tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 04

A Compromise Ch. 04


Well, by now some of you have said to yourself, "She's going to do a remake of Clockwork Orange." You know, that awful old Science Fiction movie where the sex police try to cure an over-sexed man of his problem by exposing him to high dosages of pornographic images? (At least that's the way I remember it.)

But that isn't quite the model for my plan. Though I suppose I have to concede that there is some similarity. I think mine is a more subtle plan based on the old adage "be careful what you wish for, -- you might get it!" While everyone has heard women say that they will do anything to save their marriage, I really mean it. Thus it is that I intend to devote the next few weeks, or months to providing in real life, the fantasies which David has told me about over the years of our marriage. In some cases, it has made him petulant when I dismissed them. In other cases, I have enjoyed acting out the fantasies. It just depends on being in the mood - or not. Ah, there's the rub! So many things are like that in marriage, aren't they.

I am convinced that David will decide these things might be better left in fantasy after he once experiences them. Maybe that is a naïve theory, but I have decided to test it. I look at it this way. If it works, we will both go back to a relatively successful marriage, both on an even keel, not with one partner having sneaked off to explore the fantasies on his own. I think that would be a bad thing, don't you? I mean, he would have to deal with the guilt. He would remain angry with me for not, in his mind, being willing to participate in things he wanted to do.

On the other hand, if I make a big scene about him fucking Joyce right outside my window, we really have to find a way to live with it. I mean, what do you do with that? What I have observed is that if the woman tries to forgive, she feels like a saint and holds onto it for release in moments of anger about things like - taking out the garbage- things like that! Ugh! What a way to go! Again, it is not for me.

Now, there is the possibility that David finds that the swinging life style is not just a fantasy; that he really wants to live that way -- until his good looks fade. (Hehehehe). That possibility bothers me a little, but I will have to decide on that after I have run the plan and sampled his fantasies. Either way, I am probably not out anything, since that would probably mean it isn't as good a marriage as I thought.

"Aha, there is Margaret leaving the house."

I have been keeping an eye out for her to leave so that I can talk to Simon alone. Simon is my darling friend. And Simon is wonderful. He is a bit older, perhaps wiser than me and he and I have flirted happily for several years at neighborhood parties.

Let me describe him. He is about six feet tall and his hair is now gloriously sprinkled with the gray that can be so attractive on a handsome man. He is of average build and always has a smile. He has a cheerful way of making fun of the little ruts in the road of life. Simon really enjoys women. Over the years, I have noted that he spends a lot more time with the attractive and smart women at the party than he does talking man-talk in the back room with the other husbands. I find this quite endearing.

At each event, he and I find a way to have a one-on-one conversation. His brown eyes always seem to home onto mine and I feel that he is fondling me with his eyes. I can't explain that, but maybe you have had that experience. It is wonderful and sensual, at least with Simon it is. He is an insightful observer of life and he seems to have experienced almost everything. His anecdotes are usually self effacing, laughing at mistakes he made, or misunderstandings of what was going on in a foreign country. Good fun, I mean.

We have a thing we do, Simon and I. Wherever we meet, we make a huge thing of giving each other a big bearhug and pretending we have something going on between us. Since this is done with amused laughter, we get by with it even under the eyes of our spouses. Everyone has got used to it, I guess, and it was only after we had been doing it for awhile, that I noticed what it really was. That is, one day as we hugged in the middle of the supermarket, I realized that we were both holding it a little longer than absolutely necessary. We were having a sensual little snuggle; enjoying the feel of each other's bodies pressed close in a caress - right there in front of god and everyone! I'm sure Simon knows too, though we have never discussed it. It is just the sort of little secret that Simon loves -- and, I love. Right? Right!

As Margaret's little yellow car turned the corner, I walked into the garage and collected the utensils which Margaret left behind at the last party. I have been secreting them in my garage as an excuse for getting Simon alone. I set off down the street, looking like I was returning something to a neighbor.

Simon opened the door and then threw it wide. "Charly - My love!" his arms slipped around me and I returned the hug, the chafing dish patting him on the butt.

"Hello, Simon dear, Margaret around?"

"Never mind that, let me look at your gorgeous form. ......... besides, she's just gone to the store, be back shortly I expect."

We didn't part. He felt so gentle when he held me like this.

"Oh, well, never mind, I was just returning her chafing dish. Left it at the party. How've you been, dear Simon? ---------- Think we should stop this?" I said this in obvious tongue in cheek mode. "Or, are you enjoying it as much as I am?" I reached to kiss him.

"Mmmmmm, ............. Uh, yes! He murmured," returning the kiss. I think he didn't know quite what to do next. He started to move away and I held him just a moment, blocking him from escaping. Then I released him.

I had felt Simon's erection growing against my tummy and felt him shift a little to hide it. That only made it worse, or ........ better depending on your viewpoint, because it went from directly against my pubic mound to being nestled in the hollow between my mound and my thigh. That tender flesh is so very sensitive. I found it exciting.

"Actually Simon, I wanted to ask you a personal favor. So, ................ Oh, Simon, it's no use lying to you is it? I planned this for a time when Margaret was away. ................ So I could talk to you."

Simon looked a little taken aback. But, the nice thing about Simon was that he would never make fun of me, no matter how strange my comment or my idea. I told him briefly the story. He was immediately sympathetic, and also a little apprehensive. He probably was afraid I was going to make him make good on his often repeated proposal to dump Margaret and take me to the South Sea Islands.

"David, you know David, my sex-crazed husband?" I laughed and he giggled in reply. Well, David has this fantasy about joining a wife-swapping club. I've decided to arrange it for him." As I expected, though his mouth dropped open for a moment, Simon took the news in stride and then with a leer, he said:

"Right! Can I join?" he laughed and then looked at me closely to see if I was just joking or testing him in some way.


"Oh!" Simon waited, looking into me with those soft eyes. "And?"

I took a deep breath and tried not to be too obvious in pressing against his now very hard cock. The truth is I was very excited myself and flooded with moisture between my thighs. We seemed to have forgotten that we were still in our bear hug and I made no move to change it.

"Oh, mmmmm, Charly, ....." he paused. "Charly, are you sure about this?"

"Sure! Yes, Simon, don't worry, I have thought it through completely. I know that normally it would be crazy. Trust me, it is the right thing for us -- at this time." I was talking a little quickly, my breath in short gasps. I felt myself calming down now though, now that it was out. "Can you help me, Simon?"

"Help you? How? I mean, I have never managed to act out that fantasy either. It would put Margaret round the bend, you know." His laugh relieved me. His face softened into his most mischievous smile, tinged with an almost fatherly look of affection. The warm hard feel of him trapped against my tummy belied the fatherly aspect of his smile, though. He shifted away slightly.

"Can you find one of those clubs? And then, will you go with me the first time? I mean, I am not exactly propositioning you, but I can't face it all alone. And you are the only person I think I could be comfortable with."

Now his eyes were wide open. He bit his lip slightly, staring into my eyes intently. "Hmmmm, .."

"OK, Simon, come on, you know you're curious too. Right?"

You know what I told you about men being so timid when you take them beyond the joking about sex? I realized I had to take the bull by the horns and be the more aggressive. Otherwise, even Simon would wriggle off the hook.

"No. No, I mean, yes, you're right. I'm trying to think of all the reasons we shouldn't do this. But, .............. uh, well, OK, Charly. What do I say? It's a date?"

"No, darling, you tell me you will call one of the clubs I found on the internet and then figure out how we can both be out of our houses at the same time."

I slipped my hand down between us and covered his erect cock with my hand. I felt him jump with surprise. We had never done anything like this before, you see. We were all talk, as the saying goes. Simon recovered, though and I felt his hands gently fondling my buttocks. The soft fabric of my slacks slipped easily over the slick nylon of my panties as he pressed me tighter against him. Simon's cock swelled under my hand. His arms and hands felt very gentle on my body, standing there in the entry hall of his house. I moved against him, taking my hand away and letting his cock rise as I felt it with my mound and then let it slip to the other side of the little triangle of curls there under my panties.

"Oh, Simon, you are so gentle."

"Charly, ......." His hands squeezed and rolled my buttocks and our tongues found each other in an open-mouthed kiss that was an inferno.

"Nice as this is, Simon, I better get out of here before we ........ "

"Yes." He sighed, Margaret will be back soon ..... "

"Call me?" My eyes looked into his pleadingly.

"uh, .......... Yes, soon, Charly. Got the list?"

"Yes, here." I pressed the short list of URL's into his hand then pressed close again for a little farewell kiss. I whispered into his ear "Hurry!" and I giggled devilishly, caressing his cock one last time with my cupped hand.

Simon laughed and rolled his eyes. "God, what you do to me! And what you get me into!"

Two weeks later, just when I thought that Simon had changed his mind, the phone rang.

"Hi, it's me! Is that you?" his chortling laugh was unmistakable.

"Yes, it's me!" my heart suddenly choking me.

"Have you changed your mind? No hard feelings, you know." He was so perceptive, this lovely man. He heard my heart leap up into my throat.

"No, ......... no Simon, I'm still in! A little nervous, perhaps."

"Well, OK, then. We have passed the first test!"

"What test?"

"Well, I looked on the internet and then made an appointment to meet a nice looking blonde called Karen. Seems to run things at the 'Cambridge Club.' I just couldn't bear to call a club called 'The Velvet Divan' or something like that. I've also met Karen - not unattractive, by the way, but not a beauty exactly either, ..."

"Simon, come on, get to the details!"

"OK, OK. I apparently passed the test and we are invited to a new member party next Thursday night. It's specially arranged for newbies like us. Lets the members check us out, I think."

"Oh, Simon, what is it like? Is it OK, do you think?"

"Not to worry. Quite all right. Lots of rooms surrounding a large common room. Pool table, even, if you fancy a game."

I couldn't help giggling. Simon, as usual found a way to lighten things up and make me more comfortable.

Thursday night worked out well. David was out of town and the kids were welcome for a sleepover with their grandparents. Perfect. Now - what to wear. God, I still had another 5 pounds to lose - my target before exposing myself to the scrutiny of a prospective lover. Still, I didn't think the view was too bad as I turned in front of the mirror. Breasts still reasonably firm, though the curve underneath was getting more pronounced. The right eyes could fairly judge them as sexily opulent. My bottom was one of my good features, I thought, full and sensual. My legs had become acquainted with cellulite, but not too bad. Taking off some weight had helped. Anyway, I didn't feel too bad.

I tried about seven dresses. Simon said 'simple, but dressy' and definitely 'sexy' was the dress code for the party. Finally, I gave up and buttoned the simple coat dress, black with buttons all down the front over a very pretty panty and bra set from Victoria's Secret, black with lace accents at the legs - repeated in the cups of the push-up bra. A garter belt was clasped tautly to black stockings, looking sexy as I draped the dress open around one leg.

I left the bedroom bathed in the fumes of the Joy perfume I had put everywhere imaginable. My heart was pounding and I felt a little hint of perspiration on my lips as I slipped behind the wheel of the family van and headed for a meeting at Simon's office building.

I found him waiting next to his car and swung down from the van with a healthy expanse of thigh and stocking. Our usual hug was more subdued. I think we both felt a little tense with our little adventure.

He did manage a sigh as he muttered a compliment. "Charly, ..... you are just beautiful?"

"Oh god, thanks Simon. I've been a wreck about it. Not too much? You think?"


"I can count on you, then? To make indecent proposals, I mean? If no one else does?" I was feeling a lot more relaxed as I slipped my hand into his. I sure hope I am as hip as Simon when I am 57 years old. I couldn't help thinking about that. He was completely in control of himself. Anyone else I could have asked would have been a disaster. I was sure of it. They would have dissolved into a heap and been no help to me at all. Good old Simon.

The club was on a farm about half way between Akron and out town. The sign said simply, "Cambridge Club - Members only - Please ring bell." We waited while Simon identified himself and Karen responded. "Oh, hello Simon, I'll buzz you in." She sounded bubbly and fresh. And that continued when she opened the door and welcomed us into a large entry hall.

"And this must be, Charly? Is that it? Welcome!" She hugged me and pressed a kiss into mid-air alongside my cheek. She sat us down on two chairs and explained the etiquette of the club. "Since there will be three couples who are new to our group tonight, the party is considered mostly 'soft-swinging,' do you know what that means?"

"Uh, well, why don't you explain.?" Simon jumped in, noting my perplexed look.

"That just means that in the common room we flirt and have foreplay with others, but any actual sex would be with out partners. As the evening progresses, you will probably be more and more comfortable with the increasing nudity. You may join in or not, depending how comfortable you are with that. We don't like anyone to feel any pressure at all. Is that clear? Just treat it as any other social event, really. Well, maybe not quite ANY social event." She laughed and smiled at me as she pressed her fingers on my knee. "You look lovely, by the way. I love this dress!" And with this her eyes turned to Simon. "Don't you?"

"Yes," he smiled. I suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy at their exchange of looks.

Karen led the way and we were in a large room, neatly decorated and set about with little groupings of sofas and cocktail tables. On one end of the room there was a tiny clear area for dancing and at the other a slightly raised area which was fully carpeted. The ceiling was cathedral style with windows high above but none down at the people level. A bar stood in one corner and there were people gathered there while others talked in groups.

The people were dressed in a way that you would say was slightly sexy. Tight dresses, some short, but not all of them; lot's of bosom showing and some push-up bras in evidence. A few bra straps peeked sexily from under other straps. Otherwise, it looked like an ordinary party gathering at the country club. Except for the one girl who had apparently started early and had slipped her top off. Her breasts stood out firmly, nipples at attention as she pretended to be completely unaware of the effect she was having.

I downed a quick drink to make the conversation a little easier. Music was playing from large hi-fi speakers now and a smiling man named Andy introduced his wife Ceil and proposed that we dance. I agreed and Ceil led Simon off to a corner of the little dance floor and held her arms open for him to whirl her away. Andy was an arm pumper as a dance partner and he longed for the slow one that came next. I felt him press close and then his hand slip down to my hip. The lights had dimmed with the music, so I guessed that the party had begun in earnest. Andy was an inch or so shorter than me and I felt his cock against my leg as he made an effort at an old fashioned dip. Then over his shoulder I watched Ceil slip her hand up under Simon's jacket and Simon's erect posture as he guided her smoothly in a little circle. She seemed to be talking up a storm and I knew Simon was patiently enduring it. We exchanged partners and said good-bye to Andy and Ceil.

A girl in shimmering see-thru bra and panties and matching pale green nylons introduced herself to me while taking Simon's hand. Simon looked pleasantly pleased with her attentions and slipped off his jacket as she led him off. I saw him smile down at her as she pressed her large breasts against his chest and smiled her bright red smile up at him.

Jim, as I found her partner to be named, asked how I was enjoying the party and I smiled in agreement as he whisked me into another slow tune. He was a good dancer and our bodies were soon matched, his cock pressing against me and his hand toying with my bra in the back. His hand soothed my back as he cuddled me closer, almost stopping our progress, just standing scintillating against each other. I felt his lips on my ear as he whispered, "you look lovely in this dress, .... How do you look out of it?"

I giggled as his breath tickled my ear. "Hmmmm, I suppose it is unfair. Your wife looks so lovely out of hers!" I nibbled my lip pensively. "I didn't catch her name?" I stalled for time.

"Janet." He muttered in my ear, making me shiver. My shiver encouraged him and he slipped his hand down so that his fingers searched for my panty line and then rubbed it with his thumb as his fingers pointed down the crease of my ass.

Then I watched as Janet lead Simon's hands down a little lower. His hand squeezed her buttock as he pressed her closer. Simon seemed to be adapting to the scene pretty easily, I thought.

One of Jim's hands slipped between us and I felt the top button of my dress slip loose. His fingers slipped inside and touched the softness of my breast through the lace of my bra and then toyed with the bare skin pressed up over the top of the cup. I slipped my leg between his and we stopped dancing completely.

As he fondled me, I watched as another couple did the same thing. She was lovely, her panties taut across a very pretty, very firm ass. His hand was under her bra strap as their bodies molded into each other.

Jim had educated hands. I felt yet another button come loose somewhere south of my navel and felt the back of his hand against my panties. I pressed tightly against the hand, not sure if it was for the pleasure of it or to hold back its progress.

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