tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 09

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 09


Pamela came back out a while later with a bowl of hot water, a pair of scissors, a couple of razors, a can of shaving cream and a vial of scented oil. She placed everything on the floor between the chairs where Vanessa and Robert were sitting.

"OK, let's get to work, honey." She said kneeling in front of Robert.

Edward got up from his chair and parting Vanessa's legs he knelt between them.

Pamela ran her hands lightly over Robert's pubic hair. Unlike Vanessa's he had a full growth of pubic hair. At the touch of Pamela's fingers on his genitals, Robert's cock rose to the occasion. He was both a bit embarrassed and excited at the same time wondering what would come next.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled to Pamela.

"Don't worry." Pamela said looking at him with a smile on her face. "Edward's does the same thing every time, besides, it'll be easier to shave you that way."

Vanessa had also felt something like an electric current shooting from her crotch throughout her body at the feel of Edward's hands parting her legs. He was looking intently at her crotch and she blushed but her excitement grew. Edward got a washcloth and soaked it in the bowl of hot water and then placed it over Vanessa's pubis. Vanessa felt a great pleasure, the hot water warming her skin and she felt getting warmer and wetter inside too. Edward took the can of shaving foam and applied a good amount right in the middle of Vanessa's triangular patch of hair. Then he began spreading the cream around all her pubis and down outside her labia. He brushed Vanessa's clit with his thumb and Vanessa moaned softly.

Pamela had gotten the scissors and began cutting away Robert's pubic hair, first the growth on his lower belly and then she began pulling the hairs on his balls to cut the hair as close to the skin as possible. Pamela wrapped her fingers around Robert's cock and pulled it forward to cut of the hair at the base, next to his belly. She looked up at Robert to watch his reaction as she slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft a couple of times.

Robert looked down at Pamela, he was certain her hand movements were completely unnecessary for the purpose of shaving his pubic hair. She knew Pamela was teasing him and he loved every second of it. Pamela got the washcloth that Edward had dropped back in the hot water bowl and wrapped it around Robert's cock and balls. Robert felt an excruciating mixture of pain and pleasure, and saw a drop of pre-cum appear at the tip of his penis. Pamela saw it to and gathered it with one of her fingers and then licked her finger clean, her eyes fixed on Robert's.

Vanessa thought that Edward had brushed her clit accidentally but then she saw him looking at her in the eyes as he pressed his thumb against her clit one more time, Vanessa knew that if she was going to complain, now was the time for it. But she just looked back at Edward and smiled. She closed her eyes as Edward slid a finger between her labia. Edward expected Vanessa to be somewhat excited by now, but he was surprised by how wet she was. Out of the corner of his eye he had seen Pamela licking the pearly drop from Robert's cock off her fingers and now he did the same, tasting Vanessa for the first time. Her taste was a bit more acrid than Pamela's but it just made his cock grow harder. He half stood to reach over Vanessa for the razor and his cock brushed against her thigh. Vanessa moaned softly again and Edward was almost sure now that he would get to fuck Vanessa that day.

Pamela took the shaving cream and spread the foam all over Robert's belly, balls and she even covered his whole cock, although it was not quite necessary. She loved the effect her touch was having on Robert and felt her own juices starting to flow. She had seen Vanessa's reaction and she was certain that in a short time Edward would be fucking her. She took another razor and began shaving Robert. She could hardly wait to take his cock in her mouth and then feel it inside her.

Robert was looking at his wife and Edward. Vanessa had thrown her head back and had her eyes closed as Edward shaved her belly. Edward looked at him, raising his eyebrows in an unspoken question. Robert just nodded back at him and moved his eyes to look at Pamela briefly making the same questioning expression. Edward nodded and went back to work on Vanessa's pussy.

Pamela and Edward had finished shaving Robert's and Vanessa's bellies almost at the same time and Pamela went to work on Robert's balls. Edward started working on the hairs outside Vanessa's labia. He slid his thumb inside them and to pull them tout so the razor would not cut Vanessa. Vanessa felt his thumb going deeper into her and shivered. She turned to look at her husband and saw Pamela holding his cock while she shaved his balls; her face so close to it that if she stuck her tongue out she would be able to lick the second pearly drop that had appeared at the tip. Both Robert and Pamela looked at Vanessa questioningly. At that moment Edward pressed her clit again and Vanessa smiled at Robert and Pamela as a low moan escaped from her throat.

Pamela decided to make a final test of Vanessa's acceptance to what was surely coming next and she stuck out her tongue to lick the pre-cum off the head of Robert's cock. Vanessa just looked at her and took Edward's hand to guide if back to her pussy as Pamela sucked the head of Robert's cock into her mouth.

Edward parted Vanessa's labia exposing her inner flesh, the pink tissue was now a deep red. He bent forward and ran his tongue slowly along the inner folds, tanking in her strong taste, his nostrils filled with her pungent odor. He heard Pamela talking to Robert and he pulled away.

"We better finish the job first." Pamela had taken Robert's cock out of her mouth, "There are still a few rough spots and I don't want you to have a rash."

Edward looked up at Vanessa, she seemed disappointed like she was about to asking to go down on her again and finish that job, but he decided to tease her a bit more and followed Pamela's lead. They both lathered Vanessa and Robert again and ran de razor over their pubis's again, running their hands around the shaved areas to make sure they were smooth. Pamela finished first and told Robert.

"You've been a good boy so you'll get your prize now"

She circled his cock with her fingers and jacked them up and down the shaft a few times. Robert squirmed longing to have Pamela's mouth around the head of his cock again, wondering if she would deep throat him. Pamela moved her head closer to his cock and licked the underside of the crown. Robert squirmed, arching his hips a bit. Finally Pamela wrapped her lips around the head working on it with her tongue. She began sliding her head downward slowly taking more and more of his cock in her mouth.

Vanessa was watching this; amazed that she wasn't feeling jealous or angry watching another woman sucking her husband. Edward had finished shaving her and was now squeezing her labia together between his fingers, building her excitement again, her legs were spread wide and when Edward let go of them, her lips parted on their own, exposing her clit and inner labia. She knew Edward was looking at her private parts closely and now that she was shaven she felt even more exposed but she didn't try to close her legs, she was actually longing to feel Edward's tongue inside her. When Pamela had taken all of Robert's cock down her throat, Vanessa reached out and grabbed Robert's hand.

Robert was in heaven. The sensation of having his cock completely inside Pamela's throat was sending shivers down his shaft, into his balls and all over his body. Pamela pulled back and began to bob her head up and down. Robert began moving his hips, in rhythm with the movements of her head, fucking her mouth. Pamela would just suck the top part of his cock a few times and then she would take it all in again. Robert looked at his wife in time to see Edward parting her labia and moving his head lower to suck her.

Vanessa let out a long moan as Edward licked her clit. Her hand tightened over Robert's and with her other hand she began fondling her breasts. Edward's tongue was rougher than Robert's and the friction on her clit felt wonderful. Robert moved his tongue down licking the inner part of Vanessa's slit until he got to her asshole; he gave it a few licks and felt it contracting against his tongue. He went back up reaching her clit and sucking it into his mouth. Vanessa gasped, her pleasure intensified when Edward slid a finger into her vagina; wiggling it around. She felt her orgasm rising and she let go of Robert's hand placing her hands on Edward's head; pulling him closer to her.

Robert also grabbed Pamela's head making her go faster. He was about to cum too. The feeling of sinking his cock deep into her throat mixed with watching his wife having her pussy eaten by Edward, her hips bucking wildly brought him to the edge. He raised his hips at the same time he pushed down on Pamela's head sinking his cock all the way as his sperm began flowing out. When Pamela felt Robert's cock head pulsing inside her throat, she remained still, taking the first gush deep in her throat but then she had to come up for air. The second spurt landed on her face and after taking a deep breath she slid her lips around Robert's cock head sucking greedily; taking the rest of his cum in her mouth. Robert was having a very intense orgasm, watching his wife cumming, watching Pamela swallowing his sperm, it just kept flowing out of him. Pamela couldn't swallow fast enough and some sperm mixed with her saliva started trickling out the sides of her mouth.

Edward had two fingers inside Vanessa, moving them rapidly in and out as he went on sucking her clit hard. Vanessa was moaning incessantly caught up in one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. She could feel her juices flowing, drenching Edward's fingers and running out of her cunt. The feeling was so intense that she had to push Edward away. She clamped her legs together and massaged her lower belly as she kept cumming in what seemed to be a never ending orgasm. The intensity kept fading until she could breathe again normally. She opened her eyes to see Edward's face glistening with her juices and turning to Pamela she saw Robert's sperm dribbling down her chin to her breasts.

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