A Conversation Online with Rose


The following Saturday morning she send me another message.

'I'm so nervous! - not least because I am so excited and horny. My husband went out just after 12 and I have to confess to doing some very naughty and delicious things to myself for an hour or so afterwards. I had a wonderful orgasm earlier, sitting just on the edge of the patio with my skirt up high to accept the sun's warmth inside my pussy - I think I wanted to get caught, wanted someone walking through the field behind the garden to watch me. I think I really wanted it to be the lady from the shop so I wouldn't then have to worry about how I was going to tell her what kind of womanly thoughts now fill my mind.

'I think our previous chats have given me the confidence to be brave later on. I am so determined to let her see - and hopeful caress - my naked bosom, and feel right now that I will be able to use any opportunity to slip off the dress and stand before her in just the ivory silk knickers I'm wearing. God, please that she brushes her fingers against my pudenda.'

'Rose darling, I thought about you all afternoon - visualizing you masturbating on the patio with your skirt round your waist without a care about who might see you pleasuring yourself. It must have been a very fulfilling orgasm! I know how you must have felt! If I've been able to help dispel any of your nervousness, I'm so happy! I feel sure that the lady from the shop would not refuse you. I think it was the look in her eyes you told me about, as you bared your bosom. Eyes don't lie! She was feeling as horny as you, I would guess, but perhaps just as nervous - not sure whether or not you were up for it!'

'Oh my dearest, dearest Sarah. Yes, something did happen yesterday. It was wonderful and delicate and, in its very subtle way, as fulfilling as any moment in my life. The magic is still with me, yet as much as I know I simply must repeat it, I know also that my longing for moments of lesbian love need not and will not question my love for my husband.

'I did not get to make fully committed naked love with Janet - the lady's name - as such. Partly, that is because it is clear to me now that she is as much trying to explore her sexuality as I am. Actually, despite the boldness of her touch the first time, I now know that she is - or was - more troubled and hesitant than me. All of which makes me all the more proud and incredulous - that she should first find the courage to explore with me! That said, insofar as we did talk - and actually, we spoke remarkably little - she told me she just felt there was something about me, something in my eyes and my manner, that suggested I would not push her away.

'Anyway, the fitting went pretty much as I planned it. I walked out of the cubicle with the dress on, but with the neck untied. I held the bodice over my breasts until I was in front of the mirror with her behind and, as she took hold of the ties I let go, letting the front fall down to just below my nipples. I watched her eyes, which stared at my breasts while she slowly pulled the ties together. I could feel her breath quickening on my neck as she fixed the dress.

Then, with a noticeable quiver in her voice she said something like, "OK, let's see," while examining the fit around my bosom made by the alteration she'd completed. "See," she whispered proudly while tracing her finger around the curve of the material as it ran from my shoulders down beneath my arm and round to my back.

'"Yes," I agreed, "that's much better, I don't feel as though my breasts will fall out the side."

'She smiled sweetly.

'"I'm still not sure about being braless though," I said honestly.

'"Oh, but you have such the right figure for this dress," she said as though she really meant it. "It would be a shame to lose the smoothness where the dress touches your bosom." That's when she began to caress me.

'I said "that's nice," before I was even sure that it was! And once I knew it was exactly what I wanted I reached up and untied the dress and closed my eyes while her hands slipped inside the dress to caress me fondly and fabulously.

After a moment I heard the church bells chiming 4 and, with a confidence I've never known before whispered, "should you lock up?" I watched the smile bloom on her face in the mirror. She was back in moments and, having held the dress in place while she was gone I let it fall now and watched her hands enjoy me.

"That's so nice," I said again. We stayed like that for a minute or so. No words being said, just our breathing breaking the silence till, determined now not to lose the chance I'd dreamed of so much, I whispered, "I've been thinking of this all week." While she sighed how much she'd done the same I reached around and half undid the zip at the side and then pressed against her right hand to drive it down my body.

'Then, standing there in front of the mirror, our eyes smiling to each other, her left hand caressing my bosom, I let her make me come. Oh Sarah, it was so glorious. Her fingers trembled nervously as they slipped inside my knickers but she didn't stop, from somewhere she found the courage and her fingers found my clitoris and - well, it didn't take long! We stood still for a while after I came, then we spoke a little and ... well, she has a new line coming in on Thursday, I promised to go see her again next Saturday, just about 4! Oh, I am so happy. My husband has been out playing cricket since just before twelve and I thought of nothing but yesterday's orgasm since. My pussy is so wet it is adorable!'

I replied:

'Wow Rose darling. What a beautiful email. So exciting! I am so very very thrilled for you - and for Janet as well. I can fully understand your feelings - and the magic - the ecstasy - the sheer bliss - of the moment her fingers actually touched your most sensitive wet private part. Oh so ready for it! Gosh, you must have burst into an intense orgasm at the mere touch. In fact, I actually cried for you both when I read about it. It was so wonderful that you finally fulfilled your deepest desire, and in such a lovely sensitive manner.

'Well, I guess there's no going back now - it's going to prove to be a real life-changing experience for you. A heart stopping moment. But I can imagine - having been there myself - that first time was something very special for me as well. You now have a real live memory to relive for your sexual satisfaction. Gosh, you must hardly be able to stop masturbating after that session. I imagine Janet had a beautiful fulfilling experience as well. It sounds as though she too was desperate for a lesbian experience - it was so good that the two of you found each other. I can only say that I am so pleased - nay, proud at the small part I played in helping you to fulfil your dreams Rose. I'm so proud of you - and of the courage you showed. Here's to next Saturday!'

'Dear Sarah. I have to say, I simply cannot stop smiling at the moment, no matter where I am, or who I'm with, or what trouble might be around, I think of last Saturday and I smile. And then, to read that my pleasure excited you to the point that you were 'dripping wet and horny' - well, I'm hugely flattered. You must have so much stimulation, what with your imagination and your lovers and your e-mailing admirers. Given how many times I have masturbated thinking of you - including that heavenly crazy day when I just could not stop myself - well, as I said, I'm so flattered.'

Well, Rose was really looking forward to next Saturday She was also a little nervous of course, which is only natural - wondering if it would be as easy and good between them, or if they might both feel a little inhibited, embarrassed. Time will tell. Rose didn't really know what to hope for or expect, though believing that she and Janet may be perfect for each other - old enough and patient enough to let things move very slowly. Just to stand with Rose letting Janet caress her breasts awhile before slipping her fingers inside her knickers, around the clitoris and down between the labia would be gorgeous. To have Janet to maybe be more daring, driving her fingers deep inside her, would be wonderful, but she needs to try not to climax so quickly!

A final message of success! We exchanged emails.

'Sarah - oh we did it, we did it - I'm feeling so sexy, I really want to masturbate with you again, right now! My nipples are lovely and warm, spread inside my bra while my pussy is so excited, her lips are trembling and my clitoris is so tender, waiting for my fingers. I'm sitting here in nothing but a thin gown thinking of you again - shall I come for you again.'

'Rose - does thinking about me really get you so horny? Even though you now have Janet's pussy to remember - getting her so wet and sopping in your fingers! While Janet is fondling your breasts, caress the cheeks her bottom very lightly with the tips of your fingers. When you feel the little jerks in her loins, slip your hands beneath her dress and you'll find her knickers warm and damp - waiting for you to finger her labia. Oh yes Rose - I just know you'll have a fantastic experience tomorrow. That first touch of a new woman's labia is heart-stoppingly beautiful and blissful. I think I shall go for another one soon. Have an out-of-this-world experience! You'll remember it all your life.'

'Thank you, I just know it will be wonderful. I've been so excited - and wet! - thinking about it all day. I had a beautiful orgasm, and would have gladly done it again with you in the afternoon if you'd wanted. I want Janet so, but I also adore sitting here, my blouse unbuttoned, my knickers off ... playing with myself just for you. Whenever I finger myself these days I close my eyes and believe it is you doing it to me. Oh Sarah, I'm in heaven!!

'Sarah. It was wonderful, glorious, unbelievable! I was so excited all day that I simply could not stop myself leaving for Hove after lunch. So, I had over an hour to kill - which dragged so slowly. I went to Janet's shop just after quarter to four - I could not wait a second longer. She was serving two women when I walked in, but when she saw me, when our eyes met, her face beamed with a kind of shy, nervous smile.

'"Hello Mrs X, she said rather formally, I'll be with you shortly."

'I wandered her shop for a few minutes, my heart pounding. I found what I guessed were the new dresses she was expecting - and really liked one in a sort of off-white, like ivory, with a thin blue stripe. I thought the fit would work for me - and the fact that it buttoned all the way down excited me more. As I sensed that the two women were getting ready to go I picked up my size and wandered across to the lingerie.

'Janet locked the door behind her women and seemed to dance across to me. Quite naturally, though it's hardly something I'm used to doing with a shop assistant, we met with a little hug.

'She whispered "that'll look wonderful on you, I just know it." We stood silent a moment, just staring at each other, our thoughts suddenly making us nervous I guess.

'"Shall I try it on," I said at last, my voice husky with tension and, of course, desire.

'Oh Sarah, I wanted her so. She looked so beautiful, so kind, so warm - but I didn't know how to say that straight off. Anyway, with a sudden flash of fearless inspiration I looked at the rail of expensive undies and added, "of course, one has to think carefully about what to wear underneath a dress this light."

'"Yes," she smiled, "I'll find you something here while you go and change."

'So, I went to the changing rooms and hurried took off - everything! I put on the dress, suddenly felt a little 'obvious' so quickly buttoned it up. It fitted wonderfully - which was a bit of a disappointment as it meant I wouldn't need any alterations. Still, while it was hardly see-through or anything even under the dull light in the changing room I could see the outline of my large dark nipples, which suddenly hardened like pebbles as I heard her voice asking how it was.

'I stepped out to meet her - she was holding an off-white silk cami and a pair of matching knickers.

"Oh yes," she smiled, "that looks so good, come see." She led me over to the mirror that has been in my mind all week - 'our' mirror. Hanging the undies on the side she whispered, "we can try those later," and then, just as last week, she stood behind me and, in an instant, went from being a dress-maker to a lover.

'For a few moments her hands gently outlined the key features of the fit as she described them in a sexy whisper, and then, as if taken by a passion that just could not wait another second she started to caress me again, like last week, lovingly squeezing my breasts through the dress.

'"Is this OK?" she asked hesitantly, like she was really worried I might not want to do again what we'd done before.

'"Y-yes," I said simply, my smile and beating heart telling her all she needed to know.

'"I've been thinking of you all day," she whispered.

'"And I've been thinking of you all week," I smiled, loving the feel of her hands on my breasts, "I so wanted this again", I added huskily.

'She caressed me in silence for a moment, till, taking the lead I guess, I began to unbutton the dress. "I adore your breasts" she sighed, melting my heart.

"Oh Janet," I kind of half whispered, half sobbed, "I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels having you touching me like this."

'While she continued to caress my bosom, her eyes sparkling I swear, I continued to unbutton the dress, till she could see my naked pussy.

'"Mmm," she sighed simply, if a little salaciously.

'"I thought my black knickers wouldn't look good," I joked.

'"Maybe not," she smiled while sliding her hand quite quickly, urgently down to my pussy.

'"Oh yes," I moaned as she began to play with me, "that's so nice, so ..."

'And while she played with me we spoke, unlike the previous time. Over and over, between excited moans, I told her how good she felt, how much I wanted to come for her, how much I'd been thinking or her, while she whispered how much she loved my pussy, how warm and soft and wet I felt ... and as I was starting to come I told her how I'd been doing it to myself all week, thinking of her, wanting her, and she told me she'd been doing the same, there in front of the mirror. And as I came I cried out my thanks and my desire, begging her to finger me hard while I came.

'And then I whispered, "let me do it for you." And with come oozing from me I turned my face to hers and we kissed.

'Gosh, it was sensational. And as we kissed we embraced, my naked body against her, my throbbing pussy against her dress. And as we embraced I tried to unzip her dress, making a bit of a fumbling mess but she helped, reaching behind her to complete the job and then stepping back to let the thing fall off the front.

'And so she stood with me in just her bra and knickers and I cried, tears of joy and excitement crawling down my cheeks. She unfastened her bra and let that fall way - she has the sweetest, most delicate breasts, Sarah, perfectly round with little wrinkles into her taut little nipples.

'"I want to kiss you," I sighed, meaning that I wanted to kiss her nipples, but her mind was elsewhere. She took my hand and led me down to a couch, took off her knickers and sat on the edge with her legs just a little apart, her trimmed grey bush parted to expose a slim, pink juicy piece of heaven.

'I let my dress fall away - I needed to be naked with her - and then feel to my knees, my heart pounding wildly now as I kissed her pussy. Oh Sarah, I know you've done it a hundred times, but will anything ever beat that first taste? Like me, she cried, I mean really sobbed, when she came - and her come was the loveliest taste I've ever known. I smeared the juice I wiped from my mouth over my breasts and came home with her taste still fresh in my mouth and her scent fragrant on my body - and with another new dress. Till next week!'

What a wonderful ecstatic experience for Rose. Yes - that first time touching another woman's vulva, all slippy and warm and excitable, is the most delicious moment. Then that first taste of her secret juices. Words can't really describe the sheer joy in your heart. But I explained to Rose that it happens like that every time - at least, it does with me. As my fingers touch the very center of her being, my heart stops and I gasp in total admiration at one of the loveliest wonders of the natural world.

So far as I know the relationship is still flourishing, though it seems that Jane is the jealous and possessive type!

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