tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 31

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 31


A Correspondence with Sharon


This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I know that I had closed out this series, however I have received a number of requests (pleas really) to continue it. I have also noticed the voting has increased, so I decided to take some time now that my new story is finished and reformat some more email from Sharon so that I could post it up. Enjoy. (And if you don't approve of this kind of material: Fuck you)

Jun 06/16/09 9:39PM


It is interesting to compare this tryst with James to that of any of the "kids". His maturity and sexual experience were obvious. He knew how hard and how much to spank you in order to increase the sensitivity of your ass without causing any permanent damage or too much pain. He also knew how to take maximum advantage of that extra sensitivity by using a different rear entry position other than "doggy". I have to say it sounded like you enjoyed sex with James just as much as any of the kids; not necessarily more, but in a different way. Is this impression correct?

What was Joe's reaction when you told him about it? Frankly I think that James treated you just the way you want/need to be treated. He read the situation perfectly. I can't wait to see what he does next.

I think when you finally get together with James and Chuck at the same time it's going to be very interesting. Very interesting. I'm still wondering how Joe will arrange that. Maybe he'll tell James that you are fucking his son too, or maybe he'll arrange to have James "discover" you with Chuck. I think, though, what I would do is try to convince James to help. If I could get him to ask me to bring Chuck over for his "first" fuck with a real woman, that would be the best way to help assure a successful outcome. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Joe comes up with.



Jun 06/18/09 10:33PM


I have not heard from you for a couple of days and I'm a little worried. Hopefully everything is OK and you are just too busy having crazy sex to write me. In the mean time I have come up with a new challenge for you. This one will be a bit more difficult than the previous ones. This is what I want you to do:

I'm assuming that since you are off for the summer, so is James. I'm also assuming that he will invite you over to his place during a weekday while Joe is at work. When this happens I want you wear your micro bikini. Put on something over it, but make sure it's something you can take off and put on quickly, like a one piece dress. When you are over at Jame's place I want to find a reason to take off the dress and show off your bikini. If he does not comment on how good you look in it, then fish for a compliment. In response to his compliment tell him that he is biased and that the average guy on the street would find you hot. What I want you to do is to maneuver James into suggesting/daring you to go out and find some random men to show you off in your micro bikini. Try to make it seem like his idea.



Jun 06/19/09 11:22AM


Sorry I have not emailed you recently. I'm OK and everything is fine on this end except that I have not had any sex since Tuesday and I'm horny as hell. You know when I curse that I'm wound up. I don't think I can do your recent challenge. That's just too assertive for me. Besides, I don't know how I would get James to do such a thing.

I do have more information on tomorrow's boat cruise though and I think you'll find it interesting. Joe told me tonight that he talked to Ron to get some more details about it. Turns out that the boat is owned and piloted by Ron's boss Tim. This started sounding like a setup to Joe and he said so. Ron told him that Tim really did reward employees with boat cruises. Apparently that lets him deduct part of the maintenance costs on his taxes.

But as Joe suspected this time it was a little different. Normally it's just the employee and his spouse, but this time Tim told him to invite Joe and I. I think it was just me, but Ron probably figured I wouldn't go without Joe (true). Then Ron told Joe that his annual job performance review was coming up which is used to set his salary for the next year. He was really hoping for a raise and thought that if he "delivered" me it would help him in that regard.

When Joe told me this I was shocked. I said, "That would make me a whore."

He insisted that wasn't true since no actual money would change hands. I explained the concept of "quid pro quo" to him and he understood it, but didn't think it applied since neither him nor I would gain. I pointed out that Ron would gain and owe us a favor. He had to concede the point, but still didn't think it amounted to prostitution. Maybe not, but it sure felt that way.

In the end Joe said, "It's your choice. If you want to pull out I'll call Ron and tell him we can't make it."

I asked him what he wanted. My husband, always thinking with his small head, said he wanted us to go. His reasoning was that I had already "fucked" Tim, so once more wouldn't be a big deal, and if it helped his friend that would be OK too.

"Besides," he threw in, "We both like being out on the water."

To which I asked, "So you'd be OK with your wife whoring herself out for your friend's benefit?"

His answer shocked me. "Actually that's kind of a turn on."

I said, "You want me to be a whore? Turn tricks on the street corner?"

He said that's not what he was talking about. He explained that he had fantasies of doing things like betting my body in a high stakes poker game and losing. Or having me give a blowjob to a policeman in order to avoid getting arrested for DWI. Things like that. I had no idea. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it later, but I agreed to the boat trip for Joe. To fulfill his fantasy.

I'll tell you Paul that I don't really like Tim and I'm not looking forward to having sex with him. But I am feeling a strange tingle when I think about the whole situation. The reality is that I did trade sex for favors in the past. For example, to keep my job. So this isn't really as new to me as I made out to Joe. Still, I'm hoping that Joe does not make a habit of this.

I'll try writing you tomorrow night, but it may end up being Sunday instead.

Your very horny slut,


Jun 06/19/09 9:13PM


It was good hearing from you; I'm glad you and Joe are OK. Now, in regard to my newest challenge, with all respect, don't give me that "too assertive" crap. I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. You've done more difficult things before. Sometimes I think you just like to push back so that it does not look like you are too eager to comply. But you know as well as I do that it will be a huge turn on for you. I never said you had to do this in your home town; by all means it will be easier if you drive to a larger city. And I know you'll figure out a way to get James to play his part; you've had a lot of practice with Joe. So just go do it.

This boat trip has sure taken an unexpected twist. I have to say though, I think Joe understood the "quid pro quo" argument perfectly. He only tried to convince you otherwise because he wanted you to go ahead with it. The whore-wife fantasy is almost as strong as the slut-wife fantasy, at least for me. In this fantasy the man does not want the wife to be an ordinary street walker though. He wants her to be a "high class" whore that few men actually get the privilege of enjoying. I think that explains this whole boat trip thing.

I also think that Joe has been limiting your sex this weekend in order to keep you horny and help make sure you would go on the boat trip. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.



Jun 06/21/09 3:05PM


I'm not sure how to respond to the first part of your last email. Our conversations have always been very friendly, but that paragraph came off kind of pushy. I will reconsider your challenge, however.

You are probably right about Joe understanding about "quid pro quo" and how it related to the situation with Ron and Tim. I don't understand the whole whore wife fantasy, but I believe you when you say that you do. I also agree with you that Joe was limiting my sexual opportunities last week in order to soften me up. He knew all along it was a setup for Tim to have sex with me.

Joe insisted that I wear the micro bikini, but he let me wear a simple wrap around dress over it so that I wasn't exposed on the way over. We took the Town Car and picked up Ron and Diane. There wasn't much conversation on the way over to the marina. Everybody knew what was going on but didn't want to talk about it.

The marina is on one end of the lake which is actually just a widening of a major river in our area as far as I can tell, but it's called a lake. Tim's boat looked big to me. He informed us it was a 36' cabin cruiser. He told us more about it, but I was kind of distracted and didn't pay too much attention. I do remember he told us that there was food and drinks "below" and that we should just serve ourselves.

The four of us sat up front. I can never remember if that's the bow or the stern. Anyway Tim untied us from the dock and backed the boat out. I have to admit that he knew what he was doing and deftly guided the big boat out of the crowded marina.

Once we were out in the open Diane stood up and removed her wrap around dress revealing a small bikini. She looked like she was poured into it. Then Joe told me to take off my dress too. I think he was hoping I would show up Diane. I don't know if I did, but my bikini was more revealing.

Ron whistled and Joe smiled. Diane raised her eyebrows as if to say, "And you thought I was a slut."

We all decided to go below and get a drink. When we came back out Tim called to me from up on what he called the "flying bridge" where he was driving the boat. He said, "Sharon, be a doll and get me a beer."

I figured I had better get used to following his orders and I went back below to get a beer. When I brought it up to him he told me to stay so I sat down in the other chair (there were only two up there) and sipped my drink. At least I had a nice view of the lake from there.

Tim looked over at me and said, "I like the bikini. It's so hot."

I replied, "Thanks."

Then he said, "Come over here and stand next to me."

I did as he ordered and he put one arm around my waist while he steered the boat with the other. After a little while he slipped his hand down and started rubbing my bare butt. I didn't say anything. I just drank my wine cooler in silence and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the water.

Finally he said, "I'm taking us to a nice quiet spot I know out of the current where we can drop anchor for a while. It's very pretty. I think you'll like it."

I still didn't say anything and after a few minutes he asked, "Why are you here?"

I answered, "Because you invited us."

To which he replied, "No, I mean did you come because you are craving my cock or are you just helping Ron to get a raise?"

In other words, was I as slut or a whore. I didn't feel like like answering him so I said, "Does it matter?"

His answer was, "No, I'm just curious. But if you tell me I'll tell you how Diane answered that same question."

I had suspected that Diane had fucked Tim in the past, but now I had confirmation. I was pretty sure how she answered, so I didn't say anything. I was curious though. Right then I heard some laughing coming from the front of the boat where Joe, Ron, and Diane were sitting. I couldn't quite see them from where I was (too short), but they sounded like they were having fun.

Tim said, "Don't worry. Diane will take care of your husband today."

I didn't like the sound of that, but said nothing. As we continued on I could hear occasional laughter, both male and female, from the front of the boat. Then I made a decision and said, "I'm here to help Ron." There, I admitted I was a whore.

Tim smiled beside me and said, "Diane said the same thing, but we both know you are doing this more for your husband than Ron."

That was true, but how did he know?

Next he told me, "It's time to see if you are as good a cock sucker as Ron bragged. Get down on your knees, honey."

I was past caring if I was a whore or a slut and just did as I was told. Just like the time he fucked me he showed great staying power. While I was sucking him he untied and removed my bikini top. Normally it doesn't take me more than a few minutes to make a man cum, but after at least 10 minutes he still had not popped. Then he pulled me off of him and said were were almost there.

I looked around and sure enough we were in a little bay. There were no other boats very close by. On the shore was a sign that read, "Private property. Stay out."

As if he read my mind Tim said, "Don't worry. I know the owners."

After he dropped the anchor he shouted to the others that he was going to "give Sharon a tour of the cabin."

We descended the stairs to the cabin. I was still topless, although with that top it didn't make much of a difference. Basically he just took me to the small room up front with the bed. He pushed me down onto it and started kissing me. This time when I tried to push him away he just ignored me.

When he started tugging at my bikini bottoms I lifted my hips and he slipped them off. Then he spread my legs and started giving me oral. I tried to tell him I just wanted to fuck, but he ignored me again. I resigned myself to the fact that he was just going to do whatever he wanted.

I had a small orgasm which seemed to satisfy Tim because he stopped and took off his clothes. Then he plopped down on the bed beside me and said, "Be a good whore now and fuck me."

I climbed up and rode him for quite a while. Being in control I was able to cum several times. Eventually he came inside me so I got off and cleaned off his cock with my mouth. When I was finished with that he said, "Let's see what's going on up on the bow," and turned on a small TV.

Apparently it was a video camera because it showed a picture that shocked me. Joe, Ron, and Diane were all buck naked. She was on her back and Joe was fucking her while she was trying to suck her husband's dick. I say "trying" because Joe was really slamming her and making her body bounce.

Tim laughed, "It looks like they are having fun too."

Oh hell. Joe just stuck his head in the doorway and said that Bruce was on his way over. I have to go. I'll try to finish this later, but I'll send what I have now.


Jun 06/21/09 3:55PM


My, my, it looks like you are having another busy weekend. But first things first. I looked back at my last email and while I was a little more assertive than usual, I wouldn't really characterize it as "pushy". I think I was just a little frustrated. After all, you asked me for these challenges and then initially rejected every one of them only to eventually do them anyway. Please keep in mind that I'm doing this more for you than myself. Sure I get a kick out of thinking them up, but you get a lot more enjoyment out of these challenges than I do, I think you'll agree. So maybe I am "pushing" you a little bit, but given your submissive nature when it comes to sex, I think some "pushing" is warranted. Above all, it is never my intention to offend you. Being firm when I think you are selling yourself short, yes, but not offensive.

It seemed to me that Tim's demeanor with you has changed since the last time. He seemed dominating and expected you to follow his orders. I'm thinking that he has been talking to Ron and has learned of your submissive nature. One hint was when he said that he had "heard" you were a good cocksucker. Where would he have heard that except from Ron and Joe, and I doubt he has been talking to Joe. I don't get the impression that Joe particularly likes Tim. The big questions are, how much does Ron know and how much has he told Tim?

I'm curious as to why you would rather have Tim think of you as a whore than a slut. Is it because as a slut he would expect more/regular sex with you (which you don't want), whereas a whore is usually a much rarer gig?

Are you still feeling jealous when you see Joe having sex with another woman? Does it matter who the woman is? By that I mean are you more jealous when he has sex with say, Diane than Jeanne?

I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of the boat trip as well as today's activities with Bruce.



Jun 06/22/09 2:15AM


I will finish telling you about the boat trip, I promise, but right now I need to tell you about yesterday. When I sent you my last email I told you that Bruce was on his way. I had to get off the computer because he was literally in his car when he called and Joe wanted me to change into my micro bikini to meet him at the door.

Was he ever surprised! I knew he really liked it because he immediately got an erection. I've gotten good at spotting that. You guys are at such a disadvantage, I can always tell when you are turned on but you can't always tell when we are. I'm talking about women in general here since you know I'm almost always horny.

Anyways I got Bruce and Joe a beer and they sat around talking about how much they liked my bikini. Then Bruce observed, "You know, the way the ties are you could take it off without cutting anything even if she was tied up."

To which Joe says, "I think you're right. Let's check it out."

I was a little shocked. Joe had never shown the slightest interest in playing bondage games before. He led us upstairs to the spare bedroom. He then retrieved some silk scarves and together he and Bruce tied me to the bed. My arms were stretched above my head and my legs were spread. There was a little slack in my bindings, but not much. Next they entertained themselves by first untying my bikini top and pulling it off. After that they each pulled open one of the bows at my hips that were holding the bottoms on and then Joe pulled it off completely.

They looked down on my now naked body, satisfied with their work. I said, "Now that had your fun, please untie me."

Joe smiled and put the collar on my neck saying, "We're not done having fun yet."

Next they spent some time teasing me, running their hands all over my body and then their mouths. It drove me wild with lust after a while. I started moaning and begging one of them to fuck me. Finally Bruce took off his pants and did just that. I came after the first few strokes, and I came hard. He pounded me for a couple of minutes and almost made me cum again, but he got there first.

I was right on the edge and looking forward to Joe bringing me to my climax, but then I noticed that he wasn't in the room anymore. Bruce put his pants back on and left as well. As I laid there alone and tied to the bed I had not idea what they were up to or what would happen next. I only knew that I was horny and really needed to cum.

After a few minutes I heard someone walking down the hallway. Imagine my surprise when Erin walked into the room. She looks at me and says, "What have we here? A horny little slut maybe?"

I didn't know what to say. I hadn't expected this.

She continued, "I'll bet you really need a cock in that filthy little hole of yours. It's too bad I don't have one. It might be fun to ream you out."

She was slurring her words slightly. I guess she had been drinking again. That's when Joe walked in and handed the dildo you had me buy to Erin. She smiled and said, "Well, well, I guess I'm going to have some fun after all."

She turned on the vibrator and got on the bed between my legs. Then she rubbed it up and down my slit, making sure to press it briefly against my sensitive clit. I was surprised, given the weird circumstances, to find that my arousal was building again. When Erin plunged the dildo into me I think I gasped because Erin snickered, "I think she likes it."

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