A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 32


Bruce explained that in this game that they would take turns going into his bedroom and performing sexual activities with me. There would be a strict time limit and when they were all done I would tell them who was best. They would be betting downstairs before each different activity. First up was kissing.

They each came up and kissed me for one minute. Frankly Carla was the best kisser, but I said it was Tommy. For some reason I didn't want Carla to win. How could I tell who was who? From their smell and taste. Carla had strawberry lip gloss and Tommy tasted like pizza.

Next was the "titty sucking" activity. This had a two minute time limit. One per "tit" I guess. This was harder to tell who was who and in the end I just had to pick the best one. It turned out to be Carla, which surprised me a little. I was starting to suspect that she was gay, or at least bi.

The third activity was "cunt licking". The time limit was set at three minutes. I still had not had an orgasm since the movie theater, but I was close by this time. I knew I was going to cum at least once during this activity and maybe more. It turns out I was right about that. I had three orgasms, the first two from the same person (#2), and the third one from the last person. I picked #2 as the best and it turned out to be Carla again. I think Bruce was the last one. It sounded like the boys didn't like being beaten in a "cunt licking" contest by a woman.

The last activity was fucking. The time limit was set at five minutes. The boys said they were sorry that Carla couldn't participate in that event, but Carla informed them that she had brought her "strap on" and just had to get it out of the car. I really enjoyed this activity. I pretty much knew who was who this time since I knew how all the boys felt inside me and Carla's dildo was obviously artificial. I had several more nice orgasms, although not with Carla. I picked Scott as the best, even though it was pretty much a toss up between the three boys, because I wanted to see him win one.

They untied me and it was pretty much a gang bang after that. I had taken your advice and completely let my submissive side take over. I did whatever anybody asked, including giving oral sex to Carla. I made her cum twice before she pushed me away. After the boys were finished and couldn't get an erection anymore Carla helped me to put on her strap on dildo. Then she said, "I want you to fuck me silly."

This was a new experience for me and I wasn't sure what to do. You'd think from all the time's I'd been on the receiving end that I'd be an expert. But just like anything else, watching is not the same as doing. It took a little while to get the hang of it. It was more tiring than it looked. I'm even more impressed by the kid's stamina now that I know how much exertion it takes. With Carla's coaching I managed to do well enough to make her cum twice before I wore out.

I flopped on my back and unstrapped the harness. I was glad to get it off. It was chaffing me in some tender places. After that the party pretty much broke up and everybody left except Scott. Bruce announced that Scott was "sleeping over for the night" too. So the three of us climbed into Bruce's parent's bed and I fell asleep nestled between them.

It's getting late so I'm going to send this one now. I'll try to finish tomorrow. Monday night was when things really got out of hand and I'm almost afraid to tell you about it. But Joe wasn't upset with me, so hopefully you won't be either.

Your submissive friend,


Jul 07/16/09 10:29PM


As I've said before, I am not here to judge you. I'm your friend, your sounding board, and your confidant. You can tell me anything without fear of condemnation. Besides, whatever happened on Monday night I know it was not your fault. You were completely into your submissive role, and could not have changed events even if you had wanted to.

The game that Bruce had you play sounded a lot like something that Joe would come up with. It just seems a little to inventive so someone of Bruce's age. Your experiences with Carla were amazingly hot. I wonder if you'll ever see her again. I'll be that Joe was very interesting in those details, yes? Most men are very turned on by the idea of women having sex with each other. And for men like Joe and I it's even more powerful if one of them is their wife. Now that you've used a strap on to be the pitcher instead of the catcher, does that alter your view of sex? Do you think it will change the way you think about the man when he's fucking you?

Enough questions for now. I don't want you getting bogged down with answering them until after you've completed telling me about the remainder of the sleep over.



Jul 07/17/09 11:43PM


Thanks for being so supportive, you really are a good friend. While I accept your logic that what happened Monday night was not really my fault, I don't hold Joe responsible either. Yes he wanted me to really let go, and I did, but it was always my choice.

Today I'm going to spend the entire morning if needed to finish telling you about Monday night and Tuesday. First though I want to answer your questions.

Will I ever "see" Carla again? Probably. Before she left she told me that she was living with with another woman and that they were lovers. Then she said, "I have to get the three of us together sometime."

And yes, as you guessed Joe was very interested in hearing about how Carla and I had sex. He asked a lot of questions and made me repeat some parts. That's another reason I think that I will be getting together with Carla again.

It took me a few minutes to understand the "pitcher" and "catcher" analogy. I'd never run across that before. But to answer your question, I'm not sure if my experience at being the pitcher has changed my view on sex or not. I'll let you know.

Now back to Monday morning. I woke up to the feeling of my boobs being groped. I was laying on side. Bruce was in front of me and I had my arm draped over him. That meant Scott was behind me and it was his hand fondling my breasts. I could also feel his erection poking me in the butt. I knew it was pretty early in the morning because it was still dark outside. I didn't move at first, I was still tired and was hoping that he'd quit if I didn't wake up right away. I know, it seems unlikely that I'd try to avoid sex, but I really like my sleep and I hate getting up early.

But he didn't quit and after a while the lustful feelings he was creating outweighed my desire for sleep. So I rolled over and grabbed his erection. He started kissing me and sucking on my boobs. Then Scott rolled onto his back and pulled me with him so that I was on top of him. That's my favorite position as you know. I rode him for a few minutes before Bruce woke up. Seeing what we were doing he got up onto his knees and stuck his erection in my face.

I came first, followed by Scott a few minutes later. Bruce wanted to fuck me next so I climbed off Scott and laid on my back. Bruce moved between my legs and pounded me for quite a while before coming inside me. Temporarily satisfied the boys went back to sleep. Eventually I did too.

When I woke up again I was alone in the bed. I took a shower and then wandered downstairs in a towel to get something to eat. There was nobody in the kitchen and so I just made myself some breakfast. I was just finishing up when Bruce walked in. He informed me that he had to go to work soon and that he needed me to do some laundry while he was gone. I objected that I wasn't his maid, but he told me that since I had "soiled" bedding and some of his sister's clothes with my "slutty pussy juice" that I must wash them.

Before he left Bruce showed me where all the laundry stuff was and I got busy. I stripped the sheets from Bruce's and his parent's bed. Then washed them along with the towels I'd used and his sister's clothes that I'd worn. I also washed my bikini as long as I was at it. By mid afternoon I was finished. There wasn't much more to do so I played the Wii Fit for a while (Bruce left it set up for me). I kind of like that game. It's a lot more fun than going to the gym. I'm thinking of getting one.

Bruce called me at 5:00 and said he was on his way home. He told me to get dressed exactly like I was on Saturday when I came over. He had to tell me where he had put my teachers outfit. By the time he arrived I was dressed and waiting for him. He was carrying a grocery bag filled with more snacks. I was pretty sure then that he had invited some people over again.

My hunch was confirmed when Tommy walked in carrying a bag of snacks too. I wondered just how many people Bruce had invited. I waited in the living room while the boys "prepared" the snacks in the kitchen. It seemed to take them a lot longer than it should. The doorbell rang so I answered the door. It was Kyle and another young man that looked familiar, but I couldn't recall his name. Probably another student, but I'm pretty sure he was not in any of my AP classes. I said hello to Kyle and let them in.

I can hear the new kid whisper to Kyle, "Holy shit, that's Mrs. A."

Kyle responds with, "I told you."

Bruce came out with some bowls filled with chips and pretzels. Tommy followed with 4 beers and a Mike's Hard Lemonade. The new boy was introduced as Troy, a friend of Kyle's from the swim team. He still seemed a little dazed by my presence. The kids chatted for a little while and drank their beers. I didn't say too much. I wasn't sure what they were expecting out of me with Troy there.

After about 10 minutes Tommy looked around and said, "It looks like we all need refills." Then he looked at me and said, "Finish up Sharon."

Then he got up and collected all the empties. He stopped in front of me, obviously waiting for me to finish my Lemonade. So I quickly drank the rest and handed him the empty bottle. Tommy returned in less than a minute with 4 more beers and a Mike's. Then he announced we were going to play Truth or Dare. The rules were simple. Everybody took a turn. The rest of the group would think up a question that they had to answer truthfully. If they didn't want to answer they could take a dare instead. If they "chickened out" on the dare, they had to down a shot of tequila. Then it moved on to the next player.

Then Tommy produced a bottle of cheap tequila and a shot glass. I was a little worried about this, but tequila is such vile stuff that I figured after one shot nobody would want to "chicken out" again. Besides, I knew that Tommy and Bruce didn't want things to get too out of hand with the alcohol and risk getting Joe mad.

Tommy reminded everybody that "what goes around comes around". I was hoping that fear of getting a really embarrassing question or dare would keep things from getting to wild. And it seemed to work for the first few rounds. The questions were pretty safe and there were no dares. Honestly I don't even remember what they were. Tommy got everybody another beer, and of course a Mike's for me, and round three of the game began.

The first really racy question was asked of Tommy. "Which hand do you use to jack off, the left or the right?"

His answer was, "Both."

We all laughed. Then Troy was asked if he was a virgin. He didn't want to answer which of course made us all suspect that he was. So the dare was to moon me. He got an embarrassed look on his face and chickened out. Tommy poured him a shot of tequila. He threw the shot back and then immediately started coughing and sputtering. I don't think he got more than half of it down. The others laughed at him, but I patted his back and handed him his beer to wash it down with.

When he could finally talk again he said, "God that's the most awful shit I ever tasted!" Then he looked a me sheepishly and said, "Sorry Mrs. A."

I replied, "Don't worry about it. And you can call me Sharon if you want to."

To which he said, "OK, um, Sharon."

Bruce was next and was asked an easy question, but he didn't answer, preferring a dare instead. I think he was trying to move the game along. The group didn't listen to me and told him the dare was the same they had given to Troy. Tommy didn't hesitate to turn around and drop his pants. Since he was sitting right next to me his bare butt was literally in my face. I looked down and the others snickered. Tommy held this pose for a few seconds and then pulled his pants back up and sat down.

It was my turn next and I was asked, "Do you like to suck cock?"

I thought about it briefly and then answered truthfully, "Yes."

Troy looked surprised, but the others just smirked. Bruce got a new round of drinks for everybody and once again I had to hurry up and finish mine. I was starting to really feel the alcohol buzz now. I was already feeling pretty submissive and this just made it easier to let go completely.

After the drinks were passed out Bruce announced that the "truth" portion was over. From now on we would go right to the "dare". During the next round it became obvious that the game was all about using me for their gratification. Bruce was dared to kiss me, Kyle was dared to french kiss me, Troy was dared to remove my blouse (with shaking hands), and Tommy was dared to "play with" my breasts.

When my turn came I was dared to sit in Troy's lap and "make out" with him. So I sat in his lap and started kissing him. He seemed a little scared at first, but relaxed eventually. By the time the others called "time" he was pushing his tongue into my mouth and running his hand up and down my arm. Still pretty tame, but more than I expected.

The next round went much the same way. Bruce was dared to remove my skirt with his teeth only. It took him a little while to figure out the snaps, but eventually it fell to the floor. This brought about hoots and clapping from the other kids. Next Kyle was dared to remove my bikini top blindfolded. He fumbled around and acted like he didn't know where the ties were. This gave him the chance to feel me up good before he untied the bikini top and removed it. Troy just stared at my bare breasts when I sat back down. This probably explains his next dare. They told him he had to, "Suck on Sharon's tits until both her nipples are hard."

It was obvious that he hadn't done that before, but then it doesn't take much when I'm that horny. So in less than a minute he had both of my nipples standing out like pencil erasers. When he sat down he had the biggest grin on his face. It made me feel good that I could make him that happy.

Next Tommy was dared to take off my bikini bottoms with just his feet. Even though this required only untying two simple bows, this proved difficult for him. When he finally figured out he could take off his shoes he had me naked in no time. Now Troy seemed torn between staring at my boobs or my crotch.

My next dare was to walk around the outside of the house once. I was shocked. I was in a very submissive mood, but it wasn't even completely dark out. More like twilight. There's just no way I could do that. It was just too dangerous. If it had been darker out, then maybe. So for the first (and only) time of the night I refused the dare. Up until that point I had forgotten about he tequila, but Bruce didn't. He poured the shot for me and I picked it up. Keep in mind that I've had tequila before and I really don't like it. But that was better than the alternative, or so I thought until I downed the shot. It was even more awful than I expected. I almost gagged and coughed it up like Troy, but I'm proud to say that I managed to keep it down.

Bruce called a small break and brought out another round of beer. He apologized that he was out of Mike's, but after the tequila anything would taste better so I took a beer too. I guess I knew at this point that the drinking was starting to get out of hand, but I just couldn't seem to raise an objection. Everybody was having fun and I was so horny. I just didn't want it to end until I got fucked good.

This is where my memory starts to get a bit fuzzy. I know there were at least two more rounds and that the dares got more outrageous, but I don't remember all the details. I have a clear memory of giving Troy a blowjob. He came quickly and I drank it down. I also remember Bruce slapping my face with his cock. That was really weird. He did seem to enjoy it. And I know for sure that Tommy spanked me, but he may not have been the only one.

For my final turn in the game I was dared to masturbate while the kids watched. I didn't even hesitate. I laid down on the floor and put one hand between my legs and the other on my breast. I was so horny it didn't take me long to cum. Before I could get off the floor a cock appeared before my face and I started sucking it. Then someone got between my legs and pushed into me. It felt so good I didn't care who it was.

It was pretty much a gang bang after that. Lots of fucking and sucking. I'm not sorry about that part. I enjoyed it and had a few good orgasms. Unfortunately there was more drinking too. I think somebody got sick. Troy maybe. It was only after they figured out that I would do anything they asked that things went too far. I can't really blame them. That's too much temptation for a young man to resist, especially drunk.

From here on out it was almost like I was an observer in my own body. Like I had absolutely no control over what I did. I think it started by Bruce asking me if I would do something "special" for him. I said, "Anything."

To which he said, "OK then, lick my asshole."

I responded with, "Spread those cheeks."

He did, and I licked his hairy anus for about a minute to the hoots and hollers of the others. Thank god for the numbness from the alcohol or I'm sure it would have tasted awful. After that Tommy asked me if I'd do something "special" for him too. I said, "I'll do anything for my studs."

"Anything?" Tommy asked.

I slurred back, "You just name it."

Tommy thought for a moment and then said, "Walk out to the street and back. Buck naked."

I don't think he believed I'd do it until I opened the front door and staggered outside. It was dark out by now and the outside house light was not on, so I didn't think I'd be seen. Not that I really cared if I was. When I got to the street and turned around I could see that Tommy and Bruce were standing inside the doorway watching and the other two were looking through the front window. I was about halfway back when the house light suddenly turned on. I stopped for a moment surprised by the sudden illumination. Then I continued at the same walking pace until I was back into the house. It's not so much that I wanted to show off. I just knew I was too drunk to run.

After that a number of more outrageous suggestions were shouted, like having me walk around the block naked. But Bruce nixed them all reasoning that if I were caught all the fun would be over. After that they got into smearing food on me and licking it off. That made a mess, so they dragged me up to the bathroom and put me in the shower where they took turns "cleaning" me until the hot water ran out.

Then it was back downstairs where I was challenged to get them all hard again with just my mouth and hands. It seemed to take forever in my drunken state, but was probably only 5 or 10 minutes. Then Bruce handed me a beer bottle and said, "Fuck yourself with this you filthy whore while we give you a cum bath."

I am embarrassed to say that I laid back on the floor and fucked myself with that empty beer bottle. The kids stood over me and stroked their cocks while they called me degrading names. They did this for a while and I just kept stroking that bottle in and out. Then Tommy says, "Look at our prick teasing teacher now, boys. She don't look so proper now, does she?"

Someone else answered, "She looks like a proper slut."

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