tagLoving WivesA Couple Finds True Happiness

A Couple Finds True Happiness


This is a true story.

My name is Pete. I'm 35 years old about 6'2"tall athletically built. I've been married 20years (yes got married rather early to my college sweetheart). Her name is Jane. She is 5' 4" tall with a perfect figure. Wears a 34B bra that suits her frame just right. Jane and me have always been true to each other. As a matter of fact we even lost our virginity to each other. Neither one of us have ever had sex outside our relationship. We enjoyed a good sex life until a few years ago when we decided to have children. Three children later and 15 years of married life had made our sexual routine boring.

Then one day on a Sunday afternoon something strange happened in our lives.

Jane came and cuddled up to me and said that she wanted more out of her sex life. She admitted that for the last two years she had been fantasizing about having sex with another man for the new experience. Said she always wondered how another cock and body would feel. I was taken aback. Not that I had any moral compunctions about this, but Jane had always seemed like a one-man woman. Now Jane is a very strong woman. One look at her convinced me that she had made her mind up about this and was ready to try it out.

She even knew how she wanted the sex. No condoms but safe sex. She was sterilized so getting pregnant was ruled out. I was a little disturbed at first but agreed when she said the sex she was fantasizing about was with a man she could enjoy without the fear picking up any diseases but wanted the fluids. So the next question was who? She had in mind one of my friend who was also married, Sean. All this kept coming as more surprises to me. So we agreed on a plan. I would call Sean over for dinner on a working day.

After some time I would leave on some pretext and Jane would entertain him saying that I was busy and would join them later. Now Sean is a loyal friend and a decent guy. He had been married nearly 10 years and seemed very happy with his wife Serena, whom I must admit did not look half as hot as Jane, but was a wonderful person. I never thought that he would agree, but I had no doubts in Jane's abilities.

The next evening the stage for seduction was set. Jane did herself up really well. Spent the entire day at the beauty parlor. Everything about her looks was perfect. She wore a very sexy red teddy with garter belts underneath her gown. She then put aromatic candles in the bedroom and switched off the lights. The room smelled sexy. Sean came in at about 7:30 p.m. He looked tired from office plus that fact that it had been raining did not help the traffic. We sat together and opened a bottle of scotch.

Jane did not join us. She was waiting till Sean had had a few drinks.

About three drinks later he looked relaxed. Jane came into the room looking stunning. I could see Sean take a second look at her but turn his gaze away. She sat casually next to us and joined into our conversations. Then deftly started talking about people's sexual fantasies. We started joking about it when as planned the phone rang and I had to excuse my self. So I appeared to leave and Jane and Sean walked me to the car. It was still raining mildly so we all got a little rain on our clothes. Then came luck.

I had to show that I was leaving but my car would not start. Eventually both Jane and Sean had to push the car, but in doing so both got pretty wet in the rain. I drove around the corner and rushed into the house through the back door from where I could observe what was happening.

Sean was sitting on the couch finishing his fourth drink. Jane was finishing her second. But with the air conditioner on he was beginning to feel cold. That was the opportunity that Jane had been waiting for. She told Sean to change his clothes before he caught a cold. He agreed. He was clearly high but not drunk, and the cold rain had made him wide-awake. She led him into our bedroom. She pointed out my cupboard where he could find a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and removed her gown. In the partial lights with wet hair she looked sexy as a goddess in her red teddy. Sean was still looking for my clothes when she calmly walked up to him and started to unbutton his shirt from behind. Sean was in absolute shock. Not knowing what to say or do he stood there frozen. Flinging is wet shirt on the floor she expertly started to touch his nipples with her soaked fingers. Sean groaned. She had him!

He turned around and saw her standing there half-naked soaked. The next moment they were kissing passionately. Unknown to Sean I was watching all this from a distance of just five feet from behind the curtain. Jane then began to unbutton his pants. The moment his pants dropped his erect dick popped out. She immediately knelt in front of him and began to suck his cock. Sean started to moan. His dick was longer than mine was and smaller in circumference. Jane then got up and led him to the bed. They again locked in a passionate round of french kissing. Sean was now tonguing my wife's nipples, which has become rock hard. Soon she was completely naked.

Sean stopped and asked her to stand so that he could see her. Jane stood up naked (and wet I'm sure) in front of Sean looking so sexy. I was myself erect by now. Sean (the good friend that he is asked her what if I found out). She calmly handed him a note, which she had made me write that said, "Sean if you have come so far don't stop now. I am aware of this and planned this for Jane so that she can have her fantasy."

Jane then went down on all fours doggy style, her wet cunt facing Sean and said

"Fuck me Sean, I want to feel your cock inside me"

Sean needed no more encouragement. He pounced on her like a dog in heat and started to fuck her hard. I was really enjoying this scene, watching my wife getting fucked and enjoying it so much after such a long time. I guess the variety was making her horny. They both fucked till Sean came.

Depositing copious amounts of sperm and semen into my wife's hole. Sean withdrew and lay down on the bed. Jane was still stuck in that doggy style with his cum oozing out of her. Shaking from her orgasm. I did not realize that Jane had come as well. She turned around and gave Sean a lusty look and dived beneath his legs. Slowly his limp dick came to life and was erect as a flagpole. She then climbed on top of Sean and they started to fuck again. Sean would play with her nipples and pump her, while she would tongue his front torso. Soon she was shaking with a violent orgasm and shouting. Sean could not handle this and he too started to come the second time this evening. They then decided to shower, which I could not see, but came out in a few minutes so I knew I had not missed any action.

Sean got dressed up and left. Jane was wondering where the hell I was when I stepped out from behind the curtain. Now it was her turn to be surprised. I admitted that I saw everything. She walked up to me and said, " I haven't had enough for a night, fancy a no foreplay fuck?"

She then lay down on the bed. Legs spread wide. I was hot, horny and dripping wet. The next thing I was plunged into her inviting hole. I could not hold out too long and came soon. We fucked again that night. Before going to sleep, Jane hugged me sweetly and said "Thank you that was wonderful, I love you".

The next morning over breakfast Jane looked so happy. She then said to me she really liked this a lot and wanted to try out some more of her fantasies. It had been a long time since I had seen her feeling so sexual about herself. She said she wanted to have two men simultaneously. Sean and me. I said no way I could do it with Sean since I had grown up with him and would not be comfortable. Plus it was not a good idea to repeat anybody. I was willing to let her have way within if I was not a part of it. She agreed. Now Jane went to work that day and did the necessary investigation. She works in a pathological lab and has access to data of people coming in for blood tests. That day she came upon a bunch of two college guys that came in for their follow up AIDS test. These guys had gone out to a prostitute and were worried. So Jane had advised a series of tests over a period of six months to confirm that they had not picked up any diseases. The three of them were really nervous when they came to the clinic. They had not had sex for the last six months in their fear of having contracted some disease. As a matter of fact Jane had advised them not to engage in unsafe sex till the results were out. But instead they decided otherwise. Jane had their reports ready. Then an idea struck her.

All these guys were young and fit. Muscular and perhaps very virile. She started to talk to them saying it was good that they had escaped this time but should never practice unsafe sex especially with unsafe persons. They said how are we to know who is safe or unsafe. That's when Jane came with a suggestion that usually doctors are safe. They smiled and said

"Okay Doc so you are safe, and very sexy to look at too but why would a rich classy and educated woman like you go to bed with any one of us kids"

Jane just smiled and said why don't you guys come over for a drink this evening and handed over our home address.

That evening Jane was ready for another bout. She knew if both these guys had been to the same prostitute then they would probably have had no compunctions about having a threesome with her. She told me once again to hide behind the curtain.

Mike and Rudy walked in at about 8pm. They looked really young about 22.

They were muscular and handsome. Both were about average height about 5'9". Jane invited them into the house and offered them some wine and beer. She talked to them about what they were doing, and who their girlfriends were etc. Both seemed at ease but eager. They knew what Jane had in mind but did not know how to approach it. Jane then said a matter-of-factly that she was sterilized and enjoyed sex with all the fluids. She then went up to Rudy (who was the more handsome of the two. Actually he was really good looking with soft looks, if I wasn't straight I would have gone for this guy) and sat on hip strong thighs and deep licked his lips with her tongue.

Rudy was calm and held Jane in his arms and deep kissed her open mouth.

Soon the both were deep kissing. After a few minutes Jane asked Mike if he fancied her. He stammered a yes

"So why are you sitting there by yourself when we can have some fun?"

She then French kissed Mike while still sitting on Rudy's shoulders. Rudy was now beginning to fondle Jane's breasts. Mike was kneeling behind her, kissing her mouth, his hands on her flat midriff. Mike began to pull her dress up till her panties were exposed to Rudy. They were soaking wet. I was too beginning to enjoy this a lot. I could see how much fun my wife was having. Somehow the idea of her having sex with strangers by her own choice did not turn me off.

Rudy now pulled her panties off and started to lick her cunt. Jane was groaning. Mike alternating between mouth and her breasts. She was naked except for her panties that were crotchless.

Jane started to come with Rudy's expert tonguing. Her hips began to buck and she was shouting loudly

"Fuck my cunt you fuckers, I want to feel you inside my hot hole"

Mike pulled his pants down to reveal a thick 6" dick. Positioning himself between her legs he started to fuck her vigorously. Rudy put his dick into Jane's mouth, which she sucked on hungrily. The scene was beautiful and I was really wondering when my voyeurism would stop and I have sex with my wife. But I had promised her that she could go ahead and enjoy her fantasies and that I would not interfere.

Soon Jane's expert mouth had Rudy ready to orgasm. He withdrew from her mouth and switched places with Mike. He was groaning loudly as he came.

Mike too was ready to come and instead of coming in her mouth he too started to fuck her wet cum filled cunt. I found this most amusing. Why would a man want someone else's sperm all over his dick? Soon Jane was coming again and Mike with her. He withdrew. Her cunt leaking like a juicer full of a thick shake.

Then something happened that changed my life forever.

Mike casually walked up to me, drew the curtains and said: "It's no fun just watching, why don't you fuck her as well, after all she is your wife."

I was flabbergasted (later I realized that wife had told Mike and Rudy that I would be there). Jane said in the most lusty voice I had heard in years (married all those years had diminished lust quite a lot)

"Honey I want you in me now, I want your hard cock hubby in my waiting hot hole"

I was in a crisis. I was just wondering how the hell could enter a cunt filled with the cum of two men, I was not gay! I took my pants off. My dick was erect and dripping. Jane spread her legs and her arms. Gave me a tight hug and said that she would really enjoy this if I was game. I let go all my inhibitions. I said t myself what the hell, it's only one life and damnit for all the boring sex we've had over the last few years here I was horny finally but stuck in some Victorian virtues!

I entered Jane. The feeling was absolutely wonderful. Her cunt was hot with the sperm of these two guys. Very wet and sticky. But smooth. The smoothest thing I had ever encountered in my life. Soon we were moving with a rhythm that reminded us of our younger days. Jane was enjoying this.

Rudy and Mike were erect again and started to lick her tits. Mike's put his cock was in my wife's mouth. I had never seen a man's dick so closely. In her mouth it looked beautiful. Soon I started to come. My sperm coming out in truckloads into her already wet cunt. We sat down excited. I knew another erection would not be far away. Jane said that when Mike and Rudy were off women and whenever they felt the need for sex they decided to fuck each other. If they were infected then atleast nobody else would atleast contract what they had! Okay so these guys were bisexual.

The next thing I noticed was that Mike was sucking on Rudy's cock. Jane began to play with my nipples. I could see that this was going to be a long exciting night. I have very sensitive nipples and this afterplay would ensure another quick erection. Jane then brought out a blindfold and covered my eyes. She knew what I really enjoyed. She then handcuffed me. My cock was hard and erect. I had no idea what my wife was planning but it was fun. She then said to me in a very lusty voice:

"Today I am going to see you scream, groan and moan with ecstasy, lover"

She then started to deep kiss my tongue, her hands playing with my now fully erect cock.

She then started to suck my cock, slowly at first and then faster till I was ready to explode when she suddenly stopped:

"What makes you think I'll allow you to come so fast honey, I've got a lot more planned for you, for starters lick my clit"

I was so horny that I would do anything to feel that exploding orgasm that was on the brink. She straddles my face and my tongue darted into her cunt. She was filled with the tastes of the juices of three men and her juices mixed. My first taste of sperm and semen ever. And it tasted just great from her cunt! I started to lap her up. But instead of concentrating on her clit I was enjoying these juices flowing from her. Jane realized what was happening and said:

"I can see some changes her and I think you should go for the source"

The next thing I knew there was a cock in my mouth. I did not know at first what to do, then remembering how Jane used to suck my cock I began to lick it. It tasted good. My mind was in a tizzy. I had been straight all my life. Even, homophobic in my younger days. Here I was enjoying sucking a cock. What was worse I did not even know whose cock it was. The cock came out and another cock was thrust into my mouth, this one was smaller. I knew it was Rudy's. Jane said:

"Ready to be freed lover?" I said "Yes, I want to hold this man's cock in my hands"

My handcuffs and blindfold removed I saw Rudy sitting next to me. He smiled at me and kissed me deeply. His tongue probing every corner of my mouth.

My erection was getting harder. Mike came over and stood next to Rudy. He held my cock in his hands and started to massage it gently. I took the cue and started to do the same to his cock. Rudy and me kept kissing all the time. I was getting ready to come but Jane stopped me again. She was an expert in knowing when I was ready for an ejaculation. Mike then went on all fours. Jane took some KY jelly and inserted her finger into his anus.

Mike screamed with joy. She then put a second finger inside him. I was really enjoying my wife's sexuality. Rudy then went over and entered Mike from behind. Soon they were fucking and groaning. Rudy came once again.

His head jerking with every spasm. He turned to me and said why don't you try it. I was ready to try anything. My orgasm has been stopped too often. In any event I enjoyed anal sex. This time, however it was a man. I entered Mike slowly. Rudy's cum lubricating his love hole. The anus was tight and hot. Rudy embraced me from behind and started to play with my nipples. Jane was egging me on:

"Fuck him Pete, I want to see you come inside"

This was the greatest sex I had ever had in my life. I fucked Mike deeper and deeper till I exploded in a massive orgasm. My cock expanding against his tight anus, I emptied my second load inside Mike. Exhausted I fell onto the bed. Mike was still on all fours enjoying the sensation of being butt fucked twice. Jane was licking his anus. Her tongue covered in love juices of two men. She then came and kissed me. Her tongue coating my tongue with the stuff she had licked from Mike.

It was my chance to be fucked now. I went on all fours. Jane had played with my butt many times and I had enjoyed it thoroughly. She took some KY jelly and put her finger deep inside me. I squirmed. She reached for my G spot and then expertly put two fingers inside my butt. Slowly, she aroused me to another erection, Mike then took over. He was very gentle. I was afraid that his big cock would hurt me, but I realized it was easy if I was calm. He entered me very slowly like an expert. My virginity was busted, but what a feeling! At that moment I honestly felt bad for all the men in the world who had never had the fortune of sex with another man, atleast once!

The feeling of this large throbbing and warm cock inside me was jut great.

Mike began to move faster and I was moving with his rhythm. Rudy who was hard again was fucking Jane. In order for me to get a good view he was fucking my wife right in front of my face. I could see his cock glide in and out of her. Every scent of their bodies riding into my nostrils. Soon Jane was coming violently. I could see her bucking hips and Rudy's cock pump her harder with every stroke. Mike too was beginning to move faster and I was in heaven. Soon Mike was coming inside me. I could feel his liquids enter my bowels. It was hot and the feeling just great!

Rudy too was ready to come, and he withdrew from Jane's cunt and shoved his cock into my mouth. I swallowed his entire cum. I was the only one with an erection left. I got my ultimate blowjob. Jane sucked me off, while the two men licked my nipples, taking turns at licking my lips and tongue.

Sometimes all our three tongues would meet. As I was coming Jane started to jerk me off, my sperm falling all over my cock and stomach, which was licked clean by Mike and Rudy.

We all were tired and flopped out on the bed from exhaustion.

I don't remember sleeping so well in a long time. When I awoke it was to the sounds of more sex in the living room. Jane was fucking both these men in a double. Rudy was fucking her butt and Mike her cunt.

Needless to say I invited the guys to stay the weekend and did everything possible. We really enjoyed our group sex activities.

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