tagFetishA Company Man

A Company Man


As I sit here covered with cum, I am still trying to figure out how I got in this situation in the first place.

It started two days ago. My boss had called me to his office and informed me that I was going to have to attend a business convention in San Diego, which would begin on Monday. Further, reservations had already been made for me on a flight departing Saturday at 10 AM. There would be no need to make hotel reservations, as I would be staying at the home of the company's west coast regional manager. Then, he handed me a packet and told me to study it. I stared at him wondering what to say. I had made plans for the weekend and they didn't include a trip to San Diego. Also, I knew that this was a trip that he had always made himself. He had told his entire staff that he didn't trust us to represent the company at this very important meeting. He had always returned with the upcoming strategy for the next fiscal year. So why was I being sent? I must have voiced the thoughts running through my mind as he quickly answered me. "You are being sent because I said you are going. Now, as it's already Friday afternoon, I suggest you go finish up your current workload and get ready to leave tomorrow. Don't let me down!"

Leaving the office, my mind was rushing with even more questions. I had not thought I was that high in my boss's esteem to be selected to attend this meeting. On the other hand, I had a date with a lady I had just started dating. I had met her while I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant eating dinner by myself. She had sat at the table next to me. We started talking and the next thing I knew, we were back in her hotel room having the best sex I had had in quite some time. She wasn't always in town and this weekend she was. Damn it, of all the bad luck! "Fuck, this really sucks," I thought, dreading the call I would have to make telling her that I wouldn't be around tomorrow.

Finishing up early, I headed for home. After dinner, I packed what clothes I figured I'd need for a week. Cleaned up and was set for my trip except the one phone call I didn't want to make. I walked into the living room and sat down. Dialing Karen's number, the phone rang once before she picked up. After talking for a bit, I was ready to break the bad news but, before I could say anything, she told me that she would not be able to make it this weekend. She was just too busy at work and couldn't get away. I told her that I would be gone too. I was off to a meeting in California and wouldn't be back until next weekend. There was obvious disappointment both of our voices. I suggested we meet the following weekend. "It's a date!" she said. We talked awhile then said good-bye.

I headed for bed and went to sleep. The next morning I arose, got dressed and headed for the airport. There I caught my plane for San Diego and the conference. Arriving in San Diego, I was met by a chauffer who drove me to the estate of the Regional Manager. There I was escorted to my room by the butler. Nothing happened that first night. Dinner was a buffet affair in which I met most of the other conference attendees from across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The meeting was scheduled to start on Sunday at 1PM, which I found to be fairly strange as it isn't standard business practice in the US to do that. But hey, they pay my salary so I didn't ask any questions. Besides, the sooner this was over the sooner I'd be back home and meeting Karen again. I can almost taste her pussy. The clear juices which end up running down my chin, as she gets extremely wet. The feel of my cock buried in her very tight pussy. It clenching my cock and draining its cum into it.

But I digress, and least I forget my tale, let me continue.

The meeting on Sunday went very well. In fact, it went almost too well for my way of thinking. What should have taken at least 2-3 days had taken one afternoon. All that occurred was the CEO of the company handed out a set of instructions for each region. He explained quietly but with authority that our mission and goal for the company was to fulfill the requirements as laid out in the fiscal plan that each of us now held in our hands. Anything less and we would need to find new employment. Following that short speech, the company's vice president went through a short presentation on the overall goals of the new fiscal plan. The meeting was concluded and we were each told that transportation to the airport would be ready within one hour. Don't be late.

I walked back to my room totally confused. In my mind, that presentation and the fiscal plan could have been delivered or mailed to each office throughout the world with a lot less fanfare or drama then this meeting. Oh well, it's not my money. I walked into my room and quickly packed my suitcase and garmet bag. In the room there was a small table and on the table was a champagne glass and small ice bucket with a very small bottle of Champagne in it. A note in front of the Champagne said, "Thank you for attending, good luck in the year to come!" I laughed, opened the bottle, poured it into the glass, toasted the company, and drank the contents. I was ready to leave. Picking up my bags, I took two steps towards the door. My head begin to swim and my world went black.

I awoke. I felt weak and was certain that I had been drugged. Why? My head finally cleared enough for me to sit up in bed. Looking at the clock I noticed that it was 5 hours after I had first entered the room. As I sat up, I realized that I was also naked. "How had that happened?" I thought. Turning on a light, I then found out that my bags were missing. And there on the table was now a matching pair of black panties and a bra, a black garter belt and black stockings. A note was also on the table. I got up and walked to the table and there read the note. "Put these on and come to the dining room at 10PM. If you do not, you will not enjoy the consequences of your actions." "What the hell?" "Not enjoy the consequences of not wearing women's lingerie?" "This is ridiculous! I said out loud." It wasn't 2 seconds after I said that that the phone near my bed rang. I went over and answered it. "Hello," I said, almost yelling into the phone. "What the hell is going on?" I growled. A man's voice I didn't recognize said, "You will put the clothes on as instructed or your family will be notified that you were in an automobile accident and unfortunately killed." Then, the line went dead. Now, I was beginning to get scared. I picked the phone up to call the police, but there was no dial tone. My cell phone was gone. Well, I can always just wrap myself in a sheet and get out of here. Which is exactly what I did. I got as far as the door. A guard stood there. He shoved me back in the room and said, "Do what the boss ordered you to do, now!" And the door slammed shut.

"Stay calm," I thought. "Just put on the clothes and go find out what this is all about." So, I went to dress myself. I slipped on the bra and the panties. Then slid on the garter belt and fastened it. Each stocking went up each leg and I fastened them to the garters. I found myself straightening the back hem of the stockings and stopped. Well, here goes.

I went to the door and opened it. The guard looked at me. His eyes went up and down and he said with a grin, "See, not so bad, is it?" I frowned at him and went off to the dining room. It was almost 10pm. As I entered I found myself in a long room that was dominated by a huge table. Arranged around the table were 24 chairs. 11 of the chairs were occupied. I recognized at once that the CEO, the Vice President, and all of the regional managers were present except the Southwest Regional Manager, my region. "Sit down, Jack or should I say, Jackie, said the CEO with an glint of humor in his eyes. I moved to one of the two empty chairs at the end of the table and had a seat.

I was then introduced to each individual at the table. Every one was either a brother, son, or son-in-law of the CEO. I was then told to go around the table and shake everyone's hand. I got up and started for the first one. As I shook his hand, he reached forward and stroked my cock. "Nice package," he said. That continued to happen as I shook each person's hand in turn. They would feel, stroke or otherwise play with my body in some way. When I got to the CEO, he told me that with him, it would be different. I asked why? And he told me because instead, I was to get on my knees. I looked at him and said, "No!" I found a hand on each shoulder and was forced to my knees. Two of the regional managers had come up behind me and positioned themselves on either side of me. I know was on my knees in front of the CEO. Looking at me, he said, "You know what to do next. Don't you, Jackie?"

He smiled and reaching down unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. I felt a hand press the back of my head and my mouth was moved to his cock. A voice behind me said with some humor, "Now suck it, Jackie" I started to refuse by not opening my mouth. But to no avail, I felt the edge of a knife on my throat. I opened my mouth and started sucking. I knew that I had better get him off, so I started to work. My tongue played up and down the hardening shaft. My hands came up and I played with his balls. Then, gently I sucked each ball in turn into my mouth. Finally, my mouth covered the tip of his cock and my tongue flicked at the soft underside of the head. He moaned. I then let the shaft slide deep into my mouth. I could taste his precum. I moved my head up and down. My tongue played with the head at times. Other times, I sucked hard on the cock. Finally, with a yell, I felt his cock contract and then explode as he came in my mouth.

"Good girl," the CEO said. Now, go back and take your place. I did just that not wanting to have to repeat this with each family member!

As I sat down, from a side room walked in, 11 women. They sat down in the empty chair next to each of the managers. I was then introduced to the wives of each manager, the Vice President, and the CEO. They clapped and told me I was an excellent cocksucker. I must have blushed because the CEO's wife told me that it was cute to see a girl blush after such a compliment.

Then, I was told to go back to the center of the table. On the center of the table was a large wooden turntable. I was told to get up on it on my hands and knees. I knew it was fairly futile to resist so I did as I was instructed. The CEO's wife then got up and coming around to the middle of the table, got up on a small stepping stool. The same one I had used to get onto the table. I was turned around facing away from her. I felt my panties being pushed aside. And a finger was placed inside my ass. I startled at that. "He's tight!" she said. "A virgin" I then suddenly felt my ass on fire as a dildo was thrust into my ass in one push. It was covered in a lubricant but even that had not prepared me for the pain. I looked around and saw that she was now fucking my ass with a strap-on dildo. As she stroked it in and out of my ass, my cock began to get hard. I knew it was from the massaging of my prostate but I was embarrassed. She reached around and fondled my cock. "Oh, what a nice sized cock my little girl has", she said. Finally, with a moan, my cum spurted from my cock. She removed the dildo, reached down, and taking the cum onto her fingers, smeared it onto my face. "You forgot your makeup," she laughed.

All of the women at the table quickly pointed this out to everyone. I was going to be a fine "bitch" for the family as they all put it. The CEO then told the rest of the men to show me what a real slut likes. With that, they all got naked and one by one stood in front of me, telling me to suck them. The women then stood and went to the other side where each of them stood in line to fuck my ass. As the husband was sucked, the wife fucked my ass. Each time right before the husband came, he would pull his cock out of my mouth and shoot his load onto my body. This process was repeated 11 times until I had 12 loads of cum including mine, coating my body.

I was then told to go back to my chair. I did. When I got there I was told to sit down. As I did, I picked up the cloth napkin and was going to wipe some of the jism off my face and body, when the CEO told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to remove it. "A good slut wants cum on her body, and you are a good slut." He chuckled.

As I sat there, I wondered what the hell was going to happen to me. Why had I been chose to be here? I soon found out.

The CEO's wife stood and said, "Jackie, you are probably wondering why you? What you don't know about this company is that it isn't the men that are in charge. It is the women." With that, she took out a collar and attached it around the CEO's neck. Each of the wives did the same to their respective spouse. The men then stood and undressed. I found that each was attired exactly like me. The CEO's wife, no, the CEO herself, continued, "You were chosen because you are now part of the family, you will be the husband and slut of the Southwest Regional Manager. At work, you will be the Southwest Regional Manager and carry out the orders of the real manager. At home, you will be her slut." I felt a collar being placed around my neck as Karen slid into the chair next to me. "Hi honey, welcome home," she said, kissing me on the cheek.

I sat there covered in cum, trying to figure out how the hell did I get here in the first place!

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