tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33


Part 33: Epilog continued.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. Due to renewed requests I am continuing to post my emails from Sharon. If you don't approve of wife sharing, gang bangs, or incest, then don't be a moron, stop reading now.


Jul 07/26/09 10:45PM


How did I know what Joe had planned? The answer is, of course, that I don't. I can only make educated guesses and sometimes, like psychics, if I'm vague enough and lucky enough I get it right. If you forget about all the times I was wrong, I look prescient. But of course, you were only joking with me about my "foresight."

That said, it does seem like Jeff was there to "train" you. The thing about kneeling with your hands behind your back is a classic position in domination stories. The point of it is to make your chest stand out and make you look subservient. What came next was designed to demonstrate Jeff's control over you. He knew that you love sex and that you don't like to perform "sex shows". By making you do what you didn't want, and entertain them at the same time, he not only demonstrated this control, but he rubbed your nose in it. Even when the sex came, it was designed to cater to the men's needs and not yours.

We've discussed why you are submissive, but we really have not talked about why the men like to dominate you. Like submissiveness, domination is complex as well, so I'll just try to cover the main points. Men by their nature have an innate need to control their surroundings. This often is achieved by dominating other people by various means. Our societies reinforce these impulses, for better or worse. You are an intelligent woman who is confident in herself and not afraid to stand up to men, at least on an intellectual basis. You are also an authority figure as a school teacher. This all makes it unlikely that you can be controlled, so when they can dominate and control you it makes it extremely satisfying. That fact that you are beautiful and sexy makes it even more so. Of course, sex is the ultimate domination and it's fun! Hopefully this helps you understand their deeper motivations, but keep in mind that these observations are based on my experiences only; I have not studied the subject deeply.



Jul 07/28/09 2:31PM


Thanks for your insights into the motivations of the men that want to dominate me. That was most fascinating. It makes a lot of sense and helps me to understand why men behave the way they do. Don't hesitate to give me your observations in the future, even if they are just based on your experiences. An ounce of experience is worth a ton of book learning.

On Monday morning Tommy stopped by. He said he wanted a blowjob "to start with". After that we talked for a while and he confided in me that his girlfriend had started giving him blowjobs. He said that she was not nearly as good at it as I am and that it was a shame that I couldn't give her lessons. But she would not understand "our relationship", according to Tommy. He also told me that had not been able to "get into her pants" yet, but he was hoping it would be soon. He said he was looking forward to giving her oral sex.

The next thing I know Tommy is practicing on me. He's getting pretty good too. I had a nice orgasm and then he fucked me hard and long. I had three more good climaxes before he shot his load into me. He left after that and I had a feeling that I wouldn't see too much of him from now on. That made me a little sad.

This morning (too damn early) I got a call from Kyle. He wanted to come over with his friend Troy. I was still pretty sleepy, but I was also horny so I told him to give me an hour. I slept for another 30 minutes and then got up and took a shower. I was sitting in my robe drinking a cup of coffee when they arrived.

Troy was a little shy around me until Kyle took my robe off. Then things heated up pretty quickly. I don't remember if I told you before, but Troy is also a swimmer and shaves all his body hair. It was a little like being in a porno with the two of them. Kind of kinky and fun too.

Kyle and Troy are both pretty inexperienced and lacking in technique, but they have lots of energy. They were both able to get it up twice after the obligatory first blowjob. They only left when they did because Kyle had to get to work. I noticed on the way out that Troy had another erection. Young men.

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to Eric and Nathan's visit this weekend. And not only Eric. They are both hunks in their own ways. Do you remember when I told you that I was afraid that I was addicted to sex and would lose control? I'm feeling that way today. After Kyle called I really couldn't sleep anymore because I couldn't stop thinking about having sex with him and Troy. That's really what I did in bed for that 30 minutes. I didn't sleep, I just day dreamed about having sex. And after having several hours of sex this morning I'm thinking about the next time. I'm afraid I might lose myself in this and permanently become the submissive sex starved slut.

I'm sorry to dump that on you, but I can't talk to anybody else about this.


Jul 07/28/09 6:39PM


Don't ever worry about "dumping" on me. I promise I will never judge you and I will always be here for you. I don't think you are going to lose yourself. You are too strong for that. Believe it. I do. It's just your time of the month and you know how that affects you. I know the submissive slut has grown in recent months, but you will eventually strike a new balance. The self-assured smart teacher, chess player, and history lover is not going away anytime soon. You WILL find your balance. Just give it time and trust yourself.

In the mean time you are looking forward to doing something that you really love. For some people it's jumping out of airplanes or driving around in circles at 200mph. Personally I think your obsession is much safer.

Chin up; you're doing fine.



Jul 07/30/09 11:05AM


Thank you for your support and advice. When you talked about balance I decided that I was not spending enough time with my other friends. So I called Marcia and spent the entire day with her yesterday. She loves to cook and whenever I visit her we wind up making something interesting. Yesterday was no different. It was so much fun. Today I feel more in control and less worried. How have you managed to become so important to me in such a short period of time? That's a rhetorical question.

Today Scott dropped by. He wanted a blowjob first, of course. After that we talked for a little bit while he recuperated. He told me that he had finally made enough money to replace his old junker of a car. He now has a VW of some sort. I'm not really into cars and I honestly don't remember which model. Anyway he said he's going to keep working both jobs until he builds his savings up again. He's going back to the Community College in the fall and he needs some money put aside for books and other expenses. So I'm still not going to see him too much until school starts again.

After our talk he fucked me for a long time. He wasn't in a hurry and I was fine with that. I think he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible. But eventually he ran out of time (he had to get to work). So he increased his pace and began pulling on my hair (doggie style) and calling me names. He said, "You are such a nasty slut. I'm going to pound your fucking cunt for all it's worth."

After he was finished he had me clean him up with my mouth. He left shortly after that on his way to one of his jobs. Scott is a good, hard working kid. I do wish I could spend a little more time with him.

I don't know exactly what Joe has planned for his son's visit. I know they are flying in Friday evening and that we are going to pick them up at the airport. From there I think we are all going out to dinner, but beyond that I don't know. I'll write you when I can, but that probably won't be until Saturday sometime or maybe Sunday evening after they leave.

Your friend and slut,


Jul 07/30/09 7:16PM


You are most welcome my sexy lady. But keep in mind that it was you who figured out what to do to restore some balance to your life. I just reminded you that you knew it all along. Close friends are essential for maintaining good mental health. So just make sure you balance out the extra sex with visits to friends (and the library, etc.).

It sounds like Scott's romantic crush on you is about over. I hope so. As we've discussed many times, that's a complication you don't need. But I also know you like fucking him.

I'm sorry that I don't have time for a longer letter right now, but I've other things I need to attend to. Hopefully I'll have more time later.



Aug 08/01/09 12:30PM


Joe and his sons are out golfing this morning, so I have the time now to write you. We picked up Eric and Nathan at the airport yesterday evening. When Eric saw me he gave me a big hug and kiss. Nathan just gave me a hug. He obviously was not as comfortable around me as his brother. That's understandable. We went out for a late dinner and they were both just as charming as ever. But they are Joe's sons after all, so they come by it naturally. When we were done eating Joe wanted to go out for a couple of drinks. We ended up at a bar that was a little to trendy for me, but Eric and Nathan seemed to like it.

The music there wasn't really my thing, but Nathan wanted to dance so I said yes. It turns out he is a really good dancer. This was a happy surprise because dancing is not one of Joe's many talents. We danced for several songs. Nathan complimented me on my dancing and told me it was too bad I was married to his father. I asked him playfully what he meant by that. He said, "Otherwise I'd make a run at you myself."

I replied, "Why Nathan, don't you think I'm a little too old for you?"

He answered with, "You don't look like it. I like older women anyway."

To which I asked, "Why is that?"

He said, "I'm not sure, maybe it's an Oedipus complex."

I said to that, "I hope not, Oedipus killed his father you know."

He laughed and replied, "Touche. I can see you're going to be fun to be around."

Nathan is a smart boy and is fun to talk to. We cooled it a little after we got back to the table. I didn't want to alienate Joe and Eric. Around midnight we drove home. Joe and Eric sat in front and talked sports while Nathan and I sat in back and covered a wide range of topics. Sometime near the end of the drive Nathan suddenly leaned in and kissed me hard. It only lasted for a few seconds but it left me breathless. He pulled back and apologized, looking a little embarrassed. I told him not to be and said I enjoyed it.

That was all the encouragement he needed. When Joe pulled into the garage we were still locked in a passionate kiss. Joe cleared his throat and said, "We're home. You two can continue that in the house."

And that's pretty much what we did. Eric wanted a turn too and soon I was being shared between the two of them. I think Eric was the first one to start taking my clothes off, but Nathan helped out once it was started. Soon I was sitting naked on the couch between them as they explored my body with their hands. Then almost as if on cue they each pulled their pants down and put a hand on each cock. It didn't take long before I went from stroking them to sucking on them.

I was sucking on Nathan's cock when he suddenly came in my mouth. He pumped a large amount and I swallowed it all down. That's when Eric pushed me back so that I was laying on my back with my head in his brother's lap. Then Eric entered me and began fucking me with a lot of energy. He was slamming into me hard enough to make my boobs bounce, at least when Nathan wasn't playing with them. Unfortunately Eric didn't last long and all too soon he was unloading inside me.

I noticed that Nathan was nearly hard again, so I used my mouth to help him along. When he was ready I sat on his lap and used him to give myself two very nice orgasms. Nathan seemed to enjoy himself as well and came inside me. I cleaned them both up with my mouth and then Joe announced it was time for bed since they had to get up early in the morning.

Joe told them they could flip a coin or something for the guest bed and the other one could use the couch. Really it probably didn't matter that much; our couch is very comfortable. I cleaned up a little while Joe got out an extra pillow and blanket.

When I went to bed Joe told me he was really turned on watching me with his sons. Then he said he wanted to add his cum to theirs in my "cunt". And that's exactly what he did, giving me a couple more nice climaxes. Afterwords he said he was looking forward to the rest of their visit. I informed him that I was too.

They will be home soon and I have to get dressed before then. I probably won't be able to write you again until tomorrow night, but I should have a lot more to tell you then.

Your incestuous slut,


Aug 08/01/09 3:10PM


So Eric is a jock and physically attractive while Nathan is intelligent and intellectually attractive. Yet both have their father's charm. Believe it or not it's not uncommon to see those kind of differences between brothers. At least in my experience. Be thankful they get along so well together. Otherwise you would only be able to get together with them separately.

It sounds like Nathan got over his shyness pretty quickly. It's a good bet that his brother told him about his last visit. You didn't mention dancing with Eric. I'm assuming that like his father, he dancing is not his thing either. Is that your impression too?

I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your weekend.



Aug 08/02/09 8:56PM

Hi Paul,

I too was struck by the differences between Eric and Nathan. They have a lot of traits in common too and they do seem to get along well with each other. And yes, I am thankful for that. Actually they both get along with their father well too. Considering that they didn't spend much time with him as they were growing up that's amazing.

You are right that I didn't dance with Eric on Friday night. I did get the impression that he does not like to dance. Frankly Eric is a lot more like his dad. Nathan must take more after his mother, although he does get his natural male charm from Joe. That much is obvious.

OK, now for Saturday. I barely had time to get dressed and put on some makeup before Joe and his boys returned. They pretty much were just picking me up to go out to lunch. When we got into the car Eric and Nathan steered me into the back seat and then joined me. I was sitting in the middle, of course. To my surprise, other than a little kissing, they behaved themselves.

We ate at a little open air cafe that Joe and I like. Joe and I sat across from each other with the his sons on either side. During lunch Eric and Nathan were flirty, but not overly so. It was a very pleasant time and everybody seemed to enjoy it. After that they completely surprised me. We went to an art museum!

Then I saw why. The museum was having a showing for a photographer that did only nudes in black and white. I don't know what the men were expecting, but all the photos were tastefully done and nothing was intentionally erotic. This didn't stop Joe's boys from trying though. I think it was Nathan that started the game. We were looking at the photograph of a woman partially draped in a sheet. One breast and a bare hip were visible. Nathan quipped, "I think Sharon's breasts are nicer."

I was too surprised to say anything. Eric responded with, "Yeah. A a little smaller, but a sexier shape."

Having them talk openly like this in public about my body was strangely arousing. At a the next photograph only the model's butt was showing as she looked over her shoulder. Eric commented, "I think Sharon's ass is sexier. What do you think Nate?"

He answered, "Yeah, I'd agree with that."

The next photograph featured a male model. The men didn't really want to look at that one very long, of course, but I paused and said, "He has a nice ass. It reminds me of yours, Eric."

To which Eric replied, "Naw, mine is better."

We all laughed and moved on. We continued to play this game right up to the last photograph. When we were walking back to the car I said, "That was fun. Thank you," and I hugged Joe.

He said, "Don't thank me, it was their idea."

I gave Eric and Nathan a group hug. They each grabbed my butt and gave it a squeeze.

Then I commented, "There were some strikingly beautiful women in those pictures."

Nathan replied, "Yes there was. But I'll bet none of them will look as good as you when they are 40."

Eric responded, "Got that right."

I thanked them for the compliment while Joe beamed. We got back into the car and Joe started driving. I didn't know where we were going next. Eric turned to me and said, "So Dad tells us you are a real submissive slut."

I wasn't ready for that and simply said, "Sometimes."

Nathan asked, "When you are in the mood, right?"

I said, "Yes."

To which Eric asked, "And then there's nothing you won't do?"

Joe had told them more than I had imagined. I replied, "Pretty much."

Then he asked, "Did you really pull a train with some of your ex students?"

I just said, "Yes." I had no idea Joe had told them so much.

Nathan wanted to know, "What was that like?"

I said, "It was...intense and very pleasurable."

He responded, "What an understatement. I'll bet those kids fucked you silly."

To which I replied, "I don't think silly is the right word. Exhausted maybe."

Joe commented from the front seat, "Don't let her fool you. She sucked all six dry and was ready for more. I had no idea she could cum so much."

They asked me about more of my recent sexual experiences and I answered them as well as I could with Joe throwing in comments occasionally. As you can imagine this was quite embarrassing which was making me aroused. In addition their hands were starting to wander as the inquisition went on. By the time the car stopped I was very turned on and ready to do whatever they wanted. I looked around. We were at some kind of park, but I didn't recognize it.

Eric unclasped my bra and said, "You are overdressed."

All I had on was a sheer white blouse, a white bra, a simple skirt that ended an inch or so above my knees, and high rise briefs. I removed the bra through one arm hole. Now my boobs would be somewhat to completely visible depending on the viewing distance and angle. And on such a nice sunny day there was bound to be a lot of people at a public park. But before we got out of the car Nathan reached up under my skirt and tugged at my briefs. I lifted up my butt and he pulled them completely off.

We all got out of the car except for Joe. He waved at us and said he would meet us at the end. I assumed he meant at the other end of the park. Eric took my left hand and Nathan my right as we walked across the parking lot and into a large open grassy area with a few trees here and there. There were people scattered about as I expected on such a nice day. I noticed a few heads turn as we passed, but nobody stopped us or said anything. I felt so exposed. I knew I was blushing furiously.

At the other end of the grassy area was a wide asphalt path and that was where they steered me. Once we were out of sight Eric and Nathan let go of my hands and instead put their arms around me so that we were all walking hip to hip. It wasn't long before their hands dropped to my butt and started squeezing it. They didn't even stop when we passed another couple coming from the other way. When they got close the man, probably in his 30's looked at my chest, smiled and nodded. I looked down. They passed on the right and Nathan said, "Hi."

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