A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03


Sherrie knew she would hook that cable up again . . .

But tonight, in this New Zealand hotel room, it was going to be fantasy Jason, the third male that Miss Victoria had brought for Sherrie's strapon practice.

Tall, dark, handsome Jason whose cocoa skin, tapered torso, and high, firm ass would also stay forever in Sherrie's memory.

Tonight, her fingers would stroke her clit as she replayed her third tutoring session with Miss Victoria.

Tonight, Dr. Sherrie Mathison, anthropologist and rising academic star in the staid world of university research publications, would lose herself completely in a specific set of memories. Those memories would be of the things she did, naked and strapped into a dildo that she enjoyed having between her legs, as she played shamelessly and in complete abandonment to her own sexual pleasure with the "tall drink of chocolate whose sexy moans alone will make you come" — the description her tutor had given the first time she spoke of the man brought to Sherrie's townhome for the final rehearsal.

One hand wandered to her left breast, thumb and forefinger moving naturally into position to pinch and tug her already stiff nipple. The other hand moved to her crotch as she spread her legs, allowing easy access for stimulation.

Sherrie launched the memory of her final tutoring session.

* * *

As it had on the two previous occasions, the doorbell's chime jolted Sherrie from her nervous ritual of walking between bedroom and living room, glancing around at everything, checking repeatedly that all was in readiness as requested by Miss Victoria.

It was at least a little bit different this time. Sherrie had more confidence that she would perform the act without clumsiness.

All that practice with her strapon had paid off, both during her masturbatory sessions thrusting into the sex toy recommended by Miss Victoria and during the two previous occasions when Sherrie had fucked the men her tutor had brought for that purpose. Sherrie was more secure with her ability to consummate this sexy act in a manner that was not only acceptable, but with some degree of proficiency.

Maybe I'll be able to participate in the tribal ceremony and look like I know what I'm doing, she thought, nervously smiling to herself as she straightened the simple top she wore over a favorite pair of comfortable jeans.

But no matter what discovery she would have made about herself in the last few months, no matter what effect her first exposure to the act of a woman strapon-fucking a man would have produced, Dr. Sherrie Mathison would always be a scientist. She would always be an anthropologist eager to create new knowledge in her field. Even if she had been completely turned off by the act, she still would have practiced it in order to be good enough at it to impress the tribe's women and be taken into their confidence.

It was a wonderful side benefit that she discovered immediately that she loved it.

The fact that her research literally demanded that she learn how to bring both herself to climax as well the man she would be stroking into with her strapon cock was — finally, blessedly — pay-back for all the shit she had endured as a female scientist playing the academic research game in a male-dominated field.

I deserve every single second of blissed-out orgasmic self-indulgence I can possibly endure as a reward for what I've put up with at the university, she thought.

Tonight, she would take more of that bliss as she continued her mental replay of the session with Jason and Miss Victoria . . ..

The appointed time having arrived, and given her tutor's punctuality on the prior two occasions, Sherrie knew who had rung her doorbell. The habit of checking first through the door's peephole, though, was hard-wired, and she verified that it was, indeed, Miss Victoria and the male who would surrender himself to every stroke of her strapon man-fucking practice this evening.

Yes, it was her tutor, jet-black hair framing her extraordinarily beautiful face. Miss Victoria carried two bags, and next to her stood a tall black man, hair close cropped and strong jaw line evident even through the fish-eye effect of the peephole lens.

It was evening and the porchlight was off, as usual. The thoughtful suggestion from Miss Victoria minimized the possibility that neighbors would see her arrival and potentially inquire about it later. The weak illumination from a streetlight at the corner of the block, however, meant Sherrie couldn't discern much else about "Jason."

As on both prior visits, Miss Victoria had blindfolded the man she brought along for the training session. He stood next to the "sensuous domme" who had taken Sherrie under her wing, sharing not only advice about how to do this outrageous thing really, really well, but also providing insights about the mental aspects of the act.

Miss Victoria had clearly taken a special interest in her tutoring, going beyond mere teacher to become something close to a mentor. The woman had shared with Sherrie her own sense of loss at the dissolution of the relationship with her man — the man whom she had loved, made love with, and fucked to glorious climax at the end of the strapon he had bought for her as a special gift.

And tonight Miss Victoria would share even more intimate revelations as she tutored Sherrie using Jason as the demonstration male.

Closing the door after silently ushering them in, Sherrie went immediately into student mode, smiling at Miss Victoria briefly before darting her gaze quickly to Jason. Knowing how much sexual pleasure she was going to take in the coming hours as she toyed with him, she was as fascinated by this man as she had been by the other two men her tutor had brought for strapon practice.

Why did they do it? Why would these gorgeous guys pay a woman like Miss Victoria to plunge her strapon into their willingly proffered assholes? Further, why would they also allow the woman they were paying for that privilege to take them to an unknown location where a different woman did the same thing to them?

Does it feel THAT good? Sherrie wondered, endlessly fascinated with the male perspective on the act. Or is it that, no matter whether it's a mind-blowing pleasure trip or only just the need to scratch some kind of sexual itch, they can't find any women who will do this with them?

Having made her own discovery, Sherrie knew she'd volunteer to be such a woman any day of the week!

But she understood that asking a woman to fuck you in the ass with a strapon dildo was clearly not something that a guy would bring up on a first date.

I can only trust Miss Victoria's insights, Sherrie mused as she looked at Jason, knowing what she would be doing to him this evening. It's not just the physical sensations generated in a man's anus — all manner of butt plugs and self-pleasuring techniques must be available to an inventive man to produce such feelings.

Sherrie smiled to herself, the idea of watching a guy do that momentarily threatening to hijack her train of thought as she eagerly anticipated the night's activities.

Would a guy ever let me watch him doing that? she wondered, her nipples tingling at the thought. What would that be like? Good lord! Seeing him slide down on some toy and stroke his cock while he looked into my eyes, squirming on the toy and preparing himself for me to take him, knowing that he was doing this incredibly sexy thing specifically to arouse me, to get me so hot to fuck him that I would . . .

Sherrie shook herself back to the incredible reality standing in her living room, one which she would soon see completely naked save for his blindfold.

Why would Jason be doing this?

It's not that these men are gay, she knew. Finding other men who would do to them what I'm going to do tonight would be easy, Sherrie thought, admiring Jason's good looks (even partially obscured by the blindfold) and sexy body.

No, it must be as Miss Victoria had described it:

For men who had discovered the pleasure of BEING fucked, there must be true difficulties in finding women who would provide that heterosexual experience with an understanding and appreciation of the intense physical and psychological pleasure it can create for both partners. Such men must be forced to seek out substitutes, and for those not satisfied with self-stimulation, paying a woman who would only be a service provider and never a lover was at least better than settling for plunging a dildo into their own assholes.

So even though contracted-for, paid-for strapon sex would never match the true joy that Miss Victoria had said was part of strapon play between committed partners in which the woman wanted to please the man as much as he wanted to please her, maybe Andrew and Trent and Jason simply could not find women who were into creating such sexual pleasure.

Sherrie was learning about how this sexy act could create physical pleasure! She wondered if she would ever find a man who would surrender both his firm backside and his heart to her and still be the masculine, loving protector and mate that she so much wanted to find.

That must be incredible, Sherrie thought. It must be fantastic to give a man who is also your lover such fantastic physical pleasure.

The reasons that men enjoyed surrendering to a strapon fucking aside, maybe the most important lesson her tutor had taught her was that the enjoyments of man-fucking would intensify with each inhibition that Sherrie dropped.

It had taken a lot of soul-searching over the past few days for her to work through a myriad of issues that had erected steel-door barriers to deserving sexual pleasure. The delightful outcome, however, meant that Sherrie was now truly enjoying herself as she gazed blatantly and lustfully at the blindfolded man in her living room.

She wanted him naked immediately.

"Jason, the lady who is going to make herself feel incredibly good this evening as you provide her access to every inch of your body is a special friend," said Miss Victoria, strolling into the kitchen with her two bags, one of which Sherrie knew held a bottle of wine, the other containing lube, harness, dildo, and anything else the tutor brought along for her demonstration and pleasure. "As I explained earlier this evening, she's going to watch us when I fuck you, coaching her about how to intensify the pleasure, and then she's going to fuck you, too," the woman said, calling out over her shoulder as she pulled the bottle of wine from the bag and placed it on the kitchen table.

Sherrie realized, of course, what Miss Victoria was doing. On both previous occasions, her tutor had ramped up the eroticism of the evening by making shocking statements sound matter of fact.

Yes, thought Sherrie, that's it, Miss Victoria. Tease him and tease me. I love the thought of fucking this man in his ass, and as a third-timer this evening, I just might finally be confident and practiced enough to be beyond any worries or self-conscious restraint.

"Jason and I will both enjoy ourselves," said Miss Victoria, grinning at Sherrie as she walked back to stand next to Jason, "and I know beyond any shadow of doubt that you are really going to enjoy yourself." She crossed her arms, looked at Sherrie, then imitated what her pupil had done only moments before: she surveyed Jason thoroughly, top to bottom.

Sherrie noticed Miss Victoria's lips part slightly as she looked at the blindfolded man next to her. Those lips pursed as the woman exhaled softly before she sealed them together to enable a sexy sound: "Mmmmm, Jason, you are going to look so very sexy standing there naked as we look at you."

Sherrie's nipples throbbed at those words. She had been intensely, unavoidably aroused as she waited for Miss Victoria to arrive for her third and final practice session. Hearing what her tutor had just said made her even more sexually eager.

Before the last few days, when she'd fucked two men in the ass with a strapon dildo, toying with both of them as she followed her teacher's gentle suggestions, Sherrie had slept with only a few men. None of them had been very giving sexually.

None of them had been anywhere near the physical specimens that Andrew, Trent, and Jason were.

And none of them had been black.

Tell him to strip! Sherrie thought impatiently.

Miss Victoria moved in close to Jason's side. She motioned Sherrie to the other. Planting one hand on Jason's butt, she cooed into his ear: "I love your tight butt, Jason. I'll bet my pupil does, too."

Sherrie took the cue instantly. She dropped a hand behind the man and gripped his ass firmly as Miss Victoria moved her own hand away to saunter back to the kitchen and retrieve the bag she needed to prepare herself for her role as instructor. The woman was dressed simply this evening, a distinct difference from the other evenings when she had come in her "working attire," and Sherrie wondered for a second what could be in the bag.

If it was any kind of clothing, there would be precious little of it.

"Drop your pants for the lady, Jason," Miss Victoria said, easing toward the bedroom door as Sherrie relaxed her grip on Jason's flank so he could follow directions. "I think the lady would like to examine you while I strap into the cock that you adore having plunged inside your cute little pucker."

Her breath catching in her throat at her tutor's words — the woman was leaving her alone with the man who was already unzipping — Sherrie watched, entranced, as Jason obediently completed his assigned task.

His pants dropped to the floor, jumbled at his ankles.

As with Andrew and Trent, he wore no underwear. "I like them that way when we drive over," Miss Victoria had told her. "They must work at restraining their thoughts so they don't soil the crotches of their slacks with pre-cum, and I think that makes them more eager to experience what they pay me for when we arrive."

Sherrie's hand reflexively jumped to her mouth, stifling a moan.

He was gorgeous.

At least, the muscled cheeks of his ass, peeking from the bottom of his shirt, and the cock that hung from his crotch were beautiful. Sherrie was eager to see the rest.

She reached to his chest and tugged on a button, sending an unmistakable message about what he was to do next. As with Andrew and Trent, Sherrie never spoke. It was one of the safeguards, along with the blindfold, to ensure that none of these men ever had an inkling of who she was.

He unbuttoned, still standing in place with his slacks at his ankles, and then he shrugged off the shirt, letting it fall behind him.

Oh, sweet Jesus! thought Sherrie. Those abs and that chest. Oh, Jason, you are straight from the fantasies I've had ever since Miss Victoria told me she was bringing over a delicious chocolate treat.

Miss Victoria was still in her bedroom, and Sherrie suspected that her tutor had planned every bit of this interaction.

She always did.

Comforted by that thought, Sherrie placed her hands around Jason's thigh and urged it upward, indicating that he was to step out of his slacks. After toeing off his slip-on shoes, he did just that. Sherrie bent down to pick up pants, shirt, and shoes, and moved them quickly out of the way.

Jason was completely naked before her.

The inhibitions of her former self would never have allowed what Sherrie did next. But, then, Dr. Sherrie Mathison's former self had been taught some valuable lessons in the last few days. One of them was that it was enormously gratifying to surrender to one's natural impulses.

She stepped in front of Jason, closed her fist around his cock, and simply enjoyed everything about the act of holding a naked man's penis in her hand. As she hoped, the reaction it produced was a delight. His cock began to grow, and Sherrie loosened her grip a bit, sending the signal that he was to allow his excitement to mount, allow himself to display his naked, masculine pride at presenting her a sturdy toy of sexual enticement and pleasure.

Sherrie reached her other hand to his balls, cupping them as she looked down at the arousing sight: she was fondling him, his erection growing in response. It was so very satisfying to know that she was causing such a reaction in this handsome, buffed, sexy man.

Her former self would never have considered such a possibility. Tonight, the thought of doing it was instant, natural, exciting, and pleasurable.

Sherrie toyed with him. From the first hint of eagerness in his warm cock nestled in her grasp to the taut, stiff evidence of his complete excitement, she savored the erotic satisfactions of triggering Jason's erection, his shaft pulsing with each heartbeat.

It felt divine.

The smooth, almost velvety texture of the head of his cock was so tempting. The thrill of feeling him become hard in her grasp, knowing that he was sexually stimulated because of what she was doing, was so arousing.

And the fascinating feel and warmth of the male scrotum were recent discoveries — not something that Sherrie would have thought to hold such fascinations before her tutoring, but so pleasurable now that Jason was the third man in only a few days whose ball sac was presented for her enjoyment along with every other inch of his body.

It was exciting to palm his balls, to manipulate his orbs tenderly in their sac, to feel their weight and their warmth.

By now Miss Victoria should certainly have had time to complete her preparations, yet the bedroom door remained closed.

Sherrie smiled to herself. Tutor was signaling to pupil a level of trust in the student's proficiency. It was a nod of acknowledgment that Sherrie was a good learner.

Proceeding in her newfound sense of ease with enjoying sex and men — at least with blindfolded men who would never see her or know who she was — Sherrie released her grip on Jason's cock, noting with satisfaction its stiff state of arousal. Caressing his balls gently before releasing them, she moved her face close to his chest, drinking in the smell of him. She couldn't resist swirling the tip of her tongue across his collarbone, eliciting a slight jolt of surprise at first contact.

Teasing a naked and blindfolded man was so-o-o-o-o naughty!

It was so-o-o-o-o fun!

It was an easy and natural thing to slide one hand down his rib cage, noting with satisfaction how doing so caused his cock to bob, the lovely cocoa shaft so stiff at attention for her.

For me! Sherrie marveled. Mere weeks ago and she would have never in her wildest dreams imagined herself doing this.

This ass, Jason, she thought, her hand sliding further down to rest on his hip briefly before traveling behind to caress one cheek, is mine tonight. I can't wait to spread you open.

She stepped behind him for better access and a better view.

Lovely. Absolutely stunning, and oh, so, very, very arousing! Sherrie mused, her gaze traveling from the man's firm glutes up to his narrow waist and then on up the flare of his back as it widened to strong shoulders.

The total package was mouth-watering, but Sherrie's eyes quickly darted back down to look at his strong, firm, rounded ass.

Abandoning herself to impulse, she nudged the inside of one thigh with her knee to indicate he was to spread his legs apart farther. Jason complied. When his stance was opened sufficiently for her, Sherrie pressed one hand between his shoulder blades, sending the message that he was to bend forward.

Miss Victoria must have put him in this position on numerous occasions, noted Sherrie as she watched him automatically lean forward, stiff-arming the carpet in order to present his nude butt high and accessible. Everything about his actions aroused Sherrie: the visual of his incredible, naked body; the way his cock and ball sac jiggled and bounced with his movements; the sight of him in the position he assumed and how it sent such an exciting invitation to her.

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