tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 15

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 15


The week after they returned from their trip to the cabin was kind of frantic for Vanessa. She would be returning to work after the summer vacation. She was a teacher of Art History at a local college.

She had changed so much in the past weeks that she wasn't quite sure how to return to her 'normal' life, if she ever could. She was acutely aware of her new found sexuality. She wanted to continue exploring it in all avenues yet she had always portrayed a very conservative and businesslike attitude and attire at her work. She knew she couldn't just adopt a new look, a more sexy look at work even though she wanted to but she just couldn't go back to being her 'old' self. She talked to Pamela about it and she decided to take a middle of the road approach.

She went over to the boutique where Pamela worked to select a new wardrobe. She got to the shop and was greeted by Pamela who was wearing a short denim skirt and a see through black blouse with a lacy bra underneath that showed her areolas and nipples discretely. As she walked into the store Pamela came from behind the counter and embraced her. They kissed on the cheek as they usually did but as they were pulling back their lips brushed against each other and Vanessa shivered as she had done the previous times their lips had touched.

Pamela had done this on purpose. She had also felt something stirring inside her when their lips had met and had been toying with the idea of having sex with Vanessa finding it more and more exciting every time she thought about it even though she had never had a Sapphic experience in her life. She had even mentioned it to Edward one time when they were making love and she could have sworn his cock grew a bit inside her when she mentioned it.

Pamela was alone in the shop since her boss had gone out to pick up some new outfits. She led Vanessa straight to the dressing cubicles in the back of the shop.

"Come on Van, get in there and take off your clothes, I've already selected some outfits for you. Most of them, I think, you can wear to work but there are a couple that you might like to wear when you go out with Bob or when we are together. I thought we can start with the underwear and then go on with the outer clothes.

Vanessa got into one of the cubicles and pulling the curtain shut she took of her clothes. She had just finished removing her panties when Pamela pulled the curtain open. Vanessa's first instinct was to cover herself somehow since she was in full view of the whole shop, even though there was nobody else in there at the time, but if someone walked past the windows and looked inside they might get a look at her. But then she felt the excitement of being nude and the possibility that someone might see her and she just stood there while Pamela showed her some of the lingerie she had selected.

First there were a couple of sets of very lacy panties and bra, followed by a few of sets of panties and camisoles in silky and lacy materials.

"Come on, which one do you want to try first?" Pamela said.

Vanessa selected a silk panty and camisole set and slipped them on. Then instead of seeing how they fit in the mirror inside the cubicle she walked to a full length mirror outside the dressing cubicles. The panties ended just above where here pubic hair should have ended and left half her ass cheeks exposed. The camisole came to just below her breasts and showed some cleavage above the lace trimming at the top. The feel of the silky material on her skin had hardened her nipples and they were clearly outlined through the material.

Pamela handed her another set of panties and camisole, a lacy see though set this time, and instead of going back to the cubicle to change she peeled of the one she was wearing right in the store floor standing naked a few seconds in front of the mirror before she put on the next one. She was getting more excited and could feel her juices beginning to flow. She put on the new set and turned this way and that in front of the mirror. This time her dark nipples were clearly visible through the lacy material and her pubic hair would have been too, if it had grown back. As it were she could see her labia clearly outlined under the panties.

Again she took of the outfit in front of the mirror and as she was bending down to slip a pair of see through thongs that Pamela had handed her she looked at the mirror and noticed a couple of men who were passing in front of the store. One of them stopped in his tracks when he looked inside and saw her, he pulled the arm of his companion and they stood outside the window pretending to be admiring one of the outfits shown in the window but were actually looking at her intently.

She slipped the thong up her legs and adjusted it, her ass was completely exposed since the thin strip of clothing slid between its cheeks she looked at herself in the mirror and saw that the front barely covered the area of her pussy, actually the bottom part had snuck between her outer lips living them mostly exposed and she could see a drop of moisture beginning to coat the material, 'Now I'll definitely have to buy these' she thought, 'but I love them'. She took the bra that Pamela gave her and slowly put it on. It was also see through and even though it covered most of the lower part of her breasts, her hard nipples and areoles were plainly visible. After admiring herself in the mirror a few more seconds, she turned around so Pamela could see her, and of course the two men who still lingered at the store window. She looked directly at them and made eye contact with one of them. The man immediately looked away and walked away soon followed by his friend.

Pamela, who had seen the whole show, laughed, "You sure gave them quite a show. And that looks terrific on you. I think I'll buy one just like that. I'm sure Bob and Ed would love to see us in one of them the next time we get together."

"I'm sure they will". Vanessa said, adjusting her top and brushing her nipples with her fingers in the process.

"Putting on that show really excited you, didn't it?" Pamela told her looking at the spreading moisture on the thong.

"It sure did."

Vanessa decided to keep the thong and bra on while she tried on some outer garments consisting mostly of business like suits of skirts and jackets, the kind she usually wore but not as conservative. The skirts were shorter and the jackets were a bit tighter at the waist enhancing her figure. Pamela had also selected several blouses, some of them quite thin that would show discretely whatever she was wearing beneath.

After she had tried on the last of the business outfits and stripped down to her thong and bra, Pamela brought out the other outfits she had selected. Some short skirts, see through blouses and tube-tops as well as some very thin short dresses. She also handed Vanessa a couple of garter belts and some stockings.

Vanessa was had just put on one of the garter belts and was adjusting the stockings when Jolynn, the owner of the shop walked in. Vanessa knew her from some previous visits and this time she didn't even had the impulse of covering herself up.

"My, my, what do we have here?" Jolynn said "That looks wonderful on you Van. Stand up and let me see you."

Vanessa greeted her and stood up truning around so she could be inspected from all angles. Both she and Pamela didn't fail to notice the glint in Jolynn's eyes as she admired the nearly naked customer.

"You look absolutely ravishing!" Jolynn exclaimed.

"Why, thank you." Vanessa answered blushing slightly under the admiring glance and praise feeling her juices flowing again.

"I have just the dress that would go perfectly with that in the new batch of merchandise I just got," she said, "Don't move, I'll just go get it."

Vanessa sat down again while Jolynn walked out of the store. Pamela had all the stuff that Vanessa had liked over the counter and said. "Let me start packing your stuff."

Vanessa looked at the pile of clothes and said, "Oh, but I think it's too much, maybe I should go through it again and select only some of them. I don't think I can afford everything."

"Oh, nonsense, I think you deserve it all. I'm sure your students will appreciate the new look. And besides, I already talked to Jolynn and she agreed to give you a good discount, a very good discount." Pamela said.

"Oh well, all right then." Vanessa answered.

"I knew Jolynn kind of liked you, but now, seeing how she looked at you, I'm sure." Pamela added, "You know, I think that she might be lesbian or at least bi-sexual, cause I've seen her go out with a couple of different guys, but she has sort of made passes at me too."

"That's interesting." Vanessa said.

"Makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

Just then Jolynn walked back into the store carrying several boxes. She put them down on the counter and selecting one, she took out a black dress and held it in front of her for a few seconds before saying, "Come on try it on."

Vanessa slipped into the dress and turned to see herself in the mirror. The dress had a skirt that came to just above her knees but it had a slit along the side that parted to show her leg as she walked. It was a size too small but it hugged her body just right. The dress had no back and the front was cut very low, almost all the way to her navel.

"Of course you'll have to wear that without a bra." Jolynn said.

For an answer Vanessa reached behind her neck to undo the straps that held the top and it fell to her waist, facing both Pamela and Jolynn she reached behind her and undid the clasps of her bra letting it fall slowly. She stood there with her breasts exposed for a few seconds before lifting the top of the dress again and tying it behind her neck.

"How's that?" she asked and after letting the other women admire her for a few seconds she turned around too look at herself in the mirror. The dress hugged her breasts snuggly, outlining their shape perfectly, and her hard nipples clearly visible through the material.

"That's perfect," Jolynn said, "I bet you'll turn head around everywhere you go with it?"

"Well, that's that then." Vanessa said pulling the dress over her head, "I better get out of here before I go broke."

She selected a short blue skirt that came just below the top of her stocking and a thin yellow blouse to wear from the stuff she had selected and put them on as Pamela finished bagging all her purchases and Jolynn prepared her bill. When Vanessa saw the total and handed her credit card to Pamela she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of discount she got. As she went over the bill again she noticed that the last dress was not listed and she pointed this out to Jolynn.

"That one is in the house." She replied.

"Well thank you," Vanessa said, "And we sure will get together soon."

Before Vanessa left Jolynn came from behind the counter and gave Vanessa a kiss on the lips, lingering for a few seconds and pressing her breasts against Vanessa's. Then Pamela helped her carry the bags with all her clothes to her car and they also kissed briefly on the lips.

* * *

On her way Vanessa had stopped at a bookstore at another mall to pick up some books she planned to use on her classes and she noticed the admiring looks that most men and several women gave her. She knew that her bra was clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse and her areoles and nipples were discretely visible too.

She decided she would need some new shoes to go with her new outfits so she walked into a shoe store. A young man, one of several in the store approached her as she walked in and introducing himself he said he would be glad to show her anything she wanted. He asked her for her size and even though Vanessa new her shoe size by heart she said she didn't remember. She had decided to give the young man a show.

She sat down and as the young man sat down in front of her, she opened her legs more than was necessary making sure the young man got a view of her soaked panties that were getting a new influx of juices from her vagina. She tried on many more shoes than the ones she already had selected and when she only took four pairs of shoes, including a pair with high stiletto heels the young man didn't look disappointed at all. As she walked out of the store, she saw the young man going to the back store and she hoped he would go in and masturbate with her image in mind.

She was extremely aroused by the time she got to her car in the parking lot and when she was behind the wheel she decided to masturbate right there. She raised her skirt to her waist and undid the top buttons of her blouse. She pulled one breast out of her bra and began playing with her nipple. She slid her other hand beneath her thong and inserted a finger into her vagina and finger fucked herself as she stroked her clit with her thumb.

Several people walked in front of her car while she was masturbating but this only excited her more. She quickly had a mild orgasm but continued playing with herself.

As she was about to cum for the second time a man walked in front of the car and did a double take when he saw her pinching her nipple, he boldly walked around the side of the car to where he could get a full view of what she was doing and Vanessa saw him stroking his cock through his pants as she lifted her hips and had a powerful orgasm letting out a loud moan. When she recovered her composure, she saw the man mouthing a silent 'thank you' and blowing her a kiss before he walked away. She saw him get into a car a few spaces down but he didn't drive away. She guessed he was probably finishing what he had started in front of her. As she drove past his car she blew him a kiss.

* * *

That night, at dinner she told Robert all about her shopping trip and right after they had finished eating Robert led her to the bedroom. He asked her to get on the bed on all fours and he unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect cock. He lifted her skirt to her waist and pulling the thin strap of her thong he penetrated her vagina from behind. She was wet already from recounting her story so Robert's cock slid all the way into her in his first shove. He had been excited too by Vanessa's actions so he just fucked her hard. He only lasted a few minutes before he flooded his wife's cunt with his cum and Vanessa cummed twice in that short period of time.

* * *

Robert and Vanessa had made love every night during that week since they returned from the cabin, something they hadn't done for quite some time.

Every night they had also talked about their experiences with their friends at the cabin. They had told each other all the thoughts and feelings they had experienced during those days. From uncertainty to jealousness to being turned on by having sex with another person and watching each other as they did. They told each other how they had discovered new sides in their sexuality and their feelings about having sex with their long time friends.

They both came to the conclusion that they enjoyed this new found sexuality and wanted their relationship with Edward and Pamela to continue. They also wanted to continue exploring Vanessa's new found exhibitionist streak and Robert's voyeurism.

Edward and Pamela spent the week in a similar fashion. Even though they had been the ones who instigated the sexual escalation with their friends, they had gone through the same phases of jealousy and doubts during their first encounters. But they had overcome those negative feelings with the increased awareness that they could pleasure and be pleasured by their friends and they felt this had taken their relationship to new plateau. They also decided they wanted this to continue.

The four of them went out to dinner one night and they had a long talk about all of this. The time flew and before they knew it they found themselves alone in the restaurant and the waiters beginning to clear the other tables. They had been recounting some of their experiences in the cabin and the heat was rising inside all of them. They were anxious to fuck each other but decided not to pursue their urges that night since it was already past midnight and they all had to get up early the next day. They couldn't get together the following weekend but they made a date to get together the one following.

* * *

Robert had e-mailed the photos and videos they had promised to Jake and Jen and at Vanessa's urging he also sent them the link to the site where they were posting their pictures reassuring them that they had no intention of uploading Jake and Jen's pictures. A few days later they got a reply from Jen thanking them and saying they had enjoyed the pictures videos and the Web site. Jen added that meeting them and having seen them exploring their new found sexuality had opened a few doors for them and their sex life had been greatly enhanced in the last few days and they were willing to explore some new things but stressed that they were not yet at the point of having sex with other people.

Robert and Edward had uploaded some of the pictures they took at the cabin, both the nudes of Pamela and Vanessa as well as some of the sex pictures. It turned out that Pamela had taken some great shots of the three others on the table deck.

That first weekend after they returned, Vanessa asked Robert to make a video of her masturbating. On one of her shopping trips during the week she had come across a sex shop and walked into it, another first for her, and she had bought a few toys. So she wanted Robert to capture on video her first experience with her new toys.

Robert filmed her using all the toys and having several orgasms and afterwards Vanessa said she had cummed enough for one night but she gave Robert a fantastic blow job. He shot his load partly on her face and partly on her mouth. He taped that too and even managed to take a few still shots and he had to agree with Edward that it was hard being the performer and the camera man at the same time.

During the following week Robert edited the video in two versions. One showing the best scenes of Vanessa's masturbation and blow job and another shorter one where he cut all the scenes that showed her face. He uploaded this second version and some of the photographs on the site.

Vanessa called Pamela to tell her about their latest upload and also e-mailed Jen to let her know and she sent them a copy of the full video.

Vanessa talked with Pamela several times that week and Robert had lunch almost every day with Edward. They continued sharing their new found feelings with their friends on a man-man, woman-woman basis and shared their conversations with their spouses at night. They were all looking forward to getting together the following Saturday.

To be continued.

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