tagGroup SexA Company Man: The CIA & Me Ch. 02

A Company Man: The CIA & Me Ch. 02


If you haven't read Part 1, please do so. This story just won't make sense to you without Part 1. Also, remember to vote and leave your feedback about this story.


I arrived in Milan on the TWA red-eye. Just outside customs a beautiful dark haired woman leapt into my arms and smothered me with kisses. Katrina had found me. I was back in my other life.

She led me out to short-term parking. She had the Porsche Carerra and had me at the hotel in about thirty minutes. The Grand Hotel Et de Milan is probably the eighth wonder of the world. It seemed every valet, doorman and clerk remembered us by name and helped us check in again. We had the same suite we'd had two months or so earlier.

Once we were alone, Katrina stripped me, pulled her own clothes off, and led me into the large shower. We kissed and hugged under the steaming water as I shed the grit and grim from the trip and tried to get a handle on what time zone I was in.

She led me back to the bed and I was worried I was going to have to beg off until she announced, "You and I are going to take a two-hour nap!" There was no arguing with her pronouncement. I was asleep in two minutes cradled against her soft bosoms. I awoke to Kat's kisses. She'd let me sleep an extra half hour. I was embarrassed because I'd drooled all over her breasts during my intense nap. She laughed it off and kissed me some more.

Now I responded to her seductive body. She was as equally desirous of me as I was of her. We both skipped a lot of our foreplay and just coupled. I came up over her and sank my hard penis into her wet vagina and we made love. We really did make love -- I couldn't think of anything else to call it for in that brief time we shared ourselves with each other, what we were really doing is telling each other 'I love you.' We were soft and gentle with each other, made sure to deliver the pleasure the act was designed for, and then cooed and fondled each other in our after play. We took another shower then put on casual clothes, bought a simple lunch at an outdoor restaurant, and then walked to the Duomo Square building. I felt like I was on cloud nine.

They were kind to me at the training center that afternoon. I just had some language training in Russian again and a class on disguises, makeup and using false identities. People smiled at me in the halls; I was becoming known by the regular staff. I finished at five o'clock. Katrina came and retrieved me from my last class -- I was temporarily a blond female when she stuck her head in my 'disguise' class. We went back to the hotel and changed into jogging clothes, and went for a fifteen-kilometer run. After we cleaned up, enjoyed a room service dinner in the room and made love again, we slept through the night.

In the morning, Katrina and I spent two hours in martial arts training with Wan Suh. Kat commented on my muscles and trim form as she flipped me up in the air; as usual she showed me no mercy. Then I cleaned up, put on my 'consulting suit', and headed off for the rest of the day to Montedison. I didn't finish there until after seven. By the time I got back to the hotel it was late -- we skipped the run but repeated the other activities of the previous night.

The next day I did an all-day seminar on management information systems at Montedison. There were about a hundred top executives in the room. Simultaneous translation of my remarks was used to help those less familiar with English. I received a lot of favorable comments. The chief technology guy in the company signed me up for a couple more talks as well as some serious consulting work.

That evening, Kat and I did the fifteen-kilometer circuit again, cleaned up and ate at Centro Ittico -- one of the more exclusive restaurants in Milan. The seafood cuisine and service were superb. We walked back to the hotel the long way, cutting through La Galleria for ice creams even though we were dressed in evening wear.

Thursday I spent all-day at The Company's Duomo Square building: body hardening for two hours; firing range for two more -- now with moving targets; short lunch; Russian language training; and knife fighting -- now with sharp weapons and not the toys we'd used in my earlier training with Rand. At the end of the day I checked in briefly with Kyle over the secure video conference link. Katrina came in during my call and said hello to him.

Friday morning we were back at the driving school. This time I was taught how to take a car over various kinds of jumps of varying distances and how to make controlled rolls in a car, actually rolling a car completely over -- having it right itself and being able to drive away at a high rate of speed. We reviewed many of the driving techniques from two months earlier and also covered high-speed chase maneuvers and evasive techniques, including ramming and 'drifting' a pursuer's car. There was also a lesson about how to drive and shoot at the same time. I wasn't using the Glock -- it would have penetrated the car we were sparring with; instead it was a paintball gun. After two hours and many pointers I was actually doing pretty well at hitting a moving target; the other car was covered with paint splatter. We ended the day in a kind of demolition derby activity: Katrina was in one car, I was in another and there were two other vehicles and we all had paint ball guns; I'd learned my lesson well for I was the last vehicle running as I tore around the track in a victory lap -- parts falling off my paint splattered car every few feet.

As we drove back to the City, Katrina said, "You know you're probably ready to start doing some real Company work. You're in shape, you have the basics mastered, and you've got a solid base of work in Europe to justify your travels if anyone asks. Keep that in mind. I bet you'll be getting more serious assignments soon. I'll help if I can -- if they let me." I nodded; a little terrified at the thought that I might have to actually use any of the training I'd been given.

We spent that Friday night in Milan in our formal wear at the Auditorium de Milano for a classical music concert. As usual, Katrina turned heads in her dress; I was simply the guy that was escorting the most beautiful woman in Europe. After the concert we made love to each other and then slept in the comfort and peace of each other's arms.

Saturday morning we checked out and drove the short distance to Lake Como, Italy, stopping and shopping at quaint little shops along the way and eating a late lunch in a romantic little trattatori. We checked in for one night at the Villa D'Este, one of the finest hotels in the world. We took a long run along the lake's shore front, staying near the water whenever we could. We came huffing and puffing back to the hotel about dusk. Dinner was romantic and an inspiration in the large, ornate dining room. The hotel had been built in the sixteenth century; you couldn't help but appreciate the history that the place had witnessed. And, of course, we made love -- the porch doors in our room open to the lake. I suspect a few other rooms heard our noisy lovemaking; no one complained.

Sunday morning we ran again, not quite as far then we cleaned up and started driving. Katrina told me she was going to "take me home." Frankfurt was about 380 miles away on the other side of the Alps. We flew and did the journey in five hours, making only one fuel stop. The trip was like a travelogue of places I hoped to spend more time at some day: Lucerne, Zurich, Basel, Freiburg, Strasborg, Heidelberg, and finally Frankfurt. She lived in Weisbaden just west of the City.

Katrina had a beautiful apartment overlooking the central park in the center of town. After we had stowed our luggage in her place, we walked the park, stopping in a beer hall for the mandatory stein of German dark 'bier'. We laughed and I was the happiest I could remember being in along time. We walked some more, but the City was shut tightly for the Sunday. We went back to her apartment and made love to one another, cleaned up, went out to eat, came back and made love again, and slept in her bed spooned together. What a jet propelled day. Best of all was that we got to talk a lot as we drove; we really did love and respect each other.

Monday morning we both flew to London. McKennitt & Company had a long-term lease on a flat in South Kensington so that was where we headed from Heathrow. We dropped our things, walked around the neighborhood eventually doing a long brisk walk around Hyde Park and Green Park, then on to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, up to Oxford Circus and back down Oxford Street to Marble Arch, then back to the flat cutting across Hyde Park again. Everything seemed so close together. I showed her where our office was going to be. We ate at a small Turkish restaurant and then retired for the night.

The next day I left Kat sleeping in the flat and went off to a client for the day. Remarkably I sold some more business. Things were looking up. When I got back to the flat, Katrina was looking very preppy and very domestic in gray slacks and a sweater. She was reading her Russian book. We cuddled as she told me about her day prowling around the area and making some interesting "arrangements" she said I'd find out about soon enough.

We ate at a popular Thai restaurant near South Ken and headed back to the flat. I noticed the lights were on when we got near the place. I looked at her with a questioning glance; she just grinned back at me.

As we entered the flat, Alyana came bounding into my arms -- hugging me closely and kissing my face wildly. I was astounded. Eventually, the two women hugged and kissed too. I noticed their kiss was more than just a friendly buss.

"How? ... What? ... Why? ..." I stuttered to her -- really to both of them.

"We talked a week or so ago and I told her you were coming to Milan and London. She decided she just had to do business in London and so here she is. At our disposal," Kat grinned lecherously at me. Alyana grinned too. I guess I was smiling pretty broadly too.

"What about Ivan?" I asked. "Won't he be jealous or concerned?"

"I am here with his blessing," Alyana stated firmly in her cute Russian accent. "He said I learned so many good things from you the last time I should come and see what else you can teach me. He liked that I swallow all of him, for instance, and the thing we did with the liqueur. I also am making him a better lover and he knows this and likes it -- so do I. He sends his hello to each of you and his regrets at not being here. He said 'next time', and to tell you Katrina that he will be a better lover to you the next time thanks to what he is learning."

I pulled both women to me and kissed them. "Well, what are we doing standing here. We have to teach this women some new things to take back to Moscow!" I escorted them towards the bedroom.


If there was a heaven on earth, it was being in bed with both Katrina and Alyana. Both were beautiful women in their full ripeness of life. The naïve viewpoints and youthful inexperience were mostly gone, replaced by sophistication and joie de vivre. To top it all off, both women were in love with me and, I realized, I with them.

My long cock was buried to the hilt in Alyana's warm and willing pussy. She was riding me slowly and sensually as Katrina sat on my face and let me eat her moist pussy to my heart's content. The two women were kissing and loving each other from the clits up. That said, I could still feel Alyana's fingers come to rub and massage Kat's clit from time to time and I knew Kat was returning the favor.

Alyana was the first to cum. I could hear her tell Kat that she was near ... then very near ... then I felt her spasm around my cock. It took every bit of effort I could muster not to blast my cum into her pussy. Fortunately, as she climaxed she froze -- her breathing stopped and all motion stopped, save for the remnant muscle twitches inside her. I was able to hold it together and the urge passed. Alyana went into a passionate embrace with Katrina to celebrate the event.

The two women changed places and Kat came and sat on my steel rod for a while. She knew I was near and also that I didn't want to ejaculate so soon in the evening. She was kind and only jousted with my rod occasionally -- enough for both of us to keep our interest. Eventually, she let herself go when Alyana massaged her clit for an unusually long period of time. The response was amazing, particularly since I had 'cooled' a little. I could feel her muscles in a new light since I wasn't as close to orgasm as I usually was when I felt the same muscles milking the cum from my cock.

As Kat came down from her high, she said softly to me, "I've had you all week. Alyana needs you. Love her. Cum in her. Make her feel like a real woman." She lay beside me and pulled Alyana from my face and into a prone position between us. Katrina leaned in and passionately kissed her, several fingers inserted deep in her pussy. Alyana squirmed in the kiss.

I replaced Katrina at Alyana's lips, kissing her passionately. She was almost delirious with the passion we were providing. Kat kept massaging her cunt and suddenly Alyana exploded into me as another orgasm hit her hard. She clutched me in an almost death grip as her body rose off the bed and spasmed in her ecstasy. She finally moaned her rapture, a long "Oooooooooh" followed by her silence as she fell back to the bed in the passion.

I brought her legs up over my shoulder and sank my cock back into Alyana's body. She was still spasming from the orgasm Kat had delivered to her, so it was with great pleasure I felt her welcoming clenches as I started to move into her. She groaned as my girth made it back to her full depth. "Oh David, I love it when you are as deep in me as you can go. Hold it right there and let my cunt massage you."

I held still and received an unusual experience from her. She milked me with her pussy, quite intentionally but using the muscles that I thought only came instinctually into play during an orgasm. What a talented woman. Gradually she expanded the muscles she brought into play, her hips finally moving only slightly as she tried to bring me pleasure.

She apparently brought herself more pleasure than she intended for it was only two minutes later that I watched her eyes roll up in her head and her breathing stop as another climax rippled through her body. I could watch her abdominal muscles contract and spasm, feel her cunt clench my cock, and, of course, her legs went into wild twitches behind me as she pulled me into her. I remained motionless and let her pleasure herself on my rod.

I looked at Kat who was laying beside us -- a glorious wonder of beauty and nudity. I asked, "Do you have any lubricant?" She nodded and scrambled to her bedside table, producing a relatively new tube of Astroglide.

I flipped Alyana over onto her stomach and pulled her mid-section into the air. I don't think she understood what was about to happen. Kat watched with a gleam in her eye. I put the cool gel along my rod and rubbed it in with a couple of strokes, the gel giving me a new level of arousal. I then put a tablespoon or so at the opening to Alyana's ass. In one smooth move I put my cock at the entrance to her dark tunnel and thrust into her; she rose up in complete surprise. "Uuuuuuuugh," came from her lips. I pulled back and thrust again ... and again ... sliding deeper on each thrust as her muscles relaxed and she got used to the idea of my penetration.

Katrina went to Alyana's face and kissed her. "Is this new for you my darling?" she asked.

Alyana's head shook with great force in the affirmative. Finally, she spoke, "I didn't think people really did this except in pornographic movies. Oooooooh my. This is ... is ... interesting ... is ... nice ... be gentle with me. I've never ... done this ... before."

It only took a minute for her to really get used to my rod in her ass. I moved gently but with authority, making long strokes and feeling her entire body twitch and clench as I moved.

Kat had slipped beneath Alyana and was sucking and palming her breasts. I softly said to her, "Put your fingers into her pussy. Finger fuck her."

Through my sensitive prick I could feel Katrina's fingers make a penetration. We were only separated by Alyana's peritoneum - one finger then two and then three. Alyana was groaning more loudly and now in little spurts of sound, "Oh ... uh ... ah ... oh ... ouuu ... eee." Each change of sound accompanied some new motion that either Katrina or I rained down upon her body.

Alyana came again ... and again ... and again -- she was most definitely multi-orgasmic. Katrina and I were now conspirators to see if we could destroy this woman with pleasure after pleasure. If you'd asked, we were rapidly succeeding. Alyana was dissolving into a mass of quivering flesh whose sole purpose was to have a never-ending sequence of orgasms lasting from that moment to the end of time.

Finally, I could hold off no more. I nodded to Katrina that I was near and she blew me a kiss. "Cum in her ... deep in her ass. Give her one more orgasm." I felt Kat's other hand move to massage Alyana's clitoris as I started to hammer into her ass. My climax was one of the most intense in my life. I exploded into Alyana's ass -- a full load of cum jettisoned from my body into hers in only a few intense injections. Every nerve ending in my body triggered in the pleasure mode and I was swept into heaven for a long time -- unbreathing, unmoving, just a shuddering mass of male flesh impaled into a shapely female ass.

I fell forward and forced Alyana down on top of Katrina. There was some rolling and wiggling and finally no one was being suffocated and we were in an optimum position to continue. I pulled out of Alyana's pretty butt, still rock hard but spent. Kat passed me a washcloth so I could wipe myself. I watched a dribble of my white cum seep from Alyana's ass and run across her cheek towards the sheets. Before I could wipe it, Katrina lapped the fluid with her tongue as she gave me one of her "I'm evil" looks. Sexy evil she was.

As the two of us recovered Katrina said, "How come you've never done that with me?" I shrugged.

Amazingly I was still hard. The sensation of cuming hadn't resulted in my usual male flaccidness. Instead I felt as though I needed to cum yet again. I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I pulled Kat in front of me -- face up. I wanted to watch her reaction as we did this. I found the gel and re-lubricated my rod then pushed her legs back until I could see the dimpled entrance to her dark tunnel. I pushed slowly into her, only sinking in an inch or so until I met resistance.

"You have to relax. Just think of this as a new way for us to make love - a new hole to try. Have you done this before?"

"No. Never. I've had fingers in there ... and a small dildo ... but you're huge."

I pushed a little harder and stroked a breast, gently pinching a nipple. The distraction proved to be just what was needed. I sank in past the muscle that had blocked me a moment earlier. I started to slowly thrust, going deeper with each inward push.

"Oooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyy Goooooooooood!" she exclaimed through clenched teeth. "This IS different."

Alyana lay and watched us, lightly stroking the swollen lips around her pussy. I nodded to her and gestured with my head towards Kat's pussy. She understood and leaned forward taking Kat's clit in her mouth and smothering the nub with the rough friction of her tongue. Kat about leapt off the bed she twitched so much. Both of us held onto her for the ride.

"Oooooooouuuuuuu, you'll destroy me. Oh, waaaaaay toooooo muuuuuuuch sensation." She was panting heavily as she watched me thrust into her ass and watched Alyana's mouth and tongue on her pussy. She had a look of lust, a look of passion, a look of love on her face all at once.

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