tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple of Exhibitionists Ch. 01

A Couple of Exhibitionists Ch. 01


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There is definitely something special about the summer that just makes us feel sexual. We're not sure whether it's the warm sun, the ability to wear less clothing, or the smell of fresh air. If we had to guess, we'd say that 95% of our adventurous sexual activities occur during the months of May, June, July and August. Those four months spell trouble for us.

We've done a lot too. We are Tyler (Ty) and Alexandria (Alex), both in our 20s, both in reasonable shape, comfortable with our bodies, and both avid exhibitionists. We've known each other since college and pretty much right from the beginning we knew that we both got turned on by the idea that someone may be watching. While in college we used to have sex in front of the window with the curtains and shades open, just hoping that someone would be looking from a window in the neighboring high-rise apartment complex. We'd go to the beach during the summer and have sex on the sand dunes just hoping that somebody would walk by. We'd go into the dressing room of a store at the local mall and have sex hoping that someone would hear us, or even better hoping that the store would be one that had security cameras in the dressing area (is that an urban legend or do stores really do that?). On the weekends, we'd go to a nearby office complex and have sex in the little gazebos that so many companies use as there smoking lounges.

All these activities were great fun and it always made it better when someone saw us. It was great to see who would stop and watch and who would walk away embarrassingly. You would be surprised to know that most people (we'd guess 8 out of 10) would be too embarrassed to stay and watch. It always amazes us. Here WE are naked (we always took all of our clothes off, what's the point of merely unzippering and hiking up a skirt?) getting caught in an intimate situation and YOU are embarrassed? That must be a trickle down effect in this country from our puritan fathers. But that's what made our public acts of exhibition so much fun and easy. Once we realized that other people were embarrassed (for some reason) by what we were doing, we no longer became embarrassed for what we were doing. Rather, we began to flaunt it.

The down side to this unfortunately is that our society's legal system does not exactly allow us to be as free as we would otherwise like to be. But, (knock on wood) we think that after doing this for a while now, we know that as long as you walk that fine line between "accidentally being caught" and flaunting it, people will believe that you are not doing it intentionally for others and you don't get labeled as being indecent. Quite simply, there is a big difference between having sex up on those dunes where people feel that they "happened upon you, oops!" and having sex in the middle of the beach where everyone can see you. There's a big difference between having sex on the balcony of your second story apartment (which we also liked to do) and having sex on the patio of your first floor apartment. Don't ask us why, but there is a big difference between having sex with all the lights on inside your hotel room and the drapes open for everyone to see walking by on a busy sidewalk (which we did on a trip to Baltimore) and having sex out on that busy sidewalk. And lastly, here is another one: having sex in a Jacuzzi at a resort is much more acceptable than having sex in the swimming pool. In any of those situations, if you do the first one, people seem to leave you alone and not call the police, but if you do the second, chances are you're going to have to answer some tough questions.

So that is our secret. We are not by any means discrete about our activities, we just think through the situation and decide whether other people would think that we are intentionally being indecent. We try to select areas or times when there is little to no chance that children will ever be there (that would be BAD). And we try our best to pretend that we don't know that someone may be watching. But God, what a rush when we get caught!

While we were in college, we went to Sandy Hook (a nude beach in northern New Jersey). It was our first time ever to a nudist area. We both had done our share of skinny dipping before that, but that was usually at night. We thought it would be fun to be able to walk around, get a tan, and go swimming knowing that other people would be watching us. As an added incentive to attract attention, we decided (it was Alex's idea) that it'd be cool to completely shave our pubic hair so that we would draw more attention and allow everyone else to see everything. We both keep our areas trimmed (Ty shaves his balls because it increases his sensitivity and Alex usually keeps a thin "landing strip") but this time, we thought it would be more fun to shave it all off and let it all out for the world to see. After doing that, we wondered what you are supposed to wear to get to a nude beach. It seemed kind of funny to wear a bathing suit, only to take it off, but would you wear clothes to a beach? Isn't that a bit overdressed for any beach? In the end, Ty decided to wear a pair of swim trunks and Alex went with her beach cover-up (almost like a sun-dress to wear over your bathing suit only this time she wasn't wearing a swim suit underneath).

We made the drive to Sandy Hook and got there a little after 10:00 in the morning so there weren't that many people there yet. We were eager to begin our fun and decided that a spot closest to the parking area would afford the best opportunity to be seen by everyone. Now to get to the nudist part of the beach, they make you walk a little bit up the beach from the parking area through the non-nude area. So a spot right over the line and on the nude side also allows non-nude people to see you. Perfect for us! So we plopped our stuff down right next to the sign that lets you now that "nude sunbathing is permitted past this point". We didn't even both laying out our towels and blanket before it was off with the clothes. We had actually talked all about the possibilities of our day during our 2-hour drive up:

"What if we get turned on and can't control ourselves?"

This would be much more obvious if Ty got an erection, but without any pubic hair, Alex's swollen clit and parting lips would be fairly obvious to everyone as well. We dismissed that concern figuring that people had probably seen all of that before anyway, and as long as we didn't do anything to act upon the sexual excitement, we were sure that we wouldn't be breaking any of the "nudist code of ethics".

Ty wondered, "Well what if someone gets turned on by us?"

Ty wasn't upset or jealous thinking about the idea of another man getting an erection while looking at his girlfriend, he just wanted to make sure that other people wouldn't be offended by all of it.

"Relax Ty, these people are comfortable with the human body. They won't be offended; besides, it'll be fun to see if we can get anyone excited!"

When we get there, I'm going to do a lot of bending over while I lay out our stuff. If anyone's going to get excited, that'll be the time!"

So that's how at 10:00 in the morning, we found ourselves completely naked, both bent over, laying out the blanket, looking through our backpacks for sunscreen, and beginning to enjoy our day. The only problem was that no one was looking at us. The nude beach apparently doesn't attract as many gawkers as you would imagine. Since that failed, we decided that the next best thing would be to go for a walk down the beach. It was so much fun walking along the beach completely naked. In most places, you walk a couple feet outside nude and you draw a bunch of stares, but here, no one seemed to really look. It sucked, because we were really letting it out to be seen! We wanted to catch someone leering down at our private regions. But everyone made eye-contact! There is definitely irony here. Most of the time, you go to the office in a low-cut blouse and nobody looks you in the eyes. They are all looking at your chest trying to see if they can get a peak. But go to a nude beach and you let everyone get a peak and everyone turns out to be looking at your eyes!

After completing our walk and getting back to our blanket, we were happily rewarded to see that there were more people showing up on the non-nude side, just feet away from us, and we were happy to see that a couple of guys (it's always guys that stare) were looking at us (probably Alex mostly, but every guy also takes a peek at every other guy to "size" him up) as we walked back to our stuff. We figured that this would be a good time to try our bending over routine again, so Alex blazingly turned her back to the non-nude side, spread her legs a little bit apart and bent at her hips, pretending to straighten out the blanket and shake the sand off. That got a couple stares and we were sure that we had an audience now. Not wanting to be accused of purposely putting on a show, we decided to give our antics a break for a little bit and stretched out on the blanket to bask in the sun.

After about a half-hour, we decided it would be good to get in the water and we walked down to the waves. The water was a bit cool (high 60s, low 70s) and wading into it brought goosebumps and the inevitable hard nipples. Alex's nipples look great when they are sticking out straight. Another inevitable was that Ty's balls tightened up, seeking the warmth of his body. But the water felt great. It never stops feeling good to swim around naked. It's a completely different feeling than that of swimming in a bathing suit. We waded down to where the water was up to our shoulders and stopped to talk. We were both looking back at the beach, which was getting more and more crowded as it became afternoon.

"Hey Alex, I think you turned a couple of the guys on, can't be sure, since they were on the clothed side."

"How do you know they weren't looking at you?"

"Well, I don't, but believe me, they were looking at you. Bent over like that, a gay guy would have been looking at you!"

"So I guess that answers our question about the ‘what if someone else gets turned on'. Care to find out an answer to one of the others?"

"What do you have in mind?" Ty wondered.

"Well," Alex replied, "I'm feeling pretty turned on right now and I think my clit is sticking out. I can begin to feel it tingle.

If we go back up on that beach now, someone is going to notice."

Hearing that was starting to turn Ty on too. A little bit, enough to get his penis to stir and go semi-erect.

"Alright, well let's try to go for another walk then and see if anyone looks at that pretty shaved pussy of yours this time."

And for good measure, Ty reached over and used his thumb to rub Alex's clit to see if it was indeed hard (which it turns out, it was).

Wading back up to the beach was exciting, we knew that people would see our nude bodies gradually appear up out of the water. Obviously, the first "privates" to be seen were Alex's breasts. Her nice sized, all natural 36C boobs finally seemed to pop out of the water, beads of water dripping down her skin. Next, Ty's genitals were the first to appear since he is 6'4" and stood much taller than Alex at 5'6". His penis looked great, semi-aroused, smooth and hairless. And finally, anyone that happened to be watching this, was rewarded by a view of Alex's smooth pubic area. Sure enough, you could distinctly notice that she was aroused. The little nub of her clit was protruding from the surrounding folds and you could totally see that her labia was swollen and parted slightly. If it wasn't so beautiful, it would have definitely been obscene!

Once we were out of the water, we decided to forego drying off with our towels and immediately started our second walk. The beach was definitely more crowded and there was a nice mix of people. Sure there were a lot of older couples (why do most people wait until they are old and their bodies are past their prime before they feel comfortable with them?), but there were quite a few younger couples in their late 30s and early 40s. If we had to guess, we thought we were the youngest couple there (at the time we were both 20).

As we walked, Ty double-checked and looked down to see whether Alex was still showing her tell-tale signs of arousal. Sure enough, you could see absolutely every portion of her intimate area. Ty also could tell by the way his penis swayed back and forth that he was still slightly to moderately aroused himself (now we aren't going to lie and say that Ty is hung like a mule like most people do in their "true" stories, he is average at 7-inches erect). As for Alex, her mind was racing, her heart pounding rapidly (possibly to compensate for the additional blood-flow to her genitals?) She herself looked down and was excited to see what everyone else could: her clit peeking out. She could also tell that the moisture between her legs wasn't just water from the swim. As she looked down, she also noticed that Ty ‘s penis was poking out at a much sharper angle and although she wasn't 100-pecent certain because it might be sweat or water, she thought that she could see a little glisten of pre-cum on the tip of his cock.

This time people noticed us on this walk. It was most likely attributed to Ty's increasing erection (that's what people saw first), but people were also looking directly at Alex's aroused pussy too. Now this is what we imagined! We were finally being looked at by at least a dozen or so people. Most just glanced and looked away, but we did catch a few people that didn't break their gaze as we walked past. What was even better was that we knew that we would be walking past these same observers on our return and they would be looking at us again.

Unfortunately, the only other thing that would make this better would have been the inevitable game of nude volleyball. Sadly, it did not appear that these nudists had any interest in the sport and there were no games going on. Again, we aren't sure whether that's just a story, but we had always heard the words "nudists" and "volleyball" uttered in the same sentence. Pity, because we were looking forward to playing. The thought of moving around, jumping and potentially bumping into other nude people sounded like just the thing (not to mention all the bending over to pick up the ball).

So once again, we reached the other end of the beach and had to turn around to go back. Past the observers from the first trip and a few more that we caught looking at us on this return trip. Our arousal hadn't subsided though due to a combination of feeling so on display and admittedly, we were both checking out some of the other nudists. People definitely come in all shapes and sizes!

When we got back to our stuff, we decided that it was time to put a little suntan lotion on. Whether we needed it or not, we didn't want to take a chance of burning some of those sensitive body parts! That, and it definitely looks sexy to watch naked people put suntan lotion on doesn't? Ty told Alex to lie down so that he could rub sunscreen on her back. He started up by her shoulders, moving her long hair off to the side, he worked his way down her back. Now, you need to put sunscreen all over right, but if you have ever tried to put it on someone's bottom, you know that it is next to impossible to prevent it from dribbling down into the crack in a big white glob. So Ty was left with the decision of rubbing it back out, or leaving it there. Obviously he chose to rub it out, and surprised Alex by running his finger from the top all the way down close to her little butthole. As he did, he couldn't help himself from taking a peak and rubbing his finger down past her butt to her swollen vagina. Not wanting to create too much of a scene, he decided not to pay much attention to the region that obviously needed some attention. This only teased Alex and made her feel even more aroused. After Ty was done rubbing Alex's back, she rolled over, sure to be facing the non-nude side and began to rub sunscreen on her front.

There is nothing better than watching a woman rub sunscreen on her chest. And Alex was obviously hamming it up, paying close attention to making sure that her sensitive nipples would not burn. The slippery lotion between her fingers felt great to her nipples. As she moved down, she made sure to get lotion on the skin under each breast, gently lifting and cupping each one. After apply lotion to her tummy, she moved down to the fun part. As she spread her legs apart to see that she would get every area, she was certain that she was putting on quite a show! It was all she could do to control herself from squirting lotion on herself and masturbating right there and then. As it was, she felt so good rubbing the palm of her hand down over her clit and through the part between her labia. She could definitely tell now that she was indeed very wet. She finished with her legs, lifting each one at a time to reach her calves and feet. Following that, she told Ty to lie down so that she could do him (his back that is).

Ty rolled over onto his stomach. Painfully aware that his penis was now fully aroused. He was hoping that other people would blame the erection on his younger age. He tried desperately to refocus his mind, but he had just watched a guy on the non-nude side looking directly at Alex, watching her sunscreen show. He loved when Alex showed off her sexy body. Meanwhile Alex was working her way down Ty's back. She had decided that she would get back at Ty for teasing her. Faking that she had accidentally squirted too much sunscreen on his lower back, she rubbed the lotion down onto Ty's ass, massaging each cheek. Next, she followed Ty's action, and rubbed her finger down Ty's crack, as she got down close to his butthole, she gently stuck her finger in about half way and rubbed his prostrate a little. Alex had first done this about a year ago after reading an issue of Cosmo and learning that the prostrate gland is like a male g-spot. Needless to say, it surprised Ty every time. He used to resist, but after enjoying the best orgasms of his life, he no longer thought of it as being "gay". For any women or men out there that read this and think it's weird, it's because you haven't tried it yet. Once you try it, you won't think of it as weird at all! After Alex pulled her finger out, she continued down each of Ty's legs.

"There you go, all done, you can role over and do your front now."

Ty didn't exactly want to roll over though and give the world a view of his fully-erect penis, fearing that he'd be kicked off of the nudist beach. What he wanted to do was fuck Alex. That would definitely get them kicked out, if not arrested. Fearing that he couldn't roll over to apply sunscreen to his front because it would be impossible to rub lotion on his erect penis without making it look like he was jerking off, he figured it best to stay put on his stomach. Alex on the other hand was on her back, legs spread apart carelessly allowing everyone to see her pussy.

We could have stayed there all day, but by this time, we were desperately in need of a sexual release. We love days like that when we are aroused for an extended period of time, then get to finally cum. The build-up is the best part.

We decided it was time to pack up our stuff and put our clothes back on. This time though, everyone that watched Alex put her cover-up on would know that she wasn't wearing a thing underneath! We also had to walk past all the people on the non-nude side that had been watching us for the past couple hours. It felt strange to walk passed these people with clothes on.

We got off the beach uneventfully and made it back to our Explorer. We loaded all the stuff into the back and no sooner had we got in and closed the doors than Alex declared "God, I'm so horny, that was fun!"

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