tagLesbian SexA Conversation Online with Rose

A Conversation Online with Rose


Apart from one anonymous person who thought my story about Kim was 'a load of shit', the story 'disjointed and stupid' and my writing 'pathetic' (these people are never courageous enough to say give their name!), it was well received, with some 20,000 'hits' in the first week, many of you asking me for more. So here we go with another lady who was eager to explore her sexuality, but didn't quite have the courage. Rose wrote to me after reading my vicar's wife stories, and plucked up courage to chat with me online, sending email exchanges, and me trying to encourage her to find a lady friend. I think this is a beautiful story, which stretched over almost three months. I have edited it for continuity, but use Rose's own words where appropriate - though her real name and those of others involved, have been changed to protect the guilty - except mine! I also changed the title of the series. Passages from emails are shown in 'single' quotation marks, whilst dialogue is shown in "double" quotation marks.


Rose is in her late forties. Having been married for twenty-five years, she is very happy with a good job and settled home life. Rose has never been unfaithful to her husband - or at least, not in a physical way. But over the last couple of years or so, she has been emotionally unfaithful to him quite a lot, since finally accepting having had crushes on a variety of girls and women throughout her life.

Rose had never made love with another woman, but would now certainly like to, which is a lot closer to actually doing it than it was two years ago. But even though she never expected to fulfil her ambition, she knows that lying alone with just fantasies and stories can take her close to a kind of ecstasy she never once dreamed of. And even that is something she would never once have dreamed of admitting - but now, getting on for fifty, she just loves masturbating to fantasies of lesbian love. It was so liberating for her to actually admit that. So, yes, she just loves masturbating while imagining herself inside erotic stories, or even imagining making herself come while e-mailing another lady doing the same. A kind of mutual online masturbation which many of us really enjoy.

I explained to Rose that it isn't unusual for some ladies to realize that, whilst they are very attracted to another, they don't quite have the confidence to develop the relationship, even if the attraction seems mutual. Others besides Rose have written to me about it. With my own present lover the attraction just happened - we saw it in each other's eyes, then we touched, we kissed, we explored each other's body, we made love. Not all at once, but within a fairy short space of time. (I wrote about it in one of my stories!) I think we both instinctively knew what we wanted and both had that very important trust in the other. It's not as though it's being unfaithful to your husband - it's a different kind of attraction altogether. But that was the start of a whole new understanding of sex for me - and I realized what it was I'd been unknowingly yearning for for many years. Another woman.

Several readers, like Rose, tell me how much they envy me my real vicar's wife experience. Most are unsure whether or not that could or would happen to them. They may have met a few women with whom they would have loved making love, but didn't really feel anything in return to suggest the feeling was reciprocated. That could just be nervousness on their part, but what probably is the thing that really worries them, is getting it wrong. Either doing something with the wrong woman and regretting it, or trying to get too close to someone who doesn't want it.

If you think another woman just might fancy you, I told Rose, send her signals - give her that special 'come-hither' look. Hold her hand a bit longer than normal - touch her arm softly, with a slight stroke. When you kiss her cheek, hold it a bit longer. If you can kiss her lips without embarrassment, press them a little harder than usual. Look into her eyes and see if she's reciprocating. Don't rush it, and always leave room for her to back off without causing embarrassment. That's what it's all about - being comfortable together. Then ... well, ask her round for coffee.

To continue Rose's story in her own words, quoting from her email:

'I had a delicious time with myself Saturday afternoon. It wasn't until I started to explore the fantasies of lesbian love, that it began to fascinate me more and more. I had never really masturbated much at all, but I can't tell you how wonderful I find it now. I actually got up the courage to chat to a lady online. After an initial embarrassment, she made me feel comfortable. Having her there, so to speak, while I masturbated obviously made it far more real than lying alone with just thoughts and fantasies in my head for inspiration, I don't think I did very much for her. Tell me Sarah, do you really push down your panties when asked? Then imagine being licked by the lady's tongue while you made yourself come?

'For my part, I confess to having my fingers between my thighs long before she suggested I should! God, if lesbian sex can be that good virtually, how gorgeous it must be for real. Yet, even though I can make that conclusion from all the fantasies I have explored, I still doubt I'll ever find the courage, let alone the lady to do it with. I understand the advice you sent me, but understanding it and using it are poles apart.'

After exchanging emails one Saturday morning, Rose told me that she masturbated for me, and it was delicious and special for her. She went upstairs and undressed, very slowly, very sexily stroking and feeling her warm nakedness like she would so adore having a lover do ... having me do for her really. Kneeling on the bed, face buried between the pillows which I imagined to be my thighs, one hand caressing her bosom, the other dancing around her pussy, she made herself come so much, dreaming I was there, watching her - being watched is another favorite fantasy.

I have to say that, the women who contact me are all masturbation enthusiasts. I guess that's one of the reasons they read my stories. Some admit to daily orgasms - some more than one! It is a wonderful feeling - and one that a mere man can't really do for you. I often lie in bed in the morning in that half-awake stage, and dream of my internet friends, hand on warm, damp vulva. Mm. I can imagine watching Rose lying on the bed, eyes screwed tight, worshiping her vulva - because they it's really worth making love to - yes, worshiping! Adoring! I think you must adore your pussy. It gives back such a lot in the way of enjoyment, doesn't it?

In my mind's eye, I watch Rose pleasure herself - skirt round her waist, knickers round her ankles, hand exploring the inner flesh of her pussy, exploring every crevice - every little hollow, pulling the labia, rubbing the little clit - then I could join in, getting my face between her thighs, studying her vulva at close quarters, watching the special juices oozing from her vagina. Then I would snake out my tongue, and scoop it up to taste the delightful juices , before kissing and licking her pussy until she trembles with lust, reaching deep into her belly for the final tumult, whilst fingering her nipples, and breasts. They are very gorgeous breasts, and love being played with, she tells me.

I explained to Rose that having sex with another woman is an out-of-this-world experience. Heavenly! So much better than a man - different - lovely - unselfish.

'There, Rose,' I email her, 'I hope I can hear you moaning - ready to come for Sarah. Rub your vulva all over my face darling - hard - until you jerk around like a rag doll unable to control your orgasm. Mm. that was lovely. Let's meet for a chat online.'

Rose replied. 'Thank you for the 'chat' invitation. I don't think I quite understood what to do with it, but think I have now accepted it, which would mean we could chat if you were around some time? I really do think I would like to do that, though I think I will also need some help and leading. Would you do that for me?

'In thinking about what I might hope you would say and help me do through chat, I feel I am discovering more about my lesbian interest. Whilst I have never really been submissive within my marriage, I feel more and more certain that I would like to be with another lady. Quite often, after I have lain alone and made myself come imagining myself watching gorgeous ladies making love, I let my fingers slowly slide in and around my juicy vagina while imagining myself being caressed and used by some of the women I have fantasized about.

'Indeed, I did that this morning. As soon as my husband went out I made love with myself, in the sitting room this time. I couldn't wait. I had a deliciously raunchy time. We have an old leather Chesterfield and I suddenly felt the need to ride the arm like it might be your thigh, coming creamily in no time. I then imagined I heard your voice telling me to take off my panties, lie them in the floor and kneel to kiss and lick my own come from them like I was kissing and licking another woman. Oh, it was so real. I suddenly got so excited that I sucked my panties into my mouth, rolled on my back and fingered myself to a second, quite violent orgasm.

'It was beautiful, but frustrating also. I wanted someone to join me, to seduce me and undress me and enjoy me. I wanted someone to unbutton my blouse, ease my breasts out from my bra and caress my nipples. I have quite large breasts and, I think, nipples. I am, in truth Sarah, a little overweight I guess but generally in proportion and curvy, I think. Anyway, the point I'm not making very clear is that I buy a D cup but am really somewhere between a C and a D, meaning you could easily slide your hand inside my bra to caress and have me, if you wanted. And that even when I'm very aroused my nipples are more like strawberries that raspberries. And what I really want is for someone to come and find me, just like you suggest in your e-mail, lying submissively in the woods, with my legs open and my blouse half undone. Gosh, the thought of masturbating for you for real is so exciting, I really want to do it Sarah, really want to be naughty and wet for you while you squeeze my breasts and coil your fingers around my nipples. That would be wonderful.'

'Well, Rose, you had such a lovely time. I'm sorry I couldn't be with you. Now large C/D breasts sound just gorgeous - with strawberry nipples, all swollen and pitted. I could really get those into my mouth and suck them dry, whilst teasing your labia with my fingers. I think they must be fleshy and floppy - just right for chewing with my lips when I've finished for the time being with your nipples. I'll try to help you feel comfortable in the chat. in fact, if you just go along the lines of your imagination, taste my vulva and fondle my breasts until you masturbate me to a lovely orgasm. Meantime, I shall slip my hand into the top of your bra and squeeze your soft breasts before dipping my head under your skirt to the fork of your thighs - to inhale the sweet odor of your pussy - your wet, dripping pussy. When are you available to come with me?'

Some days later I emailed Rose. 'Hi Rose. Shall we chat on line?'

And Rose signed in to messenger. We chatted!

"Hello Sarah, how are you? I am at home this morning, so I thought I would ..."

"Er ... have some fun with yourself?"

"Yes! - how did you guess?"

"Are you ready for more?"

"If you are ready to help me."

"Well imagine me just sitting beside you on the leather chesterfield with my arm round your shoulders - can I slip my other hand down your top - are you wearing a blouse?"

"Yes, a navy blue blouse. A little low cut, actually!"

"I can feel your heavy breasts nice and warm and soft - and that lovely nipple - stiffening already - does that make you feel horny?"

"Yes, but I did anyway! - shall I unbutton my blouse?"

"Oo - yes please then I can see what a wonderful breasts you have - shall I unfasten the bra?"

"It fastens at the front, will you kiss me?"

"My face is close to yours - I"m about to softly kiss your lips whilst I finger your nipples - my tongue pushing into your mouth - then your ears and neck."

"Mmm, yes, I often dream of kissing another woman, I mean really kissing, our hands caressing each other while I unfasten my clothes ready to ..."

"Kissing your face, lips, ears. Then down your neck to the top of your boobs."

"I've undone my blouse and bra for you."

"What superb - wonderful breasts!"

"My breasts are free, my nipples ... well - warm, big and begging to be touched."

" I wish mine were bigger - let me weigh them in the palm of my hand - mmm yes - warm and soft and heavy."

"Are you thinking of me stroking you? - would you let me?"

"Where would you like to stroke me Rose?"

"Sarah, what a question - I ought to say gently, everywhere ..."

"Shall take my knickers off for you?"

"I really ache to caress a woman between her thighs. Feel her vulva."

"Gosh, would you really? - yes yes - it's a wonderful feeling - I shall slip my hand under the hem of your dress - stroke your inner thighs - you are a very warm person Rose - your skin smells lovely - what perfume are you wearing?"


"So erotic!"

"Between my breasts - which I want to squeeze - while I squeeze my thighs."

"Ah - now I can really see your chubby thighs and boobs."

"God! this is naughty, I'm sitting here with my breasts open, and my legs apart..."

"Suckling them whilst my fingers ease their way into your knickers."

"Do you masturbate when you chat? I want to!!"

"Usually - I certainly finger myself ..."

"Are you wet?"

"My fingers are busy with your labia"

"I'm still quite juicy from earlier."

"Gosh Rose - you're wet through already - I am as well!! That's great - I can slide a finger inside your vagina."

"Oh Sarah, can you feel my clitoris? I 'm so swollen and tender and ready."

"I can finger fuck you whilst my thumb rubs your clit - rolling round the little stiff bud."

"Oh that would be gorgeous - I think ..."

"Your little nub of pleasure - I can feel your thighs trembling Rose."

"Push your fingers inside my knickers - please!"

"Yes - you"re trembling with lust - I shall drag your knickers down."

"Oh, please do that - make me yours - undress me Sarah."

"Mmm - now I can actually see that gorgeous pussy."

"I am quite hairy - sort of darkish brown still but quite a lot of grey - my pussy is getting very wet - so are my fingers."

"Taste your fingers for me - now my face is between your thighs."

"Do you like a thick bush?"

"I love hairy ladies - you can feel my breath on your vulva - I can smell your juices - your very private scent."

"Its so thrilling - wow this is good ..."

"Pushing my nose into the top of your vulva - against your clit."

"I'm rubbing myself so hard!"

"You're squirming - can you feel the orgasm rising - deep in your belly ..."

"Twisting a lot, yes!"

"Muscles tensing - my tongue is now in your vagina - with one hand on your clit ..."

"Yes, I can imagine you licking me."

"And the other on your bum - you like fingers in your bum - an anal finger-fuck - one finger fucking your bum - my tongue in your vagina fucking away - and one rubbing your clit - are you playing with your breasts - imagine my finger in your bum?"

"I'm making myself come - soon ..."

"Come on then Rose ..."

"So good ..."

"Come for Sarah."

"I want it so... really want it."

"Come on then Rose - your juices are so delicious."

"Got my legs open wide for you Sarah ..."

"I could eat you all day ... come on... "

"My climax - nearly there ..."

"Chew your soft fleshy labia ..."

"COMING ..."

"I can feel your muscles jerking - come on - aargh - yes yes YES YES YES - come Rose - come for Sarah - rubbing my pussy against your thigh - my juices are smeared over you - your juices are trickling into my mouth - come - come - come."


There is a lengthy pause.

"Phew Rose ... mmmm ... a few quiet moments to return to normal ... was that good? - wow - that didn't take long darling."

"Oh, Sarah! That was so very good, I've just come so wonderfully. I really enjoyed that - thank you so very very much. I wanted to make myself come for you Sarah, wanted to do it dreaming you'd let me stroke and caress your pussy, slide my fingers inside you and maybe kiss you there at the same time?"

"Well, you made me come as well!"

Rose emailed me the next day.

'Dearest Sarah. Just had to send you something to say I have just enjoyed the most delicious time thinking about you. After you signed off I undressed completely, down here in the study, and wandered the house naked for a while, caressing and carrying my heavy breasts, rolling my large nipples between my fingers and thumbs while longing to let you feel me, have me, take me. On the stairs I stopped, knelt down, my bosom resting on the soft carpet, and played with my bottom a while, teasing myself, pulling my buttocks apart, pressing into myself before pushing a single finger in deep. It was so sexy, odd at first, but I kept with it knowing how much you wanted to do that to me. And, all of a sudden, it felt fantastic, my bottom felt warm and dirty in a sensual, sexual kind of a way. I made love to myself like that for a few minutes, feeling myself coming. Then, I just needed the real thing. I rushed up to the bedroom, threw myself on the bed and took myself with such a wildness, such a ferocity that when I came it was sensational, an explosion of mind-numbing intensity. My body shook, my nipples felt like they would burst, my clitoris like she would cry, my juicy, succulent vagina like she would cream forever.'

I suggested that she looked out for a suitable girlie lover. There are plenty around whose sex life is a bit stale and in need of a bit of excitement. She might even find someone like me who lives nearby and is happy to enter into a physical relationship with her. Though I urge caution if you do! Best to find someone you know.

'Dearest Sarah. You are so right about the intensity of my recent orgasms. I find it hard to explain to myself, but as I have let my imagination wander deeper and deeper into the desires I have for other women I have made myself come with incredible power - and regularity. I think we chatted on one particularly wonderful day, when I got so excited, no hungry and horny, that I couldn't stop masturbating. Again and again I took myself, all around the house, dreaming myself into the arms of beautiful woman after beautiful woman, till late in the afternoon I found you and gave myself to you completely. Of course, you couldn't see me, but I was naked, rude and wild for you, truly I was.

'Sometimes I laugh at myself, call myself silly for becoming so infatuated with lesbian desire at my age, for throwing myself at ladies like you. Then I remember the sheer thrill of making myself come believing the fingers inside me belong to a lady lover and all is well. I have started also to become just a little more daring. I recently spent hours trying on clothes in different stores, just for the thrill of being half-undressed half the time with a number of similarly exposed women. I even followed a couple through to the M&S café and gently (slyly) played with myself through my skirt while I watched them chatting, imaging them as respectable women like me flirting, trying to sound each other out, trying to find the right words to say how much they wanted to take the other home and make love before the routine of their married lives kicked back in.

'And of course, other times, when I am alone and free, I make love to myself with such passion that I cannot help but come with magnificent violence. And one day, maybe soon, I feel I will enjoy that pleasure with another. Indeed, almost like one of the stories I have enjoyed, I am starting to feel that something is building between me and the lady who runs the small dress shop in the nearby town. I've only recently started to visit the shop and have no experience of establishing a relationship with a lady. But, I was in there on Friday as the only customer and just felt something more than friendliness in the attention she gave me in the shop and in the changing area. It was something about the way she looked at me, after gazing at my bosom. You said it's all in the eyes. I asked her to put some things by saying I'd go back tomorrow. I wonder?'

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