tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 40

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 40


Part 40: A Bizarre New Years Eve

I didn't hear from Sharon again until January 2nd. It was just a short note telling me that nothing unusual had happened after Christmas, but that New Years Eve was bizarre. I didn't know what make of that, and I was concerned, however I just had to wait to find out. The next day I got a longer rambling letter that gave me the gist of it, but it took several more exchanges over the next week to get all the details.

"All Joe could talk about after Christmas was how my family was full of sluts and perverts. Given the circumstances, it was hard to argue with him. I have a feeling holidays are going to be a lot different from now on." Sharon wrote in one email. "I considered pointing out that he, his brother, and his boys were not really any different, but there didn't seem to be much point. It seems that both of our families are full of sexual deviants."

On the afternoon of the 31st Joe informed his wife that she would be celebrating New Years Eve with Bruce, while he was going to a party with Erin. Sharon had been to a number of parties at Bruce's apartment and had even given blow jobs to several of his friends. With the exception of Mike, his roommate, she had not fucked any of them yet. She had a feeling that might change. New Years Eve parties tended to be more wild than normal.

Joe made her wear a short skirt, a tight button-up blouse, stockings, and heels. No underwear of course. At least he let her take long warm coat. It's cold outside that time of the year! Joe dropped her off at Bruce's apartment on his way to pick up Erin. Sharon couldn't help thinking that this would be the first New Years Eve that she wouldn't be spending with Joe since they had met. There wasn't much time to think about such things when she got to the apartment though.

None of the "guests" had arrived yet, but Bruce put her to work cleaning and getting food ready. While she was doing this he made it abundantly clear that she was there to get him and his friends drinks and food as needed, and to provide "personal services" as he required. Apparently this party was just for his friends that didn't have dates for the evening, so it would be just her and a bunch of drunk young men. She had a feeling it would be a long evening.

A little while later the "guests" started arriving. Except for one black man, Sharon had already met all of them before. As expected they were not shy about fondling her and pulling her into their laps to kiss her. This was normal for Bruce's parties, but they would not go further until Bruce gave them permission. She was his, and they knew it. Bruce seemed to enjoy the power this gave him.

Then Bruce turned on the video game console and challenged everybody to a game. He announced that if anybody could beat him they would get Sharon's blouse as a prize. Several of his friends stepped up and gave it a try, but neither could beat him at the martial arts combat game. But the way he was drinking, she knew it wouldn't be long. Finally the young black man that she had not met before, sat down to play. They all called him Jinx, but she never did discover what his real name was. He was the first one to defeat Bruce. By that time half of the buttons on her blouse had been opened anyway, so completely taking it off was not that big of a step.

All the guys hooted and hollered though as if they had never seen a pair of tits before. As she handed over her top, Johnny, a skinny boy with an equally thin cock, asked what he would get if he beat Bruce.

"You get her skirt, dumb ass." Was Bruce's response.

So Johnny took up the challenge. The game was close, as far as Sharon could tell, but Johnny prevailed in the end. She turned her skirt over to the winner and then went to get another drink for Bruce. As she made her way to the kitchen wearing only stockings and heels, she was pawed at more than she was before. Jinx even managed to get his finger into her pussy briefly as he kissed her.

"Come on with that drink, whore!" Bruce yelled.

She hated it when he called her that, but she got the drink anyway and returned to the living room. Another game was already in progress. This time Eric was the challenger. Normally he couldn't beat Bruce, however with the amount of alcohol he had consumed, Bruce's reflexes were dulled enough to allow Eric to best him. Sharon wondered what Bruce had promised him if he won.

"OK, bitch, come over here and suck my cock!" Eric bellowed.

She looked over at Bruce and he gave her the nod. This wasn't really a shocking revelation, and in fact she knew this would happen eventually. Besides, she had given him a blow job before. Sharon knelt on the floor in front of Eric and unzipped his pants. As she pulled them down along with his underwear, his hard cock popped out. There was no point in being shy and so she attacked it. As her head bobbed up and down in his lap, the others made comments about her.

"What a hot slut." Johnny snickered.

"Yeah, she's one fine piece of ass." Another one said.

"I gotta get me one of these!" Jinx roared in a poor imitation of Will Smith in Independence Day.

They all laughed except Eric. He was too busy moaning and muttering about her "hot fucking mouth." It didn't take her long to collect his cum, but by that time the rest were thirsty and she was ordered to get them more drinks. That was followed by another game and another cock to suck. This time it was Jinx, but he was eventually followed by Johnny and Ryan.

After that they were all challenging Bruce to another game, but this time for the right to fuck Sharon. However he was tired of playing the video game and told them there would be plenty of time for boning her later. So they continued to drink and watched some porno on TV. When they started passing out, Sharon was actually disappointed since she had gotten worked up all evening, but had not been given a chance to cum yet. That's when things turned weird.

Bruce was just about unconscious when Jinx, who suddenly was not as drunk as he had seemed, asked him, "Hey man, want some weed?"

Bruce looked up with unfocused eyes. "Sure. How much do you want?" He slurred.

"I'll just borrow your whore for a little while." Jinx answered.

"Sure. Have fun." Bruce mumbled and closed his eyes as Jinx tossed a small plastic bag into his lap.

That was the last time she ever saw Bruce or his friends.

"Let's go." Jinx said as he pulled Sharon in the direction of the bedroom.

She didn't object. She was horny as hell and was hoping he would be a good fuck, because she really needed it. But he didn't go to the bedroom. Instead he turned and headed out the apartment door with Sharon in tow. At the last second she snagged her coat from the closet as they hurried past. She struggled to put it on, flashing her tits and pussy to anybody that might come by as Jinx quickly lead her down the hallway. She barely managed to get it around her naked body before they arrived at the front door. A blast of cold air hit her as he pulled her through the doorway and outside into the frigid night air. She stumbled on the heels as they made their way across the parking lot, clutching her coat closed with her free hand.

He pushed her into his car and before she knew it they were speeding down the road to some unknown destination. Now she was scared. She had only met this man that night and had no idea what his plans were for her. She doubted that anybody at Bruce's apartment even knew she was gone or who she had left with. As intoxicated as he was, would Bruce even remember giving her to Jinx?

"You are one hot bitch." Jinx said, interrupting her train of thought. "That dumb white kid had no idea what he had."

"Where are you taking me?" Sharon demanded.

"Shut up!" He snarled. "I don't want to hear anything coming out of your slut mouth but moaning and begging for more black cock. That's what all you white bitches want anyway. Ain't no use hiding it."

Then he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. Sharon thought it was stupid to be driving at night and trying to dial at the same time. It seemed to me to be a weird thing to be worrying about considering the circumstances. Funny how the mind works sometimes.

Sharon didn't know who he was talking to, but he was bragging about "bagging" some "white ass" for the "posse." It wasn't difficult to figure out that he was talking about her and that there would be more like Jinx when they got wherever they were going.

He hung up the phone and returned it to his pocket. "We're almost there now, bitch. If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your mouth shut unless there's a cock in it. Me and my boys are just going to party with you for a while, and then we'll let you go after we get tired of you. But don't cross us or get uppity, else that pretty face of yours will get all messed up. Understand whore?"

Sharon nodded her head. She knew her best chance of getting out of this unharmed was to do as they told her. Now her experience as a sex slave was going to come in handy, she thought.

Jinx pulled to a stop in front of a run down house in a run down neighborhood.

"Just do what you're told and don't forget your place. The rest of these guys aren't as nice as I am." He said as he pushed the car door open, the rusted hinges squealing in protest.

He came around to her side and pulled her out by the arm. She almost slipped on some ice, but he easily held her up. Still holding her coat together with one hand (she had forgot to button it up in the car), she stumbled up the partially cleared sidewalk behind him, getting snow into her shoes in the process. Jinx pushed the door open and shoved her inside.

To her surprise it wasn't a dump inside like she was expecting. The place was fairly clean except for some beer bottles and empty glasses sitting on a few end tables. The furniture looked slightly worn, but not trashed. Three other young black men were sitting in the living room drinking and watching TV. Sharon noticed right away it was a porno. What was it with men and porn? All conversation stopped when she entered. The only sound was the exaggerated soundtrack from the movie.

"What you got there Jinxy?" One of them asked.

By way of an answer Jinx simply pulled Sharon's coat off her shoulders and slid it down her back, trapping her arms behind her.

"Now we got ourselves a real party." A different man said.

"That's some nice piece of white ass." The first man commented. "Where did you get it?"

"She's Bruce's slut. The stupid cracker was letting her just go to waste. I figured we could make good use of her though." Jinx answered as he pulled her coat all the way off, leaving her once again naked except for her stockings and heels.

"Shit, she's got some small tits there." One of them complained.

"Not all whores have big titties. Just be glad she has a hot pussy." Jinx scowled.

He led Sharon over to the big couch where two of the men were sitting and pushed her down onto her knees in front of one of them.

"Start sucking that cock, bitch." He barked.

As the man pushed his baggy pants down to his ankles, Sharon could hear Jinx unzipping his pants behind her. Before she could even move, the sitting man pulled her head roughly down to his cock.

"I've been watching this cunt all night and I'm not waiting one more second to tap it." Jinx declared as he plunged his hard cock into her extremely wet pussy. "Oh fuck she's hot and wet!"

"The slut has a hot mouth too!" The sitting man groaned.

Jinx pounded her hard and fast, obviously only concerned about his own pleasure. But even though she was still scared, it felt good to be finally fucked after an evening of sucking cock and being felt up. He didn't last long, and almost as soon as he was finished pumping his sperm inside her, Jinx was replaced by one of the other men. His cock was bigger and longer than Jinx, but she'd had larger before. When he had added his load to Jinx's, the man she was giving the blow job to had her turn around and sit on his cock reverse cowgirl.

After only a couple of strokes though, he had her lift all the way off and he put the head of his slimy cock on her asshole. As he pulled her down onto it she tried to go as slowly as possible, but it still hurt like hell. Once his cock was fully up her ass the last man stepped forward and presented his rigid manhood to her lips. She was still grimacing from the pain of having a large cock shoved up her ass without any preparation, but she still opened her mouth and took it in.

The one in her ass came quickly, but the last one took another five minutes for her to finish off. The entire time she remained sitting on the first man, his shrinking cock still inside her. When he finally pushed her off of him it slid out easily, even though it never got completely soft.

He pushed her face back down into his lap. "Clean it up whore." He demanded.

As she did what she was told, surprisingly he started getting hard again. By the time she had him fully erect again, her jaw was starting to get sore from all the blow jobs. The man pushed her onto her back and roughly shoved his rejuvenated tool into her sopping cunt. He easily sank to the hilt in one stroke. Then he pounded her mercilessly, ignoring her pleasure and concentrating only on his own. Even so, Sharon came several times. One of the other men commented about what a horny pig she was. They also bragged that they would turn her into a black cock slut and that she would never be satisfied with white dick again.

For the next couple of hours if they weren't fucking her, she was sucking their dicks back to life. At one point she had all of her holes filled at once. It was pretty much nonstop sex. She thought they would never tire, but of course eventually even her talented mouth was unable to revive their flagging cocks. At that point she expected Jinx to take her back to Bruce's apartment since she had done everything they had asked. But instead he lead her to a bedroom and shackled her to a big iron bed.

"You said you would let me go when you were done with me." She objected.

Jinx slapped her hard. Not enough to really hurt her, but it stung like a son of a bitch.

"Shut up!" He yelled. "I'll tell you when we're done with you. If you keep up the back talk we'll take you downtown and sell your ass on the street. Now you had better get some sleep; you'll be busy tomorrow."

He turned around and left, closing the door loudly. Sharon just stood there stunned for a moment, then she sat down on the bed and took stock of her situation. She was the prisoner of four black guys that obviously intended to continue to use her for sex. She didn't think anybody else knew where she was or that she was missing. Joe probably wasn't expecting her home before sometime the next day, so nobody was going to be looking for her. Not that they would have much luck, she didn't even know where she was or who these guys were. Sharon was in trouble, and she knew it.

She laid down on the bed and cried for a little while, but it wasn't in her nature to fall apart when things got difficult. Instead she just became more determined to get through it no matter what it took. Once she calmed down it didn't take her long to fall asleep. It was very late and she didn't realize just how tired she was.

"Wake up bitch!" Someone was yelling and pulling roughly on Sharon's hair.

It was Jinx. As she scrambled to her feet she realized that the shackle had been removed from her ankle. He pulled her out door and down the hall to the bathroom.

"Clean yourself up." He said as he pushed her in. "When you are done you can join us for breakfast."

She had to pee quite badly, so she took care of that first and then took a shower. There was only some men's body wash and a bar of soap. Sharon used the soap to wash herself off and then just rinsed out her hair to get rid of the dried cum. She wouldn't look as good as she normally did, but at least she would be clean.

While she did this she was also thinking about how to get these men to let her go before things went too far. She remembered how they talked about making her "addicted" to "big black cock" and that she would never be satisfied with white men again. She decided that appealing to their egos might just work. If she could convince them that she really was enamored with them and would willingly return in the future, maybe they would be more inclined to let her go.

There was only a damp towel available to dry off with, and she did the best that she could, but her hair was still quite wet when she was finished. Her stockings were a mess, so she just dropped them in the trash. It felt slutty to be putting her heels on when she was buck naked, but she didn't want to lose them. Besides, the men probably preferred that she wore them.

They were all sitting around in the kitchen eating breakfast. If you wanted to call it that.

"It's about time." The one called Rocket said.

There were two boxes of cold cereal on the table, Fruit Loops and Luck Charms. No milk was evident.

"Is this all there is?" She asked incredulously.

"Yes. Eat up, it could be a long time before you get anything other than cum to eat." Jinx told her.

Sharon really didn't like sugary breakfast cereal, but she was hungry and didn't know when she'd be offered food again, so she forced down several handfuls. Yes, they didn't seem to have bowls and spoons either. She has become convinced that most men are pigs, and I find it hard to argue with her on that point.

With "breakfast" finished, the gang bang resumed. Being young men they had healthy sexual appetites and the energy to match. Like the previous night they used her pussy, ass, and mouth interchangeably without regard for her pleasure or discomfort. But this time she acted like it was the best sex she had ever had regardless of how they treated her. And they seemed to buy it.

"Yes, fuck me with that big black cock." She moaned. "God it feels so good in my married white pussy."

"You love that black cock, don't you bitch?" He asked.

"Fuck yes! Don't stop, just fuck me forever and make me your bitch!" She growled.

"You're a black cock slut now, admit it." Jinx demanded.

"Yes, yes. I'm a black cock slut. I only want black cock." Sharon told them what they wanted to hear.

This went on for a while, with them telling her she was addicted to black cock and was "their slut". She went along and acted the part of an insatiable slut of black cock. When they finally wore out and couldn't get hard anymore Sharon continued to play with their cocks to convince them she wanted more.

"Look at her still trying to get us hard. She really is addicted to black cock." Rocket commented.

"You still want more, bitch?" Jinx asked her.

Sharon just nodded because she had a cock in her mouth she was attempting to nurse back to a full erection.

"Yeah, she's ours now. She'll always come back for more, won't you slut?"

She nodded again.

"Are you really married?" Jinx asked.

She took the cock out of her mouth. "Yes."

"Then why were you spending New Years Eve with that white shit Bruce?"

"Because my husband told me to." Sharon replied truthfully.

"Do you always do what he tells you?"

"Yes. I'm his bitch." She responded.

"Righteous." Now she was talking their language.

"So when is he expecting you home?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm probably already late." She answered.

"Is that a problem?"

"I may be his sex slave, but I'm also his wife. He'll start looking for me soon." Sharon said.

This made sense to them apparently, because it only took a moment for them to decide to return her to Bruce's apartment so that she could call Joe to pick her up.

"I wish I didn't have to leave so soon," She lied. "I would love more of your cocks."

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