tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 02

A Compromise Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Nothing Is Ever One Sided

I'm not totally a prude, not really. I have enjoyed the usual flirtation and double entendre' comments at parties with our friends, I admit it. It's just that I had always fallen short of having sex with anyone except David. In fact, he has been the only one, ever. I guess the nuns must have made a deep impression on me, long ago in elementary school and then high school, too.

So, when I saw David having Joyce right under my own bedroom window, it was one of those shocks I just wasn't prepared for. I just thought that he and I were in agreement on that point.

Now, conventional wisdom says that you immediately fly into a rage when this happens, and I could easily have done that. But, as I have heard people say about me a hundred times, "Charly doesn't do anything without a plan!" I get sick of hearing that and used to try to shake it by thinking of absurd impromptu things to do. You know, just to show them that I wasn't as dull and predictable as they thought. But, of course, thinking about it is planning, so there you are. I'm stuck with me.

In the last month, I have had to think about what I really want in life and then compare it to what I already have. My conclusion, to make a long story short, is that I really like most of what I have. The kids are great, David except for his current behavior, is a pretty good husband and a devoted parent; the neighbors are terrific, except for Joyce, and even Joyce was pretty good company until recently when I began having trouble talking to her.

Everyone calls me Charly by the way. My real name is Charlotte, a kind of old fashioned name used only my mother. She was the one who finally decided me on my present course. I had to talk to someone, so dear old Mom had to bear it one more time. She listened as I went through most of the ugly details, commiserated sympathetically and hugged me close just like when I was a little girl. It was great.

Finally, she said, slowly, with a slight catch in her thoat, "Charlotte, you know, … when your father had his affair …"

"My father? My darling sweet Daddy? Are you kidding me? Mom, … you never." My mouth gaped open in something near total shock.

"Of course I never said anything. That's what you were going to say, right? Well, it's true. My personal skeleton, in my own personal closet. You have to make up your own mind on this, dear, .. and you will. Maybe it is useful to know that even your father … well, disappointed me, too. It still hurts a little to think about it. But, it was a long time ago."

Daddy died two years ago and I really miss him. He had always been a tower of strength any time I needed him and, to be honest, I never got over the feeling that he was perfect. She told me a few details. I didn't really want any more, though, and we soon found ourselves reminiscing about the good days when he was alive.

I suddenly realized, with a cold shudder, what I would have missed if Mom had divorced him after his affair. Maybe that was the thing that turned me around and resolved to find some way to make all this fit into my world without destroying everything. How to do it, that was the trick.

As I said, I never thought of myself as a prude. I really enjoy sex. I might have neglected things a little bit, I would go that far. By that I mean, I know it is important for David that I dress in very feminine clothes, not the jeans or sweats I wear a lot. Seems like the more of a 'thing' he makes about it, the more I dig for my grungy sweats that are so comfortable. I have no idea why men think we can spend our lives in sexy underwear and high heels. It seems to be one of the male genes. But I knew that all along and I insisted on ignoring it. I just think he should have been able to rise above it. "Love me for what I am -- not what I look like," you know the routine!

I've enjoyed the flirting with male friends, too. I know that David likes to fantasize about things like me having sex with other men, or having a swap party. We have pretended a number of times. I thought I was pretty good about his fantasies, even though I always tell him "It ain't gonna happen!"

For example, a few months ago, Sally and Tim were over for dinner. Sally is a pretty blonde, very big breasts, a really cute shape. I know that David really thinks she is sexy. He is always commenting about her.

We had cocktails before dinner and wine with dinner and were having a good friendly time together. David had come close to making me mad with the attention he was giving to Sally. But Tim was being charming, and I returned the friendly flirting.

"Come on girls, the only thing that could make the evening more perfect is if you were topless for dinner." David laughed as if he were just teasing about it. But a little later he brought it up again.

"Oh, let's give them a thrill, Charly, .. I'm game! Want to?" Sally looked across the candlelit table and I saw the gleam in her eye. "Have you got a pretty bra on?"

I made a big thing of pulling out my blouse front and gazing down, while the two men made encouraging comments.

"Yes, yes, yes, please, please!" David said in his best little boy voice.

"Oh good grief! OK. But I will never understand men!"

"OK, on the count of three!" Sally said, but I noticed that she already had her blouse unbuttoned and hanging open. Both men were staring wild-eyed at her opulent breasts cradled in a very pretty lacy pale yellow bra. She has the kind of breasts that simply look lovely, full, round, heavy looking, but with a simple beauty that really takes your breath away.

Slowly, I slipped the buttons open and let my blouse display my less conspicuous front. My white, plain-Jane, 34 B bra was no match for my friend, but not bad, if I say so myself. My breasts are kind of perky, if I say so myself, and I notice they get a lot of attention at the parties.

We toasted something or other with the wine, both of us displaying a bit more bosom and smiling through the candle glow as we did. The candles cast shadows between our breasts in what I must say was a very attractive display. So it didn't seem tawdry or anything, just strange.

The guys were in a high state of excitement. Their voices changed, even as they tried to make it appear that they were taking this completely in stride. But I noticed a tightness in their voices which belied the calm they tried to effect. Interestingly, after the initial feeling of being exposed was past, both Sally and I became the confident ones. That was very strange to me.

"Sally, you have the prettiest bra, you should go first with the next step - or should I go first and save you for the big finale'?" I couldn't believe I was saying it.

"Let them decide, I suggest!" she replied, arching her eyebrows at David.

Taking the safe route, Tim suggested "Eenie meanie, miney moe! Or should I say Eenie, Eenie, meanie, meanie, …" we all laughed as his eyes bounced mockingly on each breast!

We were soon sitting in our bras, keeping good posture for best effect, and continuing dinner as normal. The men had trouble holding a sensible conversation and it was obvious that they couldn't keep their eyes off us. They had trouble deciding where to look, being sure to spend enough time looking at their own wife, I am sure, in order to keep out of trouble.

I noticed after a few minutes that I was getting distinctly moist between my legs. I could not pretend that I was not affected by it. So, you see what I mean, I was not immune to the fun of very suggestive sexual situations.

Dave put on some music and I poured coffee. Tim's eyes never left my cleavage while I filled his cup. He is such a nice guy, that I don't mind his attention at all. That's the way it is, everything is dependent upon the other person's attitude.

"What would you say to completely topless coffee?" Dave urged brightly.

"Come on, Dave, this is far enough!" I had a firm, plaintive tone in my voice, so he backed off for the time being. In retrospect, I suppose I could have said it a little gentler, but I really didn't want to go further with this. I was still a little shocked that I was sitting here in my bra tempting poor Tim out of his mind.

"I need to go down and get more ice! Ride with me, Sally?"

I now realize that Dave made up the excuse to split us up into unmatched pairs. At the time I thought nothing of it.

Sally slipped into her blouse and they set off to the Seven Eleven, leaving Tim and me sitting together over coffee. I couldn't decide if it would be insulting to put my blouse on or not, so I left it off. It was, I admit, enjoying the flirting just a little bit. Tim's foot touched mine under the table and I drew away, but then relaxed and put it back in contact with Tim.

"Hey, Tim, I think we are playing footsie! What do you think?" I laughed and we smiled a little self-consciously across the table. "It is nice to have a friend I can be this comfortable with, Tim, you know?"

"Yes." He said quietly. I think Tim and I are probably a lot alike, so our conversation was easy and warm.

"Yes, I do understand, Charly, I'm enjoying it too. I uh, hope this is OK for you - you know?" I felt both his feet surround mine stockinged foot in a caress. It was erotic, but somehow reassuring at the same time.

"Tim, …… yes, sure, I'm OK about it. Really. Good friends, you know."

Well to be honest the drinks had helped a lot. I leaned forward, cup in hand and smiled between the candles and into his eyes. The moist warmth spread between my legs even more as I realized how completely in control I was.

"Tim, .. would you like me to take this off?"

His Adam's apple gave his nervousness away. He nodded and gave me a shy little smile. He was such an adorable guy. I reached slowly behind my back in my best temptress manner and slowly unsnapped my bra and let it slip down my arms until the bra only shadowed my nipples. Watching his eyes devour me, I slipped it off and laid it on the table next to my napkin.

We went back to our conversation. Tim stayed on his side and I stayed on mine. His eye contact was not so good when he talked now. I loved the way he seemed to enjoy my breasts. It was an appreciative look, as if he was admiring a painting, more than anything really sexual. It was a lovely conversation. And I was feeling plenty naughty, no question about it.

When I heard Sally's laugh coming from the garage, I slipped back into my bra. I can't quite say why, I just did. Tim and I exchanged a smile of shared pleasure and then David and Sally bounced into the room.

That was pretty much the end of the episode. It probably didn't go as far as David wanted us to go, but on the other hand, I couldn't be called a complete prude either. We all hugged and said good night at the door and David curled me into his arms at the bottom of the stairs.

"And what has my little wife been doing while I was gone?" he said, a fake wild man look on his face. His hands slipped my skirt up in the back and fondled my bottom, roaming over the silkiness of my panties.

He sat me down on the third step and knelt before me, his hands pushing my skirt along my thighs. It occurred to me that he was going to find me quite wet with excitement. Would that surprise him? Or would it mean nothing to him? I must have tensed with the thought and I felt him force my legs apart.

"Whaaat? …. Aha! What is this my lovely? Has Timmy been getting you excited? Charly, your panties feel so lovely when they are so wet, you know that?"

He was teasing me - and he was excited with the thought of me being turned on by another man. I needed to think about that. But at the moment, I just relaxed. His hands slipped under the elastic of my panties and found how very wet the evening had made me. I was embarrassed, I remember.

"I am going to eat my darling wet pussy all the way up these stairs!" He growled the words, deep in his throat.

He slipped his hands under my buns and lifted me to the next step and then another. His tongue slipped past my panties and I shuddered with the pleasure of his touch. Slowly, tortuously, his tongue tasted along my pussy lips, lingering, trailing along first one and then the other, then letting my panties cover me again.

Again he lifted me two more steps, again his mouth explored the now swollen lips between my legs. I lay back on the stairs and pulled his hands to my breasts and felt his fingers find my nipples through my bra. Roughly, he pushed my bra up over my breasts and squeezed my nipples hard. David's head rolled back and forth, exploring me deeply. I could feel myself getting even wetter under his expert touch. His tongue slipped into my vagina, darting in and out. A shudder of pleasure ran up my body, until I felt it at the back of my neck.

I felt his hands slipping my panties off. He tossed them high in the air and I saw them land on the hanging light over the stairs. I opened wide to let him have me completely. His lips and tongue matched the movement of my hips and he lifted me once more, a few more steps, laughing quietly against my skin. I knew he was grinning now, pressed there between my legs, warming my flesh with his wet tongue.

Finally at the top of the stairs, he lifted me bodily into his arms, straddling his body, and I slipped easily down the length of his waiting shaft, my copious wetness bathing both of us in a warm glow.

David carried me to our bed that night and our sex was wild and passionate. I don't know what the ingredients were that made such a nice recipe, but I do know that a part of it was the lovely hour alone with Tim. We hadn't had sex at all, mind you, because I was, at that time, completely sure it was essential to have no one else but my husband.

I don't know why I am rambling over all this with you, but I guess it is all part of my thinking as I worked toward a decision about the rest of my life.

Nothing in life is ever just one sided, is it?

Continued in Chapter Three

Comments appreciated.

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