A Common Kind of Love Ch. 10


"Douglas, please let me go," she laughed as he jumped with her in his arms.

Doug realized he needed to stop jostling his now pregnant wife, "oh I'm sorry darling. I didn't mean to jerk you all around," he put her down gently on the ground. "But I'm so damn excited, I'm going to be a dad. That's awesome!" he shouted and kissed her again. Doug turned to shake hands with Dhani and give his friend a hug. He hugged a very pregnant Freddie also he couldn't wait until Naomi looked like she did with his child in her belly.

"Congratulations, man it's great news. We're really happy for you," Dhani told him as he looked at his best friend standing there with his new bride.

Freddie hugged Naomi again and told them both, "yes, we are very happy for you," she looked at them both as she rubbed her stomach, "you two are in for quite a wonderful adventure."

Naomi stood hugging her husband, "yes, I know we are. I cannot wait for the baby to get here. I'm really excited, a little scared but more excited."

"Oh don't worry chile, between me and your mama you'll have tons of support and lots of advice," Freddie reassured her.

"Yes, sweetheart you don't have to worry about a thing, you'll get nothing but support from me and I'll treat you like the princess mommy you certainly are," Doug smiled over at her. He didn't ever realize that his heart could be filled with this much love and care for one person but Naomi brought out all the best in him.

"Well, I'm sorry honey that I told Dhani and Freddie first but I wanted it to be a surprise for you. But when I found out I had to tell someone."

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "am I always the last person to know stuff about this woman?" he said in reference to when they met her not telling him she was royalty.

She smacked him playfully on his chest, "no you are not, Mr. Harper. My parents also have no idea about this and neither does Zoe but I'll be telling them all very soon."

"Good, I don't want to always be the last to know," Doug said and laughed.

"We're just so thrilled for you both," Dhani said, "now my little boys will have a friend to come visit and play with her in Bocara."

"And my little boy will have the same," Doug said proudly sticking his chest out a little.

"And how do you know it's going to be a boy?" Naomi asked.

"Because, baby I only make boys," he said with some bravado.

"Oh, you're so silly," she smiled up at him, "it'll be a little while before we know all that but all I'm hoping for now is a healthy baby."

"Amen to that," Freddie replied.

They all smiled and laughed at the happiness they'd found with their mates and their friends.

Later that evening after Freddie and Dhani had gone back to their hotel, Naomi and Doug lay in each other's arms after some celebratory lovemaking. He was particularly gentle with her this evening but Naomi reassured him that he wasn't going to hurt the baby, she'd already asked the doctor.

Doug held her satisfied body closer to his. Her smooth mocha skin had a slight sheen on it from their earlier exertions. He kissed her softly on her temple. Naomi had settled into him and was nodding off.

"Before you fall asleep on me," he told her, "I just want you to know that I am the happiest and most blessed man on this earth."

"Oh, I wasn't falling asleep, well...I was but I'm glad to know that, I feel the same way also except ten times more. You make every single day Douglas a happy ending."

She bent her head up and he kissed her deeply. They'd each found the love that they'd longed for and now they were living happily ever after.


Thanks everyone for hanging in there till the end and for all the encouragement, I enjoyed sharing my story with you. I want to thank KH for the editing help, you've been a fabulous editor. Please know that my other story will be completed and I'll be back to tell the Zoe and Al's story too. Thank you, everybody. EMD

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