tagInterracial LoveA Cocoa Puff Then A Saltine

A Cocoa Puff Then A Saltine


I lived in a big apartment building in New Jersey when I was 52YO.

On a Monday night, about 6 months after Chondra and Sharon, I went down to the basement to do my laundry. Karen, my 45YO voluptuous tall black neighbor, was in there doing her laundry.

We'd been flirting with each other whenever we saw each other for a couple of months.

Karen is actually a beautiful yellowish mocha with a big ass and big tits and nice smile. She was doing her laundry with me watching and waiting for a machine, and us talking in the flirtatious way we had. Seeing her big round butt bend over the washing machine was sexy to me.

So I walk up behind her and rub my growing cock on her big butt.

"Stop it." she says half heartedly.

"Hell no." I say lightly. And keep grinding on her butt. I reach around and unbuckle her belt, unzips her jeans and begin pulling them down to her knees.

"What do you think you're doin'?!" she asks turning her head with a smile on it. Still bent over the washing machine.

"I just want to see your beautiful big brown butt in frilly panties as you load the machine." I lie. My cock is getting harder.

She keeps loading, I get on my knees and kiss her big brown butt cheeks all over. Cellulite and stretch marks never tasted so good. She tightens her big bulbous butt. I lick it it and slap her ass lightly. I take down her pants and she steps out of her flip flops and jeans. Barefeet on a cool concrete floor. Shapely thick legs under a big brown ass. I start softly massaging her pussy thru her panties.

"Stop it, I've got laundry to do." she hisses.

I slide my fingers under her panties and on to her willing pussy lips. Still kissing her butt, I pull down her panties she wiggles them off her feet. I lick her ass crack as I slip a finger into her moistening pussy. She steps further apart and arches her back. 2 of my fingers go into her pussy in a slow easy motion. Her ass relaxes, I bury my face deep in her crack and lick faster. My tongue finds her asshole and flicks it lightly.

"MMMM" she says. My fingers speed up in her other hole. Pushing my wet tongue into her ass extends my cock to its maximum length, 7". She spreads her legs a bit more and relaxes her asshole. My wet tongue goes in and out fast as I can in rhythm with my fingers in her pussy. Karen helps by reaching around and pulling her ass cheeks apart. Her red nails on her brown ass look sexy. I lick harder.

"We're...gonna...get...caught." she says.

"I hope so." I reply, and rebury my face in her open ass.

She's cumming, I'm tonguing, I'm pumping fingers in and out of her cunt and flicking her clit. I stop before she totally cums. Stand, pull down my pants to my knees, my 7" straight cock protruding in the cool air. I spit on to my white cock and put it on her puckering dark brown ass hole. And push, and push, she relaxes and I pop into her ass.

Letting her get used to my size, her ass relaxes and opens more. I start pumping her butt slowly. I grab her braless big hanging tits under her T-shirt and play with them. The machine is filled with water and starts to agitate in a rhythm that enhances the butt fucking.

She's grunting in time with my thrusts. I'm pounding away, she grunting and in walks a plump white preppy woman with plenty of rump, big saggy tits and nicely styled gray hair. Maybe 10 years older than me. She puts her basket on the table and doesn't see us. Then she looks up and she sees my cock in Karen's ass, pounding away and me looking back at her.

I smile at her. She swallows hard and starts to stumble out of the room. But she doesn't leave. Sticks her head out around from behind the dryer to watch us.

I grab Karen's big brown butt cheeks hard. I'm looking at the nosy neighbor. I slap Karen's ass hard. Do several hard pounds and erupt my cum deep in Karen's ass. I'm going "AAARRGHHGGHH." Karen yelps and cums. I pull out of Karen asshole, turn and show the noisy neighbor my 7" still semi hard, cum still oozing out of my cock. She stares at it and leaves. Karen laughs.

"We got caught! It was exciting." says Karen smiling, pulling on her panties and pants.

Karen and I never fuck or talk again. Later that week I saw her coming into the building with her 6 foot 5 black boy friend. I smile and hold the door open for them. Karen ignores me completely.

Next Monday night, I'm doing laundry and the old nosy neighbor shows up. She has no laundry. Dressed in a mid calf plaid skirt and pink button down blouse. Very preppy. We talk a bit, then she "Will you do me, here, now?!" I smell alcohol on her words.

I pause, look her up and down and say "Sure, take out my cock and suck it." She does.

She's actually a great cocksucker. Her grey head is bobbing very quick on my cock and her tongue is wicked fast too. I almost cum in her mouth after a couple of minutes.

"Do you want to get fucked in the ass like Karen did?" I ask.

"Oh my, yes, sir!" She gets up and turns and bends over the washing machine. I lift up her skirt, there's no panties. Nice soft round big white ass. I spread her cheeks to look. Her brown asshole is lubed already for my cock.

"Spread you ass wide with your hands, bitch." I tell her. She does, nice red pearlescent fingernail polish on her stubby fingers.

Ordering around a woman is kind of fun and turns me on, and her too I think.

My cock is still wet from her mouth and I rub it gently on her brown asshole and push in slowly. Her lubed asshole is open wide and takes my 7" cock in one gulping sound. I think she had a dildo up her ass before she came down here. Maybe more women should do that, makes ass fucking a little easier.

I start pounding her ass hard, slamming in as deep and fast as I can. She's grunting with every move and pushing back, too. She likes a good hard cock up her preppy ass hole.

"Do you like my hard cock up your asshole you fucking preppy cunt?!"

"Yes sir! Please fuck me harder, sir!" she yells out. Her voice reverberated around the cement walls.

This dirty talk is turning me and her on for sure. How much more should I do? Let's find out I think.

"Whap!" I slap her white ass hard. "Shut the fuck up you preppy cunt!" I yell at her.

"Whap, whap, whap" I slap again as I pound her asshole.

Her lily white dimpled ass is getting red where I slapped it. She turns her face and I see a couple of tears on her grimacing face.

She's still grunting with every deep pounding and pushing back.

I'm getting turned on with all the yelling and ass slapping.

Pulling my cock out of her ass I turn her around and say "Get down and suck my cock you fuckin' preppy cunt!"

Her mascara is running down her face as she obeys my command. Her grey head is bobbing quick on my cock and my hands are holding her head making her bob to my rhythm.

"Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!", I cum in her mouth. She keeps sucking and flicking my softening cock with her tongue. Feels like I almost cum again, damn she's a great cocksucker.

"What's your name you fuckin' slut?" I ask, pulling her head up by grabbing her hair.

"Nancy" she says looking up at me with dark mascara smudges under her blue eyes, licking some of my cum from her lips and swallowing it with a smile.

My wash is done. "Put my laundry in the dryer you fuckin' cunt." I order her. She complies with a quickness that is surprising.

As my laundry begins to dry I say. "Let's go up to your place and suck and fuck for a while." We go up to her place and suck and fuck while my laundry is drying.

She sucks my cock hard again and I fuck her pussy as she's laying on a soft rug in her living room. She's ramming a beige dildo in and out of her ass and frigging her clit as I fuck her pussy. The pink blouse stays on but is unbuttoned. Her saggy big tits undulate from the fucking. Her big pink nipples are little points on her big tits. She cums in a deep loud noise and a tidal wave of pussy juice. I can barely cum in her wet frictionless cunt.

We do this the next Monday. I make her do my laundry and we fuck in the laundry room. I slap and belittle her. She eats it up and wants more. We go up to her place and I really slap her ass cheeks red with the dildo hanging out of her ass. She's crying and says, "Harder, sir!" My hands are stinging and my dick is getting soft. What the fuck, this aint for me.

I make her suck me off and I quickly cum in her amazing mouth and tongue and leave without saying goodbye.

Once was fun, twice and I'm becoming bored, it's almost like work. Not my sex style.

She may be a great cocksucker, but she aint black. I have a deep need for black pussy, black tits, black ass, black lips and black smell. There's also something refreshing about most black women's attitude toward life, makes hanging out with them a pleasure.

To avoid the preppie pussy, I start doing laundry on Wednesday mornings.

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