A Cougar At Large


"Me too," said Steve.

"I'm not sure guys, but for now this was perfect. Who knows....maybe we'll run into each other again. I really needed what you gave me today."

I got dressed, kissed the guys good bye and went to my car, all the while with a huge smile on my face knowing this was just the start of a new life, a life I had missed for a long time. My pussy was still leaking cum as I slid into the driver's seat of my car. I couldn't help but giggle like a teenage girl as I drove off.

When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about the great time I had and how wonderful a man's touch had felt again, actually twice as nice. I really missed having sex, everything about it, especially being admired by young men. Damn, those two could fuck. I wondered if it was as good for them as it was for me. Fuck, I needed that!

Weeks passed, my yearning for a repeat of this grew as I grew hornier with each passing day. I bought some new clothes, sexy clothes to show off my attributes and maybe to attract a little attention. I didn't want to turn into a full blown slut but certainly didn't want to go another three years without having sex.

For the first time in three years I decided it might be time to actually go out and have a drink or two, listen to some music and if I was lucky enough to have someone ask me to dance, I may even do a little dancing. So, I bought a dress especially for the occasion. A tight little black dress, very form fitting. Hey, I worked hard for this body and felt like flaunting it a little. It had a fairly low neckline, not ridiculously low but the material was very thin. My nipples would show nicely as they were always hard. I am 38, so a mini dress was out of the question, though I've been told I could probably pull it off. Instead, it was a mid length dress, coming about three inches above the knees. It had very slight ruffles, just enough to be flirty while dancing. I found the perfect matching shoes, a lacy pair a black six inch heels. Now, I only hoped I could dance in them without falling or stumbling and making a fool out of myself.

I had planned on a nice club near the local college. I liked dancing to the techno music the kids were dancing to, as I just felt free to move with this kind of music, it was easy to dance to and be sensual. I wasn't looking to dance with kids but was definitely attracted to the twenty something crowd. I loved being with the two previous young men, wanting to avoid beer bellied middle aged guys. Now if an attractive, fit, middle aged man were to come along that would be a different story.

I put my make-up on, got dressed, did my hair, nails and picked out the perfect little black handbag to complete my outfit. For some reason I wasn't nervous, going out alone and looked forward to getting some attention. At the very least, I'd enjoy the music and come home early. I didn't look slutty but didn't look unapproachable or too conservative either. My bare tits against the thin, silky material would surely get some attention.

I left the house around 9PM and arrived at the club before all of the tables would be filled. I entered, the music was already playing and the place seemed quite full for being this early, but it was Saturday night. I noticed a few vacant stools at the bar so chose to sit there. The bartender quickly asked for my drink order and filled it immediately.

"Are you here alone tonight Miss?" asked the bartender.

He was a very handsome, thirty something stud, clean cut and definitely worked out regularly. Sorry, couldn't help but notice.

"Yes, I'm all alone tonight. Just came to listen to some music and have a few drinks. I'm tired of staying home alone."

"I'll watch out for you if you like and make sure men don't get too aggressive if you like."

"That's very sweet but I don't think I'll have to worry about that. I don't see anyone swarming around me," I said. "I'm a little old for this crown anyway."

"The men certainly will hit on you but I'll watch out for you. You're going to be very popular, believe me. I'd be very surprised if the stools next to you stay empty for long.""

"Thank you, that's so sweet," I said seductively.

This guy was a cutie, I might just have to keep an eye on him as well, I thought. The place was filling in and a young man, about 25 or so sat next to me, stealing glances when he thought I wasn't looking. He was a rugged, athletic type, the type I liked. I had never been with a black man before but this guy was gorgeous. He had beautiful brown eyes, chocolate brown skin, was clean shaven, well groomed and smelled very nice. He continued looking around the place, probably searching for someone to dance with. I figured I was just too old for him but he kept looking at my tits. I was definitely interested and intrigued with the possibility of being with a black man for the first time.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked right out of the blue as I was looking the other way.

"That's very nice of you, sure," I said. "My name Janice."

"I'm Henry, but everyone calls me Hank."

"Pleased to meet you Hank."

"The pleasure is all mine," Hank said as he glanced at my cleavage. "Would you like to dance?"

"I'd love to."

We made our way to the dance floor, a fast song was playing so we started moving as we approached the floor. Hank was a great dancer and I was doing my best not to embarrass myself. As the song finished, a slow song started.

"I hope you'll dance another with me," Hank said sheepishly knowing we'd have to be close.

"Sure, but I may be a little too old for you to be seen slow dancing with," I answered. "I wouldn't wan your friends to make fun of you."

"Are you kidding? You're the hottest lady in the house. Damn, they'll all be jealous."

"You're just being nice," I said as he reached for me and held me close.

This young guy had all the right moves, not only did he move well to the music, he also had this sexual tone to all of his moves, the way he held me and moved against me. I was definitely feeling stirrings for this young man and could feel his stirrings for me as he pushed his groin into me. He wasn't bashful about grinding into me, I felt his growing excitement as he kept getting more and more sexual with his movements.

I was getting very turned on by the bulge I felt in his pants as he pushed against me. I was thankful the dance floor was crowded or we would have drawn attention. I met his pelvic pushes with pushes of my own, being now totally turned on. I dropped one on my hands from his shoulders and let it fall, resting on his ass, as I massaged his firm ass cheek. His ass was as hard as a rock, he actually flexed his cheeks as I fondled them. His hand slipped to my ass as well, his fingers gently caressing my butt as we swayed to the music. He had such large, masculine hands.

I was pressing my breasts against him as his hand rose and briefly glanced the side of my tit. I moved my hand from his ass, tracing my way to his hip as we swayed. I let my hand fall as I grazed his cock, giving him a slight squeeze, outlining the shape of his growing erection with my fingers.

He took in a deep breath and kissed me, softly, testing for my approval. I had never even kissed a black man, his lips were full and soft. I answered his advance by parting my lips, inviting his tongue. He was quick to respond as we kissed passionately just as the song ended.

"Let's go outside," Hank whispered in my ear. "I'm not sure I can contain my excitement for you. I think my pants are going to slit open."

"Already?" I asked. "You don't waste any time."

"I want you," he responded.

"Let's go." I answered. "I want you too."

We practically rushed out of the building like two kids on a first date, as he led me to his car. He opened the door to his van, inviting me in. How convenient, this guy had a van. I entered and he closed the door behind us.

He was on me in a flash, kissing me passionately and his hands dove beneath the material of my dress, searching for my tits. He gently massaged my tit and our tongues met. My hand was on his crotch, rubbing the outline of his cock. He had a nice cock, not as large as Dave's was but very nice. He was already hard as I unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt.

As I freed his cock, I found out just how nice his cock was. Surprisingly he was a big as Dave, and still growing. I couldn't get two hands around it, it was so fat. His cock was long and thick, large veins covering the length of his massive shaft. His large balls hung low beneath his erect shaft. His cock was huge, perfect.

I immediately went for it, licking the head as moisture formed in the hole at the tip of his cock. I licked the clear, salty liquid from it, dipping my tongue into the crevice, then circling it's massive head with my tongue. Salty, clear fluid oozed, almost flowing from his large mushroom shaped head.

I swear it continued to grow, I was wondering how big he was and if I could handle this thing. Fuck, this kid was as hung as a porn star! I stretched my lips as far as I could around it, forcing it into my mouth. I couldn't put much into my mouth, stretching my lips, forcing it in, he was just too fucking big! I worked his massive shaft with both hands as I struggled to force him into my mouth, squeezing the shaft as I pushed downward.

Hank's head was back as he grunted in approval, his fingers were searching for my pussy. He inserted a few fingers in me as I continued trying to suck him.

"You're so fucking big, I can't fit all of you in my mouth. That fucking thing scares me," I said, taking a break at my attempt. "I've never seen a cock so big!"

"Fuck, you're doing great. You are so fucking hot. Want me to fuck you?"

"I'm not sure it will fit. You might tear me apart."

"It'll fit baby, I'll be gentle."

He slipped my dress over my head as I sat before him now totally naked. He removed his shirt, pants, underwear and socks. We were both naked in the back seat of his van. He went for my tits, sucking one and caressing the other, then switched.

"Let me lubricate you babe," he said. "You are one sexy lady."

He motioned for me to sit back as his face moved toward my pussy. Fuck, he wasted no time in inserting his tongue, reaching spots deep within as I felt my first orgasm build. He played with my clitoris as his tongue plunged into my wet pussy. I came fast, holding his head, shaking violently as I moistened his face. I came so hard, it felt like I soaked him with my juices.

Hank sat up and climbed toward me, hovering over my body. I could see his massive cock throbbing and twitching as it hovered over my stomach, bouncing on me. I had no idea if I could handle it.

He moved down, just enough to place the head of his cock between my labia, sliding it up and down, teasing me before he pushed the head into me. I stretched to accommodate his girth, barely allowing his entry as he forced the massive head in. My pussy was strangling his cock, gripping it tightly, stretching to unimaginable size. His cock felt like and arm pushing into me.

"Ahhh, it fucking hurts, don't think I can take it!" I screamed.

"Yes you can," he grunted as he pushed forward, filling me, stretching me more.

"Fuck!! It's too Big!!! It hurts!!" I screamed.

"Hang on," he growled.

He pushed forward, it felt like he was splitting me open, but in a good way. His cock was as big around as my wrist!!! He pushed forward more.

"Ahhhh, I'm cumming!!!" I screamed as I almost lost consciousness.

I saw stars, shivered, shook, quivered, shuddered as a released and soaked his cock with my fluids. It actually helped lubricate my pussy as he continues pushing forward, now fucking my pussy hard, sliding in and out. I'm not sure if he had it all in me, but doubted it. Then, he pushed further, pushing against my uterus, where no man had ever been before. I couldn't believe he was in me, pushing against the walls of my deepest depths.

"God, fuck, you have all of me, AHHHH," he grunted. "Oh, fuck yes, fuck! Your cunt is so tight!"

Hank got into a rhythm, fucking me steady as I came again, shuddering and soaking his huge cock. My moisture was leaking down my thighs as he pushed in and out, pounding my pussy with his massive member.

His cock swelled as he gripped me tightly, forcing himself deeper into me as he grunted and the first spurt of cum traveled up his shaft, splashing me deep within. There was absolutely no place for his cum to be absorbed inside me, I was completely full of his manhood. His spunk splashed the walls of my cunt and immediately escaped around his cock as he slid his cock in and out.

"ARRGGG, Fuck!!!!" He grunted.

He slammed into me as he came again, his cock swelled to an enormous size, jerking and pulsating as semen erupted from it's mast. I screamed as he forced himself completely into me, punishing my cunt! He kept hitting the back walls of my inner self, slamming me forward each time he pushed into me.

His hot, sticky cum was flowing from my pussy, coating my thighs, soaking his seat. I felt every splatter of cum as it escaped from his huge cock, splash into me, forcefully as he dug into my shoulders, holding me in place. He came for what seemed to be an eternity, I came with him. His cock hurt, but in a good way. My tight, stretched cunt milked his massive mast as he swelled and erupted many, many times, growling and grunting like a bear as he punished my pussy.

He finally finished cumming as he relaxed, laying on my limp body.

"That was so fucking good," he panted.

"You're telling me?" I said. "That was incredible. You almost fucking killed me!"

"I'd fuck you every day," he said.

"You'd kill me."

"Are you OK?" he asked as he pulled his cock from my punished and raw pussy.

"I'm better than OK. You just fucked me so good, you almost killed me with that thing. Tell me, how fucking big are you?"

"I don't like to brag. I had a gal measure it once hard, it was 14 inches long and 8 inches around."

"Holy fuck, you could sell tickets for that thing," I said jokingly. "Ever thought of a porn career?"

"Very funny," he answered

I had never been fucked by anything that big before and never would be again. Fuck, what a stud! There's no way any woman could take a cock larger than his, ever. He had to have as big a cock as they came. I couldn't have take a tiny bit more, he would have split me open!

We dressed, I left and went to my car. I had had enough for one night, probably for a while but definitely liked these young guys with big cocks.

As I drove home all I could think about was the wonderful world of sex out there for the taking. I needed a break but would definitely never go three years again without sex. This was fantastic!

I know my husband is smiling down on me, enjoying every second of my new adventures. He would want me to do this.

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