds out as he slides his fingers slowly over your twat. Already moist, you feel a tingling radiate from your stomach out as his fingers probe ever deeper into your now wet pussy. You can feel your clit respond to his gentle touch as he strokes it between his fingers.

Grabbing your arm, he pulls you to the bed and throws your body on top of it.

"Don't make a sound, bitch," he orders as you lay on the bed.

Reaching down, he grabs the sash from his bathrobe. Deftly, he pulls your hands up and ties you to the headboard. From the bureau drawer, he pulls out a ball gag.

"Open your mouth," he commands.

"Please...please...let me go, I swear I won't tell anyone...I..."

His silent answer is to shove the ball gag in your mouth as you plead for your freedom. As he clasps the gag behind your head, he says,

"No, you won't tell anyone......Daddy would be so disappointed to lose this deal. A million dollar deal for his daughters pussy. It's a small price to pay, don't you think?"

Laying beside you, he begins to lightly kiss your neck...shoulders......chest. You cry tears of guilt and shame as ravishes you. When he takes your breast in his mouth, you arch your back and moan loudly into the gag as he sucks your erect nipples. Slowly, he runs his tongue down your stomach. You feel his quickening breath on your body as his face continues to move down your prone body. You pull your legs together tightly to avoid what is coming next. Positioning his body at the end of the bed, he grabs your legs and slowly forces them apart. Realizing you can't stop him, you kick at his head and body. Laughing, he simply grabs your knees tightly and with a grunt, forces your thighs apart.

"Oh, yeah baby......damn, you have one fine looking pussy. I'm so glad you trimmed yourself for me."

Holding your thighs against the bed, he lowers his head between them. You can feel the heat radiating from your pussy as your body betrays you. Now the shoe is on the other foot as he begins to tease you by kissing and licking your thighs and pelvis. You thrash your head and attempt to cry out wanting it to stop, yet, also wishing for it to continue.

It feels as if a bolt of lightning travels up your body when he finally plunges his tongue into your twat. Holding your thighs tight against his head, he begins to suck and lick the lips of your pussy. You feel his beard stubble rough against your thighs and pussy as he runs his tongue up and down your slit. Your breath quickens and your hands ball into fists as his tongue begins to lick your swollen clit. Pulling his head up, he utters,

"Mmmmm, so nice and wet. It won't take long for you to cum, will it, slut?"

All you can do is moan and thrash meekly on the bed as he again begins to eat you. Becoming rougher, his tongue darts in and out of your moist snatch, his teeth nipping at your clit. Your body is on fire and you know you can do nothing to prevent the orgasm your body craves so badly. You surrender to your attacker as you feel your orgasm approach. Unconsciously, you thrust your pelvis forward, your legs spread wide as he licks up all of your pre cum.

A drop of spittle escapes your gagged mouth when you scream after he slowly inserts one of his fingers in your asshole. As he runs his finger in and out of your ass, his tongue focuses on your clit. Sucking it roughly, you finally lose control and orgasm. Closing your eyes tightly, you thrash on the bed. Wrapping your legs around the head of your rapist, you pull him close. Waves of pleasure run over your body as he continues to lap up your cum. As you orgasm again, he reaches up to squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples.

Finally, your spent body can handle no more. You drop your legs back unto the bed while he rises from the end of the bed. Turning your head to look away, you again begin to cry tears of shame at the feelings he has brought up in you. As he walks to the side of the bed, you are horrified to see your cum all over his face. Seeing you look at him, he makes a show of licking your cum off his face. Reaching down, he grabs his bathrobe and wipes the rest of your juices from his face.

"You loved it, didn't you whore? Damn near drowned me with your cum."

Throwing the soiled bathrobe back on the floor, he moves back to the end of the bed. As he gets on, he spreads your still trembling legs yet again.

"Christ, baby, eating you got me so fucking hard. I can't remember the last time my cock got a taste of some young, teen pussy."

Raising your head, you see that, indeed, his cock is fully erect. Full of blood, you can even see the blue veins running through his hard shaft. Meekly, you try one last attempt at resistance by squirming on the bed. The headboard creaks slightly as you pull on your bonds to no avail. Eyes wide, you see him take his cock in hand and slowly lower it into your still wet pussy. Your moans grow in intensity as he slides his cock deeper into your cunt. His dick continues to stretch your pussy until his entire manhood is in you. Finally, when you think you can't take any more, you feel his pelvis rubbing against yours.

"Son of a bitch, whore, you have one tight pussy. I wish my wife had a pussy this tight."

With his arms holding him up, he begins to slide his cock in and out of your snatch.

"God damn, how I am going to savor this."

Slowly, at first, he continues to thrust in and out of you. Then, he begins to thrust faster, harder. You can see the cords of his neck muscles tense as he screws you and you can sense his ass tightening with each plunge. Your tight twat continues to milk his cock and with each thrust, you feel your passion unconsciously rising to the surface. Lowering his body unto yours, you feel his chest hair ticking your breasts. Leaning in, he nuzzles your neck with his lips. With your face buried in his shoulder, you can smell the soap from his earlier shower and the light fragrance of his cologne. His thrusts decrease in intensity. Rather than long, hard plunges, he is only slightly moving his dick in your pussy. Unconsciously, you raise your legs high in the air to allow his cock full access to your cunt.

"Damn, whore, I'm going to cum in you so deep. Are you going to cum too? Don't fight it. You know you want it. Just let it go, baby," he whispers.

Rising back up on his arms, he increases his thrusts again. Faster and faster, he drives his manhood deep in you. The familiar fire between your legs has come again, but this time you don't fight it. You surrender completely to your attacker as he continues to rape you. The sound of your moaning mingles with his as his balls slap your ass with each thrust.

Your lust bubbles to the surface and you orgasm again. Your muffled scream mingles with his roar as he too, cums. With his cock buried deep in your snatch, you feel him pump his milky seed deep in you. As his orgasm subsides, he continues to rock slowly, his cock still deep in you forcing your twat to take all of his cum. Finally, he pulls out and lowers himself next to you on the bed.

"Jesus, bitch, that was wonderful. I wish I could fuck you all night, but I've got another business meeting to go to."

Reaching up, he unties your hands. Trembling, you undo the catch of the ball gag and spit it out on the floor. The full realization of what happened hits and you begin to again softly cry and bury your face into a pillow. You feel the bed move as he gets up. Looking up, you watch him as he picks up your dress and throws it at you.

"Here's your dress. You can get dressed here. I need another shower before my meeting. Thanks for the fuck, lover. Now you know what it's like to be fucked by a real man. You know your way out, ha, ha."

Still quivering, you start to get dressed. Sliding the sundress over your head, you wonder if the cum and sweat on your body will ruin it. Sliding on your shoes, you head toward the hotel door when you hear him in the bathroom.

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