tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 11

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 11


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The following morning Robert woke up before Vanessa. She was curled on her side and Robert watched the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts as she slept. He really loved this woman. He still had second thoughts about her having sex with Edward but on the other hand he had enjoyed sex with Pamela very much. He loved Vanessa, he had made love with her the night before while he had fucked Pamela before her, he rationalized. One was love, the other raw sex, well not quite, he guesses raw sex would have to be with a total stranger and he was certainly fond of Pamela. He didn't love Pamela, he loved Vanessa, and he had really enjoyed fucking them one after the other.

He reached out and touched one of Vanessa's nipples and watched as the areola shrunk and the nipple stiffened and his cock stirred. So did Vanessa, she turned on her back and Robert's gaze went down to her shaved pussy. Vanessa had her legs slightly spread and Robert adjusted his position to get a closer look. Even though he had been married to her for many years and had touched her vagina and sucked it countless times, this was the first time that he was examining her. He was actually noticing the differences between his wife's cunt and Pamela. He saw the tip of her clit peeking from the top of her slit, the inner labia partly visible between the outer lips, not as thick as Pamela's. He reached with a finger and touched her clit lightly.

Vanessa stirred again and slowly opened her eyes. As her consciousness increased she saw her husband lying next to her, he had turned around and his head was just above her pussy. She turned her head and saw his semi-hard cock right in front of her face. Robert hadn't noticed that Vanessa was awake and he touched the clit lightly again.

Vanessa parted her legs a bit more and asked him "Like what you see." At the same time she ran her fingernails along the length of his shaft and saw it getting harder.

Just then the smell of fresh coffee drifted into the room, they had left their door slightly ajar the night before and hadn't closed it. They could hear somebody moving around in the kitchen, certainly Pamela.

Smelling the coffee aroma Robert said, "Mmhh, that smells good. Wanna go get some?"

"I'd love to, but should we dress, or what?" Vanessa asked.

"I don't know." Robert answered her, his gaze going back to Vanessa's crotch.

Vanessa had parted her legs a bit more and now asked, "Like what you see?" and parted her labia with her fingers.

Her musky aroma hit Robert's nostrils. "I certainly do, and this looks good enough to eat."

"So does this." Vanessa said wrapping her fingers around Robert's cock. She moved her head and took the head in her mouth.

Just then Pamela knocked on the door and without waiting for answer she pushed it open catching sight of Robert as he was slipping his finger inside Vanessa and she was sliding his cock into her mouth.

"Well, look at you, you lovebirds." She stood at the door watching them, her hands on her hips. She was totally naked.

Vanessa gave let Robert's cock slip from her mouth but still held it in her hand. Robert moved his finger around inside her a couple of times and then pulled it out. They both looked at Pamela and said good morning almost at the same time.

"Well, you don't have to stop what you were doing. I just wanted to know if you want breakfast, but if you're planning on eating something else I'll just fix something for Edward and me now and you can eat breakfast later."

"Mmhh, breakfast sounds good." Vanessa said suddenly realizing she was starving. She got up from the bed and seeing that Pamela was still naked answered her question about dressing. "Come on honey, l'll fix you a cup of coffee."

Robert saw the two women walking toward the kitchen admiring their swinging behinds. 'This really was a new sensation' he thought getting out of bed and heading for the kitchen.

Pamela was pouring coffee into four mugs and handled one to Robert and one to Vanessa said, "Why don't you guys go out on the deck, I'll go get Edward and we'll be right with you."

* * *

After breakfast they decided to go hiking so the men could take some pictures of the girls. Pamela wanted to go out naked but they thought that might not be a good idea since they might run into a ranger or something, so the men put on shorts and t-shirts, Pamela put on a pair of cut-offs and shirt which she just tied up under her breasts without bothering with the buttons, leaving the inside part of her breasts exposed. Vanessa chose a button down summer dress and she also left the top buttons undone, she was aware that her breasts might come out of the dress as she moved but she didn't care too much. She was learning to enjoy this new feeling of freedom and power caused by exposing her body.

They set out along a trail until the found a clearing in the woods with a fallen tree that appealed to Robert. Pamela wanted to go first and began undoing the buttons on her cut-offs but Robert asked her to go slowly. Both men used their cameras as Pamela posed in different ways, first with her clothes as they were, then Robert asked her to undo the know on her blouse and pose in positions that exposed first one breast and then the other one. She took off her blouse and posed for some shots topless finally taking off her cut-offs and posing naked.

When it was Vanessa's turn, Pamela just remained nude, reclining on a rock, watching as the men took pictures of Vanessa, first exposing her breasts, then pulling up her dress to expose her pussy and finally totally naked.

Vanessa was lying on the fallen tree with her legs parted while Robert and Edward moved around shooting from different angles. She reveled in her new found freedom, noticing the bulge under the men's shorts, reveling in her power to excite them.

At that moment a couple walked into the clearing stopping in their tracks when they saw the nude women and the men photographing them. Vanessa recognized the guy as the man who watched them from the next cabin. Her first impulse was to cover herself but when she saw the young man staring at her she just adopted a new pose. Edward and Robert had been unaware of the new arrivals but Pamela was also watching their reaction as the young man kept shifting his gaze from Vanessa and then to her. The young woman also alternated looking at them and was blushing furiously.

"Excuse us." The man said and took his girlfriend's hand beginning to turn away.

"Oh, don't worry." Pamela said walking up to them and introducing herself. "My name is Pam and those over there are Van, Bob, and Ed. They're just taking some pictures of us. We don't mind if you want to watch."

"Uhh... Well... I don't know..." the young man stammered.

"Well, as you want, but certainly we don't mind." Pamela said, "Maybe you would like to pose too." She sad addressing the girl, "Our husbands are great photographers, especially Robert."

The girl blushed furiously, and the boy stammered something and then said, "Gee, thanks... but I think we'd better get going."

After they went down the trail in the direction of the cabins, the four friends continued walking up the trail, to find another spot. Vanessa put on her dress, but Pamela just put on her cut-offs and hung her shirt on her shoulders.

They found another spot on top a hill that overlooked the lake and the girls stripped again while the men shot another set of pictures. Then Pamela wanted them to be in the pictures too. First Edward posed with Vanessa and Pamela on either side of him, his clothes still on until Vanessa asked.

"Aren't you gonna get your clothes off?

"Well, let me see?" Edward said, he was holding each girl by the waist and looking at Vanessa he added "Do I get a kiss for that?"

As an answer, Vanessa just pulled his head to her and gave him a long kiss. Robert kept on shooting pictures as Edward went on kissing Vanessa and Pamela pulled his shorts down his legs exposing his erect penis. Edward had to break the kiss since Pamela was trying to pull his t-shit over his head and when she succeeded she pulled him to her and kissed him too.

Once he was naked, Robert took several shots of the trio with their arms around each other, and a few more with Edward cupping the girls' breasts while they both held his cock.

Then it was Robert's turn, he stripped before going over to them and he kissed them and fondled both of them, while the girls in turn fondled his cock and Edward shot a set of pictures. On the last one Pamela had sunk to her knees and was sucking Robert's cock while he fondled Vanessa's pussy and kissed her.

Edward put his camera down and walked over to Vanessa and started fondling her breasts as she continued kissing Robert. Vanessa turned to Edward and gave him a long passionate kiss fondling his cock at the same time.

Pamela had not stopped sucking Robert's cock and now she reached out to fondle Edward's balls while Vanessa moved her hand along the shaft.

Vanessa broke the kiss and said in a hoarse voice, "Fuck me Ed! I want you inside me."

Edward lay down on the grass and Vanessa straddled him, guiding him into her. With a long moan she lowered herself on his shaft until it was completely buried inside her. Pamela got down on all fours next to Edward and Robert knelt behind her, he rubbed his cock against her slit a few times and then placing the tip at the entrance of her vagina he pushed it in slowly but Pamela pushed back and gasped as Robert's cock penetrated her completely.

They went on fucking in that position. Edward reached out with one hand to fondle one of Vanessa's breasts and reached under his wife to fondle one of her breasts with his other hand. Pamela turned around and kissed her husband while Robert pounded into her. Robert was also kissing Vanessa and fondling her other breast, tweaking the nipple between his fingers as he fucked Pamela.

It wasn't long before they all exploded, their climaxes coming in close succession.

To be continued...

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